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Dr. Mundo Build Guide by FeatJuventus

Dr. Mundo - Mundo will do whatever he pleases!

Dr. Mundo - Mundo will do whatever he pleases!

Updated on November 28, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author FeatJuventus Build Guide By FeatJuventus 10 3 43,822 Views 16 Comments
10 3 43,822 Views 16 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author FeatJuventus Dr. Mundo Build Guide By FeatJuventus Updated on November 28, 2011
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Acronym explenation

CDR = Cooldown Reduction
CC = Crowd Control (Slows, stuns, silence)
Champ = Champion[
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Hello and welcome to my Dr. mundo guide! My name is FeatJuventus and i am a big fan of Dr. mundo. I have been playing as him for a long time. This is my first guide so dont be too harsh on me.

If there is something that i need to change please write it in a comment below.

Well, here it is! Enjoy :)
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Tier 1

: I take this perk to upgrade Exhaust

: The attack damage is quite nice. Improves Infected Bonesaw, escpecailly early game.

Tier 2

: The reason i take Alacrity is because of the armor penetration perk ( Weapon Expertise ). The attack speed synergizes well with Blunt Force Trauma.

: CDR works well with Dr. Mundo, so that he can spam his abilities even more.

Tier 3

: It gives some good armor penetration wich is good against enemies who stacks armor.

: Great against enemies that stacks magic resist.

: Some extra damage is never bad, is it?

Tier 4

I dont pick anything in tier 4, but if you want lifsteal and think that Alacrity is a waste of mastery point, then be my guest.

Tier 5

: It gives some armor penetration without having to put points in Alacrity (ifyou think it's bad).

Tier 6

: This makes Dr. Mundo's role in teamfights much easier. Read about his role in the Your role in your team chapter.


Tier 1

: I only get one point in this perk to get to tier 2.

: It gives armor wich blockes physical damage. So it's always nice.

]Tier 2

: It gives Goes Where He Pleases a little buff that is very important early game.

Tier 3

: It gives extra health that grants some extra survivability.
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  • Greater Quintessence of Health: Flat health is always good, especially on Dr. Mundo. These runes allows him to spam his abilities a little more.

  • Greater Glyph of Vigor]: Great early game. Not much to say.

  • Greater Mark of Desolation: Armor penetration makes Infected Bonesaw a little better. If the enemy decides to stack armor early, this could really help.

  • Greater Seal of Vigor: These seals give Dr. Mundo better sustain, especially early game.

    As you can see, I mostly concentrated on making him better early game, wich can be important rest of the game.

Other Viable Runes

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Summoner Spells

Good Summoner Spells

It can be used in many different ways. It can be used to escape, chase or just get a kill that you otherwise wouldn't get.

Because Dr. Mundo got horrific burst damage, he is really dependant on slows. And when Infected Bonesaw is on cooldown and you really need to slow the enemy, this will be very useful.

Note that you can use it to decrease the damage of an enemy, giving you a great oppurtinity to get a kill.

Is there anything more annoying than loosing a kill because the target flashed away? This happenes quite often, especially when playing as Dr. Mundo, so this is a great choice.

Dr. Mundo can be very vulnerable to CC sometimes especially when you are trying to escape with Maximum Dosage.

Avoid if possible

Maximum Dosage is good enough and it got a low cooldown, so its not worth spending a slot on this.

This spell can be useful sometimes but once again, its not worth it.

You shouldn't have too much of a problem getting around, especially when you got Maximum Dosage

Avoid at all costs

It's only useful early game. When you reach level 6, this spell is totally useless.

Do you plan on dying?

It doesnt exist.

Just buy 3-4 wards to protect your lane and you should be fine.

I dont know why I even bother explaining why you shouldn't use this spell. I mean, Dr. Mundo doesn't even use mana!

The attack speed bonus is the only thing good about this spell, but that isn't enough. And the AP bonus makes Heart Zapper a litlle better. But its still not worth it.

You should NEVER play Dr. Mundo as a jungler. He isn't a good jungler so if you want to jungle, pick some other champ.
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Ability Sequence and Ability Explenation

Ability Sequence Order

Dr. Mundo regenerates 0.3 % of his maximum health each second.

