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Not Updated For Current Season

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Dr. Mundo Build Guide by Delecto

Dr. Mundo - Carrying from the Jungle

Dr. Mundo - Carrying from the Jungle

Updated on May 6, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Delecto Build Guide By Delecto 87 19 612,826 Views 61 Comments
87 19 612,826 Views 61 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Delecto Dr. Mundo Build Guide By Delecto Updated on May 6, 2012
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Hello and welcome to my second guide here on MOBAFire. This time it's about Jungle Mundo. You may ask yourself "How is he supposed to jungle when his resource his HP?!". Well it's possible and it's very strong. You will be able to carry your team throughout the whole match. Don't trust me? I'll add some match results later on. But for now, have fun reading this Mundo guide. :)
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A big THANK YOU by the author, for the people

I'm really happy to say that, today, on the 11th March 2012 this guide hit 30000 vies and 12 votes. I could've never imagined that this guide would ever become so popular. Right now, it's MOBAFire's 3rd best rated Dr. Mundo guide. I really have to thank you guys for bringing this guide where it is now. =) I don't know how to thank you, I might write another guide soon. Be sure to check out my other guides on the right as well. ;) But like previously sated, THANK YOU. <3
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+ His jungle clear time is insanely fast.
+ He's a very strong duelist in the early jungle and can take on godtier junglers like Shaco and Lee Sin with ease.
+ Very tanky with a lot of killing potential.
+ Can give blue buff to AP Carries since he doesn't run with mana.
+ Can kite your enemies exceptionally good.
+ He goes where he pleases.

- Not the strongest ganks pre level 6.
- Is easily countered by Ignite, Executioner's Calling or anything else that causes grievious wounds.
- Early game damage isn't the strongest, but late game he is a nightmare.
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For Runes, I take Armor Penetration Marks, Flat Armor Seals, Magic Resistance per level Glyphs and Flat AD Quintessences. The Marks will help you to deal more damage early on, so do the flat AD Quints. The Armor Seals give you enough tankyness to get through the jungle without taking to much damage. MR/lvl Glyphs are perfect for lategame since the AP Carries will be beats and you can counter them with these runes + ult.
AD Quints could be swapped with AS Quints but haven't tested this because I'm too poor to effort AS Quints.
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Since you're role is the one of the tank, you want to go with 0/21/9 masteries. In the defense tree, pick up any mastery which lowers the damage taken by minions and other threads, aka Champions. In the utility tree, you spend the remaining 9 points so that you can get the Runic Affinity . Trust me, Dr. Mundo with red buff is worse than Sejuani. :D
No need to explain much anbout the masteries but that I prefer them. You can still be creative and use your favorite masteries. Same for runes.
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You start off with a Cloth Armor and 5 Health Potions. The 5 HP Pots are essential for Jungle Mundo since he wouldn't be able to pass the jugle otherwise. After a few succesful ganks, go back and pick up a Madred's Razor and Boots. Madreds will make the jungle a lot easier for you, boots are self explanatory. You then want to rush Mercury's Treads, Wriggle's Lantern and Warmog's Armor. With Mercs and W activated, you won't even feel the CC they throw on you. Warmog's is very important for Mundo since this item will give his passive and his ult a big boost. After that you want to roflstomp them with Atma's Impaler, Infinity Edge, Phantom Dancer and a Bloodthirster, for which you sell your Lantern.
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Situational Pruchases

There are some other items you can purchase as well.
Spirit Visage is an item I would recommend you if you don't have a real tank besides you. Your DPS will go down a bit, but you will be way more durable due to its awesome passive.

Force of Nature is a great choice if the enemy team is AP heavy. Also it gives your passive a great boost. You will be getting so much passive life regen,that you feel like having a Soraka next to you with a non CD heal. :D

Thornmail. The nightmare of any fed AD Carry. Dr. Mundo + any AD Carry + Thornmail = free kill for Mundo. They will be killing themselves on you if they focus you. You just pop your ultimate and hit them with your Blunt Force Trauma empowered basic attacks. TOO STRONK.

