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Rammus Build Guide by Jimmycatcher

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jimmycatcher

Dat Rimmis Jungle

Jimmycatcher Last updated on January 15, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Dat Intro

oh haioh haioh haioh haioh haioh hai
oh haiWelcome to my Jungle guide for Rimmis, the Gankadillo. This is my first guide so please hit me with some constructive feedback.
My play style with Rammus focuses on early, constant ganking while becoming the super tank that Rammus is known for.

  • The difference between the Rimmis and a Rammus is that Rimmis will solo carries while Rammus gets carried
  • Rimmis will snowball every lane through constant ganking and will give second blue to mid while a Rammus will fumble through the jungle getting counter jungled, hogging blue and retaining a morbid fear of turret diving.
  • Rimmis will initiate a fight, tank through sheer intimidation (and taunts) and spin away with 50 health, baiting any remaining enemies into death, and a Rammus will power ball in, taunt, press W, and die.

    Read on so that you, too, can become a Pro Rimmis and not a Scrub Rammus.

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Dat Rimmis: A Lesson in Jungling

oh hai First off, start Blue, not wolves, not golems, not Dragon. Blue. This is because the Rimmis has very poor clear times early and taking wolves means having help at wolves and THAT means your lanes miss experience and money. So we start blue, curl up just before the big golem hits you, not immediately because in many cases you might not have aggro yet and you need to save the curl for actual damage. After the second golem hit, pop a pot, finish blue, take your power ball, and move on to wolves. After wolves, hit up the wraiths, but do not power ball over, save it because of two reasons: in a safe world, you should walk into the middle of the camp and THEN power ball, maxing your interruption of damage by dispersing the small wraiths, then curl as they come back to you again, NOT IMMEDIATELY. In the real world, however, saving your power ball means that if a Shaco or other evildoers are waiting in the wraith bush, you have an escape mechanism, also this is a prime time for level 2 ganks and your mid needs you to be there just in case ASAP. After wraiths, kill golems while curling effectively, kill red buff, then kill wraiths again for your taunt. At this point, if you are a true Rimmis you will have around half health or more.

Level 4 means it's time to become Dat Rimmis

Blue, wolves, wraiths, golems, Red, wraiths, Rimmis

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Dat Rimmis: A Lesson in Ganking

Okay, so you have some hp, a cloth armor, and a taunt. Gank time. First off, gank mid as long as the enemy mid is outside of their tower's range because you are not an Olympic diver quite yet. Come from the corridors in their jungle leading to their blue and wraith camps, unless time is a priority, Never ever ever gank from river. Also as an aside, work on timing your Q, if you charge it a little bit before ganking you will reduce the amount of reaction time the enemy will have to run, it takes practice but it is a must for the path of the True Rimmis.

A Note on Ganking:

You should be aware of when enemies have flash up because if they do, you must alter your ganking path to, instead of bee-lining straight for the enemy, force the enemy to flash by moving in a line perpendicular to the lane, thus either forcing the flash, in which case you will be close enough to taunt, or if they forget they had flash, finish of your power ball by hitting them last second towards your mid, maximizing your mid's damage time and then taunting.


Pro Rimmis take flash over ghost because flash is used to flash OVER creep waves in order to avoid ramming the creeps, NOT used to flash out of a bush while ganking.

Continue to gank in this manner for other lanes if health allows, but do not go back until you can Afford the stone and hopefully boots as well.

If all lanes are pushed and you cannot dive yet (see below) or if you are 3 or more levels below your mid, then you can jungle for creeps.

A note on Spirit Stone: this item should allow you to give up your blue to mid every time after the first due to its mana
regeneration, also, once you get home guard, backing for mana means a very small delay in ganking at best.

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Dat Rimmis: A Lesson in the Q-E Combo

oh haiLet us take into account what all Powerball does for us as Rimmis: it provides speed such that once you have the gank boots we can gank regardless of warding, it provides a knock back, interrupting spells and providing a moment's worth of cc, finally it provides a slow and damage to all enemies hit. What this means is that a Pro Rimmis should never taunt immediately, the Rimmis would allow the slow to almost wear off to taunt, again maximizing the amount of time your teammates have to damage. This is only untrue if the enemy has a mechanism to escape unless taunted, and even then you should position yourself in the manner discussed above in order to minimize these mechanisms.