Well, first of all, how much is 0.3 %? Let's find out. His base health is 433.

0.3 % of 433 is 1.3. This means that he regenerates 1.3 health each second (WITHOUT ITEMS). It's not the best passive, but it's not the worst either.

Dr. Mundo hurls his cleaver, dealing magic damage equal to 15/18/21/23/25% of the target's current Health (80/130/180/230/280 damage minimum) and slowing them by 40% for 2 seconds.

Half of the health cost is refunded if the cleaver hits a target.

This is Dr. Mundo's main source of damage. It deals great damage based on the enemys maximum health and it slows the target. It's great for chasing and escaping. ALWAYS max it first. More about this skill in the Infected cleaver chapter.

Toggle: Dr. Mundo deals 40/55/70/85/100 (+0.2) magic damage to nearby enemies, and reduces the duration of disables on Dr Mundo by 15/20/25/30/35%.

This skill is great for farming and is awesome in teamfights. Because it cost's health per second, using this skill early game will drain your health in no time. I learn this skill at level 5 and max it second. More about this skill in the Burning agony chapter.

Masoshism Increases Attack Damage by 40/55/70/85/100 for 5 seconds. Dr. Mundo gains an additional +0.4/0.55/0.7/0.85/1 Attack Damage for each percentage of Health he is missing.

It gives bonus damage, and is great combined with Heart Zapper. It doesn't cost much health, so make sure to use this often early game. I learn this ability at level 2 but i max it last. More about this skill in the Masochism chapter.

Dr. Mundo regenerates 40/55/70% of his maximum Health over 12 seconds. Additionally, he gains 15/25/35% Movement Speed.

This is personally one of my favorite ultimates. It can be used to chase, escape, heal, stay in lane or get to place quickly. Of course, i learn this ability whenever I can. More about this skill in the Sadism chapter.
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  • : I always start with this item. It gives health, armor but most important; Health regeneration.

  • : Dr. Mundo can be vulnerable to CC, especially in ganks.

  • : This is a core item and should be used on Dr. Mundo no matter what kind of build you use. It buffs up Maximum Dosage wich is great. Make sure to grab this item around level 6.

  • : It's a terrific item on Dr. Mundo. It gives health, great health regeneration and it gives health every time you get a kill or assisst. A core item.

  • : This item synergizes extremly well with Heart Zapper. This will make farming a piece of cake. The health and armor is also great.

  • : You should have TONS of health by now. Buying this item greatly increase you damage output. It also gives armor and Crit chance.

  • : This item is awesome on Dr. Mundo. Not only does it give health regeneration and movement speed, but it gives a huge ammount of magic resist. This item can shut down caster's.

Situational Items

: This item is extremly risky, but if you really want to first blood and you are sure that you wont die easily, you may pick this item.

When to pick this item: When you feel like you can survive pretty good and want to pick up first blood.

Sorcerer's boots: This item makes Infected Bonesaw more powerful. I prefer Mercury's Treads though.

When to pick this item: When you need to do some extra damage and don't lane against any hard CC champs.

: I rarely use this item, but if the enemy team rely on magic damage and spells, you could replace Sunfire Aegis with this item.

When to pick this item: When the enemy team rely heavily on magic damage.

: It's a really good item. Great health and attack damage.

When to pick this item: When you need som extra damage and when you find yourself chasing enemies all across the map.

: One of the best item passive's in the game in my opinion. It got a really nice armor and magic resist bonus.

When to pick this item: When you become focused or if your main role in teamfight's is to take damage.

: Amazing item. It gives health, armor and health regeneration. Replace this item with Force of Nature if needed.

When to pick this item: Grab this item if the enemy team doesn't got many caster's and instead rely on physical damage.

Items that you shouldn't use for several reason's

: I have seen this item on several Dr. Mundo build's. First of all, lets see the pro's of this item, shall we?

+ It gives +55% attack speed
+ +30% Crit chance
+ +20% Dodge chance
+ +15% movement speed

So why shouldn't we use this item? Well

1. The Attack Speed: Since Blunt Force Trauma doesn't have any attack speed bonus anymore, it's pretty worthless.

2. Crit chance: Dr. Mundo doesn't rely on crit damage because his attack speed isn't very high and it shouldn't be high in the first place.

