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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Siigari

Evelynn - An Exhaustive AP/Hybrid Guide

Siigari Last updated on April 8, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Hey everybody! Welcome to my first guide. I have been playing Evelynn for a while now, pushing the envelope in ways that blow away the enemy team. Evelynn is a stealthy champ with abilities that allow you to empower your team with great ganks. You also bring a large amount of utility to a team. This guide harnesses Eve's strengths and focuses on making Eve one of the shining points in her team. Hopefully by reading this guide you can get some great pointers on ways to play Eve in such a way that you can dominate the enemy team, have fun and score some new friends.

Ever since I started playing Evelynn, I get a lot of people who whine in champion selection at me. "No, don't play Eve!" or, "noob eve" and stuff like that. Well, as a game progresses it is my hope to make sure the friendly team thinks as highly of me as the enemy team does, as teamwork is critical in League of Legends. Getting your team on your side is going to be the first thing we as an Evelynn player should do, followed by scaring the enemy team into purchasing wards and oracles to beat you up.

Let's begin!

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Masteries and Runes - Your Core.

The heightened core of any build are your runes and masteries. With runes you get a starting advantage that is special to your build. With masteries you are hoping to keep Evelynn going as long as possible.

Okay, here is the Masteries page. Masteries in my opinion should be built first, and runes should complement the selected masteries.

Here, it shows a 9/0/21 build. That's fairly typical from what I understand, and there are no exceptions here. Let me briefly detail why each mastery is selected.


Cripple - We are planning to use Exhaust. It helps to have something that benefits our summoner spells directly during the game.

Archmage's Savvy - 10.8 AP by endgame.

Sorcery - Cooldowns are important, and we won't be getting much of them at the very start of the game. I play this as a defensive mastery for Shadow Walk, and an offensive mastery for Ravage.

Archaic Knowledge - 15% magic penetration is huge! Since we're going to be throwing a ton of AP at Eve, that 15% magic penetration will ensure the enemy feels more of your attacks.

Why do I end offensive masteries here?
Going down the list of offensive masteries and continuing with their choices would bring me the following which are not as good as utility masteries:

10 ability power from Burning Embers -- There's a reason we're not using this, and it is important to bring it up right now. Because Ignite does scaling damage and a flat bonus of 10 ability power does not should be simple enough reason. Also beacuse if we put another point into offensive masteries we won't be able to get Presence of the Master.
6 armor penetration
3 increased attack damage
5% increased magic and physical damage

Overall, that's mostly unimpressive. Let's take a look how those points are going to be better spent in utilities.


Good Hands - Honestly, because there is no other mastery in this line that can get you to 4 points that would be of any use whatsoever.

Perseverance - Lots of mana and health regeneration right off the bat is a great thing to have!

Awareness - If you are ever feeling like your friends and lane mates are leveling faster than you are and you don't have Awareness, this could be why. 5% experience over eighteen levels is a lot of free experience. And because it's going to be a race against killing champs to expedite your journey to level 18.

Greed - With the extra gold you will be grateful. I have spent countless seconds at base because I fired off a blue pill too early, and then paid the price by standing around not gaining experience, not killing champs and not making any gold. This will help to alleviate that. 6 gold a minute translates to 60 gold every ten minutes and 180 gold in a half hour. That 180 gold may or may not be missed, but I choose to embrace it over another mastery which there aren't any really. The only other mastery which could possibly be utilized would be one point in Expanded Mind for a whopping 1.25% extra mana. Oh boy. Despite Eve's early game mana issues, her late game will have a plethora that won't likely be used up by the end of a team fight.

Meditation - Unfortunately, this isn't Master Yi's Meditate. Instead, we are gifted with an instant 3 mana per 5. This, combined with some runes should be enough to keep you stealthed indefinitely if need be for the first couple levels.

Utility Mastery - What a great mastery; one of the better ones. Considering how many ganks you're going to be pulling off, those extra red/blue steals are going to benefit you to such a great extent that you'll miss that low-pitched droning from the spinning runes when they're gone. 30% more equals out to a whopping 45 more seconds of Blue and Red buff. Just that alone will be enough cause for joy.

Quickness - More speed, please. Eve thrives off traveling from one point to the next. In a game where a one second stun can mean the difference between watching your friends play or making a break for it then more is better. Always.

Intelligence - 6% more cooldowns. This is another great mastery which throws us some extra grace for spamming abilities.

Presence of the Master - Finally! 15% less time spent waiting for Exhaust and Ignite. Summoner abilities need to be available all the time. Unfortunately that's never the case. You may have fired off Exhaust and Ignite on a target, only to realize that a few moments later while they are on cooldown that you could have gotten another target escaping at a mere 20 HP. We've all been there. Hopefully this can alleviate some of that frustration.


Now that we've finished up our masteries, let's focus on our rune page for Evelynn. Her strong suits for this build are Ability Power, so we want to build up as much AP as possible, while harmonizing with a bit of extra utility. We're going to harness nothing but primary runes to give us the most bang for our buck.

