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Ezreal General Guide by LaidToRest

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author LaidToRest

Dominating Dominion: The EZ way.

LaidToRest Last updated on December 7, 2012
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AD - AD Utility - AP

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Not Updated For Current Season

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Ezreal is by far my favorite champion to play in Dominion. He has a great burst rotation, built in flash, sustained AD Damage, and the most amazing thing any dominion player could have, a Global Ultimate. This is purely a dominion guide, my runes and masteries would be a terrible choice in Summoner's Rift because you would be starved for mana.

Build #1

Standard AD Carry Build

Build #2

Utility Build

Build #3

AP Ezreal Build (See AP Section for details)

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If you haven't tried smart casting yet now is the time to do it. I used to be against it but I gave it a second chance and now I realize how much of an advantage it gives you ESPECIALLY on Ezreal. It allows you to get off your full rotation including your ultimate in about half the time. If you are new to Ezreal then play him with out smart casting first in order to get a feel for his range on Mystic Shot and Essence Flux as well as their travel times. I promise once you get used to smart casting you wont go back.

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Pros / Cons


-Great burst and sustained damage output.
-Built in flash (Positioning, escaping over walls, gap closing, chasing)
- Mystic Shot has a very long range
-Often underestimated and overlooked by enemy players


-No CC
-Almost all skill shots
-Requires positioning to shoot around minions

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Greater Mark of Attack Damage for more damage in the beginning

greater seal of vitality for the survivability

Greater Glyph of Scaling Cooldown Reduction because I focus this build on bursting and running not auto attacking.

**If You decide to build The Brutalizer then use Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction which will leave you at 39.85% and 40% is the cap. With Greater Glyph of Scaling Cooldown Reduction you end up at 42.1% which is a waste.
**I may be switching both my builds to Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction because its takes until level 13 for the Greater Glyph of Scaling Cooldown Reduction to catch up and at level 18 it is only 2.25% more. So either cool down reduction glyph is effective.

Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed because movement speed is always important in Dominion but even more so for Ezreal with his low default move speed

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Pretty basic offensive AD build with a few tweaks. Instead of putting points into critical strike chance I put them into Sorcery for the added cool down reduction. Ezreal shines when he is able to burst and kite and the more Mystic Shots the better. Since I place all four points in cool down reduction in then it only mnakes sense to spend one more point in Archaic Knowledge for the added 10% spell penetration. Even though Ezreal is played as an AD most of the time three of his four spells deal magic damage only Mystic Shot is physical. Also in the Utility tree I put my points into Good Hands and Swiftness which is important in dominion. Normally in Summoner's rift mana regeneration would be far more important but it isn't in dominion. People usually don't live long enough to have mana problems and if they do then it's probably time to go back and spend your gold anyway.

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Prospector's Blade Gives you the most for your money for that important fight for top at the beginning. Attack damage, Life steal, and Health is just too much to pass up. If you could stack these I would.

Boots of Speed Get to top faster along with all other benefits move speed gives you.


Ionian Boots of Lucidity Buy these on your first recall. Once again cool down reduction is better for Ezreal with this build than attack speed.

Trinity Force Most important item for Ezreal and an over powered item in general for a lot of champions. Most importantly start with Sheen because its the largest boost to your damage output especially your burst. I like to go Zeal next for the move speed but Phage is just as good of a choice.

Sanguine Blade Now it's time to build up your AD and you need life steal.
Don't buy [infinity edge] because its expensive and you don't need the critical strike chance.

Late Game:

Last Whisper most games will end before this point but if not its likely you need armor penetration and this drastically increases your damage.

The Black Cleaver if you are extremely rich or its a long game then this is your best choice for your last item. More damage, attack speed, and added benefit of armor penetration for those pesky tanky bastards.


The Brutalizer I used to buy this after Sheen and before I finished Trinity Force but I felt finishing TriForce faster was more important. Still a great choice though if you prefer maximizing your cool down reduction early.

Youmuu's Ghostblade If you go The Brutalizer route then I would grab a Vampiric Scepter then finish The Brutalizer into a ghostblade. Its only 600 more gold and a nice upgrade. The reason I don't is because it adds critical strike chance which you don't need and its active requires you to stand and auto attack for its full effect. It is nice for chasing though with its move speed increase.

