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Cho'Gath Build Guide by mastajdog

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League of Legends Build Guide Author mastajdog

Epic cho off-tank pwnage

mastajdog Last updated on October 6, 2011
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i am redoing this build for a few reasons: trolls and that this is a guide, not just a build. people didn't like it because they didn't understand the mind nature i get in. i've also been re-testing and found this to be the best (in my opinion) off-tank build for cho. it is not a tank build, it is also not a mage build. you won't pop 2k feasts, sorry. but you can live long enough for 3, not possibly just 1.

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what kind of cho this is

this is the epitome of cho'gath. 7 straight wins prove it to me (although 26-4-2 with none of my recommended items tell me it might be my skillz). this is a bruiser who will get 1-2 kills and 3-5 assists per team fight and make it. you can take massive harassment and dish it out harder. you can demolish the any teemo build in the top 10 if his guardian's on cd in 3 seconds (literally. i've done it.) you can 1-shot the squishies you out-leveled with Feast. you can take the baron, and survive 3 ults and 2 shots from the spawning pool SIMULTANIOUSLY with an exhaust to make you slow. and you can get a few kills while doing that.

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my general playstyle as cho

i play as kinda a taunting fool. i often go /t near dead enemies, and harass like a crazy fool. i've been known to eat enemies with 2000+hp just to make them run. i play with their mind, watching them loose 800 hp from 1 skill on a 36 sec cd. it's back before they are. i play agressive-passive, harassing while last hitting and saving up mana for a burst. my best friend is my carry, and i've played many games where both the carry and i end up out-farming our opponnent's solo mid. i've zoned 2 people by my self, and killed a tryn past his undying rage then gotten his kayle next in a 1v2 lane. i am pretty much the non-troll version of the mfing cho'gath. i harass like a crazy fool and have slows and/or a slience/death on the enemy team. i can push like a fool late game, and nobody really messes with me or they spend 5 minutes on the "crit time with ashe show".

if you liked "jumping with jarvin" and are content to let your carry get reasonable fed, this build is for you. if you like trolling with mundo, go here:yes a **** build. he started the trolling for you. just see his masteries.

tldr: i play like i'm high on life, and having the time of my life. i go a little loose and crazy, because this lets you pull it off if you've been doing this with fun.

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why it works

part of the above. since you want either a solo top, or duo with a carry (not support/tank. they are reserved for your carries, which you are not.) main thing is harassment. since you can hurt, and if you do it right can kill teemos in 3 seconds (literally done it many times), they're gonna focus you. then the carry you made get fed and harassed for kills several times within the 1 minute it would take to kill you. if they don't, you'll kill them. that's their choice. they can ignore you and die, or focus you and die. only way you loose is 1v5's or so, which isn't what you should be doing. cause if it's 1v3, they can't chain stun you and then you get to run and let your team either gank them or have personal fun time with enemy buildings/rest of their champions. you are not the winner. on dominion, you'd be about 4th. but your team gets SO MANY WINS like this. because you're the different kind of support. you support by mindfing and making decisions impossible.

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who cho is:

he is an off-tank. derp. people think he's a tnak. he's not.

why cho isn't a tank: he has to kill stuff to regen/gain hp/mana. tanks don't do much of that. tanks can't get 2 kills in a 1v2 top. i've done that. tanks have hard cc. cho doesn't. seetank or off-tank and tanks and tanking for more details on why.

sure, play him as a tank. it works. it doesn't work too well though.

why cho isn't a mage:

Vorpal Spikes and Feast, your killers, don't have like any range. ever heard of a melee mage? sure, you can make it work, you're just way to freaking squishy to be able to get in close enough against a good team.

he has elements of both. ergo, off-tank.

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core build

you have 2 core builds, consisting of 2 option choices: Ninja Tabi or Mercury's Treads and Frozen Heart or Banshee's Veil. if you need one of each, grab merc's and fh. this is to hit 40% cdr within about 10 minutes. if you need both of either, while, take both.

start with the Doran's Ring. this gives you punch and mana. then, grab the mana items and boots. next, take Glacial Shroud and Fiendish Codex before finishing your boots. at this point in time, it really varies. if you now need to focus magic resistance, grab a Negatron Cloak and grab the Banshee's Veil. then finish your morollo's evil tome and grab another negatron for your Force of Nature. elsewise, finish your Frozen Heart

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post core items:

if you need armor after the Frozen Heart, grab the Randuin's Omen. great sinergy with fh, and some hp and regen. if you need mr, grab the FoN after the Bv. if you just want more pwnage, grab a deathcap and a warmog's. it all depends on how it's going.

