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League of Legends Build Guide Author A.R.M.

Double Jungle Udyr and Xin, singular jungle, Udyr Solo Top

A.R.M. Last updated on February 5, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Work in Progress - still testing but it seems to work, the lower mobility the opponent has, the better off your team is.

Please do not penalize the schema of this setup for how it is not beutified as most other build, I do not have the time to do so. Just view the meat of it if you would, the meat being primairly the runes masteries and items. It is up to the communityies votes whether or not I invest time into beutifying this schema.

With this build you clear jungle redicuously fast, thus have more time to counter jungle and gank, thus providing more lane presense to make your opponents play cautiously as well as gaining xp faster, for faster clears of jungle yeild faster respawns of it. They tend to split jungle diagonally.

I of course have to go through and spell check all this at the very least...

If your are going to vote on this I would ask for you to please try this build (or go a step further and double junge with someone you have quality communcication with) and then leave contructive feedback based upon execution rather than "make your champion, rune, and item referances have icons."

If you get anything out of this guide, it should be the combination of the Blade of the Ruined King and Liandry's Torment combo on Udyr.

Finally, if you think I am going to tell you how to play the game in ways non-relative to udyr you are sadly mistaken. I will give advice where I see it fit, and it is up to you to find other resources and learn through experiance what to do and not to do. For isntance when I first started playing this game (at the start of Season 1) I would build a warmogs sooner or later on all my champions for I would win far more than I would lose... thus thought it was good... I was just vs. alot of people who did not have the micro skill I did... for I came from an rts and 1st person shooter background, so I already knew how to predict my opponenents next move more often than not with a reletively high reaction time... It is more likely than not if your using mobafire your friends directed you towards it as did my freinds, not once have I ever used a build I've looked at, and I rarely look at builds, for I prefer trial and error... for that is how I have progressed in this game, and I enjoy a challenge, plus you do not find something new that works reletively well by just using what someone else gave you. Anyways with that mobafire note, you probably have friends that hate on mobafire and say solomid or some other sight. IDC your preference, I just use this sight for it was the first one I was ever directed towards...


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Udyr and Xin are both quality jungles in their own rights, but togeather they can be devestating if the conditions are right. They more likely than not get a kill for their team every gank if not more, they counter jungle, and they steamrole high priority minions (dragon, barron). If Xin and/or Udyr get a couple kills under their belt early through an invade or ganks, they can do barron at 15 minutes whilst the opponenets are dead, or doing drag, for you 2 are that fast at barron, especially if you have anyone on your team behind you.

Udyr and Xin are both off tanky in nature and can do some serious damage if played properly in conjunction with each other.

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Udyr Notes

Many like attack speed on udyr, I prefer hybrid penetration runes, for his q does damage over 2 seconds and it doens't make sense to override that damage with another autoattack, for your really just adding whatever ad you have into the mix when you go attack speed, and if your opponeent has armor, your liekly not being as efficient a you could be.

The two jungle items provide unique attributes that still work with your standard build. The spirt of the elder lizard provides some sustain (mana regen, health regen) as well as damage via the pickaxe. Wriggles provides armor, lifesteal, and a ward that helps you either ward to stop ganks on your tam, or better yet, ward their jungle to shutdown their jungle so more so that their jungle cannot be as effective... so it is decent.

Once you reach blae of the ruined king you can solo barron, once you get liandries torment, you get barron far faster, for your essentially hitting for 9% of it's health plus the damage off your q; all of which being over time damage, thus why attack speed actually reduces your damage for your hitting 9% on less health.

If you trade out an item for frozen mallet but still have liandries, sicne liandries works in sucha way that if your opponeents movement is impaired it deals doubled amage over the 3 seocnds... and if you still have the blad eof the ruiend king. your hitting for 14% of the opponeents health (4% in physical and 10% in magic) on top of your q's over time magic damage... which if you get fully built (which it seems this setup is either a win early or the gmae most likely will run long (which just means more barrons and dragons in udner 10-20 seconds).

