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Braum General Guide by TreyDobe

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TreyDobe

Don't Mess with the Stache~ (Twisted Treeline Guide)

TreyDobe Last updated on May 22, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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"Hello, summoners, look at your champion, now back to me, now back at your champion, now back to me. Sadly, he isn’t me, but if he stopped feeding and grew a mustache, he could pretend like he's me. Look down, back up, where are you? You’re at the enemy nexus with the champion your champion could be like. Anything is possible when your champion isn't feeding and has a mustache...I have a shield." ~Braum the Heart of the Freljord

What's up everyone, I'm Treydobe and this is my very first guide here on Mobafire. Not much to say here, just someone who loves to play LoL and have fun. This is a Braum guide suited for Twisted Treeline. With Braum's ability to protect allies while also applying ample amounts of CC and damage makes him a blast to use! I appreciate constructive criticism and feed back as well as any other helpful advice that can make the guide even better, thank you in advance.

Anyhow I hope you enjoy the guide and destroy your enemies with the manliest man you'll ever be~

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Will upload gameplay vids here so you can enjoy some Braum action and get a peek at how I play him.

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Pros / Cons


Has a strong engage/disengage
Extremely durable
Can block many different projectile abilities with Unbreakable
Deals a surprising amount of damage
Deals hybrid damage so it's extremely hard to build against him
Has a stache


Fairly slow
Spells have high cooldowns other than Winter's Bite
Can be poked down
Requires quick reflexes and good aim to protect allies
Can be kited

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Summoner Skills

These are my standard Summoner Skills I use on Twisted Treeline unless team really needs me to use something else.

Heal is quite useful especially after they had recently buffed it earlier in the season, it provides a team heal which can potentially save you or teammates from certain death but it now provides a quick speed boost to catch enemies or escape when being pursued.

Ghost gives a 10 second movespeed boost, easily used to stick to targets or to catch someone who has used Flash. Flash is a very strong escape or engage but it only goes a short distance while Ghost can cover a long distance ensuring you don't let the enemy champion escape. The downside to Ghost is the fact you can't cross walls like Flash can.


A very good alternative to Ghost, your champion teleports towards the cursor. Can be used to surprise attack an enemy or make a hasty get away to either dodge a skill or go over a wall.

A summoner skill used to debuff an enemy causing heals and other sustaining effects to be halfed while also applying a damage over time which does TRUE DAMAGE. Most often used to finish a target off before they can flash away to safety.

A summoner skill that reduces the enemy champion's attack speed, damage and movement speed for 2.5 seconds. Perfect for nullifying burst damage from an assassin or mage while crippling their mobility.

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Braum's passive, basic attacks as well as Winter's Bite apply a stack of concussive blows to the enemy. Once the stack reaches 4 the enemy becomes stunned for a set duration and receives additional magic damage.

Concussive Blows procs regardless of who does the auto attacks so make sure to apply it to as many enemy champions as possible, doing so will give your team a chance to stun all of the opposing champions. Also note, other champion abilities that apply onhit effects such as Ezreal's Mystic Shot will proc the passive as well. One last thing you should know about this ability is that after the 4 stacks goes off, you can't stun the target for a set duration of time, however Braum deals extra magic damage per auto attack until the passive can be reapplied to the enemy champion.

Braum fires a mid range ball of ice forward that deals magic damage and applies a slow that decays on the first enemy hit. It also puts a stack of Concussive Blows on that enemy.

Winter's Bite is Braum's poking ability as well as one to catch fleeing targets and should always be the first skill maxed out for damage and cooldown reduction.

Braum leaps to an ally while positioning himself between the enemy and said ally he leaped to granting the champion as well as himself additional armor and magic resist for a set time.

Stand Behind Me helps buff champions making them more resistant while getting you in the perfect position to use Unbreakable. Make sure to pay close attention to where enemies are as well as your squishy friends so the second you suspect they might fire a potent attack at them you can save the day by blocking the project tile with your shield or that chiseled body of yours~

Braum raises his shield in a certain direction to block enemy projectiles and gains a slight movement speed buff. The first projectile intercepted does zero damage but still applies any crowd control to Braum, any subsequent damage is reduced by a certain amount while the shield is still up and is facing the source of damage.

Unbreakable is what makes Braum a gamechanger, with correct positioning and timing you can take what would be a lethal blow or combo to your ally or team and walk away like it was nothing. It also makes Braum quite the durable duelist, combined with Stand Behind Me.

Braum slams his shield into the ground dealing magic damage to enemies in a straight line as well as enemies close to him. The first enemy hit will be knocked up for 1.5 seconds, for 4 seconds a field of ice stays on the ground slowing enemies as long as they are on the line of ice.

Glacial Fissure is a very powerful engage/disengage when used correcly. It also knocks up enemies who are extremely close to him automatically so if he is in the enemy team this could be used to knock everyone up instead of just one target. Another way to use this abilities is to cause the ice field to be between the enemy champions, splitting them up and making it easier to deal with specific targets.

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These are the runes I use for this build though there are plenty of other different types you could use yourself.

Greater Mark of Attack Speed x 9
I use these to help proc Bruam's passive Concussive Blows and to deal as much damage as possible due to the onhit damage you'll be hitting the enemy with.

Greater Seal of Health x 9
Due to the recent armor rune nerf as well as the fact Bruam's Winter's Bite scales with HP so getting these are a no brainer.

