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Aatrox Build Guide by LilPicky

Top D2 75lp peak Aatrox OTP guide

Top D2 75lp peak Aatrox OTP guide

Updated on July 17, 2024
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League of Legends Build Guide Author LilPicky Build Guide By LilPicky 32 3 152,412 Views 5 Comments
32 3 152,412 Views 5 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author LilPicky Aatrox Build Guide By LilPicky Updated on July 17, 2024
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  • LoL Champion: Aatrox

Runes: Long fights

1 2 3 4
Legend: Alacrity
Last Stand

Bone Plating

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+10% Tenacity/Slow Resist


1 2 3
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Teleport


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
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None Low Ok Strong Ideal
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Champion Build Guide

D2 75lp peak Aatrox OTP guide

By LilPicky

Hey everyone, i'm Bachira, i am D2 75 lp peak on EUNE server. I started playing Aatrox since season 11

I'll update guide every adjustment/buff or nerf Aatrox.

Don't forget to look at notes in my guide.

There are many reasons why you should start playing Aatrox, here's why:

1. High Sustain:

Aatrox has excellent self-healing abilities through his passive and ultimate . This makes him a resilient champion who can sustain himself in prolonged fights and stay in the lane longer.

2. Strong Lane Presence:

With his powerful abilities and sustain, Aatrox can dominate his lane, applying pressure on his opponents and potentially securing early kills and objectives.

3. Engage and Disengage Potential:

Aatrox’s kit includes strong engage tools like his Q and E , which allow him to initiate fights effectively. His W can also serve as a disengage tool to peel enemies off himself or allies.

4. Team Fight Impact:

Aatrox excels in team fights due to his area-of-effect damage and crowd control abilities. His ultimate significantly boosts his damage and healing, making him a formidable presence in skirmishes and large-scale battles.

5. Mechanical Depth:

Aatrox offers a rewarding learning curve with his skill shots and combos. Mastering his abilities and their timings can be very satisfying, making him a great choice for players who enjoy champions with high skill ceilings.

6. Versatility:

Aatrox can be played in multiple roles, primarily as a top laner but also occasionally in the mid lane, jungle or support. This versatility allows players to fit him into different team compositions and strategies.

7. Lore and Aesthetics:

Aatrox has a rich lore as one of the Darkin, ancient warriors with powerful weapons. His dark and imposing design, along with his thematic abilities, appeal to players who enjoy champions with strong lore and unique aesthetics.

8. Meta Viability:

Aatrox is often a viable pick in various metas, especially when bruisers and sustain champions are strong. His ability to adapt to different builds and playstyles keeps him relevant in many patches.

