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Diana Build Guide by jayjaynator

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League of Legends Build Guide Author jayjaynator

Diana : My point of view (under construction)

jayjaynator Last updated on February 9, 2014
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Exemple build

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Login song/Lore/Quotes/Champion Sneak Peek

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Pros / Cons


  • Have strong base and scaling defensive stats because of her Fighter/Melee orientation.
  • Skills sets allow to fill many role (mage/bruiser/assassin).
  • Moonfall allows to strongly disrupt in key moment.
  • Pale Cascade and Lunar Rush allows frequent strong trade.
  • Crescent Strike is strong for harassment and clearing.

  • Can get denied her farm because of her melee range.
  • Skills can be dodged.
  • Susceptible to hard crowd control.
  • Can be out sustained.
  • Can have problem against harass champion.

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Magic penetration and flat defensive runes. Why?

Well, good base defences is the best way for Diana to have an easy lane. Having more ability power with glyph and quint may help to kill target earlier, but as soon you get lvl 8 the magic penetration rune will do more damage. Strong defensive early-mid game (you have no [Lunar Rush] DUUUUU) and strong offensive mid-late game.

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Moonsilver Blade

Crescent Strike

  • If you watch the progression of this ability, you will found than the mana cost doesn't change. This is a big bonus allowing you to harass a whole lot more. Abuse of that harass.
  • An other thing you will notice about this ability is than it is an AOE skill shot. The advantage of this is that you can use it's AOE component to both harass and clear waves easier and at the same time if well aimed.
  • What else to say, maybe than it's travel is kind of unorthodox? Well you can use this to your advantage. Always try to have the right side open to freely hit with this ability. If you are stick on a wall and half the AOE goes in the wall, you're decreasing your chance to possibly hit.
  • If well timed, you can hit someone under their turret pretty easily with this spell without even be touch by the tower because you will be out of range when it will hit. Sometimes this allow me to harass my target until he is low enough to burst him much more easily or make him leave (giving you an creep/level domination).

Pale Cascade

Lunar Rush

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No Lich Bane or Nashor's Tooth?!?!
I want to make my idea the most clear than possible, so let's do math! Let's compare four similar items build which just one item change and I will explain around those informations why I consider Nashor's Tooth and Lich Bane are not being items designed for Diana.

Deathfire Grasp Diana
645 AP 15% cool down 20% damage bonus on target for 4 seconds
The first build combo damage would be of
And the shield would be of
And the Q would be of

Nashor's Tooth Diana
573 AP 25% cool down 20% of AP on every auto attack 1.244 attack speed

Lich Bane Diana
593 AP 5% cool down 0.75% of AP with spell blade effect
The third build combo damage would be of
The shield would be of
And the Q would be of

Void Staff Diana
580 AP 5% cool down 39% magic penetration instead of 6%

Deathfire Grasp vs Lich Bane
As you can see, there is not so much a big difference of shield power with those two items build (Deathfire Grasp build is 5.6% stronger here).
The difference of her Q power is not that much bigger too (Deathfire Grasp build is 6% stronger here).
Now, her full combo damage is an other story. The Lich Bane clearly win the math damage (Lich Bane build is 14.6% stronger). But here is the problem, you must use the spell blade effect. I know, she can easily get to her target to proc the Lich Bane effect. But be forced to stand near your melee range to PRECISELY AIM THIS TARGET WITH THE AUTO ATTACK, huuuuuuu. I like rather poke with my Q until my target is low enough to be bursted with one full combo. An other problem, Diana can't applies her spell blade effect with safe engaging! Fizz can do it (he jump in, he jump out), Twisted Fate can do it (he got RANGE) and Akali can do it (can't be hited in a smoke screen). If you wanted a spell blade focus champion, there is better champ for it.