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Dat Rimmis: A Lesson in Diving

oh haiAfter ganking with your nice, shiny, new gank boots, it is time to get that Giant's Belt. With this item, you will have enough tank in you to become the Rimmis that everyone fears: the Rimmis that tower dives constantly. By constantly, I mean that if top or mid are hugging their turrets with half health or lower, you gank from their second tower. This takes practice to know when to pull out in order for the gank to be successful, I. E. They die, you don't. However, this is what defines a True Rimmis from a Scrub Rammus.

oh haiBot Lane is a whole other can of worms. Due to the usual cc that resides bot, you should wait until some of it has been blown on their team to gank from tri-bush, or from second turret. Bot lane diving is the pinnacle of Rimmis diving and may take quite a few days to get used to but feeding your adc is without a doubt worth it.

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Dat Rimmis: A Lesson on Warding

oh haiUp until this point we have ignored the enemy jungler. As a jungle Rimmis it is your job to, listen carefully because this is ignored the most, CONSTANTLY BUY WARDS. You will take these wards and you will ward their jungle in the areas from which you will be ganking from and you will keep track of their jungler's movements and know when it is safe to gank. It is a very basic, core skill you will need to pick up especially for diving as this leaves both you and your lane vulnerable.

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Items, Masteries, and Runes (oh my!)

oh haiWe start cloth health pots because this will allow you to be at ganking health at the end of your rotation. We take gank boot because we gank, and we do not need tenacity because we also take spirit of the ancient golem which provides diving health and gank sustain all in one item. Next we pick up Aegis of the Legion which gives us some nice overall tankiness as well as buffing your teammates during ganks. Building our cloth armor into a Warden's Mail provides the lifeblood of Rimmis, armor, as well as a slow after you taunt. Upgrading to a Runic Bulwark will provide some better MR to you and your team. Now we get to Randuin's Omen, this is the item we take over Thornmail, because it provides health, which means your armor and MR give more per point, as well as more armor and the active.

A note on the active : the reason this item works so well on the Rimmis is that you can catch enemy teams but your team can't. This will allow your team to broadside them quite well, also we must discuss how to properly use the active. The slow will last longer depending on how much armor and MR you have at the time of the cast. Your curl gives you massive amounts of both. For those of you out there who cannot connect the dots, this means you curl and THEN pop the active.

oh hai Anyhoot, the Sunfire Cape will allow you to have more health and lifeblood as well as a passive that works very well with your ultimate. Finally, the Guardian Angel gives even more tankiness and a passive that allows your taunt to come off cd for those clutch moments.

Please note, if you ask why we do not build very much AD or MR, armor gives you enough AD, also you are a tank that kills things through a curl that scales off armor, and for MR the reasoning is this: MR counters AP, AP is know for its burst, we have a cooldown that provides a bunch of MR for a short time, thereby providing, with correct timing, all the MR you ever really need.


oh haiThis item replaces either Guardian Angel or Randuin's Omen end game, preferably the GA, and should ONLY be taken if their team has a hyper carry, I. E. a fed Vayne, Tryndamere, etc. This is because, while this item compliments your curl extremely well, it is really only countering one enemy on their team, who, in all reality, will not be shooting or hitting you all that much. This item is valid for hyper carries because in the three seconds you have them taunted, they will shred themselves. However in most cases a GA will round out your build with much needed MR and a clutch lolcantkillme passive.

Warmog's Armor: Got nerfed, still never gave armor, Sunfire Cape better.


oh haiWe take heavy defense to pull of ganking health as well as diving tankiness and speed



Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Mark of Armor

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Health
oh hai Everything is pretty straightforward here for being tanky except for the marks, these are armor because we need that crucial ganking health as well as the fact that the ad improves early clear times.

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Dat Closure

oh haiThank you for taking the time to read this guide, I hope I have contributed something useful to your knowledge of the Rimmis that and I look forward to any and all critisims, up votes, and down votes because it means I get to learn more myself.

Have a great day :3

Special Thanks to jhoijhoi for her guide on guide, tyvm <3