Item tiers:

Force of Nature conbined with the rest of this build, it is a powerfull addition after banshee's

Randuin's Omen has rediculous sinergy with Frozen Heart.


Sunfire Cape is certantly not a bad item. i just prefer Randuin's Omen + Frozen Heart + Feast

Thornmail only if facing a team composed entirely of ad champions that include at least half of their team from the following : tryndamire Master Yi Sivir Wukong Ashe

not so good:

Abyssal Mask is a meh item. you're paying 1050 for nothing but -20 mr for the enemies, which doesn't have a huge impact for you

Will of the Ancients should only be gotten with a team of all mages. however, one of them will beat you to it.... so....
Zhonya's Hourglass.
Kinda like abyssal scepter. meh, and the active is useless for how i feel cho'gath should be played.


Deathfire Grasp doesn't waste any cdr and gives some mana and ap, like the tome. however, i never use the active. great if you do (Thanks Dufftime). really. study that guy. he's great.

Quicksilver Sash is great for skyrner maltz Warwick mordakaiser ect for it's "removes all debuffs from your champion". however, if you never use it, you're paying through the roof for the magic resist.

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warning about builds in a nutshell:

i never give you 1 build and say take it. they're situational, but the recommended options. and yes, if you're facing a fed tryn, yi, olaf, jarvin, and xin zhao, sure, grab a thornmail. just read below and you'll figure it out.

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builds in a nutshell

first, by team composition and then by your gameplay
1 is all ad, 2 is mostly ad, 3 is even, 4 is mostly ap, 5 is all ap. a means you gotta get real tanky, b is more tanky than normal, and c is bot games at level 30 easy.

1a Ninja Tabi Frozen Heart Morello's Evil Tome Randuin's Omen Sunfire Cape Warmog's Armor
1b Ninja Tabi Frozen Heart Morello's Evil Tome Randuin's Omen Rabadon's Deathcap Warmog's Armor
1c Ninja Tabi Frozen Heart Morello's Evil Tome Mejai's Soulstealer / Rabadon's Deathcap Randuin's Omen Rabadon's Deathcap

2a see main build, replace Rabadon's Deathcap with Randuin's Omen
2b. see main build
2c see main build, add mejai's before banshee's and remove FoN

3a main build
3b main build
3c see main build, add mejai's before banshee's and remove FoN
3d. see 3c

4a. main build, leave glacial shroud for a while and grab Warmog's Armor in place of Rabadon's Deathcap
4b. above.
4c. above, but with mejai's inplace of FoN and before banshee's

5a. Mercury's Treads Morello's Evil Tome Banshee's Veil Force of Nature Quicksilver Sash Warmog's Armor
5b Mercury's Treads Morello's Evil Tome Banshee's Veil Force of Nature Rabadon's Deathcap Warmog's Armor

5c Mercury's Treads Morello's Evil Tome Banshee's Veil mejai's soulsteaer Force of Nature Rabadon's Deathcap

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your job is
you have nice mana regen by the 10 minute mark with this build, so harassment is a must. you can harass very well with Rupture being on a 5.4 sec cdr.

Initiate. if nobody else will, do it. run in and nom their carry and they either back off or they jump on you. that's why you have to be tanky. nobody can get a feast if they can't survive long enough to get close to NOM NOM NOM.

save the carries!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yea, i know, you're the cho, you can solo their entire team and want dessert... the carries can do a much better job if you make your job to ensure that they don't have to itemise to stay alive. SAVE THEM!!! if your Ashe is being chased by tryndamire or Kassadin or whoever, slow and silence them. the damage(and their inability to chase for 5 seconds) will ensure that they leave your carry alone. and carries alive = wins (or at least it's a whole lot more likely)

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deserves an entire chapter, mostly because it's what this build was designed with in mind.

Feast is the most op ult in the game.... First, it's secerets

while it appears to have a tiny range, the more stacks your cho has, the bigger you get. it actually increases in range with every stack thuswise.

it is also the most devistating nuke in the game. with my above listed build, it deals:938 true damage to a champion. only 3 things that i know of can reduce it: raganork (from olaf) levithian (fully stacked) and the tenacity in the defense tree. it is also amplified by havok in the offense tree. (although the last two make about 0 difference).

how i use it:
i tend to simply feast on a minion in my lane if there's nothing going on. if there's about to be a fight, i'll wait to either spring it or till it diffusses.

at 6 stacks, initiate with it. it makes their teemo run like crazy.

if you get level 6 and there's been good harass, SAVE IT!!!!!!!!!! i distinctly remember having been level 6 for about a minute when there's a skirmish. i run at 50 hp, sion chases at 230, NOM NOM NOM, now i'm running with a feast stack and 250 hp. sion ragequits.

the 500 hp guy i was running past shortly after left me alone. save it.

