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Urgot Build Guide by Sariondil

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Sariondil

Crabinator - I'll be fed [3v3]

Sariondil Last updated on May 14, 2012
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Hello,I am back,and this is my second build! Now i wish to show you my 3v3 Urgot build. This build I tryed,played and I am winning with it many times. For using this,u will need much luck to your teammates and skill. Everybody love crabs and Terminator. With using this build,everyone will hate you,not them. ;D

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Pros / Cons


Awesome DMG
Cruel Ultimate
Huge mana
Godlike shield
Hybrid of Crab and Terminator


Item dependent
You have problem when enemy know "Urgot must die"
Until you have Mananmune,you are low
Brain needed to use ulti

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Greater Mark of Desolation This marks will give you bigger chance to kill them. I don't know better runes. You can also use Greater Mark of Attack Speed orĀ  Greater Mark of Attack Damage . But Greater Mark of Desolation are best!

This will give you an aditionall survivability to win some fights. Survive -> win!

And more survi,this time agaist AP heroes.


Use this if u love spamming your Q. It will also help your shield recharge faster and help you survive. :)

Greater Quintessence of Desolation More,more,more,more and mooooooore Armor Penetration,let's cut ur enemies off!!

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Hey there,some people would say "lifesteal" is U-S-E-LESS but i won't agree with you. I like it and you won't brake my opinion. Masteries 24/6/0 Why would you break your glyphs for another magic resist? Rather get some from masteries. You can also take 24/0/6 to get some mana and move. speed. Take,what you think is best. :)

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2x -> Cool start for any Urgot that you are going to play. Maybe you can buy Doran's Blade for stronger start but later Manamune which is your most important item.

-> Take Tear before boots! Why? Because now you can spam as many as you want and propably u won't get low with mana.

OR -> And now make your choice! Both are great for harassing your enemies,maybe prefer those blue sandals for harassing. Take fast boots if you would be faster then your enemies. I don't know how to describe what you should take,you must feel it! You are crab,you have to feel what you have to go to kill your stupid enemies!

-> Here it is! Your most usefull item! Mana bonus,mana per 5secs,awesome for harassing! And that AD boost. This will boost your AD to stratosphere! I think it's going to be around 120 so... Yeah,it's space for you.

-> Cool! AD and Armor penetration just for around 1.4k gold? Wow.... Like it...

-> I prefer taking this before Ghostblade,because it will help you slay enemies with more and more lifesteal!

-> Really awesome item for you, you must have it! Why not take it? We love it! AD,crit strike for your basic attacks,CDR and active move and attack speed! Yeay!

-> Hell yeah! Another DMG burst! I know,you will say "LOL?! Why hextech? U need spellvamp when you don't have any magic damage dealing?" and i will say you "Yes,i don't need spellvamp". But we need AD. Bursting lifesteal is terribly awesome,because your Q is dealing physical dmg and many players think "It's spell,lifesteal won't work there". Yeah it's spell. But not magic damage. You are dealing normal phys. dmg so why not? U think i won't work? Try it. :) And that AP that Hextech Gunblade ? Boosting your shield. Hell yeah. Just more survivability,and now you will slow your enemyes even more faster! So why not this item?

-> AD is something what you are going to need EVERY game as Urgot or you will be useless. Burn them. You can maybe take rather The Bloodthirster to have more AD and lifesteal. But Attack speed is something what u will have low all game,until you buy something ,like BC. And.. Nice... Reducing armor... You still have sooo sooooo much armor penetration but reducing armor is nice too. :)

This is defensive item,that you might need. Changing it for Frozen Mallet can be nice,if you don't like just stacking HP,take flat HP/AD/Slow Icehammer and you'll be fine for rest of game. :)

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Summoner Spells

Somebody thinks Flash is useless but i don't mind it.. I love Flash.. So why not take it? Exhaust is nice to low down enemie's abilities and you will kill 'em faster and easyer.

Some of you may think Exhaust is for someone that don't know how to play. Myaybe.. But then they will take Ignite. It's awesome spell,it's nice to slay low HP enemy,counter to some heroes OR to heroes with spellvamp or lifesteal Dr. Mundo Sion Vladimir etc. So take it if you want! :)

Many players like this. I do not. ;) Take it over Flash

Standard for many AD carrys. Well... You're Urgot and you should kill your enemies even withou heal,but if you want,replace over Exhaust


Try to go jungle there with Urgot and i will rape you in your dreams!

Are you sure about this?

Is that just joke,right? You really wanted take Revive?

I think i don't have to write more absolutly useless SSs.... So.... Let's chceck skills.

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Skill explanation

-> Any dmg you deal will activate this! Try to hit as many Carries as you can to terminate them faster. They will have lower dmg,we want it and they do not! Awesome passive.

-> Your best skill. Your enemies will hate this. And you will LOVE it! With some skill in aiming (same as Q of Ezreal ) you can hit whatever you want. Just train,train,train and then own. Anyway you're lucky. You don!t have to aim like a boss once you hit your enemy with Noxian Corrosive Charge , your Q is locked on your target and will fly straight to your target. This range is depending on your mouse so try to don!t do **** by killin creeps while hunting your enemy. Range of this locked Q is depending on your vision but it won't shoot over all map. I am talking about your base vision. This skill is dealing physical dmg. This skill can hit hidden enemies while they were hit by Noxian Corrosive Charge. Like -> Shaco , Twitch , Evelynn , Teemo , Jack In The Box , Noxious Trap or any enemy in grass.

-> And here it is! No.. It your shield! But still so awesome spell! It may save you in many situations nd it will. As wrote above,it will slow down our enemy by hiting him with any your spell or attack. We want it,they will cry.

-> Reducing armor and locking Q is here! Say hello! You will probably need some skill to aim it right. It can also reveal place where you shoot it. Dragon position (yeah,we can steal drago),any try of gang to your lane,grass campers or whatever you want! Enjoy it!

Hyper-Kinetic Position Reverse -> OK,here we go! your ultimate. It will boost your life! It needs few seconds to cast it (ww casted ulti on me while i was casting my own ulti.. :-/ I finished my,ww were on same place where he attacked me and i was stunned and getting dmg form his ulti... Riot,i love your bugs...) also it will give you an additional Armor,Magic resist and your target will be slowed. Why not. But in many situations it will be hard to cast it smart. You never know how to place it,bcause you enemies can be everywhere.Care of them.

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Skill Sequence

Weeeeeell... Here we are... If it is not your first time you see Urgot,you should know what to do (just a little).

Noxian Corrosive Charge -> Terror Capacitor -> Acid Hunter -> Blabla,you need think about it! Do what you have to do! Use your Ultimate just when you have to!

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Situonal Items

-> Replace over Hextech Gunblade -> Take this if you don't believe in AP and pretty useless spell vamp. More AD and more Lifesteal just for your hero!

-> Replace over Warmog's Armor -> You prefer slow and more dmg i guess... Really good choice,for many stable and good builds! This one too.. :)

-> Replace over... Hmm... Whatever you want,you actually need it just vs mages and other magic dmg dealing bastards like Jax.

Damn... I have no idea what to add now... Maybe just Executioner's Calling vs Tryndamere x Dr. Mundo x Vladimir x Sion x Imagine some **** there .

Oh and Quicksilver Sash because nobody likes CC,right?

Anyway there's a lot of other items,that you an use

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Other Possible Summoner Spells

-> You're carry,you can take it! It's nice!

-> Very good choice! Take it if you want,I like it too!

-> Good to escape or to chase enemy! Nice choose too!