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League of Legends Build Guide Author -NA- Veng Lmfao

Dragon Training (Support)

-NA- Veng Lmfao Last updated on August 21, 2013
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

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Honor Guard

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Utility: 16

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philosopher's stone
kage's lucky pickemblem of valor
shurelya's reverie


Ability Sequence
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-My other guides-


-About The Author-

Hey guys! I'm Ryan (or Veng Lmfao), & this is my 6th guide here at Mobafire! Lulu has been one of my favorite supports ever since I picked up the role. If you just want to learn Lulu QUICKLY, stick to my Cheat Sheet. But if you want to learn every Tip & Trick that I can give to you, then read ahead!

-Why play Lulu?-

Lulu is an incredibly fun & versatile support. She has a fantastic skill set that synergises well with almost any team composition. Lulu is played primarily as a support due to her skill set binding very well with ADC's. She has fantastic harass from Glitterlance & Help, Pix!, whilst also being able to immobilize with Whimsy. A great attribute to Lulu is that Whimsy & Help, Pix! have 2 cast options, either on an enemy or an ally. Lulu is a fun champion but also an intricate one.

-What can I expect from this guide?-

You can expect an in-depth guide, delving into the depths of Items, Runes, Masteries, Laning, Teamfighting, Synergies, Opponents, Warding Locations & plenty more!
Welcome to Dragon Training

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Pros / Cons

>> Lulu has an incredible skill set. Glitterlance applies a very nice 80% slow (decays), which is incredible for chasing / fleeing. Whimsy immobilizes an enemy, whilst also being able to speed up an ally. Help, Pix! places a hefty shield onto an ally whilst also giving them Pix, Faerie Companion, which will aid & follow them around. Using Help, Pix! on an enemy will mark them, dealing damage & granting you vision of them. Wild Growth is great for disrupting enemies & for healing an ally.

>> Lulu has very low base movement speed (25) & is very squishy as the result of her being a ranged champion. Lulu has a high skill cap, meaning she is a hard champ to master. People also have tremendously high expectations of Lulu players, as you need to be able to make clutch plays.
>>Low MS
>>High skill cap
>>Hard to master
>>High expectations

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||| >> The rune setup I run provides lot of versatility, whilst also being pretty normal.
9x Greater Mark of Armor provide strong resistance against enemy ADC's, shaving some of their damage off you. With these, you are able to trade much easier.
9x Greater Glyph of Magic Resist are excellent for resisting enemy supports that rely on AP harass. Great against champions such as Sona, Zyra & Nami.
9x Greater Seal of Armor combines well with your marks, shaving even more damage off. The optimal choice for seals.
2x Greater Quintessence of Armor are excellent choices for quints as they increase your armor even further.
1x Greater Quintessence of Gold increases your gold income slightly.

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||| >> 1/13/16 is a solid mastery setup for Lulu. Explorer & Biscuiteer are fantastic for early game. You can use Explorer's Ward to ward the jungle to stop an invasion or use it to gain vision that you only need for a small amount of time. Wealth is excellent, as it lets you purchase more items upon spawn. Summoner's Wrath adds more potential to your Exhaust.
Block & Unyielding combine well to shave off even more damage. Meditation assists in keeping your mana sustained.

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Summoner Spells

||| >> Exhaust & Flash are my favored Summoner Spells.
Flash is mandatory on any support, as it provides so much versatility, both in escaping & engaging.
Exhaust is a fantastic spell for Lulu. Combined with Whimsy & Glitterlance, you are able to shut down your target for a large period of time. This can allow for you to easily escape or cover a large amount of ground to reach your target. Fantastic in teamfights, as you are able to subdue how much damage your target does or you could use it to peel for your ADC.
Ignite is a commonly picked summoner for supports right now. It's great for increasing your dps & for reducing healing, which could be crucial in situations. I much rather prefer Exhaust as I consider it a more versatile spell.

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||| >> Pix, Faerie Companion is an extremely fun passive to use. Whenever you auto-attack, Pix will fire multiple bolts at that target. Bear in mind that other units can intercept the bolts. If you cast
Help, Pix! onto an ally, Pix will now follow your ally around & will attack from THEIR auto attacks, so you can't use Pix to take kills. Using Help, Pix! on an enemy will place Pix on your opponent, granting vision of that target & anything they see, including wards.

||| >> Glitterlance is a very nifty harass tool which functions as your main damage tool. Lulu & Pix will fire one bolt each which will slow all enemies they hit by 80% (decays). However, you can only be hit by one bolt. Casting Help, Pix! on an enemy / ally will cause one bolt to be shot from where Pix is & one bolt to be shot from here Lulu is. If you are out of range to land Glitterlance, place
Help, Pix! on a minion (usually an enemy minion) & use Pix to land Glitterlance.

