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Evelynn Build Guide by keonesan

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League of Legends Build Guide Author keonesan

Evelynn Baiting Guide - AD/AP Hybrid Jungler (v3.8)

keonesan Last updated on June 13, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Honor Guard

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Disclaimer: Although this build has worked in normal so far with fifteen wins in a row, I cannot guarantee viability in ranked and/or high ELO normal queue. This guide is meant to be taken lightly but it still provides some ideal concepts. This guide is also constructed with the mindset that any readers already have basic knowledge of LoL mechanics such as jungling and ganking.

Hey, I'm Keonesan and I've been playing since the latter end of season two. I'm still relatively new but I've had the opportunity to experiment with many champions, builds, and strategies. Anyhow, this is my first guide and I hope you find this useful fun! Formalities aside, this Evelynn build specializes in "Divide and Conquer". During lane phase, Evelynn hugs the jungle to farm until level six. Afterwards, she begins to dive unsuspecting victims under their turrets with her ult shield and lifesteal/spellvamp. After striking fear into the hearts of bottom Ezreal and Sona, she begins roaming enemy jungle to catch Xin Zhao with his pants down at red buff. During team fights, Evelynn will remain at less than three-hundred health in order to bait enemy teams into Nunu bush ults while staying alive with her Hextech Gunblade and Blade of the Ruined King. In essence, you are the master of jail baiting, the "Master Baiter".

"Why does it hurt when I pee?"

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Pros / Cons


+ Decent early to mid game damage
+ Early tower dive potential
+ Counter jungling master
+ Can overextend due to lifesteal/spellvamp
+ Extreme baiting and kiting ability
+ Human sight ward
Evelynn's passive invisibility makes her a nasty tower diver if done properly. She can easily maneuver through the enemy jungle to position herself behind an enemy tower with little threat. With the combination of lifesteal/spellvamp she can sustain under an enemy tower while your adc rips the enemy bottom lane to shreds.

If you fail to end the game by thirty-five minutes, your damage output and sustain will heavily fall off. You will be reduced to cannon fodder if you are unable to secure an early win. Evelynn's lack of solid damage and durability becomes her downfall if the enemy tank or adc is able to get past their fourth item. The lack of mana items also leaves her dependent on blue buff like a heroine addict.


- No damage and penetration late game
- Vulnerable to early jungle invasions
- Dependent on a coordinated team so solo queue is not viable
- Lacks mana and relies on blue buff

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Runes & Masteries


Greater Quintessence of Armor

Greater Mark of Armor

Greater Seal of Scaling Magic Resist

Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist

The flat armor from both the Greater Quintessence of Armor and the Greater Mark of Armor benefit your early jungle phase and allows you to take early game punishment from towers. On the other hand, the scaling magic resist from the Greater Seal of Scaling Magic Resist and the Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist prevents you from being shut down by AP burst champions like LeBlanc and balances out your durability. Overall, this rune set is intended to give you a small threshold of pain as you lure enemies to their death.


Jingle Jangle Jungle

These masteries should be self explanatory. Summoner's Resolve provides extra gold income for Smite while Runic Affinity keeps you supplied with buffs until jungle respawns. Bladed Armor also helps your jungle clear times and gives you extra backdoor power when ally minions are not present.

Kite Hard, Bait True

Summoner's Insight opens up more opportunities to escape if a bait goes wrong with a slight cooldown for your Flash. Relentless and Tenacious prevent you from being locked down by snares, stuns, taunts, slows, or any crowd control. This allows you to continuously tempt enemies into your jungle.

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These are my preferred boots. They provide great mobility both in and out of combat while protecting you from slows. However, this does not counter stuns, snares, etc. which can lead to your death with an enemy team on your tail. These are good alternative to Swiftness if the enemy team comp has more stuns than slows along with magic damage. However, you sacrifice a small amount of speed which isn't a major issue as long as the enemy team isn't packing Ghost. The only time I will ever purchase these boots is if all the lanes are struggling. This allows you to maneuver between the lanes with grace to assist. However, you sacrifice any potential tenacity while also losing movement speed in combat.

Core Items

This item allows you to clear jungle camps with ease while also simulating an artificial red buff to secure kills when tower diving. The slight true damage also slightly counters Evelynn's falloff during late game by making up for the lack of armor or magic penetration. This little gem gives a nice mix of AD and AP. However, the real value comes from the lifesteal and spellvamp it provides. On top of all that, its active allows you to slow down targets for you to destroy. Use this to blow out enemy kneecaps then execute them as they beg for mercy. Finally, this bad boy compliments the attack speed gain from Ravage while helping dish out damage against health stacking tanks. The best part however is its active which instantly steals health from a target which can turn near death scenarios into triple kills.

