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Janna Build Guide by Souler

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Souler

Dont Panic

Souler Last updated on August 25, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Changed summoners spells too Flash and Exhaust from Heal and clairvoyance .

Mastery page: Summoner's Resolve moved to Summoner's Wrath and 1 point from Mental Force moved too Wealth .

Edited following chapters:
- Introduction
- Materies
- Runes
- Summoners spells
- Items
- Partners & Enemies

- Added the "Uppdates" section
- "Partners and Enemies" updated with more details.
- Changed Greater Glyph Of Shielding to Greater Glyph Of Warding
- Edited text for Greater Seal Of Replenishment.greater seal of replenishment
- Added note about summoner's Insight, Resolve, and Wrath in "Masteries" section.
- Updated item section.

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Welcome too my Janna guide. Janna is the champion i got most experience with and I enjoy playing her every game. This guide is mostly about how "I" play Janna, but also include other stuff i consider important or viable for players too know too ad to their play style. I will only talk about Janna as support, and not AP mid o something like that.

If anything is unclear, something you don't understand, anything i forgot to mention, something you don't agree with, or any kind of feedback you have, then please comment, it can only help :)

Hope you like this and learn something from it. Enjoy!

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These points are usually put in defense, but I like to go sorcery for the extra CDR. Also gain a small amount AP from Mental Force .
Since Exhaust have become the new standard spell for support, i put the point in Summoner's Wrath for the extra effect on the spell.

Summoner's insight I think is pretty obvious. The extra duration you get on Clairvoyance helps a lot! Many times I've detected enemies in the last second thx to this mastery point. Also get better CD on Flash if you pick it.

I take expanded mind because of the mana problems i get. Same thing with meditation .

Here you have to decide what fits your play style best. choose mana masteries if you feel you're having trouble with your mana, or if you know you're gonna be forced to use lot of spells. If you can manage your mana it's better to go for swiftness since it will not only make it easier to ward around the map, it will also making a bigger difference in late game.

Greed . Well, i love gold, but if you feel that the runes are enough then u can of course put these points elsewhere.

The wealth mastery gives you gold for more wards and potions. It's great for better items in the start. Since I only have 8 points, the last point can be placed here.

Awareness is great for support champions since you lose some experience points when u are warding around the map. Also you and your spells will get stronger faster.

With the 6% cooldown reduction from intelligence , you get along with sorcery a total of 10% CDR from only masteries.

Mastermind This will help you and you team alot since you will be able to use your spells more often, and the extra seconds you get on your flash can save your life. Also, if you don't pick this the other team will be able to use this when you can't if they have the bonus CDR.

Why not Scout ? Even tough you are the one that puts out most wards, I still don't think the extra vision is enough. I prefer the other masteries then this one, but of course, if you want that extra vision, take it!

NOTE: Summoner's Insight , Summoner's Resolve and Summoners Wrath should be picked depending on what summoner's spell you choose. If you need for both Resolve and Wrath you can take one point from Sorcery

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Greater Mark of Armor

Greater Seal of Gold

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Seal of Mana Regeneration

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Quintessence of Gold


Greater Mark of Armor
I don't see any other good option here on Janna except maybe Ability Power because she is to squishy without the armor. Also if i use armor on Mark runes instead of armor Seals i can have my gold Seal runes.


Greater Seal of Gold
I prefer the avarich runes because with the extra gold it gives, you get your philostone and other items faster. It will also give you more gold for wards.


Greater Seal of Armor
Armor Seals is of course a very good and also common choice, with a good reason. You get tankier and will be able to stay in lane longer since u won't lose as much HP. I prefer gold runes though for better late game.


Greater Seal of Mana Regeneration
I take this when i know i'm gonna have to use a lot of spells. Janna without mana is kinda useless, so if you don't have good mana reg you're gonna have to go back to refill you mana and get more pots then you should need. also, you'll lost exp and your carry will have hard time to survive. Even though this won't do as much in late game it can still be worth it to get good early game.
More tanky. Why flat MR instead of per lvl is because it's more important as support to be stong early game, and she will get enough tanky stats from items later.

Greater Quintessence of Gold
The best quint for Janna in my opinion. You shouldn't need more tanky runes since You already have 1 or 2 full set of runes with armor, and more gold is always good on a support. Of course there are other options, but this is the one I use.

