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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Kha'Zix Build Guide by Hxriis

Jungle 🦟 DIAMOND - 11.6 | Hxriis' HYPERCARRY Kha'Zix Guide | S11

Jungle 🦟 DIAMOND - 11.6 | Hxriis' HYPERCARRY Kha'Zix Guide | S11

Updated on March 27, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Hxriis Build Guide By Hxriis 28 2 26,012 Views 6 Comments
28 2 26,012 Views 6 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Hxriis Kha'Zix Build Guide By Hxriis Updated on March 27, 2021
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Runes: Standard Dark Harvest

1 2 3 4
Dark Harvest
Sudden Impact
Eyeball Collection
Ravenous Hunter

Magical Footwear
Cosmic Insight

+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Smite


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Hey guys! I stream on Twitch (No fixed schedule yet but I am working on that)

I play Kha'Zix a lot. I have played Kha'Zix ever since I have started playing League of Legends which was in Season 4. I was watching an LCS game and I was just fascinated by this champion. Ever since I started maining this champion. I wouldn't call myself an OTP but I am definitely a main Kha'Zix. I am currently playing on my smurf (Road to Master) - Feel free to jump in and say hi at any time. Ask me any questions you might have. I also explain all my next moves to make sure you guys stay educated and get an idea of what I think like. Maybe you can adapt my playstyle or mix it up with your own. Any support is greatly appreciated! In this guide, my aim is to keep you guys educated and updated on Kha'Zix's current and future state. This guide will help you truly understand the ins and outs of this champion. There is a lot to take in so the goal is to get as much information as possible into your brain here. By the end of this guy, you should know a lot more about Kha'Zix which will hopefully help you understand his kit and better yet, help you climb even further! Feel free to skip to the sections that are relevant for you. This guide is inspired by Tinjus so make sure to check him out - Great guy and an excellent Kha'Zix player! - Let's get started.

Twitch: Twitch.TV/Hxriis


This guide will constantly be updated to ensure that it is always up to date and moves with the meta. So you can expect changes in this guide. This way you constantly adapt to the meta and don't stick to a rusty and outdated guide. But we all are used to change. As our beloved Kha'Zix always says;

About Kha'Zix

You either hate or love this Champion. Kha'Zix is known for his excellent assassination on targets out of position. Kha'Zix has tremendous power as well as a very high amount of utility which makes him the deadly assassin that he is. Kha'Zix is very flexible in terms of his kit. Many beginners believe that this champion is monotonous but that's not really the case. In fact, Kha'Zix is an assassin like no other. His kit, which includes the evolution concept, offers him so much variety. Kha'Zix can adapt to any type of gameplay depending on your own and the enemy team. That is what separates Kha'Zix from other assassins. Although there are assassins that offer the same amount of damage and mobility, there is no other assassin that can easily adapt to any given scenario like Kha'Zix. An experienced Kha'Zix player will be able to adapt to any composition and playstyle by using his evolution feature.

Chances are, you have been one-shot by a Kha'Zix before at some point in your career. Although Kha'Zix offers such a huge amount of damage, there are certain things that a Kha'Zix player has to look at. Many believe that this champion is all about jumping in, slashing one enemy, and then jump from one to the other. In reality Kha'Zix is a lot about decision making and making use of his isolation. ( Unseen Threat)
With this champion, you have to pick your fights wisely. Do not expect to deal the same amount of damage on non-isolated targets as this will greatly reduce your damage and decrease your chance of winning that fight. You have to consider all possible outcomes before engaging to make sure that you are indeed able to kill your target. Especially pre-E-Evolve since you won't be able to escape that easily.

Kha'Zix lacks a good amount of health and Crowd Control (CC) - Ganking lanes with a decent amount of gank-assist (CC in general) is very helpful as this makes ganking non-isolated targets easier. He compensates for his lack of CC with the amount of damage he has to offer, so pulling off a gank should be fairly easy depending on the scenario. Make sure to pick your fights wisely as mentioned and do not over-commit to targets that are out of your reach. Play it smart!
Pros & Cons

So as you can tell Kha'Zix's kit offers a lot of variety and advantages. On the other hand, there are some aspects that he lacks or is weak to. This is mainly the reason why decision making is really important on this champ. There are assassins that are built to jump in, kill someone and potentially get out. A good example is Rengar here, he is very consistent in what I just mentioned. With Kha'Zix you have more variety and flexibility. In exchange, you have to choose your fights carefully.

Evolution & Order

Now, this is where the heart of Kha'Zix is. This is what makes Kha so special and separates him from the crowd of assassins. Here you will find more knowledge about his evolution, how and why it is so effective and useful in and against any composition.

