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Corki Build Guide by Zekgotswag

AD Carry Corki - Asian Style - Know It Right

AD Carry Corki - Asian Style - Know It Right

Updated on June 28, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Zekgotswag Build Guide By Zekgotswag 1 11 7,869 Views 7 Comments
1 11 7,869 Views 7 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Zekgotswag Corki Build Guide By Zekgotswag Updated on June 28, 2013
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Hello everybody, I'm Zekgotswag and I have been playing in the League like 1 and a half year. This may not be that of a big number, but to me it is a lot of time, experience and efforts. I play mainly ranged AD Carries in my team, and Corki is one of the best carries I can play at the moment, so I have decided to go for a guide for him on Mobafire. I hope you enjoy this guide, and any question please redirect to "" and I will answer them all, or at least 90% of them.
Please vote up if you like this guide to support me, vote down if you don't like it, and if you don't, please tell me why. This guide will be updated whenever there's any change to any items, runes, masteries and champions in this guide.
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+ High damage output
+ Reposition yourself very quickly
+ Amazing Escape
+ Armor Ripping
+ Looks handsome :P


+ Short-range caster pre-6
+ Easy to be out of position
+ Can be targeted very easily once you have used Valkyrie
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For runes, I take this setup:

Quint of Attack Damage for damage, great on any AD carry
Mark of Attack Damage take this because your E(Gatling Gun) and Black Cleaver has enough armor penetration
Seal of Armor Against the opposite AD laner
Seal of Scaling Health Well, Corki is a short range caster pre-6, so you need this for sustain and even in the future this helps you ALOT.
Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist Helps you not to die to quickly under a single set of combo from the enemy AP Carry
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Well, this is the normal rune setup on any AD carry. Remember to priorize veteran's scarVeteran's Scar because you are going to regret not bringing it. One of the best masteries in the game, on ANY CHAMPION.
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Now this is getting serious. On original builds on Corki, you will always have problems with mana. In normal or low elo games, you can steal your jungler's Blue Buff, but in competitive, Blue Buff is always better on AP casters and Junglers. You do not want to get flamed of a fail teamfight just because the AP Caster on your team was out of mana and was not able to cast his/her skills. Well there are some exeptions, like if your jungler is Zed or Lee Sin and your mid laner is Katarina or Vladimir. Then you can take blue. But normally you won't want to. So that's why I build Tear of the Goddess and further Manamune and Frozen Heart if you feel like it.

Ripping off those armors on the enemy champions is the best part in playing Corki. Taking Black Cleaver will make the enemy tanks scream like "WTF WHERE IS MY ******* ARMOR" or "DAMN HE'S OP NERF PLZ RIOT" and unistall the game.(I'm just joking).

Blade of the Ruined King He's mostly a short range caster like missfortune Miss Fortune so build this and use its active like a boss.

Berserker's Greaves No objection. Can be replaced by Mercury's Treads or Ionian Boots of Lucidity but I don't recommend that.

And for every Corki there is this thing called Trinity Force. This is the most expensive item in the game and it's very strong. No more explanation, just build this and go E - Q - R - AA - R - AA - Q - R - ... and repeat the process. With this in the full build, you will burst the enemy champions (IN LOW ELO ONLY) like no other and dps like a living rattling weezing ripping godlike lawn mower.
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Skill Sequence

I level up my skills following this setup:
Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

I am unlikely to take Valkyrie at level 2 because I don't need to. I also don't focus in maxing Phosphorus Bomb immediately because the total damage calculation per second (dps) is higher when you also combine it with Gatling Gun.
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Skills usage

+ Once you have like one third or one half of the Tear of the Goddess 's stacks, don't hesitate to use Valkyrie to reposition yourself whenever you are out of position or there's a threat nearby. That's a very good part of building Tear of the Goddess.

+ When you are close enough to the enemy laners. Use Phosphorus Bomb immediately.

+ You can also use Gatling Gun to farm creeps or push lane intentionally to recall since it cost not that much mana.

+ In lane, try to stay at 5 or 6 stacks of Missile Barrage. Using it wise or not depends on you.

+ Once you have Black Cleaver, try to be in combat everytime since your damage is HUGE with your Gatling Gun and missible barrage plus auttoattacks.
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Counter picks

Who counterplays Corki:


You won't deal damage and you will get zoned and outlaned because of brushes.


Roll. Roll. Roll. F*ck you Vayne.


Nightmare to all ADs.


Get into the range to cast Phosphorus Bomb? You get dealt 2/3 of your maximum health.


No damage. No movement. Rays. Shields. Electric Fields. Headaches.

Corki counterplays who?


Outlane this guy very easily early game.


Laning or ganking, doesn't matter. You overpower her.


Your damage is always higher so try to initiate a damage trade with her.


Blind? No prob.
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The End

Well that's how I play Corki. Did you enjoy it? I hope you did. Please vote up to support me and remember, my email is "" and it's open 24/7. Leave a comment below, I will read it. I don't do favors so I won't promise anything. Whoosh.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Zekgotswag
Zekgotswag Corki Guide
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Corki - Asian Style - Know It Right

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