9. High Carry Potential:

With the right mastery and understanding, Aatrox has the potential to carry games. His ability to deal substantial damage while sustaining himself makes him a threat that can turn the tide of battle.
His presence during drawn-out fights requires a beneficial blend of attack-based capability, life points increase, and cooldown shortening and this is what this stuff provides. For instance, with its ability to lower opponents’ armor values, reduces on Aatrox’s part implies more damage being done to the ones who possess heavy army compositions making him great against any champion that can develop that capabilities. This set up suits his strong will for game aggression and requirement of continuing doing harm in such cases when enemy armor is high.
Once the champion takedowns, the item transforms a portion of the damage being taken into a bleed effect that heals him after the takedown thus Aatrox is capable of bearing with burst damage and since that he can be involved in long term fights. With the help of Death's Dance, Aatrox is in an exceptional position on the battlefield, and hence, he can efficiently engage in longer skirmishes and team fights.
It raises his health and armor, making him harder to kill, and also its passive skill increases his movement speed for a time, so that he can properly engage and disengage from a fight. Besides the mentioned ability, he obtains the next basic auto damage upon moving along with which he gets a huge fighting boost, given the passive's playful mechanics. These specifical features give him the power to give and to take, being matched up with foes and keeping fighting after other adversaries gave up.
Boosts his combativity by getting a strong shield that makes him even a better target and at the same time gives him extra damage on hitting champions with consecutive attacks or abilities. This allows him to take more damage and gain health, which will enable him to survive better in battle. It basically increases his effectiveness in both skirmishes and sustained engagements.
Consider Force of Nature as his 2nd best choice vs AP. Its benefits to magic defense and health are high, so it is necessary. The second thing, static property also up their quality by increasing his rate of movement and thus, limit the damage that he can take, therefore, augmenting his entire tenacity and agility. In the same manner, this makes Aatrox much capable of defeating magic-oriented enemies and thus, allows him to be in a fight longer.
Greatly increases his chance of survival in the face of physical attacks. The item provides an impressive really good amount of armor stats, along with a passive ability that reduces the attack speed of nearby enemies. Such as those brought about by the completion of both of the items that Aatrox chooses, which should be considered strong changelogs instead of the total list. This combination makes Aatrox the longer period of designs in the fights, especially against the champions that use the most frequently which should be allowed to be more sustainable in battles and mitigate incoming damage.
Stretches his capabilities to do a very effective split push. The [Hullbreaker] enhances the basic attack and health. Besides that, when he is the only one doing the job, Hullbreaker also strengthens the nearest minions, so Aatrox can put much more demand on the enemy's structures and lanes. It enhances his sustainability on the one hand and his crowd control capabilities on the other. The item provides extra armor and health, which in turn increases the amount of health he can take in a fight. Its passive ability makes a slowing field on hit, so Aatrox can control the power of the team combat and the moves of his enemies to have the best opportunity to secure the kill. This makes him more resilient and makes him more impactful in both skirmishes and extended team fights.
It does amazingly provide him in the game’s late stage. This item boosts all of his resistances and stacks a certain passive on top of that, which in turn allows his defenses to be strengthened even further as combat is prolonged. The aforementioned therefore gives Aatrox and his team the ability to not withstand constant damage and consequently he becomes an impactful tank who can be persistent in battles.
Increases his durability during combats. Item has a big chunk of health as well as attack damage as an ability to have this item. His passive effect, in addition, the extra damage to him, also strengthens him. This effect the item gives makes him nigh impossible to kill him; hence, he will be able to heal himself and deal more damage in fights. This is one of the main reasons Aatrox should choose this item, as it can get him through the necessary extended damages and sustain situations to get the victory.
Cuts down incoming physical damage and lessens critical strikes. This item gives him a lot of armor and health making him tougher overall. When activated, it slows down nearby enemies, which helps Aatrox control fights and reduce the damage from physical attackers. This makes [Randuin's Omen] a great pick for Aatrox when he's up against enemies who use basic attacks and critical hits.
It has a big impact on his damage output. This item gives him a lot more attack damage and health making him stronger in fights. Its special effect makes his abilities hit harder each time he uses one, which means Aatrox might take down his target in one go. Being able to use his abilities more often helps him adapt and pose a bigger threat in long battles.
Boosts his healing and magic defense. This item makes him tougher against magic attacks by increasing his health, health regen, and magic resistance. Its special effect makes all healing stronger, which helps his self-healing abilities work better. These benefits let Aatrox stay in fights longer and get back on his feet faster making him harder to kill and able to last longer in battles. The combo of these perks improves how long he can stick around and stay alive in the game.
Boosts his ability to stay alive and deal more damage in battles. This item gives him a big bump in health and attack power making him tougher to take down. When Aatrox gets hit hard, the item's special effect kicks in giving him a shield. This lets him shrug off sudden bursts of damage and keep fighting longer. Because it helps him live longer and hit harder, [Sterak's Gage] is a great pick for Aatrox in drawn-out fights. Additionaly it synergises amazingly with Spirit Visage, same as Sundered Sky.
It makes him better at fighting by giving him more attack damage and helping him stay alive longer. This item has a special effect that ups his damage and lets him heal more in fights. This makes him tougher in small fights and big team battles. With this combo, Aatrox can hit harder and stick around longer in fights, getting both attack and defense benefits. It pumps up his damage and helps him stay alive in fights. This item gives him a big boost in attack damage and lifesteal, so he can hit harder and heal up from his attacks. The cool thing about it is that it also has an effect that lets him damage a bunch of enemies at the same time, which is super useful in team fights and when he's trying to clear out a bunch of minions. All this extra damage and staying power makes Ravenous Hydra a solid pick for Aatrox.
Deathbringer Stance
Aatrox's passive as he periodically empowers his next basic attack to gain bonus range and deal bonus damage. He also heals for a large amount of this bonus damage. However, this heal is reduced if this attack is used against minion. Whenever he hits an enemy champion or large monster with a basic attack or ability, the cooldown of this is reduced by 2 seconds and the cooldown is reduced by 4 seconds if he hits with the sweet spot of his Q.
The Darkin Blade
Aatrox's Q has three different activations. This ability only goes on cooldown after the third ability has been used or after 4 seconds without it being used again. The first cast is a long straight line skill shot which deals damage. The sweet spot for this one is at the end of the ability which deals bonus damage and knocks up enemies hit. The second skill shot is more of a cone skill shot with a sweet spot at the entire edge which also deals bonus damage and knocks up enemies hit. The third ability hits in a circle with a sweet spot being in the center of the circle. The second cast the ability does 25% additional damage with the third cast does 50% additional damage.
Infernal Chains
Aatrox's W is a straight line skillshot which deals damage to the first enemy hit and slows them. If this hits an enemy champion or large monster, they then become tethered to the ground for one and a half seconds. If the tether is not broken by the end of its duration, they're then pulled back to the middle and dealt damage again.
Umbral Dash
Aatrox's E has a passive where he heals for damage dealt against enemy champions. The active is an autoattack reset which causes him to dash a small distance in a direction. Atrox can use this ability while using other abilities.
World Ender
Aatrox's ultimate causes him to go into his true form where he fears nearby enemy minions and monsters. During this time, he gains a large amount of bonus movement speed and is ghosted.In addition, he gains bonus attack damage, increased size, and increased self healing from all sources, and whenever he scores a takedown, the duration of this ability is extended by 5 seconds.
+ Resourceless - doesn't has mana
+ Good cc chain
+ Good blind pick
+ Good teamfights (not as good as tanks but is okay)
+ Easy to play and understand his mechanics
+ Good into Ad drafts
+ Great sustain
+ Good into melee drafts
+ Best melee toplaner vs ranged champions (i think)
- Gets easily outscaled
- Item dependent
- Bad in late game
- Gets easily countered by mobile or high damage burst champs
- Slow animations