Let's say you have you have minimumn 100 ad (which is low) and tiger stance is elvel 5: you are hitting for 150% of 100 + 230... which is 330 magic damage every 2 seconds... Lets say the average champ health is 3000. That is another 11% magic damage in terms of the 3k helth champion... of coure 4-5k is usually the highest health out there, it is rare and your armore/magic pen should actually be doing the job. You cannot go pure magic penr uns for it makes oyu too reliant upon magic damage.

In relaity your Q will probably be hitting at later levels (depending on your gold/prgress through your build) around 700 magic damage every 2 seconds... which mens you have 313 ad...which lets say you hit one target once and they block 50% of all types of damage after your penetration (besides true of course) and they have 3k health, you would end up doing 470 damage + 15 to 66 true damage (spirt of the elder lizard - incinerate) in in a total of 3 seconds as well as 156.5 from the autoattack via ad. If they were slowed you would end up doing 560 damage + 15 ro 66 true damage over 3 seconds. This means that if you are in a teamfight situation, you autoattack from 1 target to another, unless you cannot and it makes more sense to focus some beefy champion such as Cho or Mundo because keeping them distracted tends to keep them from peeling the rest of your team. For a melee champion, that is one heck of a burn, and since your iniating with xin possibly, it should be easy to aoe you opponents with a point in pheonix.

The beauty of the Blade of the Ruined King, is it's activatable which slows... which works real well with Liandry's Torment, for you stun them, use the blade, and your instantly doing 10% of their health with liandry's rather than 5%, so the synergy between the items on udyr is beautiful, and it also allows for you to walk up to a carry that has more farm and gold than you and kill them, for you have your stun and some serious burn... and carries tend to have low resistance to damage... you basically nuke carries and shred tanks... if you can get close enough... I find I get focused more often than not in teamfights, which isn't bad, for you can still put the burn of the items on them as well as allow your carries to focus fire them wihtout worry. Now you may see why this Udyr build is strong... you can kill Baron in under 20 seconds solo.

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Udyr Solo Top

If your are curbstomping top then you might want to consider inverting your build, for if you can snowball your gold into more kills... you can become tanky with insane damage.

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When to double jungle with these 2

When their bot lane is low or semi-low sustain is when it is generally prime time to double jungle. It is easy to gank bot if your counter warding, and you will more often than not get a kill, but if they have a support soraka, that bodes poorly for your adc because your adc can't keep them at bay thus you have to gnak bot more often. The only other case in which you should gank bot more often is if they have a taric support that is building ap early.

Alistar support is a no worry case due to if he tries to push you away or knock you up, you will most liekly be xin, nad by the time he does that udyr should be there, and you still have your knockup as xin, so an alistar that acts agressive (rather than running) when you gank should easily fall, especially since you both have pen runes.

Who do we send to 1v2?

    You send a high sustain mobility champ that an clear waves in a moment and do some serious base damage in teamfights. Examples of this are Miss Fortune, Rumble, and Yorick. Note they all have serious lane clearing and poke capabilities, movement speed buffs, as well as quality base damage in teamfights.

What type of mid do we need? A mid that has aoe cc and damage is the best type of mid to utlize for this meta buster. Xin and Udyr are both semi-beefy as well as single target champions more or less. Examples of mids that synergize with xin and udyr are: viktor, gragas, syndra, ziggs, cho (if he makes sense - rare), kennen, anivia, annie far less-so, malphite (if it makes sense -rare)

Top can be anything and should balance out the ap ad ratios. Note: Udyr does decent magic damage with his q. A top nunu is funny if the balance and counters allow it, for that jsut means that if you havea double jugnle... that you can do barron in under 10 seconds, and nunu's ult in combination with an aoe mid (probably ad if nunu top), xins ult to possibly push them into the ult, and your bot 1v2 (mf ult XOR rumble ult + flamespitter + harpoon XOR yorick's everything...) canreally wreck in teamfights.