Greater Mark of Insight - Get nine (9) of these. 8.5 Magic penetration will be useful during fights. Because we only get about half of that with Greater Mark of Ability Power, it behooves us to stick with more. More is still better.

Greater Seal of Clarity - We want (9) of these. At first glance it may seem like a measly 0.065 mana regen per 5 is absolutely the worst way to use a rune slot, but when you see that at level 5 you're getting about 3 MP5, you'll change your mind. The final bonus is 11 MP5 at level 18.

Greater Glyph of Force - Grab nine (9) of these fine runes. With a massive 28 AP at level 18, and a more conservative bonus at level 1 (only 1.53 AP,) these runes give you an endgame punch that cannot be matched. More damage equals more dead enemies.

Greater Quintessence of Potency - Slot three (3) of these. Raw AP for a starting damage boost is a good place to have your quints. This throws you just shy of 15 AP right out of the gate.

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Abilities and Passives

Determined Killer

You're going to be thankful one of the last things to worry about during an engagement with an enemy champion are those pesky minions. They're going to aggro you and you're going to get hit. The damage you take will be way less than if you were any other champ. Embrace it, gloat about it to your friends and abuse it. Lane in front of your minions and last-kick enemy minions in the face while your enemy champs are healing at their turret. Be aggressive when their champs aren't around to punish you for it.

Hate Spike

Hate Spike, oh you silly ability. If it weren't for random targeting being ****, this would be one of the best abilities in the game. It causes a stun to two enemies while stealthed and has decent enough damage to make scaling even matter. At +.28 AP it is enough to finish off enemy minions and fleeing champions who are either too greedy or too slow. Since you are faster in combat due to exhaust and a high base movement speed you will always be able to close the HP gap with Hate Spike.

Late game, Hate Spike becomes a major focus. Despite the ******ed scaling when put next to Ravage, its viability late game puts you in command of some of the best DPS in the game. Considering you can be looking at over 500-600 AP, Hate Spike alone can throw out an unprecedented 4-500 DPS all by itself. Combine that with your Ravage, Lich Bane procs and your Deathfire Grasp and Hextech Gunblade that brings your opening alpha strike to a staggering +2500 magic damage, and provides you with DPS to finish just about any target. Just be picky.

Shadow Walk

Stealth with a stun. The increase in stealth duration is not required at early levels, nor is the stun duration. You'll be doing a lot of team ganks early so try to buddy up with somebody for a stun-stun-exhaust combo. Free stuns are the best, so whenever you are in combat and your Shadow Walk is ready use it immediately (given you have enough mana in reserve to continue using Ravage.) The increase in stun duration is good as well, but those long stuns only become useful at later levels where you need to blow your load at an enemy before they can retaliate in solo fights, or to effectively knock two people out of a fight continuously during team fights.


This is one of my favorite icons for an ability. Evelynn must be really into S&M, and there's no better way to say I love you than with an 800 damage attack. Use it ALL THE TIME. If E isn't on cooldown then you really need to figure out why. If you have no mana then that's a free pass, but you should be constantly blasting the snot out of people with this. It's best to use it while you're in range before your targets flee so others can use their better range to get killing blows.

This is your second attack before you start getting active items, and your second to last attack after getting your active items (you want the benefit from the lowered magic resistance.) This is also the attack you want to use while you are blazing after a target running for their life with your whole gang chasing after them. You're faster, you're trying to get in range and they're all screaming "EVE STUN STUN STUN!" This will bring you either a kill, or a bunch of satisfied teammates dancing on the enemy's dead body.

Malice and Spite

I LOVE THIS ABILITY. You should too! I never write in all caps, but there's no better way to express my enthusiasm over this ability on the internet.

The passive is awesome.

The active is spectacular.

This is one of those things that makes Evelynn such a champion to field. She's got an ult that cools down EVERY TIME SOMEBODY DIES. ANYWHERE. This means you can literally have a nearly increased 30% movement speed any time you want it. Use it to chase. Use it to scout. Use it to run faster than your friends to get the final blow. Use it to smash turrets. Use it to gtfo. Use it to just piss people off that you're faster than them. One of my favorite things to do to really put an enemy player in a state of emotional disarray is to charge after them, pop Malice and Spite and then immediately stealth. They hear a devilish cackle and then you vanish.

A few seconds later, they're dead. Because of you. Now they get to sit in their fountain and all they hear is your little serpentine laugh in their head over and over again.

The passive is probably one of the best passives in the game. Eve is in such dire need of HP almost always that if you can manage to kill an enemy and otherwise be left with a few points of HP then this causes them an even greater reason to rage when they see you run away from their dead body with now nearly 50% of your HP bar full. Bahaha.

I could keep going but there are other sections to talk about mean things to do to your opponents.