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Summoner Spells

These are my opinions about the summoners spells.

Flash: This spell is standard on almost all champions. It can be used both defensive and offensive and Janna can make some good use of his together with her ulti.

Exhaust: This is the main spell for support. You should always take this unless your team have enough exhaust and if you and your carry can benefit from another spell. Clairvoyance could be a viable pick then.

Clairvoyance: This is rarely seen any more in games, but still not useless. It's good for detecting areas you want vision too and good for counter jungling. I also consider this when i play against Champions like Fiddlesticks since you want too know if he is waiting on the other side of the trees or in a brush. Other champions this can work good against is LeBlanc , Kassadin or any other champion that usually is waiting for the right opportunity too jump over a wall and take the kills.

Heal: Heal is often picked by carry and why it's better on the carry is because he/she get more of it than someone else use it. If your carry doesn't go for it then it's still a option, or if you want 2 heals. Also Janna is lacking healing abilities.

Cleanse: I think this spell is underrated. It's a great way to counter hard CC team. I always take this against champions with scary AoE stuns/taunt like Galio or Amumu . When you get stunned or taunted, just use cleanse+R or W to cancel their abilities or the whole fight.

Promote: This is really not the best option, but could be an alternative if you want to push or if your team have a special strategy. Don't think this spell is useless, I've seen some pretty good use of it.

Clarity: well, if your team is really dependent on mana and you know they will get problems with their mana then sure, why not, but you really should get something else.

Teleport: This spell is used mostly cause u need to defend tower, there's a big farm coming, or to get back to your team quickly. Since there is only 1 reason to take this i would not recommend it. You don't need farm, she can't defend towers too good except with her shield, but sure, works good if you want to get to your team quickly

Surge: doesn't fit Janna that well, but if you're a really really really aggressive Janna player then this....well.. could be an interesting choice. Be prepared for your team to start rage though ^^

Revive: Don't really see any point in having this whit Janna. This spell can be used to defend your base or attack your enemy base after a team fight, and Janna is suck at both.

Ghost: You are fast enough.

Ignite: You're not supposed to get kills :P

Smite: Great for trolling! :D

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Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

About the skills:
Tailwind: This is such a great passive. Not only you get faster, but your whole team gain speed from this, as long as you are alive. This make you good against chasers like Singed , Udyr , Hecarim and Master Yi . It also make it easier for your team to chase down enemies.

Howling Gale: One of your great cc ability. Unfortunately i see so many players misuse it in my opinion (at least early game). The problem is that they use it to much and use it to harass. It's okey i guess... until your mana runs out... which goes very quick.
Be careful with your mana, you'll want to use it when you really need it, and want to stay in lane as long as possible. Leave the harass to your ad carry and use your Eye Of The Storm on him/her as harass and protection instead. Use this ability to save an ally(including yourself of course), catch or disrupt an enemy. Don't try to charge it up, it only gives them the chance to avoid it. A quick q+q is best when you want to escape or chase. There are situations where you can charge it up while runing, like when you're in the jungle with close gaps where the enemy can't go to the side to avoid it. This could be a good place to try knock him/her up a bit higer.

Zephyr: I love this one. The speed you get is great. I even delay my shoes many times because you will be almost as fast as champions with boots.
Also you have a slow which is great for chasing, but not for running since you lose your extra speed. Don't use this ability to save yourself, you'll be faster with it. If you want to save someone with this, use it when it's 1 champion chasing so that there is no other that can run and catch you while your speed buff is gone.

Eye Of The Storm: This is the spell you'll want to save your mana for. This does not only give an ally a shield, it also gives that champion great bonus damage!
Early game: This is a great ability for trading damage. Whenever a champion try to harass your partner, use your shield to protect him/her and also give more damage back which will leave their carry loosing a lot hp, while your carry is standing with nothing lost. Also use this when your carry try to harass the enemy, both for protecting and to do as much damage as possible. I also use this ability when attacking a turret to do deal more damage.

Mid/Late game: You should use this on the carry in your team. AD carry is the best since the bonus damage is added to attacks, but if the carry in your team is ap at this point, then it can be good to use it to protect him/her.