||| >> Whimsy is an incredibly useful skill. Upon casting Whimsy on an ally, they are granted a large speed boost & bonus ability power. This is a fantastic skill that is great for chasing or fleeing. Use Whimsy on your jungler to speed up the process of ganking. Stacks incredibly well with
shurelya's reverie. Upon casting Whimsy on an enemy, they become Polymorphed. A Polymorphed enemy will be unable to attack or cast spells & will also have their base movement speed reduced by 60. This is an incredible immobilization tool, as it sets up ridiculously easy kills. Allows your team to land their cc with ease.

||| >> Help, Pix! is an amazing tool. Pix is great for providing consistent damage, as placing Pix on your ADC will increase their DPS. Casting Help, Pix! on an ally will grant them a shield, which is amazing for brushing off enemy harass. Combined with Wild Growth, these two make a crazy save combination. Casting Help, Pix! on an enemy will damage them, grant you vision of the target & allows you to see anything they see. If you know there is a sight ward / Vision Ward around, place Help, Pix! on an enemy minion & draw them to the ward, you will be able to see the sight ward / Vision Ward. This is an incredible clearing tool but is difficult to do if you're not alone.

||| >> Wild Growth is a fantastic ultimate. It's an amazing "initiation" tool, as it synergises well with a wide array of initiation champions (mainly ones that can knock up). It is also an amazing save tool, as you are able to heal them swiftly. Place Help, Pix! & Locket of the Iron Solari to get the 2 extra shields & you'll be able to save your ally from anything!

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Ability Sequence

>> >> >>

||| >> Wild Growth takes priority over any of your other skills. Taking points whenever available provides increased health given, a reduced cooldown & a greater slow.

||| >> Glitterlance is your main damage tool, so it's only logical to prioritize it second. Maxing
Glitterlance improves your poke drastically, whilst also enhancing how well you can peel.

||| >> Help, Pix! is going to be maxed after Glitterlance. By the time you get to level 13, small skirmishes & teamfights are going to start rolling out. The increased shield is great for keeping an ally safe, whilst the increased damage is great for assisting your team in kills.

||| >> I use Whimsy as a utility spell. The only attributes you get for putting extra points into this is an increased Polymorph duration, which I don't consider as helpful as an increased shield & increased damage.
>> Maxing Whimsy instead of Help, Pix! is absolutely fine if you love to shut down your opponents, but I prefer Help, Pix!.
>> If you can't decide, split even! Put 3 points into Help, Pix!, then max Whimsy. This skill order gives an even mix of damage, disable & protection.

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sight ward

|| Starting Items
>> This start provides incredible versatility. Amazing vision & counter vision from the 5 wards provided. I like to use Explorer's Ward for invasions or for when your opponents first walk into lane, as this helps dictate the pace of the lane if they can't harass. Health Potion's, Mana Potion's & [your color=Orchid] Total Biscuit of Rejuvenation[/color] pair well in keeping your health & mana sustained.
philosopher's stone
|| Early Purchases
>> philosopher's stone & Sightstone are 2 extremely gold efficient items, which also provide very useful stats. Sightstone allows you to absorb more damage & philosopher's stone increases your health regen, mana regen & gold income. These 2 items also build into your 2 core items, Ruby Sightstone & shurelya's reverie (& Mikael's Crucible if you plan on purchasing it). Boots of Speed allow you to move around quicker, making skillshots easier to dodge. They also build into your Boots of Mobility or Ionian Boots of Lucidity. Aegis of the Legion is a strong early purchase as it provides a variety of stats & builds into Locket of the Iron Solari.
kage's lucky pick
|| Other Early Purchases
>> These items are all situational. Build kage's lucky pick if you feel that the game is going to be slow paced & gold income will be reduced. Chalice of Harmony is an excellent item if you're with an ADC such as Ezreal who has high poke, or if the enemy team has a lot of CC (so you can build into Mikael's Crucible early). Doran's Shield is excellent if you're up against a high-poke lane & you are being bullied easily (such as Draven).
shurelya's reverie
|| Core Items
>> Your core 3 items that suit any situation. Ruby Sightstone is an exceptional item. Provides amazing vision whilst also being a very cost efficient item. Locket of the Iron Solari is a strong attribute to your team. Combined with Help, Pix! & Wild Growth, you have increase your potential to save someone. It is also great for reducing the amount of magic damage taken.
shurelya's reverie is amazing for chasing or escaping. Combines will with Whimsy.
zeke's herald
|| End Game Purchases
>> These 3 items are end game purchases & are situational. Although it is rare that you will get this far, there's always the chance that you will. Build them according to your situation. zeke's herald is great if your team has an assassin & an ADC that depends on lifesteal more than crit.
Mikael's Crucible is an excellent choice if the enemy team has a fair amount of cc. If you plan on building it, consider switching out shurelya's reverie & purchasing Mikael's Crucible in its place. Twin Shadows is a very strong chase / reveal tool. It is a useful scouting tool, as you could risk a face check & be punished for it. It also pairs well with shurelya's reverie &

|| Boots / Enchantments
>> Boots & Enchantments all come down to personal preference. I usually use Boots of Mobility + Enchantment: Captain, but feel free to mix & match with whatever you like!
sight ward
|| Don't Forget to Buy
>> Never forget to maintain vision of the map. Just because you have a Ruby Sightstone doesn't mean you stop warding. Use Oracle's Elixir & Vision Ward to counter enemy vision. You can also use them effectively against champions with a stealth such as Vayne, Twitch,
Evelynn, etc.

