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Darius Build Guide by Aadramalechh

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Aadramalechh

Darius-Spin to Win

Aadramalechh Last updated on June 8, 2012
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I would like to start out by appologizing for my grammer. i dont have much patiance for typing things out so I tend to skip over things and misspell a lot of words. ALso i do no know how to add alot of the pictures into the guide so i am sorry for it probably being very bland.

This build will not go indepth on how to play darius but the main idea i had behind this guide was to add in another way of how top play Darius.

for more detail on the finer points of playing Darius I suggest taking a look at OTGbionickarm's guide. While i dotn not agree with the build or skill order he does know wat he is talking about.

currently workin on getting videos and pictures...

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Pros / Cons

1. i think we can all agree that this guy HURTS LIKE A MOTHERF**KER

2. his ultimate is incredibly fun and allows him to get fed easily

3. can be built very tanky and stil have alot of damage

4. near the end of team fights becomes increably strong and can spam his ulti like it's cool

5. can yank enemies back into the fight or off their turret and into ru team

6. uhhhh other stuff but i can't really think of it right now XD

1. over all very slow for a tanky dps

2. everyone wants you dead and will focus him almost everytime

3. can be easily shut down(thankfully everyone jsut cries about how op he is rather than jsut shutting him down with almsot any cc but a slow)

4. his ulti goes gray if ur snared so no matter how close an enemy is u can't use it

5. has a tendency to take all the kills too easily which leaves the rest of the team underfed and overall weaker

this isnt allthe good and bad things about this guy but jsut the main things i could think of.

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the runes i have above are just a suggestion. those are the runes I have been using on all my AD champions lately and they make you much stronger in lane phase so you can get fed easier and faster making you stronger late game.

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage and Greater Mark of Desolation I use to help balance out the attack damage and armor pen so I can hit alot harder in the begining

the seals andglyphs are just the normal resitances most melee champions use.

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I like having the extra health and armor in the beging so after i go all the way down the offensive tree i go 9 in the defensive for that. just makes u harder to kill in lane.

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Skill Sequence

On this I am very strongly maxing you "w" before your "e."

Obviously you max your "Q" first since this skill does such a massive amount of damage.

with this skill when you are harrassing in lane try not to hit your minions with it because it will push them all the way up the lane very fast and it is better to stay closer to your turret in case of an enemy gank and it allows your own jungle to gank easier as well.

Crippling Strike
This skill is great and all, but in my opinion i would rather have a lower cooldown on Apprehend and more armor pen then max this skill first. but make sure u still have it because it does reset your attacks and the slow isn't bad.

this skill is amazing. i don't care what people say this skill should be maxed first. the cc will give your more kills make it harder for people to escape and at it's max rank is is about a 12 second cooldown.

when you use this to fight in the middle of a lane or jungle dont use this until the enemy is starting to run away so you can yank them back and finish them off.

if the enemy is already lowish or jsut running from you then that woud be a deent time to do it too.

you can use this skill to save you teammates as well.
if they are being chased toward you, run past the enemy chasers and turn around do you"E" and yank them back away from your team mate. if they are runnign away form you then it should be obvious enough jsut yank them back and keep you teammate alive.

(seriously it's the least you can do since you'll probly be taking half the kills anyway)

Noxian Guillotine

max this when you can and have fun.

but try not to take all the kills even though it is stupid easy your team needs the gold to.
there are soe cases in team fights when you nocking the enemies out as fast as you can with your ult is a good thing but not all the time use your own judgement for that.

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Summoner Spells

I prefer Flash and Ignite but you can bring what ever you want really. another good skill instead of Ignite would be Exhaust.
reduces damage and armor so you can smack them harder and the jsut kinda nerd slap you back, plus they can't escape as easily.

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Boots of Speed + Health Potion x3
decent startin items for almost anyone. on Darius i prefer these because the allow me to get closer to the enemies easier and harras with my Decimate more. Plus movment is just really important anyway.

when building it if you cant afford it when you first go back to base jsut decide whch you need more Long Sword or Ruby Crystal. this item alone useually puts me ahead of my lane opponent in the begining. give health and damage and a slow. jsut overall amazing to have 5 min in the game.(or whenever you get it)

Mercury's Treads
if the enemy team has alot of AD champions and not much CC then u can get Ninja Tabi but useually you will need the tenacity and the majic resist is very helpful against almost any team. you get this right after phage becuse you really need some movement speeed or you will miss out on alot of kills.

Zeal and Saphire Crystal
these are both baught at pretty much the same time. the Zealis jsut there for movement and attack speed which are very helpful with killing people and the Saphire Crystal is ther jsut to allow you to spam Noxian Guillotine because it has such a high mana cost you will find yourself oom very fast in long team fights early in the game.