Monsoon: This is your second awesome CC ability. You rarely see someone use it as a heal, and therefore I max it last cause it only drain unnecessary mana points, since you will mostly use this quick and cancel the channel. This ability isgre so at for many purposes. It's great to cancel channeled abilities like Galio and Malzahar or abilities with AoE channeled to the champion like Kennen or Fiddlesticks . You can use it to cancel a fight, You have that kinda power! ;)
You can also use this to split the enemy team, or push them to or away from your allies.
Careful though with this ability. Even though it's a great ability it can backfire on your team. For example, you can push chasing enemies closeer to your allies, or save an enemy that your friend was just about to finish.
NOTE: This ability can push enemies through walls.

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One of the most important item you get is WARDS!sight ward You should get wards almost every time you recall or die(whenever you can buy). 2 wards every recall/death works quite good early game, but never hurt to get more. I usually get 3 wards and 1 vision ward if i can, but don't forget to get other items though. Try always to keep a slot open for wards. I'll talk more about wards later.

The build in the start of this guide is what in my opinion is the best build order in most of the games, but since every game can be diffrent you have to know when to pick other items and what to prioritize. Sometimes it's better for earlier shoes, sometimes you need lvl 2 boots faster.

Starting items: If you have clairvoyance , use it on the enemy altar in the beginning. you can gain a good advantage already. I usually wait until 10-13 seconds cause supports are often slower at buying items.


, sight wardx2, , / - Standard build that work most of the times. Mana regen, 2 wards, and 1 vision ward to counter their wards. You will have 60 gold left with these masteries so pick potion of your choise. I think health potion is best in most cases.

, sight wardx4, / This is the standard build but a Sight ward instead of Vision. You can decide if you want more potions witch will give you higher sustain. Situations you can pick this is:
- When they don't have wards (or only 1)
- You know you will push a lot (Too keep the wards up longer)
- If you don't feel sure about counter warding.
- If you don't have a jungler (You don't need to counter ward if you won't get ganks.

, sight wardx2
I've never done this starting build with Janna but think it's viable. If you know you will need more movement speed fast then you can go for this. with the masteries you will still be able to get 2 wards or 1 ward and 2 potions.

sight wardx3, x2, / x2 This is a good way to counter the standard support build (2 sight wards and 1 vision), since you can counter their vision ward after they counterd yours. This way you will give your jungler more oppertunities to gank and gain a good advantage early game. Only problems is you will have less mana reg, and your philo stone will be delayed. You can also go for 3 Vision Wards , 1 Sight Wardsight ward and also a potion.

Laning Items:

philosopher's stone You will always wanna go for this before anything else for both gold and the health+mana regen to gain higher sustain.

? Your next pick should be Heart Of Gold and/or Boots . Don't buy both if you can't afford wards too. Buy wards first and se what you can afford after. Heart of gold makes you tankier and gives gold, but shoes gives you the speed you need to survive ganks when pushing too hard or warding the jungle.

kage's lucky pick Now when this item can built into Morello's Evil Tome there is a good reason to go for Kage's Lucky Pickkage's lucky pick. It gives you more gold and ability power. I recommend though to only pick this item if you're planing to build Morello's Evil Tome , cause you won't earn much gold from this, and just is just unnecessary space in your inventory.

Many games you will probably go for this, unless the tank is getting it. You should decide in the beginning who goes Aegis. It gives you more tanky attributes and a smaller amount defense+attack damage to your nearby teammates (and you), but you can go for other items that fits Janna better, and also get other items faster. If you feel your team is tanky enough, I usally skip or delay it, even if on one else is going for it.

These are the best boots to get cause you need the cooldown reduction.
Against AP-heavy or strong CC team. Can compensate the CDR lost with Spirit Visage.
Against AD-heavy team. Compensate CDR with Frozen heart.
These are not worthless even though i never see Janna with these. It's a good item when you are warding around the map and can move between lanes quicker to help.
I wouldn't recommend these but if you like to be faster then other champions, then sure, but in my opinion that extra speed is not worth the CDR lost or how squishy you will be. If you want speed, i think Boots Of Mobility is more effective.
Not much to say. Unless you decide to go AD Janna, don't buy them.