Basic combos:

(Your combos can be faster and smoother thanks to Legend: Alacrity)
Q The Darkin Blade > E Umbral Dash,
Q The Darkin Blade > W Infernal Chains > Q The Darkin Blade > E Umbral Dash,
Q The Darkin Blade > Flash,
Auto attack animation reset: auto attack > E Umbral Dash
E Umbral Dash >> W Infernal Chains >> Q The Darkin Blade,
Q The Darkin Blade >> E Umbral Dash > Flash,

If u want more Damage per second (DPS) auto attack between abilities.

Playing Aatrox effectively involves mastering his abilities, understanding his role in different stages of the game, and making strategic decisions. Here's a brief guide on how to play Aatrox:

Early Game (Laning Phase):

Farming: Focus on last-hitting minions to accumulate gold and experience. Aatrox's Q (The Darkin Blade) can be used to farm multiple minions at once.

Harassment: Use your range advantage with Q to harass opponents in the lane. Land the outer edge of Q for optimal damage.

Sustain: Aatrox has sustain through his passive (Deathbringer Stance). Activating the passive by landing the edge of Q or using your E can help you sustain in trades.

Warding: Be mindful of enemy ganks. Place wards or use your E for vision in river and nearby bushes.

Mid Game (Roaming and Team Fights):

Split-Pushing: Aatrox can be a potent split-pusher. Use your strong dueling capabilities to pressure side lanes. Teleport can be valuable for joining team fights.

Teleport Plays: Look for opportunities to teleport to other lanes or join skirmishes. A well-timed teleport can turn the tide of a fight.

Initiation: Aatrox can initiate fights with his Q and E. Land your Qs to knock up opponents and disrupt their positioning.

Peeling: Use your W and E to peel for your carries during team fights. Aatrox can act as a frontliner, disrupting the enemy team's backline.

Late Game (Team Fights and Objectives):

Prioritize Squishy Targets: Focus on diving into the enemy backline and disrupting squishy targets. Land your Qs and use your ultimate (World Ender) for increased damage and sustain.

Coordination: Communicate with your team to coordinate engages. A well-timed initiation can lead to successful team fights.

Split-Pushing or Grouping: Assess the situation. Aatrox can excel in both split-pushing and team fighting, so adapt your strategy based on the needs of your team.

Build Adaptation: Adjust your build based on the enemy team composition. Consider items that provide survivability, damage, and utility.

General Tips:

Mastering Q: Practice landing the outer edge of your Q consistently. This maximizes damage and crowd control.

Ultimate Usage: Use your ultimate when committing to a fight or when at risk of being burst down. The bonus damage and healing can be decisive.

Ward Coverage: Maintain good vision control, especially around objectives. Aatrox benefits from knowing the enemy's movements to choose optimal engagements.

Combo Execution: Learn the timings and combos for your abilities. Combining Q, W, and E efficiently is key to maximizing Aatrox's potential.

Remember, mastering Aatrox takes practice, and adapting your playstyle to different situations is crucial for success. Pay attention to map awareness, communicate with your team, and constantly refine your mechanics to become a formidable Aatrox player.