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Skill Sequence

Rising Spell Force
Ezreal's passive is nice and you dont need to worry about monitoring it. It will naturally stack up quickly especially in team fights.

Mystic Shot - Max this first
Ezreal's Q is his bread and butter. Very long range, short CD and high damage. You have to spam it as much as u can in fights this is where most of your damage comes from. This ability is also why Sheen is so important on Ezreal. The act of casting Mystic Shot procs Sheen and when it lands on the enemy it applies Sheens effect as well as its innate damage. Another added benefit is each time you hit an enemy with it it reduces all your cool downs by one second. It's possible to make your ultimate a 30 second cool down with max cool down reduction and spamming Mystic Shot. Smart casting makes using your Mystic Shot much easier and faster.

Essence Flux - Max this last
Ezreal's W is nice for quickly stacking your passive (one stack for each friendly champ it buffs and each enemy it damages) and adding damage to your burst rotation. I also use it for interupting groups of enemies who are capping because it hits all it passes through. Its debuff on enemies is nice especially against attack speed champions ( Master Yi, Tryndamere etc.) Use it when ever its off CD. Its low dmg and relatively high mana cost make it seem unimportant but it does make a big difference.

Arcane Shift - Max this second
Built in flash! Flash is the most versatile and important summoner's spell. Having one built in is just OP not to mention it does damage. You max this second so you can reduce the cool down and use it more often. I still take flash as a summoner's spell because if one flash is OP. Two flashes is beyond OP. People don't expect you to be able to flash twice. My favorite use for Arcane Shift is to hide in the bushes above the top capture point. When some fools come to capture it you can Arcane Shift over the wall and burst your rotation before they know whats happening. If there are several enemies I'll throw a Trueshot Barrage out before I Arcane Shift over the wall. I get tons of solo double kills and a few solo triple kills with this strategy. Also you want to use your Arcane Shift to position yourself for line of sight so minions don't absorb your Mystic Shot. Arcane Shift is also effective if you blink sideways on enemies or behind them. It tends to confuse them and you can dodge their skills shots.

Trueshot Barrage - Grab whenever it's available
OP! plain and simple. Deals high damage, damages all enemies it passes through, low cooldown, and infinite range. Once you get used to its travel time and aim it better you will be able to pick off runners at will. Not to mention stop caps and destroy grouped up enemies. Do not be afraid to use it its cooldown is usually up when you need it again. Be careful casting Trueshot Barrage when and enemy is on top of you. With it's one second cast time the enemy can see it coming and step behind you to dodge it. Its also a good idea to use it at the start of a fight because it instantly maximizes your Rising Spell Force stacks. This is especially effective against skillful enemies who can dodge it when running away.

-When I'm bursting an enemy I'm sure I can kill I use E-Q-W then just keep mashing Q on their face while you wait for other cd's (it helps to know the range of your E as well so u can aim your Q and shoot it right after E)
-Tanks and bruisers you want to poke with Q and W and kite with E. Don't stand and auto attack.

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AP Build

AP Ezreal is fun to play and has crazy burst potential. All his abilities save Q scale very well with AP especially his Ultimate which will be doing 1,000+ damage after Lich Bane. What makes Ezreal not a great choice for an AP carry is lack of any sort of cc. You will be most effective fighting in groups where your team mates can CC the enemy while u blow their **** up. Your W will be your main source of damage along with E and Lich Bane procs so make sure you are always auto attacking after you cast. Another great thing is your W will be buffing team mates, debuffing enemies, and damaging all enemies it passes through and it does the same amount of damage to each. Only bummer is W doesn't damage minions.

If you feel CDR is more important than stacking AP then build your Deathfire Grasp first then Lich Bane. I would stay away from Morello's Evil Tome it's not worth the gold and very lackluster at best. You get much the same stats with deathfire plus its awesome active which adds more craziness to your burst rotation.

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Summoner Spells

I use Flash and Ghost in all my builds for several reasons. First of all I take flash on every champ I play in every role its just too good and versatile to go with out. Second Ghost is important on Dominion when you need to race to stop a cap and any number of situations where haste is important. Third they help when kiting in situations where you are at a disadvantage which happens at times with Ezreal because of his lack of CC.


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