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Elise Build Guide by Misaka.Cenicel

AP Offtank Diamond Jungle Elise Build

By Misaka.Cenicel | Updated on November 14, 2015

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Hello, I'm Misaka.Cenicel a Diamond player on PH. For couple of months I have been playing Elise non-stop. I fell in love with her because of her unique skills and because she is a spider. This is my first guide so if there is anything that seems to be wrong or if you have better ideas please share it with us.

My main role is a support, so maybe that's why whenever I got extra gold I always buy wards/visions. Buy a ward, save a life. That's my motto:).
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For my Quints, I use Greater Quintessence of Ability Power x3. This will give Elise a fair amount of ap. For my Seals I use Greater Seal of Armor x9 . For Marks I use Greater Mark of Attack Speed x9 it works well with your 2nd skill Skittering Frenzy. Since you will be getting Locket of the Iron Solari, you can disregard Magic Resist runes and put your Glyphs to good use :)) by getting Greater Glyph of Ability Power x9. But if you feel you needed some magic resist because of the enemies line up, change your glyphs to MR.


Fleet Footwork
Phase Rush
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Because of the New Masteries this PreSeason, I will be experimenting builds so for now this will do:)
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Always have enough gold to upgrade your Hunter's Talisman to Stalker's Blade on your first recall, if possible get also Boots of Speed. On your second recall, get 800 gold for a Sightstone before fully ugrading your jungle item. always buy Vision Ward for extra vision on the map. you can put it on the river bush, near red buff's bush or inside the dragon pit. after that I rush Locket of the Iron Solari. Then I get Banshee's Veil for extra HP and Magic resist. For my last item, It depends on the enemy composition of champions.
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Pros / Cons

* has level 3 gank potential
* 2 seconds stun (wow)
* She can transform to a spider:)
* Works well against blitz, ( because of her spiderlings)

* Cocoon is hard to land (for most people)
* Squishy champ on early game
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The Art of Farming w Ganking

Get Golems Ancient Krug , let your teammates help you, smite it instantly to cooldown your smite then proceed to Red Brambleback (use 1 potion). And then get the Raptors , smite the big one ( Crimson Raptor ) it will grant you a buff called Razor Sharp which will grant you true sight( this buff is very useful in finding Stealth Ward. After getting to level 3 you are ready to gank (or you can get the Rift Scuttler in the river its up to you). I always gank mid if the enemy mid laner extends too much you can gank him. Be in your Spider Form use Rappel then latch on the enemy mid laner then use Venomous Bite to quickly get near him. if he decides to Flash away, instantly go to your Human Form to use Cocoon. Your reaction time should be fast enough to caught him off guard and stun him. Let your mid laner take the kill if you think that there is no way that the enemy mid laner can get away. This will ensure your carries will get stronger.

If you can't gank mid after getting the Raptors , get the Rift Scuttler to gain the vision and gold of course then gank bot if there is an opportunity. If there is none go back to upgrade your Hunter's Talisman to second level and buy boots if you still have gold your can buy a pink ward. After that you can now proceed to your blue buff side to farm. Smite Mr. Gromp to get the poison buff then get the Blue Sentinel afterwards. After that you can now ready to gank. I usually gank top after doing blue because it is closer to where you are farming. Mid lane is also a good choice if you can land a kill. After getting some kills and assists, I usually recall and buy a Sightstone. ( I always buy a Sightstone before upgrading my stalker's blade because I need the vision that it will give and the hp).

* ALWAYS WARD OBJECTIVES ( Baron Nashor AND Dragon )
League of Legends Build Guide Author Misaka.Cenicel
Misaka.Cenicel Elise Guide

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Diamond Jungle Elise Build