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Diana Build Guide by nanoyam

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League of Legends Build Guide Author nanoyam

Diana - Guardian of the Moon (Season 3)

nanoyam Last updated on May 22, 2013
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Mid / Jungle

Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello and welcome my first guide of Diana

I have played with Diana from the first day it came playable and at first game I was in love with this champion. I was waiting that someone would do an awesome guide for my new champ. But while I was playing and tryin different builds I founded my own perferct build and then I decided to share it and make my own guide for Diana. And here we are now.

In this guide I'm about to tell you basics from Diana. What masteries and runes you should take for Diana and what items to buy. Here is also little bit information about jungling with Diana. I've tried to explain everything clear and simple so even starters could get it.

I Hope you enjoy reading my guide and please vote up if you liked it. Comments are welcome too, of course. Please don't downvote if you just don't like my build.


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Pros & Cons




+Easy to jungle with Pale Cascade
+Powerful ranged and melee dps
+Powerful ult with short cooldown with and without refreshing
+Good ganker
SPACE SPACE -Very mana hungry at early game
-Getting your ult to refresh takes a little time to practice.
-No good escape ability
-Not cc friendly
-Team fights dont allow you to be ranged

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Summoner's Wrath is chosen because it gives you extra ability power when your Ignite is on cooldown. If you don't use Ignite, save this 1 mastery point for Fury .

Sorcery this mastery gots all 4/4 because it makes your abilities short cooldowns even shorter and that helps you much in tight situations. Your ultimate is available almost all the time.

Blast gots all 4/4 points. Ability power is what you need and this mastery increases ability power per level.

Havoc 2/3 For this talent to save points for later, but this is chosen because it lets you deal more damage.

Arcane Knowledge gives you magic penetration and that will give your abilities more effience for example when fighting against enemies building magic resist items.

Mental Force gives ability power and more ability power is more damage with this champ.

Spellsword This mastery MUST HAVE 1/1. For Diana this mastery is the most greatest. Always need to think what to do if you don't have any abilities to use but... with this even your basic attack deals damage based on your ability power.

Archmage increases your ability power by percents. So whenever you buy an ability power item you practically get even more ablity power if you have all 4 points in this. Example If you have 100 ability power and you buy item with 50 ability power and that 50 is increased by 5% (If 4/4) so its 100+51.05 = 151.05 (50x0.5% = 50x1.05 = 51.05).

Executioner is chosen because of extra damage for enemies below 50% Health. This mastery helps you getting low health enemies down faster or when your chasing and your target is on low health you can be more sure to assume kill with your ultimate.


Durability Health per level gives you more survivability. +108 at level 18.

Hardiness This also gives you protection, protection against AD champions and as you know Diana is very squishy and needs some defense especially if focused.

Resistance Gots only 1/3 If you want to save point for Veteran's Scars . Magic resist gives you more durability against AP champions.

Veteran's Scars offers you extra health which practically gives you more time in fights. More health more durability.

Jungling masteries:

Jungling masteries are pretty much same than in normal use exept u dont have Summoner's Wrath but instead of that u should pick up Summoner's Resolve for extra gold from smite when you use it to kill monsters. You can choose both but that means you might need to drop something important. In jungling, one point in Butcher could help you.


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Greater Mark of Magic Penetration

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Ability Power

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power


Greater Mark of Magic Penetration Magic penetration is good when fighting against teams who are building magic resist items. But it doesn't mean that it's useless when enemies not building magic resist. It gives your abilities more effience and lets you deal more damage. These runes I really recommend.

Greater Mark of Attack Speed More attack speed is useful in situations you just have to auto-attack targets. (Abilities on cooldown or no mana(this problem shouldn't exist in later games)) Then you find out the importance of attack speed... more attack speed means that your passive Moonsilver Blade hits more often and you have chance to deal huge amount of damage without your other abilities.


Greater Seal of Armor Diana is very squishy and needs some defense. Glyphs are great possibility to add something you need and then you don't necessarily need to pick items with that stat. So extra armor lets you pick your starting items without worrying too much your defensive side. Your passive forces you to be melee so you are more able to get hitted.

Greater Seal of Mana Regeneration Diana is very manahungry espicially at early game. BUT mana shouldn't be problem if you chance to get blue buff often or just handling your abilities right. Try not to waste mana on minions. (Except you're jungler) So these runes are good if you have really bad problems with mana. I still recommend armor runes before these.


