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Darius General Guide by Delga

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Delga

Darius, The Monster

Delga Last updated on December 25, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Thank you for looking at my build if u like it please rate or comment. If u nid any champion's build feel free to comment i'll try my best to help u if i can.

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Starting items should be a boots and 3 health potions. After getting back to ur base get a phage for some chance to slow enemies and give u some health points and damage. After that the final point is get a Frozen Mallet for a high chance to slow enemies high health point and some more damage. Get a ravenous hydra its a good item for a brutaliser for the good damage and the AoE passive and its good for Darius to farm & it also give fast health regen. Get a black cleaver for armour penetration some health points black cleaver is a really good item for Darius.As his 3rd skill's passive with black cleaver's passive. Get a infinity Edge for critical chance and high damage. So now u can easily make your enemies health low and finish them off. Get a Maw of malmortius for some extra damage and magic resistance. The passive gains a shield when ur dying so u won't really die that easily and when u lose some health u will gain damage. This build is for brutaliser.

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Some other items u can build.

The other ways of building Darius is full tank which i don't really recommend. Build this if ur lagging alot or u don't wanna die easily. Infact tank Darius also could own i own with tank Darius before i scored like 20/4,5. Forgotten it was in season 2 now things are all different. The starting items are same get a phage get a Frozen Mallet for the health point and some damage and slow chance. Straight get a Warmog's Armour for tons of health & Maw of Malmortius for some damage and magic resistance and a passive shield. If u want to go all out health point u might wanna get Frozen Mallet Warmog's Armour & a Randuin's omen first. Get a sunfire cape if u want to defend against a AD. Get a banshee's veil if u want to defend against a ap. This build is for tanker.

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Take these ablities for easy damage. If u want to gank at level 2 add a point at apprehend if not get Crippling strike. After using ur 1st and 2nd skills as calculated hit thrice if it is a paper and ultimate and u can end the person straight. <---- is for Brutaliser. As for tanker u will take long to damage infact. Always look at ur enemies health bar once it reach 2 bars or less u can straight ultimate if the enemy have more. I recommend u to make the enemies gain 5 stacks of hemmorrhage first and ultimate.

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Take these masteries for armour penetration attack damage and some attack speed and the Excutioner works well with ur ultimate it might help to finish off ur enemies as it deals more dmg for enemies who are low. If u are playing a tank type the Defense should have 22 points and 1 points on offense and 7 on utility. The utility helps Darius to stay in lane Darius will nid to use lots of mana points to damage enemies and poke them and finish them off with his ultimate. So take these masteries.

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Runes you might wanna take armour penetration so u can damage ur opponent more and lower their health faster. Get mana regeneration to help stay in lane. Get some armour to counter AD. Finally get a movement speed Quint so if u chase ur enemy u will be faster than them. With ur movement speed and ur frozen mallet slow you'll chase the enemy fast. get 2 Attack damage quint for some damage.

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I play Darius as a Semi Tank. As in laning u might wanna spam ur decimate and poke enemies. When u level 2 get a point at apprehend so u can gank and kill easily. Once u level 3 get a point at crippling strike. Now hide in bush apprehend enemies crippling them and Decimate and hit them to gain stacks of hemorrhage and ignite. Ignite works best with Hemmorrhage so if ur opponent is 2 bar or less its easy to finish them off. 5 stacks of Hemorrhage is probably nided with ignite to finish off. Once u level 6 it's time for u to own apprehend enemies if they tried to escape crippling them keep use ur Decimate and crippling strike if they ran far ahead apprehend them again and finish them off with Noxian Guillotine. If u are trying to escape from one enemy turn around and crippling strike him and run. So he will be slowed. In team fight when both teams have not collided are walking around. You'll apprehend a enemy and spam ur skills and use ur ultimate. NOTE Apprehend a paper one. Then the war will start with a 4v5 it'll be easier to win. After killing u might wanna run back to ur team unless u think u want to continue fighting and u want to tank the team. While in chaotic battle all u have to do is saw low bar Decimate and ultimate. Even though its kill steal but for Darius if his fat he can carry his team. If u are already aimming for one person or his already in ur mind spam all ur skills as above said if he doesn't run don't apprehend him. Finish the enemy off with ur ultimate and slowly kill other enemies.


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