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Skilling Order

Evelynn is a champion who relies on deception to the highest extent, lack of awareness by the enemy to a lesser extent and straight surprise to a higher extent. As such, her skills should show the same. Eve's skill order should reflect as much damage and as great of stuns as possible to maximize damage.

Early game, you're going to rely on your Ravage to inflict heavy damage as fast as possible. Why did I throw a point of Hate Spike in at level 4 then? Great question. The answer is because you can stun two enemies at once with your Hate Spike. It is critically important not to overuse Hate Spike at lower levels unless an enemy is making away with a low amount of HP and you are absolutely certain that you can kill them before your Ravage is off it's cooldown. I could talk more about this but that'll be in a later section.

Back on topic, you want about ten seconds of stealth early game. You won't need more than that to gank mid or top lane. And because you have a decent mana regeneration you can stay stealthed as long as you want in bottom lane as long as you aren't spamming Ravage. When you are level 1 the reason you want Shadow Walk first is so you can attempt to keep the enemy in a somewhat state of disarray as to where two of your team members are (you and your jungler.) They could imagine you would be counter-jungling in their jungle, or just straight MIA. There are so many reasons and ways that you can utilize Shadow Walk at level 1, so you'll just have to experiement and find a way that works for your play style.

Once you've maxed out Ravage, you want to start finishing up Hate Spike. Early game Ravage does a large amount of damage due to high base damage and amazing scaling of +1 AP. After you hit level 8 or 9 you should be seeing more team ganks that involve damage from sources not you. It's at this point you want to really ramp up the Hate Spike because your AP should be starting to blossom. So, early game where your Ravage has excellent scaling you are going to get more bang for the buck. Late game though Hate Spike is going to be a huge source of sustained DPS, so that's when you are going to need it. Best to train it before you finish up Shadow Walk.

Continuing with the thoughts on Ravage, your Ravage is going to get very powerful very fast and you're going to notice it. Where it starts with a miserly ~100 damage for a whopping 90 mana, you're going to empty your mana pool in a hurry with this at level 1. Level it fast, and reap the rewards. As you level just the skill alone it makes massive leaps in damage for a small mana usage increase. If I could, I would say this is one of the best scaling abilities in the game for this fact alone, standing right next to Veigar's Dark Matter for 10 more mana reaping the same reward. Starts expensive and weak, ends hitting like a truck for less than a gallon of gasoline.

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Summoner Spells

I read a lot of guides both here and on other League of Legends guide sites. It has always driven me crazy that people post a long list of abilities that are neither here nor there, but they like to detail out in silly reasons why some summoner abilities are just plain awful. "OMG why the **** would you EVER use Revive?! lawl" etc.

Honestly I believe there is a place for every summoner to be useful. Just not on Evelynn. There are two summoners which you have a direct synergy with and those are

Exhaust and Ignite.



Because you are the person who wants to inject fear into their enemies. You don't need to run. You've got an ult that lets you run if you need to. You don't need to appear next to turrets with Flash to get a final blow on an enemy because you've got an ult that heals you. You don't need to use Ghost because you're already faster than anyone else.

Honestly, if the enemy gets away then you've done enough damage. A blue pill costs the enemy something they'll never get back: time. Time spent sitting still wishing they wouldn't have made that stupid move that Eve punished them for. Time spent at base with no money to buy anything else towards finishing their build. Time spent running out of their base to get to dying teammates which you are absolutely destroying with your teammates.

Losing time sucks. Your summoners cause people to lose time. That's one of the best things you've got going for you.

Guide Top

Item Build

Who likes items? We like items! nananana :D

This is always the part of guides I seem to read first. A good item build should have items that harmonize with their champion, not detract from the strengths of the champion. That's why troll builds are so funny. They involve items which do things which have virtually nothing to do with the said champion and instead just make people roll their eyes and laugh (either with your or at you, depending.) At any rate, we're here to make a strong build for Evelynn in a neat, clear and concise order which will cause your opponents to bang their heads on their desks, rage quit and give you lots of compliments throughout the game as to how amazing you are. (Well, that's the hope at least. If you aren't getting any of that, you're playing with some real jerks. It is a game, after all! I always say praise your opponents and teammates for amazing moves with no disdain, and scrutinize yourself for making mistakes.)

So, how are we going to build Eve? With an AP/Hybrid set of items that is enhanced by your masteries and runes.

We're going to hit this a few different ways. First, I'm going to show you the entire build by phase. Then I'll show you the completed build.

x2 x1

By the end of the laning phase
Kage's Lucky Pick

That is a good goal to have by the end of the laning phase. If you can manage to get it, grab your .

Mid-game phase

Evelynn's midgame is either a winner or a no-show. It's really hard for Evelynn to get a ton of solo kills if the enemy is strong, and especially if the enemy is running away a lot at full HP during team fights. My best advice is try and at least get your Rabadon's Deathcap, and hopefully complete your Lich Bane. Get the Hextech Revolver so you have a little bit of life steal, as that will help immensely throughout the mid-game phase.

