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Mordekaiser Build Guide by Omarowh

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Omarowh

Desolation is coming: Top/ADC Mordekaiser

Omarowh Last updated on October 14, 2018
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Top Lane Morde

Mordekaiser Build

LoL Path: Sorcery
LoL Rune: Summon Aery
Summon Aery
LoL Rune: Nimbus Cloak
Nimbus Cloak
LoL Rune: Celerity
LoL Rune: Scorch

LoL Path: Resolve
LoL Rune: Bone Plating
Bone Plating
LoL Rune: Chrysalis

+6 Attack Damage or +10 Ability Power, Adaptive and +15-135 Health (at levels 1-18)

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Top Lane
Ranked #23 in
Top Lane
Win 50%
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Threats to Mordekaiser with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Riven You're shield makes Riven's life miserable. Start Cloth and 5 pots, Poke her with E every time she wants to CS, and W the furthest minion w/ most health. Then push, and keep the bush warded, she'll be under turret in no time. Max W> Q > E.
Akali Akali is a easy matchup since shes a squishy assassin which makes morde an automatic counter to her. Your E poking and W healing is too much for her to handle. Max W > Q > E.
Nasus His early game is so bad, take advantage of that. If he tries to farm, poke him and combo him down, Never let a nasus farm, deny him farm as much as you can so he wont turn into a mid-late game monster. Max W > Q > E.
Tryndamere Tryndamere is a generally easy matchup because you outdamage and outheal him at all phases of the game, combined with your E poke, since hes squishy, hes going to suffer allot of damage from it and force him to play safe. Make sure to buy a ninja tabi to reduce his damage early on. Max W > Q > E.
Talon He's a squishy assassin, his burst will be stopped by your passive and you just counter him. Rush an early zhonyas and you will be fine. Max W > Q > E.
Yasuo One of the easiest matchups for morde. He will always all in you, pop on W and burst him down. Make sure to rush ninja tabis to snowball even harder. Max W > Q > E.
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Hello and welcome to my guide on mordekaiser, In the guide I will be covering mordekaiser's strengths and weaknesses, item builds, as well as his match ups and how to play against them.

Mordekaiser is a truly unique champion, being the only champion with no CC or a gap closer. Instead of questioning riot's decision in doing so, lets look at the bright side, he's a champion that can duel nearly every melee champions and win, destroys assassins, his ult can turn team fights into a 6v4, and not to mention he can get the ghost of all the drakes AND the elder dragon which he also gains some tankiness from, tricky sustain from W and maximum poke with E. He's a truly strong champion if you play him correctly.

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Why play mordekaiser?

    Great when new to the game and in lower elos.
    High Damage while being tanky.
    Can duel 90% of all melee champions and win.
    Good lane sustain with W and maximum lane poke with E.
    Can turn team fights into a 6v4 and can get a ghost of the dragon.

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Flash is definitely the strongest and best spell on morde. Taken on nearly all champions, its useful in many situations like escaping ganks and securing a kill.
Teleport is one of the best spells on morde, you can get to lane quickly since morde has low ms, and make you tp to drake if your team is doing it.
Ignite is another option, if you need that early kill pressure or if you're up against a mundo or healing based champion since it applies grievous wounds.
Exhaust is a defensive option, mostly taken against champions that can 1v1 us and win, like Jax or Fiora. It is also helpful if your getting kited.
Ghost can be taken in with flash if the enemy team has a full ranged team who can kite you easily. It helps with chasing, escaping ganks and dodging skill shots.
Heal The best spell when going ADC morde, helps you survive when your about to die and gives you some move speed, however exaust is also a good option in certain hard matchups.

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Summon Aery Thanks to Morde's close range and multiple DoTs ([W] and [R]), you're able to repeatedly proc Aery in extended trades for very reliable damage, very good in the top lane.
Nimbus Cloak After casting your ultimate you gain a burst of decaying movespeed, which is always nice for morde as he has no cc or gap closer.
Celerity The bonus Movement Speed from Celerity is especially useful in scenarios for Mordekaiser because a large majority of his damage comes from being able to stick to his target.The extra bit of Movement Speed from [W] will also grant a little extra Ability Power.
Scorch is a fantastic lane dominance rune that provides a lot of damage for early trades/fights. Look to proc the bonus damage with an [E] every time is comes off of cooldown.
Bone Plating Coupled with morde's shield, bone plating gives you some tankiness in lane and making you less prone to poke from champions like pantheon.
Chrysalis Gives you some much needed extra health early on which is always nice and by mid game which is morde's power spikes, converts it into AP for extra damage.
Guardian When going ADC morde, this is the best choice, has nice synergy with your passive and W, gives you a shield and some movespeed when taking damage, very good to survive poke from champions like caitlyn.