Greater Glyph of Ability Power This glyph increases your total ability power. So you have the same basic amount of ability power in start of every game without picking ability power items. Ability power is what you definetly should choose from glyphs.

Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power This glyph increases your ability power per level and it actually gives you more ability power at level 18 than Greater Glyph of Ability Power.

Cant choose between these glyphs Greater Glyph of Ability Power & Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power?
So why I picked up Greater Glyph of Ability Power instead of Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power. It sometimes depends how your gonna play... but here is my reason. Greater Glyph of Ability Power] gives you higher amount of ability power at start so it makes you a bit stronger. Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power Gives you more ap at level 18 but at start you don't even see the difference.

So at start you can't choose items with huge amount of ap but later you have better items and +1 or +2 ability power isn't very big deal anymore. I recommend to use Greater Glyph of Ability Power instead of Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power cuz these helps you to be more effience at start. And later it just depends on your items.


Greater Quintessence of Ability Power More ability power to your abilities.

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Summoner Spells

Main Summoner Spells:


Diana doesn't have any escape ability so I really recommend that you pick Flash. You should ALWAYS pick this one it's huge help for escaping.


If you have Summoner's Wrath you will have ability power incresed by 5 when yor Ignite is on cooldown. If your target runs away from you and you cant get him then Ignite is your last chance to last hit.

Viable Summoner Spells:


Diana doesn't have any stun only Moonfall which pulls enemies to you and slows them for 2 seconds and thats not much and enemies have still chance to escape. So if your target is clearly faster runner than you are is good that you have some opinions to slow targets movement speed. Thats why exhaust is good choice. (Note: If you have Rylai's Crystal Scepter you might not have need for this spell)

This also reduces targets attack speed by 50% and damage dealt by 30% for 2.5 seconds. Not bad when soloing.


If you're new Diana... Picking Heal is not a bad option. And if u have that one point on masteries Summoner's Resolve picking Heal increases your health by 5 per level.


Not a bad choice. This gives you 95 + 20 per level absorb for 2 seconds. This can save your life. Still remember that Diana already have absorbing shild Pale Cascade and if you know how to use it. It can be a lifesavior too.


This summoner spell increases your movement speed by 27% for 10 seconds, so it's good when you need to get on the other side of the map or just escape from fight. You're still not uncatchable.


When you're playing mid lane. Teleport is the fastest way to get back in lane. You shouln't need to pick this for other lanes or jungle.


If Your jungling and you have one point on Summoner's Resolve then you should definetly pick this up.

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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Ability Explanation


Moonsilver Blade (PASSIVE) Diana cleaves with every third attack and gets additional attack speed depending on Diana's level.

Crescent Strike (Q) This is your primary ability to deal damage and use it for harrasment. And it afflictes moonlight on your target which lets you charge with Lunar Rush without cooldown. It's takes a while to parctice how/when to land Crescent strike.

Pale Cascade (W) Creates an absorbing shield over Diana and conjures 3 orbs to be detonating nearby enemies. If all 3 orb detonates the shield is refreshed.

Moonfall (E) Pulls nearby nearby enemies to you and slows them for while. This ability is not a way to use for escaping.

Lunar Rush (R) Diana Charges to an enemy and deals huge damage. If target is afflicted by moonlight your ultimates cooldown is refreshed.


Moonsilver (passive)

Crescent Strike

Pale Cascade


Lunar Rush

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My Main Build:

This isn't the cheapest build and it may require you to get some feed. So I don't recommend these for starters. And remember that Doran's Ring is great item with great starting stats.

Here's the reasons why i picked up my main build's items:

Rabadon's Deathcap Gives you +120 ability power and increases ability power you already have by 30%, so this item will make Diana to deal huge damage. You must pick up this item and i'll promise you won't regret.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter Gives you +80 ability power which increases your damage and +500 health which gives you survivability. This item also slows your target and makes it easier to kill.

Lich Bane This itme gives you +80 ability power and 30 magic resistance which is good when fighting against AP champions. 7 Movement speed multiplier and that allows you to run faster. This items bonus is that after using one of your abilities your next physical attack will deal an additional 100% of your ability power in damage so WHY NOT?

Abyssal Mask This item gives you +70 ability power and +57 magic resistance. This is good defensive item which still gives you ability power... So protection for teams with many AP champions and ability power to deal more damage. This items aura also reduces enemy teams magic resist so it helps YOU and your teams AP champions.