I mentioned that Kha'Zix is very flexible and can adapt to any situation. This means that there is no specific order that you should use. A good Kha'Zix player will know what to evolve and in which order. Q is very good for faster clearing, dueling potential, and DPS. W is efficient for team fighting and peeling if used correctly and R is good for mobility and utility which can be strong in skirmishes if you encounter a lot of 2v2s 2v3s etc. So do not expect a specific order as there is no set in stone order. It comes down to personal preference, playstyle, and environment. Knowing this is very important as this piece of information helps you adapt to every game. Don't get too comfortable spamming one order as this can be a reason that you are potentially losing games as Kha'Zix. Pay close attention, this part of the guide is very important.

Evolved Reaper Claws - DPS / Dueling Tool

The evolved version of Taste Their Fear allows the ability's cooldown to be reduced by 60% when used on isolated targets. Furthermore, this increases the range of Taste Their Fear and auto-attack range. This is your go-to evolution for dueling ANYONE.

With this evolution, you get significantly more dueling potential. There is little to zero champions that can potentially out-duel you at this point when isolated. This enables faster clearing as well as objectives. Killing drakes on your own with the evolved Taste Their Fear is significantly easier and faster. Not only does it kill squishy targets much easier it also helps shred through these tanks. Black Cleaver is very useful here as this greatly increases your damage output on tanks. This is 9 out of 10 times the go-to evolution for level 6. It'll allow you to ensure that early game lead.

Evolved Spike Racks - Supportive Addition

Evolved Void Spike shoots 3 instead of 1 void spike in a cone form, similar to Graves' Q. The evolved version increases the slow to 60% on isolated enemies and is an essential tool for Kha'Zix.

Unlike Taste Their Fear this evolution focuses on Teamfighting and CC. The effectiveness of this ability increases greatly once Void Spike is evolved. This is by far the best ability to evolve for a team-oriented playstyle. If you are looking to help your team and want to jump into a supportive role to let your carry's shine, this is the ideal choice. In most scenarios, this evolution is in third place but can be evolved as the second option as well. If you are unable to assassinate anyone, I highly recommend you go with this as second evolution to support your teammates.

Evolved Wings - Gap Closer / Teamfight Tool

This is what turns Kha'Zix into a grasshopper. You probably have seen a Kha'Zix jump around multiple times. This is due to his evolution that not only significantly increases his range on this ability but also grants a complete reset on the cooldown every time Kha'Zix gets a kill or assist.

This evolution is probably Kha'Zix's signature ability. Kha'Zix is known for his double and triple jumps. You might have seen old clips from back in the day when this was considered very skillful. Evolved Leap is by far one of the biggest utility abilities in the entire game. The ability itself is quite simple but it brings quite a few interactions. You can use Taste Their Fear mid-air when using Leap. This mechanic is essential for the infamous "Double-Jump"-Mechanic. Evolving Leap enables you more team fighting potential as you can go for isolated targets and get back to position very quickly. This makes Kha'Zix's Mid-game a lot easier and enables a smooth transition into Mid-game. Usually, this is therefore evolved at level 11 because of the amount of utility and mobility you get out of this ability. If you are very strong at this point already, evolved Leap will be a crucial part of snowballing and increasing your lead. You can literally slash through anyone whether they are isolated or not. Again, this applies when you are overfed not on a regular basis. It also allows you to jump greater distance allowing you to jump over more terrains. There are certain walls that are too wide for pre-evolved Leap so this will definitely increase your gank potential. To summarize this ability allows you to assassinate your chosen target and jump back out once done.

Evolved Adaptive Cloaking - Utility

The evolved version of Void Assault is more or less Kha'Zix's main utility. This ability is used for a fast pace and catching out isolated targets out of their position.

It is also the only ability that harmonizes with your passive, Unseen Threat. It allows you to trigger your passive multiple times. In order to make use of your passive make sure to auto-attack between the casts of Void Assault. This ability is very strong and has a big outplay potential. Ideally, you want to use this to either gank before using Leap as this can be used to get closer to the enemy without having to waste your gap closer. Once evolved, Void Assault allows you to go into stealth for 2 seconds and the number of casts is set to 3. Make sure to use this as a juke, outplay and gap closer tool. Furthermore, this is an essential ability for your maximum damage output as you want to trigger Unseen Threat as often as possible.

Evolution Orders

As clarified earlier, there is no set in stone order that you must follow. Your evolution order should depend on the game. Pick the right evolution order for your game and adapt to the environment around you. Adapt and overcome!

There are three known evolution orders. Anything else would be considered highly off-meta. Stick to these:

Q > E > W / R

- -

This order is the most known and used order out there. Early Q evolve allows you to have that extra DPS for increasing your dueling power as well as faster clearing speed. Going with E second helps to transition into the mid-game where the team fights slowly but surely begin. W late game is quite efficient for picking out targets and playing more of a supportive assassinate. R also works perfectly to allow that extra utility if you require that.