IF it's after the laning phase and you die, there's a few things you can do. if you are personally surviving most teamfights, go nom a wrath or a wolf. the 2 solitary golems are ok too. your jungler's done with the jungle by now. just don't get red or blue buff and you'll be ok. However, if you're dying a lot, just save it to nom an enemy champ. it'll do you more good there.

AND FINALLY... whenever you nom an enemy for a kill, go "/all A HOM NOM NOM NOM NOM NOM". that lets them know you've read this guide and they run in fear from you. just go take some turrets now you overgrown monster. if they don't know that, make them pay by noming them somemore.

. tell people female champs they taste good sometimes after NOM NOM NOM if you're not doing very any fighting at the moment. under the same conditions, tell males to put on some deodorant. they laugh or get pissed. either one is good.

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the rest of your skills

while, you just read feast, so i won't try to summarize that.

is the best laning passive ever. Eternal Thirst can be argued, but with the level 6 combo of Rupture Feral Scream wiping out an entire minion wave, BAM!!! 200-1000 hp. CRAZY MAN!!! also works great with Feast

Rupture is a potent harass. it also works great as a gank-setup, because people won't be able to tell the difference between harassment and ganking. also, you can just rape people with this skill because it will eat half of a squishy's health in a few minutes just due to harassment. it also pops the stun/drag of Bandage Toss. pissed him off: amumu landed it a half-second after i popped rupture on him. the second he starts to move he gets knocked up. drove him crazy. WIN

Feral Scream is my main priority. i used to prioritise Rupture, then it was 50/50, now i level up this more. why?
(a) landibility. between levels 1-20, most people won't even be looking for the smoke, let alone trying to avoid it. however, after that, the 1 second delay can result in a miss.

(b) duration: i do believe i read this one one of the currently top builds, but not only does leveling cho's skill not change their cooldowns, but leveling rupture doesn't increase the slow or knock-up duration. leveling scread does increase the silence duration.

(c) awesomeness: if that idiot Wukong think's he's going to harass me with Nimbus Strike Crushing Blow Decoy and get away, it makes him stay. you can then rupture his path and kill him with feast, or just hit him hard to make him pay for trying to harass you. for example. you don't want him grabbing merc's and getting away within .75 seconds of your scream anyway.

however, leveling q and w can be up to even depending on how much you're getting (a) allowed to land it on them (how dumb are they at letting you harass) and how much you need to zone (are you with a total carry? can they be zoned)-- the more you can land it and the more you need to try to zone and let your carry farm, take rupture. but never have a higher level of rupture past level 1.

Vorpal Spikes. are both good and bad. the pro's: they are free, they hit multiple targets, they don't care about blinds/dodge/ Thornmail ect. (take that teemo). the bad: they will creep-steal your carry. they will make a tower focus you. they are more magic damage.

i do occassionally toggle those off. however, if you don't see a reason to, don't.

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harass: q

q-w-r. add a few auto-attacks. also works w-q-r and q-w-r-q-w

always try to harass with Rupture so that they never know when it's the start of a combo and they're just about dead

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what do i do in a team fight??

see also:role. however, i can't stress this enough:


Try not to kill steal too much. strive to have a 1:1 ratio of kills to assists (1:0:1 kills deaths assists). but don't be a coward. you can survive a beating with this build. just don't press it (aka getting impailed by skyrner and being drug onto their spawning pool... thanks, i really needed that). it actually happened like this to me once: tried to nom nom teemo to scare him from his turret. screen died for a few seconds, and i'm suddenly standing on their spawing pool long enough to take two hits from the turret in the spawning pool and an exhaust. also got a blitz ult and a viegar ult. lolz. i lasted 15 seconds like that. too bad my Dell sucks. that was in game #1 listed below