Guardian Angel Especially when you're maybe little bit fed and almost everytime focused first... This item grants you enough armor and magic resistance to remain in fight little bit longer. Passive saves you from death andlets you show you're skills once more.


Viable Items:

Liandry's Torment This item gives you +70 ability power, 200 health and +15% magic penetration. So this item can replace Void Staff easily whit little bit less mpr but with nice passive. You shoulnd't build this item too early beacause its damage is based on targets current health and at early game only few builds health. If you're sceptical about this item working with Diana. Think about this.. it burns enemies for 3 seconds and damage is doubled when their movement is impaired and Moonfall can handle you this double effect.

Rod of Ages Diana is very mana hungry at early game so if you have issues at the start with your mana I certainly recommend this item. It's is build up by Catalyst the Protector which is awesome item too. You can keep this and sell it later or built it to Rod of Ages, (Note: You have no use for this items passive when you're level 18)

Void Staff Gives you +70 ability power and +40% magic penetration. this item helps you if enemy team is building magic resist and if you don't already have Sorcerer's Shoes because it gives you 40% magic penetration so you can get more effectiveness to your abilities.


Defensive Items:

Frozen Heart This item is very good defensive choice for squishy mana hungry Diana. Because it gives you 99 armor which helps you against AD champions and 500 extra mana to use your abilities without worrying your mana. This items passive is also great it helps you a lot in temfights giving you 20% cooldown reduction and reducing nearby enemies attack speed.

Zhonya's Hourglass Amazing +100 ability power and 50 armor. This avesome item gives you what you need for surviving against AD champions. Hit them hard and ignore their damage.

Guardian Angel Especially when you're maybe little bit fed and almost everytime focused first... This item grants you enough armor and magic resistance to remain in fight little bit longer. Passive saves you from death andlets you show you're skills once more.



Mercury's Treads If enemy team has lot of CC and heavy AP Champions. Picking up these isn't a bad choice.

Sorcerer's Shoes Gives you magic penetration which makes your abilities more effience. I recommend these.

Jungling starting items:

If you're a jungler it doesn't mean your build needs to be different than usually. Only the starting items are different.

I recommend to take Hunter's Machete and 5x Health Potion because Hunter's Machete gives you more damage against monsters and minions. 5x Health Potion to get you health up while minions are attacking you. Also you shouldn't go for ganking with low health.

I have tried to start with only taking Boots of Speed and 3x Health Potion. Boots gives you more potential to catch your target when ganking but they gives you no armor against minions and monsters. AND bying boots first don't let you buy so many health potions. So you might need to recall more often.

Doran's Ring is good item when laning but i don't really recommend to take it when jungling. Only good thing what i find out was that i'm able to give my blue buff for someone else more often and you still have mana for ganks. But no survivability in jungle.


Hunter's Machete Can be upgraded to Spirit of the Spectral Wraith If you're gonna keep jungling with Diana. But in late game I could say there is better items than this...

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Playing as Diana (Lane/Jungle)

Playing as Diana

When you're laning with Diana you should keep yourself at safe area. Diana is very squishy and you don't want to give enemies first blood. Stay behind your minions and try to farm hard for better items. Remember to harras enemies with Crescent Strike and keep them away from your farm. But if you feel unsure for your safety you can use Crescent Strike to check bushes for ganking enemies. Still remember that Diana is very mana hungry and spamming Crescent Strike for nothing takes all your mana.

Playing safe until you reach level 6 is your goal. After you get Lunar Rush you will melt attacking enemies. But if you want to make it right always remember 2 things about fights. To get your Lunar Rush to refresh you first need to land Crescent Strike on your target then you can double ult. And second thing is that always put Pale Cascade when arriving fights especially when they're focusing you. Use Moonfall only when enemies are trying to run away with low health. Pulling enemies with full health is making you an easy target. You pull them to you and now they're eating you.

Main Combo

With this combo you get enemies easily killed at 1v1. Especially if your little bit fed.


When arriving in teamfights. Try to land your Crescent Strike so that it hits as many enemies as possible. And if your fast you can ult everyone afflicted by moonlight and your Lunar Rush will still not trigger a cooldown if not used twice on same target. If you want to make sure to kill all enemies wait for second Crescent Strike and then ult your targets again. Everyones taking damage and you can be sure that you have done everything. If enemies tries to escape you can pull them to you with Moonfall It slows them down and your team should get them down. In teamfights it's important to pull enemies near your team in early fight so your team can cleave or aoe them down. If you know you can't use Moonfall twice in same fight... Try to choose wisely when to use it.
Keep Pale Cascade on when your near enemies or when they're attacking you and then you don't want to die.