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Passive Iron Man. Mordekaiser's abilities cost health, but he converts 25% of the magic damage they deal into a temporary shield. Maximum shield is 25% of Maximum Health. The shield decays by 1.5 of Base Health per second when above 25% shield. Shield conversion is halved against minions. This skill is an extremely important skill to mordekaiser, lets him survive bursts from assassins and makes you tankier than normal.
W Harvesters of Sorrow. Mordekaiser targets an allied minion, champion or himself. For the next 4 seconds, Mordekaiser and the target allied champion gain 75 bonus movement speed when moving towards each other. When near enough to each other, they also deal magic damage per second to nearby enemies for the duration. Reactivate this ability to heal yourself and the targeted ally. When you target yourself, it only heals you and does not deal magic damage per second. Best skill to max early, gives us sustain, pushing power and it has allot of damage early on.
Q Mace of Spades. Mordekaiser main damage ability. He empowers his next 3 basic attack to deal bonus magic damage. The last hit is the damage of the previous 2 combined. Mace of Spades resets Mordekaiser's autoattack timer. This ability is what makes morde deadly to melee assassins and squishes. It deals tons of damage and you should max this second.

E Siphon of Destruction. Mordekaiser deals magic damage in a cone. For each champion hit, Siphon of Destruction also generates a percentage of Iron Man's maximum shield based on skill level. Mordekaiser main poking ability in lane, Since Mordekaiser does not have mana, he can poke his enemies all he wants. This ability deals allot of damage early on and will allow you to sometimes even win lane by poking them to low health which will also force the enemy to play passive from there onwards you can snowball even more.
R Children of the Grave. Passive: Mordekaiser's basic attacks and abilities curse the Dragon for 10 seconds. If Mordekaiser's team slays it, the Dragon's soul is enslaved and follows him around. Enslaving the Dragon disables Children of the Grave while it remains active and kills Mordekaiser's current ghost. Active: Mordekaiser curses an enemy, dealing an initial of the target's maximum Health as magic damage. For the next 10 seconds, an additional of the target's maximum Health is dealt to the target as magic damage every second. If the target dies while under the effect of the curse, their soul is enslaved and will follow Mordekaiser for 30 seconds. Pets can be controlled by pressing R. Mordekaiser's ability that can change a whole teamfight in your favor, we max this skill whenever we can. Note, you heal for all the damage dealt by this ability which makes it a great ability to sustain in lane more. You gain some of the health from the dragon and ghost which is also nice.

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Sorcerer's Shoes Most of the time you should buy this, as it gives him magic penetration on all of his abilities, however if its a hard match up you should consider ninja tabi and merc treads.

Ninja Tabi This item is very good against champions that tend to auto attack frequently like jayce or quinn.
Mercury's Treads You should be buying this against difficult AP matchups with CC, like swain or ryze. It can also be bought if the enemy has high CC champions like leona since it has some CC time reduction.
Rylai's Crystal Scepter This item is a core in every mordekaiser build, it has some much needed slow, health to make your shield bigger and ability power. You will also be buying liandry's so the double burn damage is needed.
liandry's Torment This is also a core on morde, it has everything rylai's has along with a burn which has very strong synergy with your ult, with rylais and this item, melting squishies healthbars becomes much easier.
Morellonomicon Generally you should be rushing this item against healing champions like mundo, it gives morde ability power and health which is fantastic for him.
Zhonya's Hourglass Generally you should be rushing zhonyas against AD bruisers, however its also good against assasins who use their combos in one go like Fizz. This item can be combined with ninja tabis to give you a decent amount of armor if the enemy team is full AD.
Banshee's Veil Banshee's veil is the go to item if your up against a heavy AP team, it has a good amount of magic resists and a spell block passive. This item is also good against champions who have grabs like Blitzcrank or Thresh because you will be blocking their grabs/hooks.
Void staff You should be looking to buy void staff in games where there's 2+ magic resist stacking tanks, tank shredding becomes much easier with this item combined with your ult.
Rabadon's deathcap Deathcap is a good item to increase your AP, which is always nice to make your healing and damage much stronger, With this build combined with deathcap you will be ending up with around 600+ AP late game making your ult one shot ADC's and destroy 90% of melee matchups.
Hextech Gunblade You should be buying gunblade against easy matchups to make your snowball potential even easier as it gives massive damage to mordekaiser. It also has an active 2 second slow which is also nice for morde as he has no built-in CC.
Mejai's Soulstealer You should be buying this item if you got real fed in the laning phase, However its high risk - high reward so be careful not to lose all your stacks.

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ADC Morde

First of all, I do NOT recommend ADC morde if you are new to morde or if you dont have a person to duo with. You need to understand how morde works because ADC morde is complex and you also need a duo because jumping into a solo queue game alone with ADC morde can cost you games because you need a duo who can play any of the supports i will show you below and you need to be coordinated with him/her. The play style of ADC morde is simple, you and your support play passive until lv3 because you dont have most of your dmg abilities and then once you hit lv3, look for any chance to all in. If you have a melee support max W>Q>E and if you have a ranged support max E>Q>W. The supports that work with morde will be listed bellow and are limited, ranked from S tier to B tier with S being the best and B being OK.