Trinity Force
obviously you finish tri force after tht. thi is jsut an amazing item on darius. give health to make you beefier, movement speed to make you unstoppable, mana so you can spam you s**t more, and the shean effect which I am not sure stacks with Crippling Strike or not but it will make your attacks hit harder since you can spam your Decimate. basically this is the core item of this buld and is jsut truely amazing.

based on the comments i am seeing that almost no one likes the try force sooo i am postin 2 wins below that i did with this build sorry i don't play darius all the time and there is a random wu kong game in between but this is two ranked games as darius, and i am hoping that mabe this will get people to actually consider the tri force rather than just down vote me jsut because the dont understand. can't even begin to tell you how annoying that is.


After your Trinity Force u have to decide how your game is goin at that point.

obviously you cant build exactly the same every time becausde the teams you are agnst will be diferent. so I made diferent chapters below for each instance.

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doing extremly well

even after this part the items vary how ever at this point if you are doing extremly well after buolding your Trinity Force build a The Bloodthirster

this item is great for darius. it gives him sustain and massive amounts of damage.

after the ]The Bloodthirster build a Guardian Ange this item will really piss people off but the main reason i have for this item is that it gives a large amount of both resistances. after the GA you will probably have about 120-130 magic resist and 170 armor.

after the Guardian Angel build a Giant's Belt jsut for the health.

if you are still doing well: build another The Bloodthirster followed by either a Warmog's Armor or Frozen Mallet

if you aredoing okay but not great: build the Giant's Belt
into either the [colo[Frozen Mallet]] or ]Warmog's Armor fallowed by YAY another The Bloodthirster

i you are staring to die alot(not doing well) then build Warmog's Armor and then a Maw of Malmortious or Atma's Impaler or Thornmail depending on what you need

and then buy the buffs Elixir of Fortitude, Elixir of Agility, and of coarse Oracle's Elixir

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doing poorly =( or yur team dosn't have a tank and you need to fill that ro

if you not doing well ..... well that sux but this is watcha do.

build Guardian Angel than Giant's Belt then Hexdrinker

then depending on the enemy team finish Warmog's Armorthen either Atma's Impaler or Maw of Malmortius then finish the other that you didn't build.

if at this point you are able to replace Maw of Malmortius or Atma's Impaler then try and build a The Bloodthirster in it's place.

then finish off with the various elixers.

at the end of this build you will have about 4000 health, 300 attack damage, 210 armor, and 174 magic resist. basically... you tanky as a mofo. i made the second build up top this version of the build.

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while in lane darius is basically the same as every other champion last hit harrass etc.

while harrassing the enemy try to hit as few minions as possible with your Decimateas possble so you don't push then making you vulnerable for ganks and making it so your own jungle can't gank.

when getting into a 1vs1 fight at any point in the game it is good to try and run toward your enemy and use Decimateat the edge of it's range to do more game before you even get to them. once yoy get close hit them with a regular attack first to get another stack of hemorage and then attack with Crippling Strike so the coodown is lower. as your fighting spam those 2 skills and try backing away a bit when you can to hit them with the edge of your Decimate. when the enemy starts to run yank them back and be sure to apply another Crippling Strike. when their heealth is finally low enough use Noxian Guillotine to finish them off.

when geting in team fights, how far you are in your build will determine what you are able to do and if you are able to initae it. the fight is simple jsut try and get as many people in the edge of your Decimateas possible. also try not to take all the kills EVERY team fight or you team will become weaker

one mroe thing about fighting in lane alot of the time you can bate people toward your turret and then yank them in with Apprehendmake sure to slow them as well with Crippling Strike and you should be able to pick up a kill or two like that.

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doing poorly in lane

not much you can do about it but try and push all the way and roame a bit and try and to get kills and assists from the other lanes. jsut keep an eye on your lane. sorry that's all i got for that.

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champions that you may have a problem with in lane


jsut be carefull of her not always a problem but she can hurt and is kidna tanky so be careful.


i have a problem with jax on almost everyone he is jsut tanky as f**k and does alot of damage. sry just some one to be carful for I dont know how to counter him other then being more defensive.


i have never been beaten by another darius in lane soooo... good luck with mirrors
one thing you can do to counter another darius is if u need useing your Noxian Guillotine as soon as you have five stacks of hemerage even if he isn't low is a good idea and alot of the time will save you.


if you are against a kayle try to not use your ult at all until she is dead it won't really hurt you not to use it but it is nice to be able to still have it up and well worth the wait.

there are a few others but these were the main ones i could think of.

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i am sure i am missing alot from this build and again i appologize for my grammer and spelling, and the blandness of the guide. this is my second guide and i am still getting the hang of it.

if you have any suggestions or if i missed anything and you want me to add it in plz leave comments, i would like help with how to make these things better.