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Teemo Build Guide by Scyp3r96

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Scyp3r96

[Dominion] AP Teemo - the toxic Executioner

Scyp3r96 Last updated on December 10, 2012
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If You get fed

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hey guys,

this is my guide for Dominion Teemo. He is my favourite champion in Dominion next to LeBlanc, because he is extremely mobile through his Move Quick-Passive and can shut down any AD with his Blinding Dart and kite him to death with his Noxious Trap.

He can be played bot lane against everyone or rush top for a fast capture.

Note: This is not a good build if you're trying to play Teemo as a Capturer! It's is for Teemo playing more the aggressive-defending role by killing enemys quickly or just bursting them down enough that they have to recall or harassing them down under their turret through your Blinding Dart!

I hope that everyone who tries out this guide will take Teemo in his heart just as I did.

Guide by Scyp3r (or BBC Scyp3r)

PS: Please don't be so hard on me for my bad English and help me by giving me constructive feedback :)

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Pros / Cons


*Huge Counter against any AD
*Extremely mobile through his Move Quick-Passive & Active
*Nice kiting through his Noxious Traps
*Free wards through his Noxious Trap
*Can be played bot or top - just as your team wants to
*Free Ignite through his Toxic Shot


*U will play against my gap-closers in Dominion, so u have to play very cautious
*Only escape moves: Move Quick and Noxious Trap
*If you get slowed and attacked by more then one enemy, the only thing u can do is try to kill one of them
*Not very healthy

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Summoner Spells

I take Ignite and Exhaust for maximum damage output and 1v1 durability because u will have many 1v1 fights under your/their turret and both Summoner Spells will help u the most!

If you are someone who can't position yourself well I would suggest to take Flash or Ghost over Exhaust but u will have hard times to 1v1
+ in my opinion it's better (if you are low and getting chased) that u Exhaust your chaser and activate your Move Quick and drop a Noxious Trap and try to kite him more than Flashing away and let him turn around and capturing your turret!

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Through the Preseason 3 Patch there were a lot of changes as well for the masteries!

The good thing is that we now have a great mastery for Teemo: Spellsword .
It's like Akali's passive, the more AP you'll stack, the more damage your autoattacks will deal to an enemy!

I don't want to give you any advices by now because I need to test it myself a lot more, but in 4 days or so I can give you some alternatives ways on how to set your masteries well for Dominion Teemo.

The masteries I set now are just me trying to hold it as much as possible to the old masteries!

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So first of all what is the purpose of Runes?
Their purpose is to help you through your early game and to underline your build and masteries!

That in mind I choose the following runes from which you will benefit the most:

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Items - Normal Build

Early Game

As your first items you pick Boots of Speed and a Prospector's Ring which will give u the most power you possibly can get from an early item! 2x Health Potion will allow you to survive small damage-exchanges at bot or help u stay alive at top!
(Another start is a Kage's Lucky Pick but u will die very often and u won't have enough mana to harass your enemy long enough!)

So after your first fight (which u hopefully have won) u can go back and buy a Kage's Lucky Pick which will give u a good damage boost and a nice gold boost, too :)

Your next recall should be when u have enough gold for your Sorcerer's Shoes and nearly your Haunting Guise. Both will increase your damage-output extremely through their Magic Penetration which will lead a normal Carry to have nearly 0 MR against you!

After that try to quickly as possible upgrade your Kage's Lucky Pick & Haunting Guise to a Blackfire Torch! I think this is by far the best item you can pick early on as an AP Carry because it synergies with your Toxic Shot through its passive, gives your Blinding Dart a huge damage-spike and your Noxious Traps will burn like hell trough Carrys!

Then wait till u have enough money to buy a Giant's Belt. This will guarantee u to stay alive now through any hard fights or 1v1-kiting against champions like Jax or Master Yi.

Your Core Items should be finished before you hit lvl.12.

Core Items:
Sorcerer's Shoes, Blackfire Torch, Giant's Belt and not to forget your Prospector's Ring

Mid Game

Now that u finished your Core items u will have enough power to kill an enemy AD Carry if they run on one of your Noxious Traps when u are near to it.

To increase your kiting-power and let u get more shots on enemys down your next item will be a Rylai's Crystal Scepter. It will allow you to slow them with your Blinding Dart and get far more shots down on them before they can decide if they fight u or try to escape! Another good thing is that your Noxious Trap will slow them by up to 65%! Not to forget it combines +500 Health and +80 AP and on top of that the slow!

End Game

Next on your list is a Recurve Bow right into a Wit's End which will let your damage explode against any enemy who is silly enough to get in your way now! Your Toxic Shot direct-damage will let u hit an enemy like u are criting him with an Infinity Edge! On top of that u get at full stack +50 MR!

At this point they will all HAVE TO build MR against you, so your next item is a Malady which will lower their MR at full stack by 24 which is a Null-Magic Mantle!

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Items - If you get fed

Early Game

As your first items you pick Boots of Speed and a Prospector's Ring which will give u the most power you possibly can get from an early item! 2x Health Potion will allow you to survive small damage-exchanges at bot or help u stay alive at top!

So after you dominated top (or bot) u go back to buy a Needlessly Large Rod which will let your Blinding Dart hit even in your early levels the enemy like a truck.

