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Draven Build Guide by Dealersz

ADC EUW Challenger Draven Guide UPDATED 12.12

ADC EUW Challenger Draven Guide UPDATED 12.12

Updated on August 2, 2022
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dealersz Build Guide By Dealersz 900 41 1,090,448 Views 6 Comments
900 41 1,090,448 Views 6 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Dealersz Draven Build Guide By Dealersz Updated on August 2, 2022
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Runes: Hail of blades

1 2 3
Hail of Blades
Taste of Blood
Eyeball Collection
Ingenious Hunter

Legend: Bloodline

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

Champion Build Guide

EUW Challenger Draven Guide UPDATED 12.12

By Dealersz

My name is Dealersz, I've been playing league of legends since mid season 2

I started maining Draven in season 7 up until now, and hit Challenger on 2 accounts in season 11, and peaking over 1000lp in Season 12

I have also been the #1 Draven in the world according to league of graphs

I have over 2000 ranked games and know the champions limits to the fullest, and in this guide I will show you how to play Draven properly

I stream almost daily at Twitch so if you enjoy high quality Draven gameplay you are always welcome to join in

Pros / Cons


- Strong laner
- Heavy AD damage
- Very hard to stop once ahead
- Decent mobility


- Vulnerable to CC
- Very hard to master
- Bad from behind
- Relies on cash in
- Short range

What runes are best for Draven?

Draven is a strong laner already but with Hail of Blades he becomes even stronger. Hail of Blades allows for better trades in lane than Conqueror and also suprises enemies outside of lane with the short burst of attack speed it gives. How to utilize Hail of Blades most effectively is by having 2 Spinning Axe's and activating a third once you proc it

Conqueror is not really the best for laning but scales a lot better than Hail of Blades. It's useful when you're against champions with high base armor or health. Conqueror synergizes really well with Spinning Axe Bonus AD percentage but in the end it's mostly preference and what you feel comfortable with yourself

Press the Attack is also a viable option but is more suited for solo lanes, I would not recommend it if you're playing botlane, but in some matchups it could still be useful if you get to utilize it a lot

Lethal Tempo on Draven is a replacement for Conqueror in my opinion, it's stronger in lane if you get to stack it and utilize the range and attack speed it gives, but Conqueror is way stronger in late. I don't have too much experience with Lethal Tempo but I am guessing it's good the same games Conqueror is good, so basically vs tanks or melee champs where you can get in a lot of autos

As of latest patches, there has been a lot of discussions about what runes to use and I want to comment on it. Personally I would recommend going Hail of Blades when you have an engage support. So for example something like Nautilus or Pyke, basically something that allows you to proc your Hail of Blades several times. I would recommend going Lethal Tempo if you have an enchanter as support, or anything that will make you go into extended fights so you can get more value of it. At the end of the day its up to YOU to decide which rune will give you the most value since every game is different.

What items are best for Draven?

Let's start of by saying that there is no item build that you should stick to every game. Draven is very flexible when it comes to builds and he has a lot of options. However, I think there's only a handful of Mythic items that are viable. As of patch 12.12, i would recommend building Eclipse if you use Hail of Blades and Kraken Slayer if you use Conqueror or Lethal Tempo. These 2 items are what you should build most games, but there are exceptions. Maybe the enemy team has a lot of range? Then Galeforce might be a good buy, or if you're snowballing early vs a squishy team? Then Prowler's Claw might be a good buy. Down below, you can read how the different Mythic items benefit Draven

Viable Mythics

Immortal Shieldbow synergizes really well with Draven [and Conqueror] due to the lifesteal, and extra AD it gives on unique passive. Good vs assassins and when you need to survive

Prowler's Claw works perfectly against squishy teams. It has the highest damage on 6 items due to the unique passive. Is more of a ''for fun mythic'' since Eclipse is just simply better most of the time

Kraken Slayer is good when enemy team has more than 3 tanks that build armor, the unique passive gives you enough attack speed to shread tanks with your high DPS

Galeforce is good vs long range mages, it allows you to gapclose to your enemies and stay on them. Is also good for dodging hard CC abilities

Eclipse should be your core item if you're not choosing to build any of the ADC mythic items. The item is close to Prowler's Claw but due to the nerfs Prowler's Claw is very situational. You lose some damage but you gain some lifesteal instead. The mythic passive is also great against tanks