End-game phase

These final two items can be built to complete your build. It's not really likely a game with you murdering the enemy team will allow you to get this far as they'll all crumble under the pressure and concede, but in case of a long game you may be happy to have these.

Main items by priority and completed build

Okay, so let's examine why those are where. First off, Hextech Gunblade last. Why? Because you're an AP damage-dealing specialist. Sure, the extra damage from the Gunblade is great but you're going to want the magic penetration almost right after you finish your Rabadon's. Lich Bane is so powerful though it's hard to ignore since you're going to be doing a lot of auto-attacking in fights anyway while spamming your Hate Spike. It's best to get the Gunblade last. Unfortunately you probably won't get to it much, but it's really up to you. I just don't feel the 300 damage is better than a straight non-stop 40% magic penetration.

Guide Top

The Beginning of the game, and the Laning Phase

For the game phases, I'm going to write a ton of verbage that should hopefully read as a story. There may be bits where it seems all over the place, but hopefully it's as coherent as possible.

Laning Phase - Primary Objectives:
* Stay alive (DO NOT DIE - this will absolutely wreck Evelynn's meta-game)
* Level up
* Roam for kills once you hit level 4 and you have Hate Spike
* Cause damage to enemies while taking as little damage yourself as possible
* Create fear in enemies by going seemingly MIA a lot
* Stealth as little as possible while maximizing your MIA time
* Get an oracle and pop their wards

Laning Phase - Secondary Objectives
* Last-kick as many minions as possible while you are not stealthed
* Kill their jungler at level 1 with the help of your teammates
* Score kills against people in your lane before level 4 who overextend

Laning Phase - Tertiary Objectives
* Steal a Red buff or a Blue buff from their jungler

Laning Phase - Items
Kage's Lucky Pick

Primary Objectives

At the start of the game, you have a single objective. To level while staying alive. Lane bottom and try to get an early gank in with your laning partner. If you're lucky and get somebody who gets exhaust and a stun then it should be a no-brainer. Don't go farther than the tip of your starting bush near your turret. There are good odds that the enemy will run all the way to the end of your bush and you can sneak in and score some sight for your lane partner who can start to mess them up while they don't know they're being watched. After your lane parter initiates and their stun duration ends, give them a swift kick in the face and then stay with them. By now they're probably running instead of attacking. As soon as they use their summoner to get away, smack them with an exhaust and ignite and break them down. If they get away that sucks, but you just caused them to either base or suck on some potions before minions even arrive. If you kill them then you have a great starting advantage. Back on track, once the first enemy is making a run for it the second enemy in your lane is either running too, or making a knee-jerk reaction and focus on "saving" their partner so they start attacking you or your lane partner (probably you.) Respond with the same punishment. You should be stealthed again and you can just repeat the same thing with your lane partner, this time without the use of exhaust and ignite. That's alright though, because you're just trying to get a little extra HP knocked off the second champ, not necessarily trying to kill them.

Why don't you want to engage in the bushes, or travel to see what they have? I want to be clear. Your job at level 1 is to simply scout the bushes. If you don't see anyone in the first bush, keep your stealth up and move to the second bush. Scout the enemies out and if they start coming then get back to the tip of your bush and stay stealthed. Get your lane partner ready for the stun. Remember, if you reveal yourself right next to somebody they're going to auto-attack you. That's going to cause you initial damage and they'll feel like they've got first strike, even though you initiated. Remember, Evelynn is perceived as squishy and your enemies will try to burn your 500 HP to the ground before you can make it even back to your turret.

Roaming is sexy time for Evelynn

Once you've hit level 4 AND you can buy your Boots of Mobility, blue pill and head to wherever needs you. Mid by now is probably sufficiently ready to gank, so head to mid via your jungle. Do not stealth unless you suspect their jungler is in your jungle. Once you get to mid, call out that you are ready to gank. You will initiate. Once you move in and are in the mid lane you must either stun them or run back to the bushes if the enemy moves too close to the turret. At level 4 a turret dive is only viable if you are not being attacked and are at 100% HP. You don't have access to your ult and you can only take exactly two hits from turrets before you are dead. Anyway the fewer turret hits the better, so if it's looking like you won't score the gank, wait in the bush for up to ten to fifteen seconds longer for the gank. If the enemy in mid is playing it way safe, just don't attack. Hopefully your mid carry is doing so well that they've got the enemy only at level 5 instead of 6, so you don't want to rush in on a Karthus, take a turret hit, get stuck in his Defile and die to Death Defied, for example. Play it safe and don't die. You being MIA does more damage to the enemy team than you dying for a kill does.

Something to keep in mind is how important it is that you not die. Eve has a meta-game that involves instilling fear into the hearts and minds of her enemies. Every time you score a gank, you want the enemy to have zero reason to say that you are a noob, that their loss was "worth it" because they took you with them, or that you just cost your team extra deaths because they dived a turret with you getting everybody killed. That is not acceptable. You want to stay alive and gank, go MIA and cause general mischief for as long as you can -- ideally the entire game. Examine everyone's HP, magic resistance and items before you go for an attack solo. This is super important late game and I will emphasize it again later.