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist x 9
Flat magic resist blues work as well but I prefer the scaling ones myself, at lvl 6 these bad boys are stronger than the flat resist blues.

Greater Quintessence of Hybrid Penetration x 2
Makes his AA's as well as all his skills deal more damage to the enemy.

Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed x 1
He's pretty slow so a little speed doesn't hurt, also works well with Unbreakable as well as Ghost and Heal

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This is just a brief summery why I choose these masteries and how they benefit you in defeating your foes and surviving whatever damage they dish out.


Gives you increased damage to the enemy.

More Attack speed means more punching, more punching equals enemies die faster!

Who doesn't want lower cooldowns on all their skills?

Since you won't have as much AD as other champs, this helps with last hitting and is a prerequisite for Feast .

Attack damage per level, a good stat for AA'ing the enemy.

Every AA you hit the enemy with will make all spells do extra damage, perfect for dueling and making your passive hit even harder.

More attack damage, not much else to say here.

Makes killing other champions easier when they are below 50% hp.

More hybrid penetration!

Increase all damage to the enemy by a small percentage.

Reduces damage from basic attacks coming at you head on.

Makes all that bonus armor you'll be getting even better.

Blocks a little bit of damage from enemy champions head on.

More hp, more damage!

Even more hp...awww yeah!

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These items I always pick up on Braum and are essential to his kit and playstyle for Twisted Treeline

Sunfire cape

Normally the first item rushed after purchasing a Doran's Shield, Boots of Speed and a Doran's Blade. If getting super fed early in the match just go straight for the Giant's Belt first then Chain Vest which builds into this item.

Why I build this item first you ask? Well it provides stats that are perfect for Braum but with an added bonus, you now deal a constant amount of damage around you increasing your DPS and helping you wave clear since Braum doesn't have any AoE abilities other than his Glacial Fissure which is still quite small.

Randuin's Omen

This item is the next one you should prioritize if dealing with heavy AD enemies, especially those who deal most if not all their damage by auto attacks like Tryndamere or Aatrox

Like the Sunfire's cape, it has excellent synergy with Braum's kit, gives a hefty amount of armor and hp which in turm make him more durable and makes his Winter's Bite hit like a freight train. Not only that but it slows all enemy champions attack speed and movement speed who attack you with auto attacks. To make things even better it has a potent active coupled with the amount of resists you'll have, you can cripple the enemy team with it making it impossible to fight back nor escape but you must remember to use your Stand Behind Me first so your resists are even higher making the AoE slow stronger than it already is.

Spirit Visage

I usually rush this item if dealing with a team with nothing but AP damage or is laning against an ap champion with extremely high amount of poke like Ryze.

Like many items in this build this has HP which is by far one of the best stats go obtain on Braum as well as magic resist so ap champions don't hurt you as much. It also helps you with sustaining yourself making the hp regen and lifesteal from items like Doran's Blade and Blade of the Ruined King even more effective. Another stat that is pretty good on Braum is the cooldown reduction which means he can use his skills even more in a fight!

Other Items

These items I tend to buy a lot though it isn't a priority item and depending on the team composition as well as the enemy you may not have to buy it.

Blade of the Ruined King

It's an item I usually buy after getting 2 complete tank items like Sunfire Cape and Randuin's Omen. The reason being, you are pretty tanky now and are usually not the one focused in a battle if you wasn't already, Blade of the Ruined King will help you deal out more damage while you wait for your Winter's Bite to come off cool down, gives you sustain in the battle and has a nice little active to make you stick to targets even more. The only time I'd prioritize this item and get it after a Sunfire Cape is if dealing with a team of nothing but hp type champions and your team doesn't already have 1, if not both buying one ASAP!

Wit's End

If the battle lasts for quite a bit and you've completed a few strong tanky items and maybe a Blade of the Ruined King this item is what I'd get, especially if they do have some decent ap damage. The attack speed increase as well as the ability to steal the enemy's magic resist is pretty strong, you'll deal more damage when your stun goes off as well as your Winter's Bite and Glacial Fissure but not only that your teammates will deal increased amount of damage too! When your stun goes off you will be doing well over 60+ additional damage per auto attack making it really tough for the enemy to keep fighting you head on.

Warmog's Armor

You want a ton of hp? Well this is your item, if dealing with a bunch of hybrid type enemies having a bunch of hp can help keep you alive from their assaults, you also get a huge amount of hp regen so you can tank more during a battle.

The Lightbringer

If there are enemies with traps or can stealth quite easily in a match, The Lightbringer will help you keep them visible so you can keep punching them in their face for being a coward! Also works on stealth-ed units and traps like Teemo's Noxious Trap and has an active that can be used to unhide an area farther away from you. The item gives ok stats but isn't something I have had to really use much yet.

Ice Born Gauntlet

A luxury item, it has decent armor stats and a pretty good cool down reduction stat with the ability to make your auto attack stronger after using an ability. Also gives you more AoE damage and another slow on-top of the slows you already have.

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Thank you for checking out my guide for Braum, as always I'm still learning him as everyone else but I hope this provided some information you can use to become the unstoppable force the enemy will regret going against!

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Guide Updates/Future Things to Do

Published guide and fixed a few minor script errors.

Added summoner skill section and updated introduction.

Added the Item section in the guide and updated the item build path.
Added video section

Future Updates:
Will add general tips, gameplay and teamwork/team comp in Twisted Treeline as well as update the item section with more items.


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