Banshee's Veil. I only recommend this item if your enemy team has a fed LeBlanc. Otherwise don't touch this item. The shield ain't worth the gold since the mana portion of this item is wasted gold on Dr.Mundo.

Quicksilver Sash. This is a very good item for Mundo. But I would only recommend it if the enemy team has tons of Ignite or other things that can cause Grievous Wound.

Frozen Mallet. If you want to have more AD and tankiness, go with FM. The passive slow is also a nice addition to this item since there won't be any possibility of enemies escaping you anymore. It's a nice addition to your item build if you're willing to give up some DPS by not grabbing a BT.

Those are the only senseful situational puchases I would recommend on Mundo. But the choice is up to you. Maybe Trinity Force could be OP on Mundo since you can trigger it with your cleavers. But I never tried TriForce on him.
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Skill Sequence

For Jungle Mundo, this is the way to go. Blunt Force Trauma is what makes Dr.Mundo such a strong jungler. This steroid will give your AD a big boost. And with big, I mean HUGE. You only get 1 point in Heart Zapper early since it only helps with clearing the jungle and 15% CC reduction is enough pre level 14. Your cleaver is only important for the slow. Since the slow doesn't get bigger when levelling Infected Bonesaw, it's enough to just have it until lvl 10. Your ult is what makes Mundo OP. Run in a teamfight, start ult when it begins, kill everyone and come back out full HP. Screams OP right from the bottom of its heart.
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Summoner Spells

Ghost helps you with early ganks, chasing enemies throughout the entire match, getting away when your ult failed to save you or is on CD etc. Ghost is the best Summoner Cast on any jungler in my opinion since nerfed Flash is ********.
Smite is essential on ANY jungler. It gives you the opportunity to clear the jungle faster, and, most important, helps you to smite steal baron/dragon/any buff. It's just amazing on any jungler.

Other viable casts:
Flash. Since Mundo doesn't have a gap closer in his set of abilities, this could help you if you don't know how to initiate properly with Mundo. But like I said.. I HATE the new Flash..
Exhaust. This is a great summoner spell overall since it lets you dominate 1v1 fights. The slow part on Exhaust is nice as well. Definately a good choice.
Heal. Buffed heal is OP. 'Nuff said.

Other summoner spells like Clairvoyance and Ignite should be taken by different champs. And whoever takes Clarity on Mundo is a ******.
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Jungle Route

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As a jungler, it's part of your job to ward the map in order to increase map awareness. You will ward some brushes and the buffs in order to reach the above stated goal. Here is a map with key locations, that should be warded. The legend below should explain everything.

The legend and circles were done by me with my awesome paint skills. :D
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Summary and proof that it works

So, this concludes my guide for jungle Mundo. I know I didnt't explain a lot about Dr. Mundo himself, but in my opinion, in order to play JUNGLE Mundo, you should at least know what Mundo does, his roles are and where he belongs.

Proof for this working: (Only 2 results since I played too many matches in the last couple of days. I'm such a ****ing addict.)

I will also add any scores by you guys. Just try the build and send me a picture of your score. :)

Score by member Scrafted using my build.

Score by member TriPeak using my build and going first time jungle Mundo.

Score by member zAnet using my guide and build.

First two scores by member FarbrorJonte using this guide.

I hope you enjoyed reading this guide about Jungle Mundo and much more enjoy tearing your enemies apart. Please try the build before voting. I would appreciate any comments on thoughts of you.
Delecto signing out. ~
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02/24/12: Fixed skill sequence since I put 9 points into Blunt Force Trauma.
02/25/12: Added the section "Situatuinal Pruchases" and edited the section "Summoner Spells".
03/02/12: Added the section "Warding".
03/11/12: Added the section "A big THANK YOU by the author, for the people".
05/06/12: Added scores by 3 different members. Adding 2nd Mundo build later.

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