Q > W > E / R

- -

There is not much to say here. This is basically the same as the first but its more team fight oriented since you evolve W first here. This evolution mainly focuses on peeling and team fighting. Use Void Spike to peel and greatly slow the movement of the enemies to make follow-ups for your teammates easier. You want to look for picks and open up possibilities for your team. You can go either E or R at level 16, completely up to you. In my personal preference, I prefer to go E in the end if I am going W second.

R > E > Q / W

- -

Pretty good dueling, juking, and outplay potential in early and mid-game. Evolved Void Assault can be used as a gap closer considering its duration's been increased to 2 seconds. Mid-Game- Leap evolve will help to secure these skirmishes and team fights. Make sure to use your utility and passive, Unseen Threat. Go for Q if you want extra dueling power or W to assist your teammates.

As mentioned, please understand that there is no specific order and that these orders are just to give you an idea. This order can vary for each match up and these are usually the go-to evolutions. You can't do much wrong with these but they're all unique and offer a different play style. This is what makes Kha'Zix so unique. Be aware of that. If you would like to know more about that, feel free to come by at Twitch.Tv/Hxriis and come ask me. More than happy to clarify any questions.


Jungle Path

This bit of Kha'Zix is what is going to make the difference between you and the other jungler. Kha'Zix preferably goes for a full clear. By doing this you allow yourself to get the highest amount of experience that is available to you at this point. The biggest advantage with a full clear is that it gives you plenty of options for your next move. After finishing your full clear, you have the option to gank a lane, contest the scuttle crab or essentially just clear it if you know for a fact that it has not been done at this point or ideally you can recall and buy. This jungle route has little to zero risk since you are allowing yourself plenty of options and time. The current meta is perfectly designed for a full clear. We'll see how that turns out in patch 11.4 and I will update this guide once I have played a certain amount of games. Overall this strategy is a beneficial route and I tend to go for it almost every single game.


Blue Buff > Smite Gromp > Wolves > Raptors > Red Buff > Smite Krugs > Scuttle

You can also smite scuttle crab if you know that it hasn't been contested or if you want to keep it for the other scuttle crab once you recalled. Totally up to you and your personal preference.


Red Buff > Smite Krugs > Raptors > Wolves > Blue Buff > Gromp > Smite Scuttle.

Here I advise you to keep your smite up till the scuttle crab. After finishing the gromp you can also hit the Scryer's Bloom (Vision Plant) to see if the crab is being contested by the enemy jungle. By doing that you can either go contest the scuttle, since your early game is very very strong, or take the information, finish gromp and go for the other side of the map and finish botside scuttle. Many players underestimate the damage of Kha'Zix and therefore do not respect an early duel with him. Make sure to take advantage of that and use Unseen Threat for your advantage.

Skirmishes and Ganking

Kha'Zix lacks a lot on CC which decreases his success rate for ganks. However, this doesn't mean he is unable to gank. Kha'Zix can be very efficient for ganks since you can use either Leap or Void Assault as a gap closer.

Most of the time you want to read the map before doing scuttle. This is truly important because you want to see the current status of your lanes. For example, you just finished krugs and want to go for the scuttle crab now. Ideally, your lanes have priority to ensure that you get the required assistance in an early skirmish way faster than the enemy jungle. This ensures the early dominance that you want to see, the aggressive playstyle. If you fail to have priority on either lane you essentially go for a gank. If you are pre level 6, i highly recommend you to use the jungle paths next to the river to catch the enemy by surprise. This allows you to keep your Leap for after the enemy has used his/her Flash if possible. You can also Leap towards the enemy, and use Taste Their Fear Mid-air to ensure your maximum damage output. Try to avoid minions at all costs if possible since they disable your isolation. If an enemy is isolated on lane and does not have the necessary wards, your chances of getting a free kill here are very high. So make sure you are aware of what your possibilities are. I will show you an example down below to explain why having priority is so important and how that affects your gameplay.

When having priority:

You have to understand that this plays a big role in your role. Having an early priority in both lanes can be beneficial in so many ways. Especially in lower elos it is much better punishable. Early priority allows you to contest the scuttle crab without any competition. If for whatever reason, the enemy jungle decides to contest it, you can simply leave the scuttle crab as for now (unless it's close to a smite battle) and focus on the enemy jungle. Let's take Evelynn as an example. If Evelynn decides to contest the scuttle, you can go for an early skirmish and rely on your teammates. In higher elo your teammates are aware of that, in lower elo I suggest you ping for help to help them realize what is going on. You can also tell them beforehand to get priority if possible, this way you can set a route for your early game plan if possible. But don't rely on that, remember we want to have variety and multiple options. This way we don't rely on one playstyle and keep evolving and stay flexible like adaptable Kha'Zix himself or (itself?)