3. Dodge chance: Dodge chance doesn't benefit Dr. Mundo in any way. Plus, it's going to be removed soon.

4. Movement speed: Most champs use movement speed to get around the map quicker to gank. But Dr. Mundo's gank's are horrible so there is absolutely NO reason for mundo to have high movement speed. Plus, if Dr. Mundo ever needs to get around the map quickly, just pop Maximum Dosage.
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Infected Cleaver

In this chapter i will explain how to use Infected Bonesaw in an effective way. Both offensivly and defensivly.

It's important to amx this skill first. It's your main source of damage. But the bad thing is that this skill is a skillshot. That means that you need a good aim and the Infected Bonesaw WONT go through minion's and other champs. So make sure that nothing stand's in the way if your'e trying to hit a specific target.

In this situation, a minion is standing in front of Sivir. Throwing Infected Bonesaw wont hit Sivir

Here I managed to bait Sivir away from the minion wave. Now I can easily hit her with Infected Bonesaw

And yes, my stats are bad and i played against bot's. But here i was afk most of the time, trying to find a program that can take a good pic.

Remember that you can use Infected Bonesaw too chase down an escaping enemy in a teamfight, picking up the kill for your team. Another great way you can use Infected Bonesaw with is to escape. It's pretty obvious but remember it. If Maximum Dosage is on cooldown, this may be your only way to survive.

Play a couple bot games before playing normal games so that you can train on using Infected Bonesaw wich is essential when playing as Dr. Mundo.
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Burning Agony

Many underestimate this skill. It does a great ammount of damage and is just awesome in teamfights. It's your main farming skill, but there is one huge con with this skill. It drains health. Therefore, buy a couple of health regeneration and health items and reach a higher level before using this skill more often.

If you press W and then immediatly press W again, you will do some damage without wasting health. Remember this when you are low on health.

When farming with Heart Zapper, make sure to stand between the mage minions and the melee minions, so that you can deal damage to as many minions as possible.

Once you got Sunfire Aegis you will deal a lot more damage. If you rely on Heart Zapper, then maybe you should buy a second Sunfire Aegis.

I learn this skill at level 5 but I max it second
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This skill increase's your damage output depending on how many level's this skill got. Because it's very cheap, i advise you to use this skill as often as you can early game. You will get a lot of gold, wich may give you an advantage later game.

A Infected Bonesaw + Blunt Force Trauma deals a lot of damage, so try to harass the enemies with this combo whenever you got the chance.

Heart Zapper + Blunt Force Trauma deals nice damage while waiting on Infected Bonesaw's cooldown

I learn this skill at level 2 and max it last.
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This is Dr. Mundo's bread and butter. This skill can be used in so many different ways. It's presonally one of my favorite ultimate's.

It greatly increase your health regeneration and giving you a movement speed bonus for 12 seconds. Now some may ask, how can this skill be so useful if it only gives some health and a movement speed bonus? Well, let me introduce you to the wonderful world of Maximum Dosage

Here are some ways to use this skill:

1. Staying in lane: This skill can be used to stay in your lane for a longer time. Since Dr. Mundo is a laning champion, you will be using this skill quite often.

2. Escaping: Because of the movement speed bonus, this is a powerful escaping tool. Note that Ghost is more powerful until you reach level 16.

3. Getting around the map quickly: If a lane is in trouble and the rest of your team is either dead or busy, just pop Maximum Dosage and you will be in that lane or place in no time.

4. Teamfights: If an important target is escaping and nobody in your team can catch that target, you could chase him/her down with Maximum Dosage and a well placed Infected Bonesaw.

5. Baiting: If someone is chasing you and that enemy got more health and damage than you, you could bait him/her with a well timed Maximum Dosage. Pop Maximum Dosage and go and hide in a brush where the enemy is going. At the end of the time, you should have more health. Then go and surprise the target. If the enemy is stupid enough to run through the jungle to search for you, make him/her pay!