Not a must item, but since Janna doesn't have a great heal I go for this as a standard item. In some situations I go for Randuins Omen . Locket Of The Iron Solari is a decent item that makes you more tanky with both armor and health. It's aura gives some HP-regeneration that is good at least in early or mid game and at lvl 18 the active gives you and all of your nearby allies a shield that absorbs 230 damage.

Situational Items:

Zeke's herald Most of the times, this is the best item to go for since most of the champions will deal attack damage. Also, you get cooldown reduction.

If your team is more ap-heavy or cooldown dependent, then this item is a good choice. Going for a early mana manipulator can be a good choice for both you and your lane partner.

This could be an option if they are ad-heavy (especially against attack speed and life steal). You will get more armor, mana, and also make their team less scary for your team. If you didn't pick the Ionian boots of lucidity and bought nija tabi instead, then Frozen heart is a smart choice since you need more cooldown reduction, and more armor is great!

Great defensive item in many situations. If they have lot of AP-based champions you should go for this. You will get good amount MR, but also a shield that will block next spell they cast on you. This could be a stun or taunt that would let their team to focus you down, but with this you get the chance to stay alive longer and help your team.

Great tanky item which can be built from Heart Of Gold and also give 5% CD-reduction, which Locket Of The Iron Solari don't. It's active works great against AD-dealers cause it slows down both speed and movement, and the stats you get makes it easier to stay alive. It's pretty expensive though, so Locket Of The Iron Solari could be better pick too save some gold.

kage's lucky pickkage's lucky pick can now be built into this item, so it's another option for supports. It's very situational though. It's only the active you'll want with this item as support(plus the CD of course that follows). The ability power you can't won't make big difference unless you have more AP items. You can consider this item when facing champions that are dependent on heal, like Swain , Fiddlesticks , or any strong AD with life steal. Otherwise there are more better items to choose.

I don't see this item very often, but it can be a game changer. You can use it the same way as cleasne, with the difference that after you use it, it won't help you until you can use it again. Consider this if playing against enemy team with heavy CC. Also gain good amount off MR.

Are you geting focused down before the battle really have started? Maybe this could be a good item for you then. you have a job to do, and that is to keep your team alive, and to do that, you need to stay alive. With this you can save yourself to save someone else. also very good against AD-Heavy teams.

If they are AP-heavy and you went for mercury's treads then Spirit visage is an option. You get MR and the CDR you are missing without Ionian boots of lucidity .

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About The Wards

Warding is one of supports main task. Other players have to ward also, but not as much as support. Buying wards is in most situations more important than finishing items. Providing vision for your team is crucial for survival. Here are some tips about warding:

Buying wards:
- Buy wards every time you're in the shop. Try to buy at least 2 each time, but more is better!
- If you already have 3 or more in laning phase, then maybe you don't need more (depends on the situation).
- Look at the map and see where and who many wards you need.
- Keep an eye on how many wards the other team buy. If they don't ward much, you won't need as many vision wards.
Placing wards in bushes is the best in most situatuins since you will be able to see into and behind it.
Vision wards can only see invicible stuff in bruses when the ward itself is placed in the bush. It can't detect invisible units or wards inside of it if it's on the outside.

Placing Wards:
- Place the wards where you can see much as possible and where you think it is possible for them to pass.
- Don't think wards is all about knowing where they are. It's also about where they aren't.
- Careful, even though it's important to ward, it is more important to stay alive. Use your Clairvoyance before going near bushes or other places you can't see. don't forget that they can be on the other side of a wall and have a ward on your place.
- When leaving lane to ward the river or other place, keep an eye on the mini map to make sure that your enemy bot lane isn't following, or mid is coming down. If they do, retreat immediately. It's not worth dieing just to ward.
- Ward dragon and Baron with Vision Wards to take out their wards.
- When attacking Dragon or Baron, place wards where you think it's possible for the enemies to come from. This gives your team knowledge about their presence, makint it much safer to take dragon or baron. You can also do this if you're stealing enemies blue or red to make sure no one comes to kill you.

Counter Wards
-Take a look on how many and what kind of wards they have. You can see when they have less wards to know if they've warded or not (ex: soraka have 3 wards and enter a bush. When she leaves the bush you notice that she only have 2. You can easily tell that she just warded).
-If you see their support leave the lane, he/she is probably gonna ward somewhere. Try to see where. Use clairvoyance if possible to see exactly where the ward is placed. When you get the opportunity, get there and place your vision ward and take out their wards.
- Try to remember what time they placed the ward. In that case you know when they have no vision, making a good opportunity for your jungler to gank.

