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Skarner Build Guide by Dawnlicker

Dual Threat Option Skarner Carry

Dual Threat Option Skarner Carry

Updated on June 2, 2015
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dawnlicker Build Guide By Dawnlicker 2,175 Views 0 Comments
2,175 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Dawnlicker Skarner Build Guide By Dawnlicker Updated on June 2, 2015
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Choose Champion Build:

  • LoL Champion: Skarner
    Option Skarner
  • LoL Champion: Skarner
    Slow Build Skarner

Frost Skarner

this is the second option, which would be more viable than the first when one cannot land the skill shot reliably or lacks an effective slow. The player would use the sprint as an initiation and escape while allowing the slow build to have some control of players that would otherwise escape the scorpion.

The sheen is big time. This spider is the crystal spider and has thrash on smash all the time. Just tap Q all the time in melee, it is great and low cost. This is pure sheen.

The Ghost Blade is When you Want to start making money with player kills more than the jungle alone.

Slow Build relies on being able to catch people out of position with sprint alone combined with a skill shot, this sustained slow once in melee range helps provide kills; the lead up is meant to sustain the gold income to able to afford the 3300 hammer early enough with enough attack threat to be an impact player on the field in terms of securing potential kills, utilizing sprint and the skillshot slow and sprint sword as need be.

Remember Frost Skarmer is the second build.

The gain the slow hammer when you want to take it to that level. It is an investment, but skarner plays little key roles in fights when one misses the skill shot with a long cooldown and people run away from melee.

Alacrity on the boots is for offensive and sustaianed jungling, and pvp impact for imparting the slow and being in melee to get the slow posion on him, sipder, where taking home-guard is for a lancing perspective and jungling while cleaning up stray lane creeps if these need help. allow the rest of the team t
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Frost Skarner Alt Items

The Glove could be taken as both a defensive option, and early alternative to trinity. This would give one the trinity spot to give to king blade or infinity. One can also get both glove and hammer, but the glove is not ideal, only cheap, as there is a short time between each slow, as opposed to the hammer

Scimitar can replace Ghostblade; anything can replace ghost blade if one does not want to get avarice

and Angle are there in place of trinity if you die a lot.
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Fallbacks of Skarner

The frosty spider, is not that chilling, instead, made of crystal.

This means it is difficult to land enough consecutive strikes to utilize the passive ability, much harder when one is missing the skill shot.

For this reason. Slow-build is an alternative, as the scorpion is unimpactful at the front lines in fights when the other squadron members can run away.

The flash can get you in a position to land an easy skill shot, but often the scorpion does not have the dps alone to drop a fighter early.
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Uses of Skarner Fighter Skarner

This is a build one can play when one is uncertain how one will fare against the opponents, as it can be built into a damage carry or into a tank. It is a jungling build

The key is to use the ability slows to

take scepter early, the kills help more than staying alive if you plan on jungling

Frost Armor or Frozen heart for Locket if one wants armor for fighting
Nashors as offensive, a bit of spell and good for dmg, in place of blood thirst
Thirster for Hydra
if one does not need armor, instead of frozen heart
The Wings were also an option if one was not facing heavy melee fighters
Swift if facing slows, but does not want full tenacity.
Berserker if you really dont have movement issues and want to be very aggressive on offense and in the jungle
League of Legends Build Guide Author Dawnlicker
Dawnlicker Skarner Guide
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Dual Threat Option Skarner Carry

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