Then u have two different ways what you build:

1. Aggressive

Deathfire Grasp. His huge opening burst combined with the 120% Magic Damge you'll deal to him the 4 seconds afterwards, will let you kill even tanks quickly.
Sorcerer's Shoes.
Void Staff. With your masteries will that be: first anyone's MR to 52% then -15 through your Sorcerer's Shoes which will let anyone, even with flat MR runes, be around 0 MR!
Rylai's Crystal Scepter. Gives u some nice health but it's slow will let you chase down anyone!
After this u should take a look at the Situational Items in the section above u, I normally rush then some AS.

2. Defensive
Wooglet's Witchcap. +100AP, +50Armor, 25% more AP and 2,5sec invincibility against heavy focus on u, what have I more to say?!
Sorcerer's Shoes. Magic Penetration
Rylai's Crystal Scepter. Gives u some nice health but it's slow will let you chase down anyone!
Wit's End. Increases your AS, as well as your MR + your direct hits will crush enemys!
Abyssal Mask. Everyone on your team is granting from the lower MR of the enemys and u get even more MR and AP on top of that!

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Situational Items

AP - Offensive:

* Void Staff. It will let you hit nearly any enemy like they have 0 MR against u!

* Wooglet's Witchcap. It's a great counter against heavy focus on u in a teamfight when u can get it off before u are getting stunned or just want to avoid Karthus/ Xerath/ Katarina/or any other AoE! The only thing I hate about it is that during your invincibility you are freezed at your place which is horrible if u are in a 1v2 or 1v3, but 1v1 (when u know that u can't win it) you can just get invincible and then Move Quick away where the MS bonus from it comes to help u.

* Deathfire Grasp. His huge opening burst combined with the 120% Magic Damge you'll deal to him the 4 seconds afterwards, will let you kill even tanks quickly.

AS - Offensive

* Nashor's Tooth. Many say it became worthless but it grants u many good stats as Teemo because your damage-output profits from the AP, the AS, the CDR and the mana-regeneration!

* Kitae's Bloodrazor. A great counter against enemys who just stack health, but it gives u an AD bonus which isn't that bad at all but doesn't fit very well in your AP-build!

* The Lightbringer. A good counter against any champion who can go stealth (like Akali, Rengar, Shaco or Twitch, but if u aren't facing any of these champions it becomes worthless!

* Guinsoo's Rageblade. Great item if u have stacked AS enough to get your stacks up fast! It's a good choice in the end but (I know it myself) u want to hold your stacks as long as possible which will maybe lead u to get one more autoattack off to maintain your stacks and then dying through a gank by 2 enemy champions which u would have outrun if u didn't hit that creep to maintain your stacks!

AD - Defensive

* Thornmail. THE best item against any AD! It will allow you to shred through them as their lifesteal will become 0 through the passive of it! In addition to that you will have 150 Armor which will reduce any AD damage by 60%-65%!

* Sunfire Cape. Grants u health and armor which is very nice, but its passive only affects your farming and non-ranged ADs!

* Randuin's Omen. Great for tanks who initiate and are in the middle of the enemy team to benefit the most from its passive...You are not a tank so U will NEVER be in the middle of the enemy team if u are doing everything right!

* Frozen Heart. It grants u +80 armor, +500 mana, which is always nice, and +20% CDR! On top of that it lowers the enemy AS by 20% which is a lot against ADs!

AP - Defensive

* Odyn's Veil. It's great if you are facing a team which is dealing a lot of AP damage because their incoming damage is reduced by 10% + 40%-50% reduction through your MR! And u can deal 600 damage in an AoE back to your enemys!

* Quicksilver Sash. It's a free cleanse every 90sec + 48MR! That is huge against a team with a lot of CC because u can just "cleanse" their opening stun on u and Move Quick away or u can "cleanse" the slow on u away after a lost fight when u try to back with a slipper of health.

* Athene's Unholy Grail. It offers u anything you need for not recalling any more (except health regeneration) and even gives you +90AP, +40MR and 15%CDR! The only thing bad about it, is its prize which is with nearly 3k gold way too high if you only want the MR!

* Abyssal Mask. This is my preferable choice if I am facing to much incoming AP damage because you won't loose to much damage by buying it and u won't get harassed/bursted down that much any more! One top of that u will lower enemy's MR in your range so everyone on your team benefits from this. Even though many think that its range is to short for Teemo they don't recognize that his attack radius is 525 so the 600U radius around you will cover anyone u are going to attack plus it's great for 1v1 an AP champion bot!

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Placing your Mushrooms

I've seen many Teemos which place mushrooms at places where no one is ever going so I decided to give u a quick Screenshot-Guide on How to place mushrooms.

Please keep in mind that u should not place everywhere mushrooms where I did in this guide! Just try keep the Red spots & Orange spots always with a mushroom.


Red --> Best spot (grant u vision, much travel, defensive against capturing)
Orange --> Helpful spot (grants u vision, some travel)
Yellow --> Considerable spot (grants u vision, ganking path)
Green --> "non-effective" spot (grants u vision, slows down enemys)
Double coloured mushrooms are spots which effectiveness is between the two colours

Right-Middle Forest

Bottom-Middle Forest

Drill / Refinery(reverse)

Bottom-Middle Lane

Middle-Left Forest 1

Middle-Left Forest 2

Middle Relicts 1

Middle Relicts 2

Middle-Right Forest

Quarry / Boneyard(reverse)

Top-Left Forest

Top-Right Forest