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Diana Build Guide by zeuz38

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League of Legends Build Guide Author zeuz38

Diana Mid the moon says the true

zeuz38 Last updated on March 5, 2013
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Hi this is my guide about Diana the scorn of the moon.
Before i start, need to say if i have bad grammatical its because the english it's not my first language. so i really apreciate if u can comment and help me to improve this guide.

Well diana is a formidable AP mid and believe me she can carry a game if u play smart.
I will show you how to play her and explain my own build

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Pros / Cons


Burst Damage
Its Really cool assasin
Very funny to play
Its not really hard to master
a lot survivability


Mana hungry
she dont have direct form to escape
all enemy team gonna focus you if you are doing well
Before lvl 6 its really hard to get a kill

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Greater Glyph of Warding this rune its perfect in mid because she dont have range to attack and almost all the time you are vs other AP champion


Greater Mark of Alacrity With this rune your passive lets gonna hurt people


Greater Quintessence of Potency with this extra you can have a decendt CS because your passive Moonsilver Blade make AOE damage


Greater Seal of Force and with this when u become lvl 6 u have extra AP to make a lot damage

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I use this masteries because guarantees to me a good Damage and survivability vs others Ap Carry.

You are free to make all the changes that you need it at last you are who gonna play with her

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Team Work

Well the most important thing in the game the "Team Work" and "Team Fight" Remember you are not a TANK and you cant kill all the other team by your own damage you need the team.

Your first target its the carry but dont run in the middle of the battle to chase the carry. Wait for the best moment to jump in the fight because your burst damage make you the first target for the CC and the other team gonna protec really good their carry.

Remeber all the time you have to comunicate with your teammate if you go to gank other lane or with you jungler because you are NOT a TANK DPS ASSASSIN BRUISER APC ADC SUPPORT so you cant kill all the time doing tower diving ;) tust me that i love Diana

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Important thing you have to remember you are not a AP ranged so you have to care at the moment when you gonna farm.

you can use your Q to farm but you have mana and its not infinite.

Try to make last hit close to the other champion because whit your passive after a few hits he come back to their tower and try to hit with your Q the minions and the champion at the same time if he play far away the minions don't waste all your mana in hitting him with your Q better use for farm

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Hard Line

Malzahar a good farmer great damage and the most danger thing he have 2 CC Call of the void and Nether Grasp so if you have troubles with him you can ask for help or build Banshees veil or some MR

Atention with Swain because he is a tricky opponent with Ravenous Flock and Nevermove he can kill you easy with all his combo try to avoid Nevermove[/url] and you can reduce his curation with Morellonomicon

its the same situation vs ViktorXerathVeigar for mention a fews you can save yourself if you pay atention when they have his ult or CC on CD.

If you are against a champion with channeling skills like Fiddle you can cut his skill with Moonfall

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Againts CC AP

With this star you can avoid the CC and have more reliable.

this build make you like a good Mage but you cant face really well with basic attack dont worry with this damage you can kill easy your main target and you can resist a good damage

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Thanks for read the guide please if you have a question or a tip you can write me to improve this guide

i probe this build in ranked game 3vs3 and solo duo with a good results