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||| Synergy
>> Lulu is an excellent laning partner for practically everyone, due to her kit having almost everything that is wanted. Generally, she goes well with carries that can poke easily or like to wave clear such as Caitlyn / Ezreal.
Lulu synergises with a lot of champions that have "wombo-combo" potential. Orianna is an excellent choice, as your ults combined well. I like to have a Maokai, as his targeted dash combines well with Lulu.
||| Excels at
>> Lulu is a very strong lane bully. She is able to apply continuous harass with ease, whilst also being an exceptional zoner. Landing a good Polymorph can set up easy kills, so the enemy will be wary of you. She is fantastic against melee supports, as they are forced to sit back & become useless. Against combo reliant supports such as Alistar / Leona, Whimsy is excellent as it can disrupt their combo, allowing for you to turn around & win the trade.
sight ward
||| Early game
>> Being the support, your job is to be keeping your carry safe with Help, Pix!, providing pressure to the enemy lane via harass with Glitterlance & Help, Pix!, whilst also using
Whimsy to zone once they drop some-what low. You'll also want to be controlling vision. By controlling, I mean denying the enemy a chance to have vision, so remember to purchase a couple of Vision Ward's every so often. I'm a support that loves to ward, everywhere. This is why I will always purchase some sight ward's even if I have a Ruby Sightstone. Three wards doesn't grant as much vision as I'd like.

Warding Locations for Bot Lane (Credit to ASTROLIA)

||| Harassing / Zoning
>> Due to Lulu's incredible kit, she is fantastic at zoning & harassing. Glitterlance is an amazing harass tool, as it deals significant damage whilst also applying a handy 80% slow (that does decay). Landing Glitterlance exposes your enemy to more harass, either from you or from your carry. It also makes landing Whimsy much easier, & increases the chance of a successful gank from your jungler. Help, Pix! is also a great harass tool, as it is a targetable ability & gives vision of your target.
||| Jungle Pressure
>> When receiving a gank, it's important to never give it away. If you suddenly charge at your enemy, they'll know something is amiss. Co-ordinate with your jungler, & make sure you go in at the same time. Going in too early will mean your jungler won't be able to cut them off. To increase your chances of a successful gank, try to land Glitterlance. Once tagged with the slow, it'll be much easier for your jungler to land his cc. Follow up with Whimsy & Exhaust to immobilize them further. You can also use Wild Growth to knock them up if you need to. Use Help, Pix! to shield an ally if you intend on tower diving.
||| Mid Game
>> Once you've won / lost your lane, you'll start to move around a bit. This is the time of the game where you'll want to be warding objectics such as Dragon, Blue Buff, Red Buff & lots of important bushes / chokepoints. You'll also start joining other lanes to siege towers, start skirmishes or to take other important objectives.

Warding Locations for Mid Game (Credit to ASTROLIA)

||| Objectives
>> About the mid point of the game, you'll start to be focusing on objects. These objectives include sieging towers, going for Dragon / Baron or going for Red Buff / Blue Buff.
It is important to have these areas warded, or to always know the timers.
Refer below (extract from my Olaf guide).

Jungle Timers

||| Map Awareness
>> It is incredibly important to have good map awareness. You need to know the general whereabouts of your enemies at all times. Keep a close eye on the minimap, as it'll provide you with vital information, such as an enemy teleporting to a lane, or an enemy recalling. Remember to call your MIA's aswell as ping "enemy missing", whilst also paying attention to the chat. When you see a ward that is placed or an objective is killed, type when it'll be dead / back up. I highly suggest turning on Timestamps which is available under the More Options in-game tab.
||| Teamfights
>> Lulu brings a lot to a teamfight. Because of her incredible kit, she is able to function as 2 roles. She can assist in the initiation with Wild Growth / Whimsy whilst also peeling incredibly well with Glitterlance, Whimsy, Help, Pix!, Exhaust, Locket of the Iron Solari & the list just goes on. Keep your carry safe & apply the shield from Help, Pix! to whoever requires it.

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-My other guides-


-Final Words-

>> Well, that concludes my guide on Lulu. Hope you enjoyed reading it, & I hope that you've learnt at least 1 thing! Please, leave a comment saying why you loved it / why you hated it or if you just want to leave a suggestion. That's all from me, bye!
- Veng <3