Green - Easy dashes
Yellow - Medium difficulty dashes
Orange - Harder than yellow ones but easier than red ones
Red - Hard dashes
Black - Not dashable
Now, let's go through Fiora. The number one thing you can do with Aatrox into Fiora, again, you have to play defensively, you need to play back, back into the lane, and I pulled up runes here. The most important thing you can do against Fiora is Bone Plating. Fiora's Q will proc her passive, which procs Bone Plating. Her passive then will obviously do less damage, so... If Fiora Q's into you when you have bone plating up, you're already going to be taking less damage. Then if she autos you, there's a bone plating proc, and when you have bone plating up, you can respond into her. So if she Q's into you when you have bone plating and she starts trying to auto you, you can turn back and fight her knowing that, well, hey, I got bone plating, I'm going to probably win this trade. Also, by playing back behind the minion wave, that enables you to get minion aggro to hit her more often with the minions. Just try to pull back Use your Qs. Don't go for the crits early on unless she has parry. It gets complicated. It gets really complicated. I would recommend watching Naayil play against Fiora, particularly for this one, because it's hard to say specifically, like, when do you go for a Q against Fiora? When should you not? Generally speaking, save your E. Put a Q over her that's going to crit. She'll parry E away. So, like, dash out of her parry then. you won't do damage, but you'll get through her parry. And once her parry is down, you can typically do some janky stuff. You can also put a w over her. If she tries to parry the W, you dodge the parry. Then you hit it with a Q ignite that one's real important. Ignite. Ignite, ignite, ignite. You have to go ignite into fiora because that's how you're gonna deny her healing. Fiora heals a lot. Deny her healing. Try to bait her back. Use Q's Try to throw down a Q E it into her. get a poke, back off, save your Q. If you think that she's gonna go for the all-in, you can auto-Q, auto-Q. If you're not critting it, it'll be decent damage. Combined with ignite and your minions and your bone plating, you should be able to do that. Tryndamere is gonna be very similar. Oh, I should mention for Fiora, I have found both Legend Tenacity and Legend Alacrity tend to work. So just go whichever you need more. If they have a lot of stuns, go with Legend Alacrity. If they don't have stuns, or sorry, if they have a lot of stuns, go Legend Tenacity. If they don't have any stuns on their team, just go Legend of Alacrity. It helps you attack more, which is good.
It helps you animate your attacks faster, which allows you to back off. And that's important too. Recognize which side Fiora has her weak point on. If she hits a good one and she continues to chase, back off. Don't play forward into Fiora. Let her attack you. Keep backing off. Now remember, if you're backing away from her, Even if she goes for the auto attack, if you back away during the animation, she doesn't get the weak point proc if it's now at a range. So, make her try to get Q in order to get her weak point procs. If she backs away, start throwing Qs out at her, just try to get minion aggro, just play back with pump planning.
You will outscale into team fights, and you will be able to eventually poke her down once you get some points in your Q and you get that cooldown down. So, Just play back, try to you outscale at least, like, at level 7. Then, you know, at level 9, you're pretty strong. She'll obviously come back from there and I would skill you hard. But there is a point where your Q cooldown will be low enough that you can poke her down. And Just play safe. Just play back with bone plating.
Tryndamere is gonna be basically the same thing. Legend alacrity or legend Tenacity. If their team is a lot of stuns, go legend Tenacity. If they don't legend alacrity and it doesn't really change the matchup that much.
Getting the lower uh duration on his slow can be pretty good, but it's not super important. Go Bone Plating, because trynda he's going to try to gap close into you, and you're going to use the bone plating to reduce the damage. If you can land a good, if he haphazardly ease into you and starts autoing, you can auto into a Q, into a W, then when he tries to get out of the W, you use your q2 your your horizontal Q, use that one, You knock him, he gets pulled back into your W, auto into Q3 with Ignite over him to deny his Q healing and just to get more damage. And you can actually kill him. Tryndamere's tanky, but if he's E'd into you in the middle of your minion wave or into your casters and your casters are hitting him and you have Ignite and you're hitting him with your entire Q combo, starting from level 3, you can basically drop him with that.
So level 3, 4, 5, play back with Bone Plating. Try to get Poke when you can, but to be honest... Sometimes I feel poking Tryndamere is pointless due to his healing. Just, once again, same with Fiora. You outscale, like at level 7 to 9. Then he'll start pulling it back, but at least at those levels you can typically pop his ult in one combo if you land a good combo. Save your ultimate for his ghost. That's important. If he ghosts, just immediately ult in the opposite direction. It feels bad because you're wasting your ultimate, but if you try... If you don't know... If you're not sure you can get away from his ghost, then just ult in the other direction. Or you're going to take so much damage, you're going to die.
Or you're going to be too low. Or he's going to be able to go all in. Sometimes he pops ghost, you just ult away. Your ult is movement speed. The movement speed is the first two seconds you're ulted, the majority of the movement speed. You will outrun ghost for those two seconds, so you can get away from him.
Irelia, ban Irelia. Just ban Irelia. But if you didn't go check the threats.
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