Teamfight combo

In long teamfights or in fights where enemies are well armored with this combo you should be fine. In short fights your main combo is the best option.


  • When escaping learn how to use Flash getting to another side of the walls or even chancing your way that confuses enemies. But if Flash is on cooldown you still have Lunar Rush to charge nearby enemy minions.
  • Moonfall isn't escaping ability. It only pulls enemies to you and gives them chance to hit you. Yes it slows them but not enough.
  • Ask for jungler to help you get blue buff Crest of the Ancient Golem at start or if there is no jungler in your team ask your lane mate to help you.
  • If enemy is moving away land your Crescent Strike right on your targets front don't ever land it on your target because it will hit the ground only. How simple it feels when i say it but trust me... This takes a while when practising.
  • Diana is very mana hungry and using Crescent Strike on minions that you could reach with melee attack is totally wasting your mana and will cause you to go for base restore your mana.


Jungling with Diana

Jungling Order

1.Ask your teamates to help you with 1. Ancient Golem and get Crest of the Ancient Golem . Atleast they should help you with pulling.

2.Then you can take 2. Wolves alone.

3.Now you should go check 3. For potential ganks.

4.After checking or without checking (If there wasn't good chances to gank) you can take 4. Wraiths

5.Fifth place you need to go is 5. Golems

6.Then you kill Lizard Elder to get Blessing of the Lizard Elder and go check for possible ganks.

Just keep going this route in spawning order and remember to help your teammates with blue and red buff if they need them or you already have those.

Spawning Order












  • When jungling ALWAYS remember to follow your map! It's easy to be blind and just focus jungling, but really try to be there where teammates need you. You have the keys of success.
  • Pale Cascade MUST BE your first skill if you're jungler!
  • If your about to gank a lot picking Moonfall earlier will make it easier :)

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Hall of Fame

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why use flat ap runes insted of scaling ones?

~Ability power is really needed in early game and scaling ones gives you only little ap per level and flat ones gives you more effience at start. Because in later game your items are more valuable than what runes have you chosen flat ap or scaling ap runes.

Why no extra attack speed for Diana from runes and items?

~Attack speed only makes your autoattack and passive hit more often and yes it makes last-hitting easier but with just pure ability power your abilities can earn you kill and your abilities are not realint on attack speed.

Why to build Rabadon's Deathcap so early?

~Well this item might need you to be little bit fed but after getting this item... it lets you PWN!
But i don't recommend starters to try to build it too early. It's expensive and getting kills need skills... but it's still important item to get in early or middle game. And it always depends your playstyle/luck when you're able to build it. Rabadon's Deathcap makes Diana very powerful. So it must be build at some point.

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08.04.2013 - Updated items and items section.
27.03.2013 - Added new photos
28.02.2013 - Edited Jungle Section.
19.01.2013 - Added new photo in Playing as Diana section.
08.12.2012 - Added more information about jungling.
07.12.2012 - Added new items to Main build and edited items section.
06.12.2012 - Updated summoner spells section for season 3 and edited items section.
06.12.2012 - Updated Mastery & Rune sections for season 3.
05.12.2012 - Started to update guide for season 3.
29.10.2012 - Edited photos in Hall of Fame section.
27.10.2012 - Removed Greater Quintessence of Attack Speed from runes section.
26.10.2012 - Added new picture Hall of Fame section.
25.10.2012 - Added Greater Seal of Mana Regeneration to runes section and new image to mastery section.
22.10.2012 - Added information about jungling starting items.
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12.10.2012 - Added Frequently Asked Questions section to guide.
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16.09.2012 - Added reason to pick up Greater Glyph of Ability Power instead of Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power.
15.09.2012 - Changed Greater Mark of Attack Speed to Greater Mark of Magic Penetration.
11.09.2012 - Edited masteries and added new information.
10.09.2012 - Changed my main build.
30.08.2012 - Added new item to my main build.
30.08.2012 - Added new image to Introduction and new templates.
29.08.2012 - Published Diana guide.

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Special thanks

Thanks JhoiJhoi for her guide making a guide and line dividers/separators. Without her my guide wouldn't be here. Her epic guide can be found Here!

And thanks for everyone reading my guide and special thank for those who left comment behind and helped me to improve mu guide. Thank you.

Images are all made or edited by nanoyam.