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Some Of The Warding Spots

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Oracle is not only to detect invisible units, but also to find enemy wards (or mushrooms). It's one of the key items to victory. You should get this in mid game, when the laning phase is over. This is such a great way to reduce enemy vision so get one when you know they have many wards and you got the money.
Exactly when you need it is situatinal, n'but keeping an eye on how many wards they buy will help a lot. If you know that they are not warding much then maybe you don't need it yet. You really dot wanna waste an Oracle oracle elixir since it's 400 gold.
Don't buy oracle after oracle if you die a lot, and when you have one, you have too be sure that no one is hiding in bushes.
IMPORTANT: Just because you have oracle doesn't mean you don't need Vision wards . It's only you who can see invisible object and units. Let's say 2 in your team is taking dragon, but you are in top pushing with another ally. If the enemy have warded dragon, your teammates will most likely end up dead if unlucky. So even though you have oracle, it can still be good to use Vision Wards in Dragon and Baron.

Some of the situations where you should not get oracle yet:
- Havn't got the needed items and need the gold (like if you don't have ageis, or grade 2 shoes).
- If you don't feel safe with it. If you have died many times, then maybe it's not worth the risk.
- If you know they have no wards, or at least no more then for just Dragon and Baron (You could use vision wards then instead if you want).
- If someone else in your team have oracle. You can still buy one too, but if you don't feel safe with it, it's better not to lose 2 oracle.

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Easiest thing as a support, Don't farm! Your job is to help your carry to farm. You can try hit minions in tower range to make it easier for the carry get the last hit, but only do this if you know what you are doing. And don't hit minions unless you want to push.

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Playing style (My Way)

This part will contain som stuff i've already talked about in other chapters. It's more of an overall "how to play" with some other tips and tricks.

Janna can be a quite difficult champion to play but also really fun. With her CC abilities you have good control over your lane and team fights.

Early Game:
When you are in lane your job is to make sure that your carry can farm and stay alive. Janna is a pretty aggressive support champion. She works best with champions that can dash like Vayne and Graves or long ranged champions like Caitlyn . Use Eye Of The Storm when you know when he/she is about to make a dash and attack. That way the carry will deal more damage without losing any hp, unless he/she decides to go crazy!
When it comes to warding it depends on the situation. Usually you should ward the river for ganks, especially if you are pushing. Don't push without wards, trust me, you won't stay in lane long!
If the enemy team is pushing hard in your lane then you won't have to bother with the wards as much, though you should try to take out their wards to enable ganks from your jungler.

Mid Game: At this time of the game, oracle could come to play, but still depends on the situation.
This is also the time where I start warding the map. Baron could come in play, but will probably not yet. Consider if you only need a sight ward instead to save some money. if your team is farming, then go somewhere and ward, but be careful. A great opportunity to ward is when going in team, and when you walk by a place where you want a ward, place it there, but make sure to not go away from your team.
Decide who is most important to protect, who to use my shield on, and also, who should I protect my team FROM? When a battle is about to start, try search for the one you want to disable.

Late Game: Keep warding and take out theirs. At this point of the game, Baron can come to play at any time, so make sure to have vision there. You don't have to place vision ward if you have oracle, but always good to enable your team to see wards. If they have champions like twich or evelynn, then you should use vision wards.
Take every oppurunity you get to ward their jungle or the river, cause you'll want good map control at this time. It's good to know where they are and where they are not.

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Partners & Enemies


Caitlyn: She have long range which goes well with your shield, and with her awesome damage, there are few champions that want to take the risk and try do deal some damage back.

Vayne: Love playing with Vayne as Janna. Whenever you know she is about to roll and fire, use your shield to give her the extra damage, and also prevent enemy damage on her. Also, she is a chaser, and with your passive speed buff and CC, that only makes her more scary.

Graves: This crazy guy with the bonus damage and protection will do the work. Same as Vayne, when he is about to dash, use your shield to get a good trade.

