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Nasus Build Guide by SilenceSUI

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author SilenceSUI

Crit Nasus; Fear his Q

SilenceSUI Last updated on January 18, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi Guys
Recently I saw this awesome video on Youtube where some people tried to make the highest crit possible. Of course they fed Nasus on purpouse and his item build was hilarious (Infinity edge, Trinity and 4 Bloodthirster) but the damage he did with his q was amazing. So I decided to play my Nasus also that way and now I make this guide on how to play Crit Nasus.
This is my first guide so please give me feedbacks on what I can do better :)

PS. Sorry for my bad english :P

And here the video I mentioned, the highest crit he shows is


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First I want to give you a small introduction why you should play Nasus on crits.

- You never have to back because of your passive life steal
- Nearly 100% Slow
- Your damage is *#%@& = ******* awesome

- Not really tanky anymore
- Hard focus on you
- If Siphonig Strike isn't farmed you wont have any damage output

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Soul Eater (Passive):
Nasus Passive is really good, especially early game. Including the 3% lifesteal from the masteries and 3% from Dorans blade, we get 20% lifesteal from the beginning, what helps us to stay long on our lane without haveing to go back.

Siphonig strike:
Siphoning Strike is the skill which makes it possible to play crit Nasus. This skill makes you nearly godlike and if I say godlike, I mean godlike. Everytime you kill something with Siphoning strike, (Except buildings) you get a permanent additional 3 attack points on Siphoning strike.

This spell will make your enemys run if they see you. It slows one enemy for nearly 100% after 5 seconds and decrease his attack speed for 35%; perfect to stop and track down AD carrys.

Spirit fire:
This spell is perfect for Nasus if you play him on crit, because enemys got their armor reduced as long as they stay within the circle. The damage is not to mention, to small, to useless.

Fury of the sands:
Nasus ultimate is the perfect finish, it gives him instantly a certain amount of live and additional attack damage, what do you want more?

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Summoner Spells


Flash is perfect for every Champ, it helps you escaping from dangerous situations or catching up on enemy champions if your Wither is on cooldown.

Throw this on an enemy ad carry to secure a kill or don't get killed by him.


Always usefull to secure a kill or stop healing on champs like Vladimir

I never tried playing him with this, but the bonus attack speed could help.

If nobody in your team has teleport, then you can take it.

Get rid of all CC's on you, easy explanation.

No goes

Yeah you do have mana problems in the beginning but it is useless for you late game so take another spell.

You have 20% life steal from the beginning, any questions?

Let your support take this, not you, just dont take it.

To be honest I never used this spell since I play lol, but yeah don't take it.

You are no jungler, and smiting minions means one missing stack on your Siphoning Strike so take something else.

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How to play

As a crit Nasus make sure you are solotop and your team has a jungler. If you have a partner on your lane who also needs to farm, your damage will decrease significantly, so really make sure you are SOLOTOP.

Early Game (Lv. 1-11)
Your main focus early game ist to farm minions with your Siphoning Strike . Make sure to get as much minions as possible and try not to push and focus just on lasthitting. If your opponent gets brave and thinks he can hit you a few times, don't spare your mana and teach him a lesson with your Siphoning Strike I'm sure he will think twice if he should attack you again. Within the first 10 minutes you should have around 100 - 150 attack damage on your Q, if not... Farm better!! While you're farming, make sure to have enough mana for Wither if your or your opponents jungler comes in for a gank.

Mid Game (Lv. 11-15)
Now is time to leave your lane. Go and help your team if you can, but don't let your lane unsecure, ask the jungler for help, so that you can leave your lane for a moment. Still dont forget to farm with your Q and if you walk through the jungle always try to grab a wolf or another minion. In this Stage of the game you should have around 200 - 300 Stacks on your Q. Now comes the point which will change the game for you. Let's say you have 240 damage on your Q, 2 kills, no deaths and sheen. Your teams gets in a team fight on mid lane, the AD carry from the other team is half life. Now you come from the side out of the bushes, use your Spirit Fire , Throw on your ult Fury of the Sands, Wither their carry and hit him with a Siphoning Strike = Carry instant death. Now this will not only give you the gold for the kill, no, it also gives you a free big, red, glowing label, which says "Hey I do damage, please focus me... Thx :)" So from now on keep in mind, that you aren't the tanky nasus which you used to play so stay behind your tanks and play smart because the enemy will focus you for sure.

Late game (Lv. 15-18)
The late game isn't really diffrent from mid game, still try to farm as much as possible with your Siphoning Strike and help your to win this match.

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Early Game:
I start with a , because it provides a good Amount of health, attack damage and lifesteal. If you want more survivability in the beginning you could also take . Another option could be getting a and a for a philosopher's stone , this could also help you to stay longer on your lane, expecially if you have two opponents on your lane. Now as Nasus you should try to hold your lane as long as possible, try to save enough money for and a part of . If you have no problem holding your lane and you already have enough money, just stay on your lane, continue until 4000 gold, then ask your jungler if he could hold your lane for a moment. After you have and start to build towards an . You don't have to buy the Items like I showed it, if you have enough money for a B.F.Sword then buy it.
So your items during early game should look like: , and a part of .

Mid Game:
During mid game you should finish your and you . If the opposite team dominates and you got ganked and have a 0/2 then continue building towards an or change the build completly and buy something to counter the enemys. For example, they have a fed ad carry, buy a it gives you some armor, a nice amount of mana and cooldown reduction, what we always love on Nasus. If an enemy mage is fed get yourself a . Afterwards start to build towards a however, if the enemy team is dominating, play smart and buy items who make you more like a offtank then a AD Champ. This could be items like or a combined with a . Just try to adjust your items an the game.

So now let's just do the mathematics if we have a , , a and 250 extra damage on our Siphoning Strike
Base damage on lv. 16 = 110
Item damage: 10 + 80 + 30 = 120
Siphoning Strike on lv. 5 = 110 + 252
Attack through Trinity Force = 165
Add hole Sh** together = 757
Now multiply with 2.5 because of Infinity Edge = 1892.5 damage :D
Of course there is always armor and so on, but I just wanted to show you which proportions your damage can assume.

Late Game:
In Late game you should finish your and get hold of and a . I took the because of his great amount of critical stirke chance it gives us, but you could also buy a to do more damage with your Siphoning Strike after you reduced the enemys armor.

Optional Items:

Get hold of this boots instead of the CDR boots if your opponent team has a lot of CC's.
Forget all the other boots, they aren't really usefull for Nasus.

This item is also really good on Nasus, rush it after if you want more armor pen and crit instead of damage.

This item is usefull if your team is getting punished and you want some more health. If you take this item cross out of your build.

There are a lot of items you could use on Nasus, just try them out yourself and find the Build that fits you the most.

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So that's my short guide for Crit Nasus, pleas leave a comment what you think of this build and give me a feedback an my guide. I have listed the important Points and left out some things which are in my eyes self explaining, but if you want me to add a topic, then just ask me and I will look what I can do.

Have fun with it :)
Greets Silence