A lot of people will tell you that Eve is terrible because they probably see a lot of Eve players die. They'd be spot on in regards to those players. Eve should have no reason to die, ever. She has so many escapes and ways to get away from enemies that dying means she got in way over her head and got whacked because she has limited HP throughout the game. Eve isn't Katarina. While they're both assassins, they are greatly different. Eve for example can't run away from making a stupid move in the start of a fight by using an offensive move to push you away, where Katarina has Death Lotus to push enemies back. Eve has to be played very carefully. Which again is why there's so much focus on not dying. Once you die you lose a lot of momentum towards that whole instilling fear into the enemy. They'll just whomp on you when they see you. And they'll probably win because they have a gold advantage that you lack from an earlier kill and your time spent dead doing nothing.

Back to primary objectives. I mention you want to spend a lot of time MIA. The greatest thing about Eve is she can go MIA while staying in her own lane. DO NOT STEALTH IN BUSHES. This is stupid, stupid, stupid and a great path to getting yourself killed. You will stealth, go into a bush then everybody will likely know you're in a bush. With only ten seconds of steath and a ten second cooldown that is not a good tradeoff to leave yourself stuck in a position with little escape. The best way to do this is as simple as stealthing in the middle of the lane then backing up behind their line of sight where you can still gather experience from their minions dying but with the enemy unable to visually see you when you destealth. Once the enemy has called MIA so many times and keeps seeing you pop up back in lane, they will begin to filter the Eve MIA calls, or just not call it out. Cue music - Eve just showed up in mid and ganked an enemy. Okay, now Eve needs to be called MIA at every disappearance. You've just made a name for yourself in that game, and that name comes with a price. Have your team watch for ward placement.

Costing your opponent money

Your enemy is now purchasing wards every time they base up. And they're throwing them in bushes, in center mid, everywhere. After your first gank you will have enough money to purchase an Oracle's Elixir. You need to do that right away. Once the enemy sees you have an Oracle over your head at as low as level 5 you can believe that's really going to mess with their heads. Their wards now need to be protected, and they are going to lose lane advantage. Their lack of focus is now on you instead of pushing a turret and last-hitting. They have to be on constant watch from you sneaking in to pop their wards. And you will be able to do it too, with the help of your lane partners. If you are sure there is a ward in a lane then it is your job to have it destroyed as quickly as possible to further aggravate the enemy. Since your team is watching for wards they will immediately call out when they see one placed. That causes two sets of things to happen between you and the enemy. For you and your team, the first is get to that lane as soon as possible to remove it. The second for you is an easy kill. For them, the first thing is a cause of relief. They can now "lane in peace" knowing they'll see you if you come around for a sneak attack. The second thing is they may feel the need to hug their own ward so you can't avoid it completely and still get the sneak kill in.

So they've done themselves a disservice. They spent money on that ward so now they have to hug it like the babies that they are. Exploit that. Get your team to throw some CC at them while you move in and execute them. They'll probably see you but they can't do anything under the effects of CC. While you're ravaging away and using your Hate Spike, your teammate should be attacking them too. Remember, it always takes three hits to pop a ward so you don't want to take any time attacking it while you're attacking the enemy. Besides, you're destealthed anyway so there's no immediate need to pop the ward. Once the enemies are pushed back or dead, pop the ward.

If the enemy somehow has a lot of money and brings an oracle to the fight early then that needs to be destroyed INSTANTLY. Under no circumstances can you let a strengthening laning enemy to have an oracle. It is primary focus and needs to be taken out. If it is not a consequence that you will lose a turret then have one person laning and your jungler come to assist in the gank. That can mean as many as four people attacking the person with the oracle. It will be necessary and there will probably be turrets dived and people getting barely away. Because it's so early in the game though, it may be worth your tank's life to get a 400g advantage. Stress the importance of your stealth and have the team go for the kill. If the enemy team continually buys oracles then you have a win in sight.

Secondary Objectives

It's no secret that Evelynn is a terrible farmer. She has less HP than many champions and has very little way to get away from ranged attacks and has trouble with low attack damage early. There are a wealth of guides on the internet on how to farm with Eve. There's a lot of people who say "Eve farms champs." Right now, I'm going to ask you to throw them all away and stop listening to what they have to say. Your job in a game is not to farm champs and it's surely not to farm minions. It's to get money. Let's take a brief moment to examine how we can make money.