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What to do

The trick is controling jungle, putting pressure on lanes, and getting high priority minions fast, and with that extra gold you can get an oracles/pink wards to remove opponents wards if they are warding heavily.

Communication is key in order for this to work as well.

You both buy the hunters machete a ward and use the reamining gold in health pots, I suggest a green ward for both, 1 on your blue and the other on their blue during invade.

You both should get enough gold to have madreds FIRST and then instantly do drag... this should occur around 3-5 minutes in (getting dragon). Once you guys have dragon you should go b for you'll be to low to do anything else... that is why you pink warded drag so you could easily and safely do it. Work twords a spirt of teh elder lizard, avid the temptatin to get wriggles first.

You then should start ganking if you haven't been delayed by ganking already (for if you've already ganked it's drag time). Their jungle should basically be afraid of entering jungle. You 2 should split the map diagonally in line with mid towers to jungle, and should have their jungle warded so you can gank their jungle anytime, plus it helps the lanes, especially bot.

Keep pressure on lanes and always have drag pink warded a minute before it spawns, so that you can instead do drag when it spawns. If your opponet is ehavily warding get an oracles, cosndering teh gold your racking upf ro your team through global gold, it is worth it to keep lanes afraid of ganks as well as to keep yoruselves safe. If you follow this tactic you should have 3 drags under your belt along with some gold from jungle and possibly ganks in order to do barron. If you get 3 drags and a barron early game, your team is set to snowball and the game is pretty much decided if your team plays smart. To do barron all you need is a madreds and a spirt of the elder lizard on both of you, of course both your smties shoukd be up, adn you both should be at minimumn level 8, otherwise it might get tricky if you don't dodge the knockups. Take turns tanking dragon, for xin heals every 3rd attack and udyr heals off turtle stance, it might take some quality communication to execute this, for xin has a longer attackr ange than udyr.

When it comes to ganking xin leads for he can dash to and knockup opponents, and in that time, if they don't flash, udyr can run up and stun the person, by then the person is cc'd to death, and 2 assists and a kill at minimumn are yeilded.

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Items and analysis

It is possible to go extremly late game with this setup, as with any game... If it does so late that you cans tart spelling off your 2 jungle items in place for other items... sell of wriggles frist in place for something like randuins, and then sell off the spirit of the elder lizard for something like frozen mallet or tri force.

The core items must not eb compromised, they must be done in that order no matter how abd you are doing, for you will never come back from it if you do not, for the core items exponentially grow stronger as they stack, I've fought adcs far more fed and farmed than be, butI can freely take them down, for they are foolishing blind farming and cannot stop the frieght train udyr, and they cannot win 1 1v1 even though their cirring for 500! I've fought and won adc's that are 5 kills up on me... me being at about 2 or 3. Udyr's stun plus blade of the ruined king plus a q = adc dead. just throw ina few extra autoattacks for the bruns to do thei jobs and walah. no mroe adc, and if they tried ot run, they msot liekly cannot lifesteal the health back, thus are dead...

Udyr with red buff has 5 burns with this build. The spirit of the elder lziard true damage burn, red buff burn, q burn, liadnries burn, and blade of the ruined king burn... so if you wanted to lane him, I would recommend ingite, for 6 burns on udyr... well cosndiering he already does 500-620 burn damage in 3 seconds vs someone that after penetration is at 50% resistance across the board... and lets say you have ignite... and that you did the amx amage... your hitting for over 1000 damage in 5 seconds, probably around 900 damage after healing. And that is his q (plus a outside slow) plus ingite all at level 18... for ingite... No-one can 1v1 you consdiering witht hsoe first 4 items do that burn, pus the blade of the ruined king active adding probably around 150 damage after resitance to proc liandries double damage...


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