I take this skill whenever I can, of course.
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Your role in your team

Your role should be to lane. A lot. Because Dr. Mundo's ganks aren't good, you wont go away from your lane so often. No mana and Maximum Dosage means that he can stay in lane forever. Keep farming and kill some creepscamps in the jungle like the wolf's and the banshee's camp IF you dont have a jungler in your team, because that would piss them off.

In teamfights you should take a lot of damage, if your team doesn't have any better tank that can soak up damage. Also remember to have Heart Zapper turned on all the time to deal som nice damage to all enemies surrounding you. Also, you can help to chase down carries and other escaping targets with Maximum Dosage and/or Infected Bonesaw.
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Early game

Dr. Mundo is weak ealy game and will rarely pick up first blood but you will get better with these runes and masteries. The best thing to do is to NOT lane against any annoying harasser (like Orianna Renekton). Try to hit the enemy with Infected Bonesaw whenever you can, to make them recall more often. Dodge skillshots to drain the enemies mana, making them recall more often so that you can farm without any troubles. You shouldn't focuse too much on kills or taking down turrets. Your main goal early game should be to stay alive and protect your lane. Easy as that.
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Mid game

At mid game, both teams should start to gank more often and start to go away from lanes and start teamfights. You should still focuse on defending your lane and hopefully take down at least one turret. You can spam your ability more often, especially when you got Warmog's Armor. Once you got Warmog's Armor, you can start focusing a little more on champion kills and assissts, but not too much tough.
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Late game

This is when the real thing's start to happen. More teamfights, ganks and killing baron. Once again you should lane. But not in bot or top lane, but healp your team push mid. But remember that you are still the lane king so keep looking at the minimap for opportunities to take down a turret or to farm a little. You should keep up with your team. And by that I mean that you should attacking when your team start attacking. You shoulnd't initiate a fight so often, but if you want, you could initiate a single target with Infected Bonesaw.
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Dr. Mundo can lane extremly well. He can stay in lane forever and if you ward your lane you can predict ganks and stay in your lane even longer. This is how you are supposed to lane:

1. Masochism: Make sure to spam Blunt Force Trauma early game, due to it's low health cost. You can pick up some free gold and push to the enemy turret quicker. Remember this.

2. Be aware of harasser: If you have a support that got Clairvoyance, ask him if he could use Clairvoyance on the enemy summoner plattform after around 10 seconds. By doing this you go to a lane without any heavy harasser, wich is important if you are going to lane good.

3. Ward your lane!: Ward it! I have seen many dr.mundo's doing this misstake and have gotten a lot of deaths beacause of this. There is a pic in the chapter below.

4. Dodge skillshots: This part sounds wierd. But actually it's very important to dodge them. If you manage to dodge them you will be rewarded in different ways. First of all they will loose mana. This is especially good if it's a mana hungry champ. Second you can actually predict a gank by doing this. If they all of a sudden start playing very aggressively, then there might be an enemy in the river brush.

5. Harass!: Harass the enemy! Try to discretely go to the side of the minion wave to land an Infected Bonesaw.

6. Make them recall: Play aggressevily whenever yThis will make them recall more often and that might just give you the time you need.

7. Wait until level 6: Play safely until you reach level 6 so that you can escape with Maximum Dosage whenever you need to.
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Essential to protect your lane
Essential to protect baron
Essential to protect dragon
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Dr. Mundo is a BAD jungler so you should never jungle as him. Because all of his abilities costs health, it's nearly impossible for him to jungle good. And his gank's are pretty ****ty too.
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Farming as dr. mudno is a piece of cake. At early game, just spam Blunt Force Trauma and you will be able to last hit minions pretty well. Once you get to mid game and got Spirit Visage together with Warmog's Armor, you can start farming with Heart Zapper.
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Frequently Asked Questions

I will answer whatever question(s) you got here.
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Change log and Patch notes

Here I will post all the changes I make in this guide. I will also post how the recent patches effected Dr. Mundo here.

30/11/2011 - Guide realesed on MOBAfire.
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Upcoming updates

Here I will post all the changes I am working on to improve this guide. Any suggestion would be appreciated :)

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