How Eve makes money in the early/mid game (in no particular order)
* Time spent playing
* Kill minions
* Kill neutral creeps
* Kill turrets
* Kill champs
* Assist in kills
* Greed mastery
* Time spent with Kage's Lucky Pick
* Get money from your team killing Dragon

I'm not going to be fancy and say "by ten minutes you need fifty creep score" or anything like that. The best thing you can do is stay stealthed and keep your enemy calling out "Evelynn MIAs." But there are moments that you are pushed so far back while your turret is being attacked that it benefits you to stick around and last-kick those minions. Do so. Ask your lane parter to be gracious and understanding that you can't be in the fray away from your turret and to let you last hit whatever you can. Especially watch for the melee minions who get attacked by the turret a couple times so you can get that easy final blow in. A good team will work together to diminish your weaknesses and empower your strengths, and you'll be their lead killer (kills plus assists.) A bad team will ignore you and you're not a great carry, but more of a support-assassin to a bad team (leaving you with an evenly low number of kills, assists and deaths.)

So to review this very long paragraph in a tl;dr way: Kill minions at your turret and only there. Don't move forward in front of minions to last-kick where the enemy is last hitting. That's when you should be stealthed and having the enemies running around ignoring their own last-hits.

While you're at your turret destealthed and last-kicking the snot out of minions there are a couple things to keep in mind. Let this be a time for you to regenerate your mana pool. Don't use a ton of mana-draining abilities to last-kick. You'll want to save your mana for idiots who overextend to your turret. Another thing to keep in the back of your head is just that. While a minion gives you a couple dozen gold, an idiot enemy champ is worth that much tenfold. The moment somebody starts overextending try to approach them. Yep, you just initiated the quickest death the enemy will ever experience. Why? Because you're approaching them UNSTEALTHED and they will try their hardest to knee-jerk attack you. And voila, they're now being attacked by a turret. Your lane partner (what an awesome guy) is now in process of stunning them, and you're stealthing during their stun period. You stun them again, and they die. High five.

Their jungler

Let's talk about their jungler. He's a real jerk. He's trying to get levels and money quickly so their team can have an advantage. You're not going to idly stand by and let that happen though, and there is a good chance that top lane can wait for a gank because both sides are going to be fairly beefy and you're not going to bring much to a top lane gank before level 10 except for a lot of wasted time running. So, go looking for their jungler instead. Their jungler is going to be completely ignoring most MIA calls because the chances of you catching them in the jungle are seemingly remote. But you have ways to really mess them up to where you know exactly where they are.

If your team has Clairvoyance then you already have a great advantage. You can have your team pop a CV in one of their two jungle pockets every 40 or so seconds. Because your team should pretty much be well aware of the enemy team the first few minutes (they're in lanes for those of you not keeping up) you should be keeping tabs on their jungler too. Basically a good rule of thumb is this. If you pop CV and hit the jungler, figure out his route and predict where he will be by the time you can wind up at the destination stealthed. If you don't see the jungler during the CV the chances are fairly good they're in the other pocket. Use the feel of how the game is progressing to set up a gank against the jungler. Note that while you are attacking the jungler that Hate Spike is going to be a great tool to have at your disposal to both hurt your enemy jungler and possibly steal his creeps or buffs. That can spell a double victory for you and absolutely ruin a jungler's day. Once the jungler is dead, quickly escape their jungle. Don't be tempted to stay there and finish killing that Lizard Elder or Golem for their buff. GET. OUT. You can expect their team is rushing to kill you, so you need to flee to keep your wall of seeming invulnerability up. Their buff will still be there. They can have it because you will get it from them eventually anyway. Look at it that way. Or, if your team is rushing in to assist you in escaping or hoping to get some additional ganks from their team rushing in to kill you (nasty little circle you've made, isn't it?) then your team can score some kills and then get the buff anyway. But your primary and most important goal once again to survive.

This brings us to a close in the laning phase. It's time to move to the mid-game phase.

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Mid-game Phase

Welcome to the mid-game phase. If you've made it this far without dying you are gonna have a fast win and a potential concession from the enemy at 20 minutes.

Mid-game Phase - Primary Objectives:
* Continue to go MIA and gank anyone at low HP or who is overextending
* Break lanes when it is time-effective to do so
* Watch that ward on Dragon like a hawk
* Stay up to date on the status of their jungle buffs -- and yours too.
* Help out in team fights with your double-stun and burst damage
* Do lots of reconnaissance by moving around a lot and staying stealthed
* Destealth and stun enemy champions you know you cannot kill and run away

Mid-game Phase - Secondary Objectives:
* Backdoor turrets after level 16
* Help your teammates get away from team fights gone south by running in and stunning their lead chaser, then ulting away
* Pop enemy wards near your buffs and their buffs.

Mid-game Phase Items

Primary Objectives

Now that everyone on the enemy team is pissed at you and team fights are happening at mid with you nowhere in sight, use your stealth and tact to your advantage. Run in, use your Hate Spike and stun a couple enemies. Throw a volley of your Deathfire Grasp at the main target, then Ravage and promptly get out by running towards your allies. By the time you are behind them you should stealth up and get ready to repeat. If at any time an enemy is near death, immediately activate your Malice and Spite then go in stealthed and again, stun the enemies with Hate Spike, use Ravage and get a couple kicks in while your ult is in use. Then get out again. This repetitive sucker punch tactic will give you a ton of assists, a ton of gold and a lot of respect and praise from your teammates for being one of the lead crowd control infliction specialists in your team. Plus, you're killing enemies and making way to turrets. (You are making way to the turrets, right :D)

While you're on the way to the turret with your team, position yourself near enemy minions at the turret, fire off your ult once begin attacking the turret and use your Hate Spike to proc your Sheen or Lich Bane.

