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Darius Build Guide by Ryzuh

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ryzuh

Dunkin' Darius (AD Heavy)

Ryzuh Last updated on October 19, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is my first build and I plan to make more, please feel free to give me tips on how to enhance my build.

In my opinion, Darius is one of the best champions in League of Legends. He is just really fun to play as. He is easy to learn and there are several ways to build him. If you follow my build correctly i believe you will become a great Darius player. I believe the build I have created is one of the best out there for Darius because it focuses on his AD opposed to making him a complete tank. I think AD Darius beats tank Darius any day. Enjoy my build and be sure to leave a rating!

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Flash - Flash is an important spell to use when using Darius. He isn't the quickest character and flash gives him the ability to get out of trouble quickly. Flash can also be used the opposite way, it can put him right into the middle of a fight or help get the final blow on an enemy champion by flashing right to them.

Ignite - Ignite is an important spell to use when using Darius or any other champion. This is because you often find yourself almost killing an enemy and ignite is there to get the final blow on them.

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Hemorrhage - Hemorrhage is his passive. It causes the enemy to bleed, getting stronger as he levels. This passive can stack up to five times. The passive also increases movement speed by %5 for each enemy champion that is bleeding.

Decimate - Decimate is the go to ability. I take it first because it has the ability to put out a lot of damage in a large area. It is very similar to Garen's sniping ability. The thing is if you hit an enemy with the otter edge of the blade (where the actual axe blade is) you increase the damage output onto the enemies. This gets maxed out first.

Crippling Strike - Crippling Strike is an important ability because it works a lot like ignite. When Darius hits someone with the ability it cuts an artery causing them to bleed out. This can be very helpful if they flee with low health, they could end up dead because they bleed out from the ability.

Apprehend - Apprehend is important because it initiates fights by bringing the enemy towards you. It also increases armor penetration when activated.

Noxian Guillotine - Noxian Guillotine is his ultimate. It is the entire reason why he is known as Dunkin' Darius. It's an excellent ultimate because it puts out massive damage. It is important to stack his passive because it adds an extra damage bonus when used. The greatest part of the ultimate is when it deals a killing blow to an enemy, it instantly cools down. This makes it easy to get massive amounts of enemies in a short amount of time.

E - Initiates the fight. It's important to bring the enemy in, so they don't flee.
Q - Try to hit the enemy with the outer edge of the axe.
W - Puts out large damage bringing them to low health and causes them to bleed.
R - Finishes them off.

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The items i choose for his build are all chosen for a reason. They each add something to make Darius a better champion throughout the game. The build focuses on attack damage because he can really melt the enemies help when built and played correctly. Most builds are support Darius's but this one sets it self apart because it almost solely based around attack damage. Feel free to swap anything out from the build for a more health/tank oriented build.

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Farming is very important with Darius and any other champion, try to lat hit minions to avoid getting ganked from other lanes, or the enemy jungler.

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Team Work

When in team fights Darius is a very important asset. He is there to help out his teammates. He can bring enemies in allowing teammates to attack. When playing as Darius be sure to communicate with your team about what you plan to do while in team fights.