S Hes by far the best support with ADC morde, he brings the enemies directly to you and knocks them up which is just great and it will result in a kill 100% unless they have flash.
S Very good support with morde, like blitz he can get the enemy close to him and has tons of CC by lv6. Has great synergy with morde and i usually ask my duo to play him when blitz gets picked/banned.
S Very good support with morde, he can hook the enemy for you, slow them and stun them for you, not to mention his ultimate which will execute the targets you ult.
S Zilean can speed up morde and grant him lvl ups due to his passive which is nice as morde already gets bonus exp from his w passive so you can get lvl's faster than the enemy. He also has some stuns which gives morde enough time to close in on the enemy.
S Leona is an excellent support with morde as she has tons of cc that morde lacks. Try to look for all in's at lv3 and her lv6 powerspike with yours is good too.
A Rakan goes well with morde because of his knockup and his shielding has good synergy with guardian and your passive. His lv6 power spike also has good synergy with yours.
A Maokai is really good too because of his roots and hes tanky too which is nice and your lv6 has an amazing power spike with him.
A Nautilus is really good with morde, has tons of cc, is tanky and your lv6 power spike is amazing too. I recommend asking your support to pick nautilus into hard matchups like draven or kalista, overall hes very good into all matchups.
B Taric is good, because of his stun and damage immunity ult so you can dive easily, however if he cant run into them and stun them you will have a bad time.
B Trudle is pretty good because of his pillar slow and how fast and tanky he is. Hes also really good into tanky support matchups.
B Shen is pretty good too because he can taunt the enemy and block auto attack for you. With your passive shield, guardian and shen auto attack block your going to be taking allot less damage from all ins.
B Tahm kench is good, because he can stun the enemy and eat and bring the enemy to you.
B Braum is pretty good too because of the amount of cc he has and how tanky he is, His lv6 power spike has great synergy with yours too.

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Team Fights

In Team fights, your essential goal is to turn the battle in your favor with your ultimate. Whenever you see a low health enemy ADC or an auto attack based champion or any champion low on health, ult them. It's better to ult an auto attack based champion since they will be able to have their critical strike at time of death which will pack a punch in their ghost form. Make sure to secure the dragon with your team, it is very important for mordekaiser to get a dragon since its one of his ways to snowball the game. Once you get a dragon, dont waste it, go help your team with sieging a turret since its best at sieging turrets. You can also solo baron with lv2 dragon (ult) and if you have 2 damage items.

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Top Lane Warding and freezing the lane

In the top lane, Mordekaiser is a lane bully who pushes the lane aggressively, but that comes with a price, He is one of the most easiest if not the easiest champion to gank in the game. To Counter this weakness i will give you some tips on how to avoid being camped aka being repeatedly ganked. First tip, you should get yourself a Control Ward on your first back in every game, its the best item in the game for only 75 gold. Even if you have placed a control ward, it always good to have one in your inventory at all times as a backup, You should be looking to ward both of the red marked bushes in the picture below. For blue side, put a Control Ward in the bush to your side, in this case the normal bush and a Warding Totem in the tribush to the enemy side.If your on the red side, you should again, put the Control Ward in the bush to your side, in this case the tribush and put a Warding Totem in the normal bush to the enemy side.

My second tip is freezing, in short; damaging the minion wave less than the enemy and only last hitting minions, thus making the wave push to your side making you less prone to ganks and if your already getting camped, stopping their snowballing. I recommend watching the video below as it explains everything in great detail and also tells you how to counter someone freezing your lane.

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General Morde Tips

-Your W gives 75 decaying movespeed towards the target you cast W on, and they also gain 75 decaying movespeed towards you, use this to get to lane faster.
-Morde is much weaker when he does not have an ally/minion to cast W on, your DPS is cut by allot, always have an ally/minion next to you if your looking to fight.
-Never fight ranged champions alone as morde, unless you have a high CC ally next to you like leona/alistar, Morde is easily kited.
-If you ever get low health in lane, you can heal by allot using krugs if your top or raptors if your mid using W.
-You can one shot enemy squishies mid - late game by charging up your first 2 Q hits on minions/wards/frontline tanks and then flash and use your last Q hit on the enemy squishy then ult and liandries will finish them off.
-Your ghosts proc rylai's slow on their auto's.
-Ghosts that you get retain their original passive's for example, vayne 3 hit silver bolts.
-You can control a ghost pet by clicking R.
-Sometimes the best defense is more offense. Use Mordekaiser's abilities to charge up his shield.
-In teamfights if you ever get dangerously low, its better to ult the enemy tank since the healing is much stronger on tanky enemies.
-Minions/dragon ghost take way less damage from turrets than a normal champion would. You can use it to tank a low health turret while you take it down.
-You can use your Q, Mace of Spades as an auto attack reset and get 2 hits in rapid succession on turrets/enemies.

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Overall Mordekaiser is a very good champion for climbing and is good at punishing the mistakes the enemies do. Being the lane bully he is, you can farm up safely in the early game and become an unstoppable powerhouse in the mid game. I will continue updating this guide regularly and feel free to ask me any questions that you have in the comments section. Make sure to have fun playing morde and good luck!