Continue to achieve great ganks by just using your team's intelligence and coordinate with them for ganks on lone targets trying to break lanes, pushing lanes or attacking turrets. Be very wary of mid right now, as mid is a hot area that you can get quickly caught in a bad situation. Countless times I've ran to mid lane during the mid-game phase and gotten my *** pounded into the ground by people waiting for me because they've had it warded and are waiting for me to show up. That makes the enemy team feel better, and then Eve is no longer their main threat. That's no bueno. Gotta stay alive so you can continue to instill the fear of Eve's nasty hit-and-run tendencies into their hearts and minds.

Monitor your wards

This should really go without saying, but so many times I see enemies who are hacking away at Dragon or other jungle buffs while the team stands by and farms lanes. This is so amazingly frustrating I start screaming about how we're going to lose and it's the end of the world they got Red buff etc ad nausem. But once they start hearing how upset I get and see that I'm helping their team win, they wise up and we go kill the guy in the jungle. Best part is usually it can spark a team fight. With one of them down already, the rest of them charge in and then your team can beat them up one at a time until they're aced and you're pushing another lane to a turret.

Just keep sight on your wards at all times. Considering they only last 3 minutes, anyone running past one during normal gameplay should be a ripe target and be considered a good use of 75/125 gold spent. One gank makes up for that gold expenditure, so be sure to utilize them if you can!

Evelynn, the living UAV

With your boots your speed should be around 475-525. Use that massive non-stop speed to careen around the map stealthed giving as much intel as you can. When you run past an enemy who is farming or busy attacking neutral jungle creeps, remind them of your presence by destealthing and ravaging them with a hate spike on the way out to hopefully pop any creeps you can. When they come chasing after you, I suggest right before you cloak to hit shift-4 to initiate a laugh, then stealth. Do that in hopes of really irritating them. Run away and then go find somebody else to pick on. Continue doing this until a team fight starts. Once a team fight begins, help your team by getting in and doing a couple stuns and volleys of Deathfire Grasp and Ravage with Hate Spike, then as the fight is swinging to your favor get behind the enemy in the direction you think they will run (if the fight is happening at your second turret in mid then position yourself near center mid) and attack any low-HP stragglers trying to get back home. Mercilessly ravage them and then stealth up and get back into the fight to confuse the enemy. BUT STAY STEALTHED. Just try to stay with the enemy by using your ult if they go running after your first sneak gank or else they'll start taking other avenues of escape and you won't be able to catch them, which makes Eve sad.

I said I'd mention it earlier so here it is: how to use Hate Spike. When you are at about 50% mana which is a good estimation during the heat of a team fight, and you see an enemy running away at low HP, start chasing. Mash Hate Spike ONLY IF you are certain you can kill them. Otherwise you're just going to be out of mana and ready for a counter-attack when your Ravage is ready. So use Hate Spike VERY carefully. It can end you in a hurry.

Something really fun to do to virtually dead champs which could keep your position secret is to wait until they start running at low HP, then as they run past you while stealthed use your Ignite on them. You will not decloak and they will seemingly spontaneously combust and die, which can lead to some rather amusing hate mail and profanities in text chat.

Evelynn's very rare farming guide

Okay, so there's a chance that all the enemies are combing the area or pushing for a big team fight and you see one of your lanes is falling apart. Simply run in and ravage the big cannon minion to break the lane. Hate Spike a few minions then run to the fight. You want to avoid sticking around for too long, because as long as you're attacking minions the enemy team has a very good idea of where you are (hint: they can see you.) Only do this once in a while because you are likely much more valuable in the fight. Just remember that saving your towers is important too, and you can quickly get back to the fight with your speed. And that leads us to:

Secondary Objectives

Backdooring. Evelynn has a strong backdoor ability: her ult. Once you get your Lich Bane you can knock thirty to fifty percent off enemy turrets before having to run from lack of HP. Only do this during team fights or where you are certain you know exactly where each enemy champ is. Not knowing can lead to a very quick death as you are likely tanking the turret to get hits in. Eve is not the game's strongest backdoor champ but she can whittle turrets down in a hurry and cause the enemy to continue warding jungle and lanes. That keeps that negative money use going in their wallets and keeps you afloat in the gold department. By bringing the enemy down to your level gold-wise you can level the playing field. I want to make it very clear that this is truly only effective after level 16 when you have your second ult point and can actually do reasonable damage in terms of risk vs reward to a turret before having to blue pill or run.