Make sure to take advantage of the priority that is given to you as this is a powerful tool and can help you get that significant early impact you want.

See how your teammates can rotate much quicker due to their priority? This essentially means that you are almost guaranteed to win the skirmish since your support is coming much much quicker to your assistance than the enemy team. Always keep that in mind. Let's see what the outcome is when you do not have priority on either lane and talk about possible options.

When having NO priority:

Notice the difference? It's pretty obvious but let's talk through it. It's the complete opposite. You have NO priority at all! In this case contesting the scuttle crab would be a suicide mission. I highly recommend you either go straight to the bot side scuttle crab by taking the fastest route at this point. This will compensate for the loss of the top side scuttle crab. But there are positives for the loss as well! Yea, you might have lost the crab but once again you gained more new and valuable information. You and your teammates now know that the enemy jungle is currently doing the scuttle crab on in the top river. This information can be used for them to adapt their playstyle. Mid and Top might want to be careful if it's an aggressive early game jungle, like Lee Sin. On the other side, the enemy team can easily locate you as well now. It has ups and downs, but you can adapt accordingly to your environment. After finishing bot scuttle crab I suggest you either look for a gank on bot or mid. Keep in mind that Lee Sin could be around mid as well. Quickly measure whether you are able to take a 2v2. If yes, take your chances and play it smart. If you know for sure that you will not be able to win that 2v2, go for a bot gank if possible.

Do not feel forced to gank botlane if it's not possible. It's much better to stick to the safe option.

Even if your teammates are begging for ganks, do not let that distract you. Let them know that you will gank once the opportunity is given and communicate with them to keep them tilt-proof.

Epic Monsters

Epic monsters are very important when it comes to securing the game by using your early lead. I personally always aim to secure early drakes after successful ganks to ensure constant pressure and dominance. Especially once you have evolved Taste Their Fear taking down the Dragon becomes so much easier. You can either gank bot lane or look for Drake if it's up. ALWAYS make sure you secure the Dragon as this will be your insurance for the late game. Once you obtained a Serrated Dirk, Kha'Zix can easily kill dragons on his own. Especially if you have evolved Taste Their Fear. If you secure every Dragon as it's spawning you can have Dragonsoul by 25 minutes. And especially in lower ranks, this will easily win you many many games. Make sure that you are taking the Dragon at every time possible. After successfully slaying every Dragon, you can easily kill Elder Dragon if you have snowballed the game correctly up to this point.

Obviously, the same rule applies for Rift Herald . If you get a kill mid or top, go straight for the Rift Herald. You want to make sure that you get Rift Herald as soon as possible to have that extra pressure of destroying a Tier 1 Turret quickly. Especially before the 14 Minute mark to secure that extra gold by destroying platings. By destroying the first turret, you also allow yourself and your team more space into the enemy jungle. This contributes so much to your dominance and will help you securing games much easier as this you will be snowballing the game from thereon.

This will essentially help you make Invading so much easier and keep on putting that pressure and dominance.


Kha'Zix is one of the best champions to invade an enemy jungle. Due to the simple fact that enemies are always isolated. This allows you to constantly pressure the enemy jungle by using Kha'Zix's kit to your advantage.

If you are facing a matchup that you easily stomp, then you can look for invades more often. You want to read the map and track the enemy jungler continuously. Make sure to pay attention to the map. If the enemy jungler is ganking bot and you are top at that point, make sure to secure either a gank, invade his jungle or secure Rift Herald if its past 8 minute mark. Make sure to invade the enemy jungle as soon as you see them on the map as this will allow you to gather a resource advantage that will significantly increase your potential of snowballing the game. Not only are you gaining resources for yourself but you are also denying resources for the enemy jungle. It might also mentally affect the enemy jungler slightly. Make sure to pressure them in any way possible.

More updates are coming tomorrow, stay tuned as I will include tips & tricks, how to team fight with Kha'Zix, how to avoid losing, and how to play the map efficiently while keeping an aggressive playstyle.

Thank you for reading my guide! I hope you have learned something about Kha'Zix and hopefully this will improve your gameplay. Any feedback is greatly appreciated so drop a comment if you have any suggestions or questions. I will do my best to get back to you with a satisfying answer!

If you would like to see my Kha'Zix in action, I stream on twitch so feel free to join my stream and ask me anything - There are no stupid questions, feel free to ask me anything on Twitch.Tv/Hxriis


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League of Legends Build Guide Author Hxriis
Hxriis Kha'Zix Guide
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🦟 DIAMOND - 11.6 | Hxriis' HYPERCARRY Kha'Zix Guide | S11

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