Essence Reaver Vs The Collector

There's been a lot of debate and confusion whether The Collector or Essence Reaver is better for Draven as his second item, I can say that there is no real answer to that question because both items are good in their own ways, every game is situational and you should build accordingly.
What I can say though is Essence Reaver is better in MOST games and here's why


- Cheaper
- Infinite mana
- More damage with unique passive
- Higher gold efficiency
- Insane spike early


- Bad build path
- Less damage without unique passive
- Loses value the longer the game goes


- Better build path
- Stronger snowballing
- More damage on normal autos and R


- Overall bad item
- Expensive
- Very bad gold efficiency
- Bad into tanks
- Hard to utilize unique passive in some games


Essence Reaver is of higher value for Draven in most games, it gives you a really good early spike once you have completed the item, the damage output is higher than The Collector throughout the game even with less AD due to the unique passive Essence Reaver provides, with Ingenious Hunter the unique passive is amplified, allowing you to proc it even more. However, The Collector is useful if you are snowballing really hard, it allows you to gain more gold with the kills you're picking up. It's also a nice item to have vs squishy teams. Essence Reaver falls of later on in the game, the mana it gives is no longer needed since you're high enough level to sustain without it, and The Collector becomes stronger due to everyone in the game being high level with more hp, making you being able to utilize it's unique passive. So as a closure, I'd recommend buying Essence Reaver in games where you're not insanely ahead, and at 6 items selling it for The Collector

What summoner spells are best for Draven?

Flash should always be your first pick on Draven. However, you should switch between Heal Exhaust and Cleanse depending on what you need

Take Heal vs long range or if you don't need Exhaust or Cleanse

Take Exhaust vs assassins or high burst damage dealers to survive

Take Cleanse vs hard CC. Cleanse also allows you to play more aggressive without being punished


Draven's whole kit is based around his Q- Spinning Axe and his auto attacks, this is is his main damage output so he doesn't really have a lot of combos, but there are a few things you should know about

The most important part of this guide: USE S when controlling your axes, do not click back to catch your axe if you ran past it, it's better to press S so Draven stands still and catches it

When you are going to use Stand Aside always auto attack in between to be as efficient as possible


When you are going to use Whirling Death always auto attack in between to be as efficient as possible


Whenever Draven catches a Spinning Axe it refreshes the cooldown of Blood Rush. This means that you can use Blood Rush twice if you first do it right before catching Spinning Axe and then using it again. You can cover a good distance to catch up with enemies with the extra movement speed that you get from using Blood Rush twice


Draven can use Stand Aside Flash which is a lot faster than using Flash Stand Aside. You can easily catch people off guard since it is very hard to react to


Draven can redirect Whirling Death with Flash to hit an enemy

Always when using Whirling Death make sure to re-activate it right before it hits your opponent. This will make it harder to dodge

BONUS TIP: When Draven uses Blood Rush he becomes Ghosted, this means that he ignores unit collision. Use this to your advantage


Everything you need to know about Draven's abilities

Q - Spinning Axe

Draven's main ability, the axes always goes in the direction you are facing after auto attacking. The mana cost (45) stays the same at all levels. You can have 2 Spinning Axe's and activate a third to get 3 auto attacks of with Hail of Blades. If your axes are running out and you are forced to take poke to keep them alive, do that. Draven has more sustain than any other ADC with Doran's Blade so when you are laning, value your mana more than your HP. With an X amount of ability haste, you can have infinite axes at Level 9 (Full maxed Q). For example building Prowler's Claw and Essence Reaver gives enough ability haste to keep them spinning infinitely

W - Blood Rush

When Draven catches a Spinning Axe, Blood Rush cooldown is refreshed. The mana cost decreases (40-35-30-25-20) after leveling up this ability. Mana cost is high early so only use when necessary. Blood Rush gives attack speed and movement speed so use when trading or catching up to enemies. Blood Rush grants Ghost which allows you to pass through other units