There aren't many other things for Evelynn to do mid-game phase. Just keep the harassment up and continue to beat the snot out of your enemies.

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End-game Phase

If the game has gone this long then you are playing against some resilient players. Keep the pressure up!

End-game Phase Primary Objectives:
* Primary oracle champs during team fights
* Team fight
* Get your Void Staff and your Hextech Gunblade
* Stay with your team
* Monitor Baron
* Don't fight alone
* Stop roaming

End-game Phase Items

Primary Objectives

You've made it this far, and the match is starting to go a bit nuts. Team fights are probably going both ways but somehow you manage to slip out alive. Because the game has gone this long it is now time to stop roaming. The enemy team has somewhat nullified your stealth existence and is sticking together to avoid getting picked off. As a defensive measure you must now do the same. You will get almost instantly one-shotted by any enemy champion with a clue and it will be a very fast death. Your stun - though two seconds long - is no longer a viable 1v1 way to get kills because the enemy has likely a ton more HP than you do and because you lose your speed bonus from your Boots of Mobility when you attack you will be very fragile while getting away.



I cannot stress this enough. There is absolutely no reason you should go pioneering off to their base unless their entire enemy team is being engaged at your base. A lucky backdoor may help you win an inhibitor, but at this late in the game sticking with your team and killing the bad guys is going to give you a far greater advantage: the bad guys are all dead. Hug turrets in your base, use your ult to run away instead of attack and don't roam. Only chase dying enemy champs if you don't have to run past one to get to the one you want to chase after. I mean it when I say you will die and then your team will suffer because their fast-on-their-feet CC is dead. I have lost entire games because I got greedy and ran through three guys at the mid inhibitor turret to kill the running carry at 300 HP, get killed and the team fizzles out and dies giving the enemy team a copious amount of time to push our Nexus.


You've gotten this far by being smart, shrewd and quick. Your speed is your best friend now and you will be running circles in your base to avoid taking damage. Stay at the back and only help when you can move in for a quick volley from your Hate Spike, Deathfire Grasp, Ravage, fire off your Hextech Gunblade and run.

As a matter of fact I want to repeat that so you guys know the proper attack order for this build.

Shadow Walk -> Hate Spike -> Deathfire Grasp -> Ravage -> Hextech Gunblade -> GTFO ( Agony's Embrace + Shadow Walk)

Monitor Baron

Keep constant and continuous eyes on Baron throughout the end of the game. Have your team place wards near it and in the bush next to it and when you see the enemy going for Baron the THAT is the time for you to charge in and be a hero. You have a very good chance if you time it well that you can steal Baron for your team! There is a very good way to do this. If the enemy doesn't notice you or have oracles, sneak in and ready Ravage. Watch his HP. Once he's on the verge of collapse, fire it off on his head so you don't click anyone else if you're too late and destealth and die a terrible death. If you get it you will die, but you will have stolen Baron for your team. If you don't get it that sucks, but you won't be destealthed and you can hurry back to base following the enemy crowd so your team can set up accordingly.

After that all you can really do is win the game. I hope that the tips and steps laid out in these last three chapters have helped you become a better Evelynn player.

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Working in the Team

I'm going to make this short and sweet.

Your primary objective as an AP Evelynn is to stun, do a lot of damage and then get behind your team. Keep repeating that until your team fights are over.

That is honestly the best advice I can give you.

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Working Solo and Being a Nuisance to the Enemy

This probably isn't a section you see often in guides. People despise solo gameplay if they think the soloer is out to get hero worship or victory points or anything like that. With Evelynn you will be solo for a large chunk of the late laning phase and almost constantly during the middle of the mid-game phase.

Your primary objective as Eve is to go MIA a lot -- like, all the time. You never want the enemy to draw a bead on you while you're not getting a gank. The longer you stay visible the more at calm the enemy is and they become content they can see you. You can change that up a bit by doing things like I said previously in the guide like sneaking up behind somebody zoning a lane and do a hit-and-run stun, running off cackling. Anything you can do to make the enemy uneasy is your focus.

Eve is great because she can really mess with people's heads. As long as you remember to do that you will have a victory for your team.

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Pros and Cons

This section is more about what people already know than what I can tell you. This build has various pros and cons that any build will have.

AP Evelynn is:

Stealthy and unpredictable to the enemy
A great CCer with a double stun
A good burster
A fantastic support assassin
An awesome mid-game ganker
An excellent deliverer of intelligence to your team
An awesome way to get team fights started
Good against two weak HP champs due to her active on Agony's Embrace

AP Evelynn is not:

Powerful in 2v1s against full-HP champs
A carry
A great late game champ

With that in mind, realize your strengths and help to cause the game to end before the game goes farther than forty minutes. Anything beyond that is going to cause you great stress and probably will get you to mess up more than once and you'll wind up dying. Evelynn goes from sneaky to deadly to dead very quick throughout the course of a game. Just remember when to pull back and you'll be fine.

Fly safe. o/