Ereal: Long range and good burst. With a shield that also gives bonus damage, he can flash and deal lot of damage with his skills and attacks.

Sivir: Long range, especially with her skils and can deal a lot of damage, and even more with Eye of the storm. Since Sivir is lacking CC, Janna complement her with her great CC ailities.

Janna is great for countering chasers cause of her bonus speed and CC. She is also great against champions with scary CC abilities, since she can use her ulti and tornado to cancel most of them.

Galio: His ultimate is one of the scariest abilities in the game, but with Janna you can disable it with Q or R. This is a good opportunity to pick Cleanse, making Galios ulti almost useless.

Kennen: I know like everyone hate his ulti, but Janna can just push him away from you and your team with her ulti.

Amumu: Almost the same with Galio, but since it's an instant stun, you just want to cancel the fight after Amumu uses his ulti on your team. Picking cleanse could be a good choice.

Fiddlesticks: Always be aware where and when he comes. Wards are crucial against him since you will probably die if you don't know when he's coming. When you see him or think it's possible for him to come, stand in a good positions where you easily can push him away when he uses his ulti.
Janna's Q works great to interrupt his life drain.
Note: He usally flash with the ulti so be careful not to push him the wrong way if he flashes past you)

Wukong: Oracle is great for denying him from surprising you with his stealth and ulti. Use your ulti to get him away when he uses his ulti or dashes to you or teammate with low hp or in severe situations.

Malzahar: I hate his ulti, i mean, I REALLY REALLY HATE IT! You can't do a **** and it hurt like hell! But then Janna comes and save the day with her Tornado, or even her awesome ultimate to cancel his ulti!

Warwick: A tornado is enough to cancel his ulti, but if it's on cooldown or you have low hp it could be a smart choice to use ulti to both cancel ulti and get him away from you and your team mates.

Katarina: Cancel her ulti with either Howling Gale or Monsoon .

Nunu: Nunu is a pretty good chaser so use your Howling Gale or ulti to deny him from catching someone. In fight, try save your Howling Galeor Monsoon for his ulti.
If he chases with a team mate, don't use your slow since you lose your speed buff and with Nunu's speed buff one of them will most likely get you.

Hecarim: Since he's a fast champion, your passive will help a bit. You can use your Tornado to delay him or use Monsoon if needed. Also, careful with your slow since the effect will fade away before the speed buff comes back.

Volibear: You don't want him to get close and throw someone over him so try to disrupt him before he can reach you or allies. You can use slow if on a safe distance, since his speed and fling ability only last for some seconds.

Skarner: When you see him going for the grab with his ulti, push him away with Ulti if needed, or else just a Q. Also, when he hit's with his slow it's hard to run away. Using Q should be enough to buy you or your friend the times needed, but use R if you have too.

Lee Sin: Can't really say if she counter him, but you can use shield when throws his Sonic Wave on someone, or you can you Q or even R if you get a good chance to reject him from using his Safeguard. Monsoon is also great to get him away from you team after his dash.

Udyr: He's a scary chaser but your speed buff gives your team a big of advantage. Also you can push him away with ulti, or just give you some time with Holing Gale

Ashe: With her cold arrows she is a scary chaser, but if you can get a good Howling Gale on her it sould be enough to get you and your friend out of her range. Also you have good spells to defend your team after she hits with her Enchanted Crystal Arrow. Use ulti if necessary to buy your team enough time to get out of the stun.

Morgana: Can't really say Janna counter her, but you can use Eye Of The Storm on friends that are trapped in her pool. But the reason why Janna can work against morgana is when she uses her ulti, you can use your to push her away from your team and avoid her from doing lots of damage and stun them. Morganas magic shield is tricky though, cause you'r ulti won't have effect if she uses it, and she can also use it on others, making Morganas shield a good counter too Janna.

Nocturne: Not really a counter, but she's good to keep him away from jumping onto someone with his ulti. Your Ulti is best if you need too deny him from reaching your ally with low hp. If your allies have more hp, you can try first with Howling Gale .

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I wanna thank you for watching my guide, and I would be even more thankful if you give some feedback, and maybe give a rating :)

I also wanna give "jhoijhoi" a big thanks for her epic guide that was a great help when doing this guide. You can find it here:

Any questions? Just ask!

And thanks again. GL HF :)