E - Stand Aside

Stand Aside First Knocks Back and then Slows for (20%-25%-30%-35%-40%) depending on level. Has high cooldown so only use when it's needed. If thrown and hit on the right side of your target, it will knock your target to the left and vice versa. Use this to position your target where you want it. When using Stand Aside and hitting an enemy, it counts as an Airborne. During Airborne enemies can not move, attack or use abilities. You can use this this to your advantage. For example, if you're facing an Ekko with low HP and he is ready to ult, you can use Stand Aside and an auto attack to finish him of before he gets the chance to use his ultimate. Stand Aside can also be used to cancel certain abilities, for example Pantheon W or LeBlanc W

R - Whirling Death

Whirling Death is a global ultimate. This means you can use it to kill people across the map. Always when ulting long distances, recast your ultimate right before it's about to hit an enemy to make it harder to dodge. Keep in mind that the axes deal 8% less damage for each enemy hit, down to a minimum of 40%, however, damage fall of resets after reversing direction. Also keep in mind that your ultimate is an execute, if the enemy targets HP is lower than your stacks, Draven will execute them

Laning Phase

Draven is an early game champion and exceeds in the laning phase. There are many ways to play Draven but I am mostly going to be focusing on two of them. The first one is hard pushing the lane and shoving the minions to tower, constantly applying pressure to the enemy botlane and not giving them a second to breathe. The second one is freezing the wave near your tower, denying minions and xp while also drawing the enemy junglers attention. One of the most important parts of laning phase is tracking enemy jungler. If they are pathing topside you can play more aggressive, if they are pathing botside you need to play more passive

Aggressive Playstyle

This playstyle should be used when you're vs an easy matchup, Ezreal, Kai'Sa, Vayne, Sivir are all easy to deal with and you should apply as much pressure as you can. Look for trades at all times, push them into tower and punish them for every cs they take. Try to take as many plates as you can and also the tower as early as you can. If done successfully, you should have a huge gold lead due to the cs and plate advantage you got. Remember that you don't always have to kill your opponent to win lane. This playstyle is the hardest to pull of but the most rewarding. Keep in mind that you have to keep track of the enemy jungler at all times. Does the enemy toplaner have Teleport? Does their midlaner have Teleport? What does your team have to help you?

In this picture we can gather a lot information and draw conclusions by simpling pulling up the scoreboard. Draven and Nautilus have a stronger laning phase due to their good synergy, Nautilus runs Ignite and Orianna runs Exhaust in conclusion we have a kill pressure on them. However, they have 2 Teleport's while we only have one. The correct play is to play aggressive to an extent since we have more pressure in lane, but have to watch out for enemy ganks or Teleport's

(Teleport has now been nerfed but the same logic still applies, you need to identify threats and realize when you can play aggressive and when you have to play passive)

Passive playstyle

You should have a more passive playstyle if you're under threath. Such as facing Samira and Nautilus with Elise as their jungle should be an indication to play safe. If you decide to play aggressive into a lane like this you are most likely going to fail, or die many times, which is probably the worst thing you can do on Draven. however, just because enemy team has kill pressure on you does not mean you can't win lane. But if you still don't manage to get an advantage, and you can't seem to find openings to kill your opponent or gain a lead, try to go as even as possible. You can still be useful if you find a way to consume your adoration stacks League of Draven later on in the game

Playing Draven in winning matchup's doesn't always have to be aggressive. In this picture I am facing Ezreal and decided to freeze the wave. There are many advantages to this, I am completely ungankable in this position, and the opposite for Ezreal. I have full control of the lane and can permanently freeze, denying both XP and gold. Draven is a champion that needs space to kill his opponent and from this position I have a lot of it. This also tilts the enemy and forces them to roam since they can't even lane anymore due to the kill pressure we have on them

Teamfighting/Late game

Teamfighting with Draven is pretty straight forward. It all comes down to kiting your axes the right way and not dropping them. You should also try to hit Whirling Death on as many targets as possible or to finish someone low off. Also to identify threats in teamfights, who can CC you? Who can kill you instantly?

Here is a video of me teamfighting, as you can see I play passive in the beginning, being patient and analyzing the situation before striking. Also not losing axes in the process
Skin Tier List
My settings

I hope you enjoyed my guide and learned something. Draven is a very hard champion to master and it wont happen over night. If you're trying learn how to play, be patient and play for fun. If you have any questions or would like to connect more with me you can always follow me on Twitch and Twitter

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