so anyway... yea. initiate if your team doesn't have a good initiate, but if they don't, you better have a tankier build than my recommended one (skip deathcap). or, you can just harass with Rupture and let them charge in and try it themselves. as their intiatiator comes in, observe what happens. is he tanky? is he suiciding himself? or are his carries coming in? also important to note how repeatable that initiate is. if it's an ult, and his carries came, totally ignore him unless he tries to hurt your carry. then kill him. literally, feast his bones, even if it's ksing your carry. THIS IS THE ONLY TIME I EVER ALLOW KSING, IF SOME IDIOT INITIATOR CAME AT YOUR CARRY AFTER INITIATING. try to earn the kill though. normally, qwer counts for taking it. r by itself also works. but anyway, reason for that is to yell "OM NOM NOM NOM TASTY IDIOT (name of character played here) TASTES SO GOOD!!!" and something to the effect of "NOW MAYBE YOU'LL KNOW TO FOCUS THE CHO" "MWAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA" unless it's a fight now. don't type during fights unless you're cc'd and can't do anything. still don't. but if you don't, do it afterwards after something like... "fail start to the fight, huh? SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO tastey." and then follow the routine."

Anyway, if the carries showed up, try to make them easy prey for yours if you can. if not, because they're far back enough it's only ults, kog, or that one new champ they're gonna come out with that can deal damage. and that can be ignored. unless it's kog. then don't. try to sneak up on him through brush or whatever. stop him. he's annoying. so anyway, feed your carries like normal. their pentakills are good for you, too. i'll take the gold from 5 assists any day. and then, you look great for setting EVERYBODY up. and then, once your carry's legendary, let nothing seperate them from you. NOTHING. Here's what you can do (they should be level 18 anyway, so you're not exp steaing): save their buts- if it's 5v1, they're dead, if it's 5v2, at least 4 will either focus or get cc'd by you. normally, 5, because you're in their faces. once your carry's free, go run yourself. no need to die if it does you no good.

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what you do in a lane

if you have a carry, try to let them get the actual kill. their bf sword gives them much more of a chance to repeat than your glacial shroud. for example (also from game #1) cait and i try for the other team's olaf. she we hit, he hits her hard. she runs and ignites. i rupture and see he's at 20 hp with an ignite. i let ignite finish him and cait gets the kill. she's happy and thanks me.

also try to let the carry get more creeps than you. it's difficult. if you just killed/ate your laning opponnents, go jungle a bit if your team doesn't have a jungler. or you can just be a big freakin meat shied for her.

If you happen to be with an assassin/stealth/off-tank (sombody who doesn't require creep kills as much), feel to farm, but don't push. standard is q-w. also what you do if you have to push.

BE THE MFing MEAT SHIELD. stay between your ranged carry and their minions. don't attack, but ensure that the minions are hitting you not her.

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it works for me

My first recorded games as cho between levels 6-8... i can play him... but the build made it sporadic. (that and i was level 8 at the time...)

Last 7 wins:
#1:fairly ordinary 3/3/11... except my cait and i (we were top) out-farmed their solo mid each.

#2again, both kills and assists each outnumber deaths

#3poor stats, because i was the tankiest guy on my team. however, many times we got kills after i died, so it worked out

#4GTFO MAN!!! After "/all 1v1 anybody?" talon and teemo tried to 1v2 me. i had them at less than 100 hp each as they ran from my half health into the bushes where my partners were waiting amused. then i got a mejai's and got 3 assists in the next ace and then a triple kill in my next ace before they surrendered.
also i forgot to remove their names before i uploaded this picture... so that's what you can do online in picassa.

#4 stats.same game as above. just showing the pwnage dished out

#5 was co-op vs ai with my friend veranus who invited me to the game. he was trying out talon. just pure pwnage. but we were level 30 doing co-op vs ai. so nothing special... except the 1-shot i feasted on the cho'gath bot.

#6i was set-up man and undergoing massive harassment. very tanky build, long game. still worked great though.

#7pownage. more of an ap build than 6. but again, raping. duo bot with talon. we both got called op and were told we needed nerfs. never had to buy an oracle's for their shaco or akali (our original laning opponnents). I didn't leave the lane until level 8 to buy stuff and went back about 3 times total (except the few deaths). the enemy's top team of olaf and jax were dishing out some heavy damage, and after about level 8, they tried olaf. then they went to any number of 1-4 on bot to shut us down. then laning ended and noming olaf began.

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i read it all, now what?

try it out before voting. please tell me your scores. if you downvote because you "don't like item a" or you "think cho must be only a tank" or "your name sucks" or "oh oh" i will investigage. if you tell me "it sucks, i went 0/14/20 with this build" and post a screenshot, fine! thanks for letting me know, i'll pm you and apologise, and then work on it somemore. please, don't vote until you try it out. and no, i've never actually been able to finish it. so yes, the last item might not be absolutetly the best.

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tl:dr (aka this build in a nutshell)

make your carries have the permanent status of legendary while going on a few rampages