Offensive Items

This is another good hybrid item which also compliments Evelynn's Ravage with stacking attack speed. Its passive that triggers when your health falls below 50% also yields kiting potential where you can turn around burst an enemy down in a fight you normally wouldn't win. Lich Bane is often an item I try to avoid but it fits Evelynn's kit well since her Hate Spike can be spammed to proc the spellblade constantly. It also helps make up for her mana issue and further increases her movement speed. However, I often find it to be more beneficial to just pick up a Rylai's Crystal Scepter instead.

Defensive Items

This provides a hefty amount of AP while also heavily buffing Evelynn's kiting ability. By spamming Hate Spike while retreating, you can keep the enemy off of you with the passive slow while baiting them through river. Its health bonus also provides needed durability. This is generally a last resort item if you're being focused. I like to use this to regenerate my health when roaming and to just give me much needed sustain. It also can compliment Guinsoo's Rageblade by creating a bigger threshold for the passive buff.

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Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Permanent Shaco Troll

Shadow Walk is going to be your best friend when jumping onto out of position targets while freely roaming the enemy jungle without a care. Essentially, if you have not engaged in combat for five seconds you will become invisible. This invisibility will last until you enter combat again or if an enemy champion enters a close proximity with you. While invisible, you gain a passive mana regen as well which is going to be essential to this build since it lacks proper mana items. Remember to keep an eye out for Vision Wards and that turrets have an extended vision range. Also acknowledge that this is not a viable disengage as long as the enemy is chasing you. Use this to camp lanes until you see a gank opportunity or to invade the enemy jungle.

Q! Q! Q!

Hate Spike is a basic skill to master but understanding its utility takes a little more practice. First, you must know when to activate your Hate Spike. Ask yourself, "Is Hate Spike on cooldown?" No? Hit your Q! Yes? Keep hitting it anyways! As long as you have a target, keep smashing that key since this is your main method of damage. At the same time, combined with the provided items in this guide, you will constantly spellvamp health back while slowing enemy champions in their tracks.

Gotta Go Fast!

Dark Frenzy stacks movement speed whenever you attack an enemy champion allowing you to chase targets that would usually escape like Master Yi. Activating Dark Frenzy also acts as a cleanse to slows and gives you a burst of movement speed. This can be used to break out of crowd control to escape or to engage on a target.

Where Did My Health Go?

Most Evelynn builds tend to go full AP regardless of the potential that Ravage holds. Ravage is a target ability where Evelynn attacks twice instantly then gains an attack speed buff. This can produce serious burst damage and can benefit greatly from lifesteal/spellvamp. Use this to devastate non-tanky targets and to push towers by proc'n Ravage on an incoming minion wave.

Tower Dive Utility

Agony's Embrace is an AOE skillshot that does damage based on the target's current health along while also shielding Evelynn based on how many targets are hit. The ult also applies a slow which helps chasing down squishy targets that is caught within its deadly grip. This will be your main weapon during tower dives because of the shield it provides which can become extremely potent against a duo lane crunched against a turret.

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Jungling & Counter Jungling

Jungling is relatively strait forward. First, take blue buff with the assistance of a leash then move onto wolves. I recommend taking blue first instead of wolves to keep your smite in sync with the red buff. Then, move onto wolves and wraiths. You'll wind up popping all your health pots on your first jungle clear so don't worry if you're taking a lot of damage. Just be weary that you are vulnerable to enemy invasions during this time. Next, take red buff with the use of smite then onto golems. Afterwards, move back up to mid to snatch wraiths again on respawn. Finally, take out wolves for the needed gold then recall and pick up the items under the "First Back" tab of this build. Everything after is up to your judgement and improvisation. Try to avoid ganking if possible until level six and don't be afraid to camp a lane with Shadow Walk if you need to leach a little exp.

A key element to be a successful counter jungling Evelynn is to understand what path to take. The following image is a route map for invading an enemy jungle's blue buff. In this image, it is assumed that the enemy jungler is currently taking the buff.

The BLUE line represents the better path while the RED line represents the worse path. The YELLOW areas represent potential vision lines of enemy champions and or wards.

Choosing your battles is another important aspect. The following list is of champions that you should avoid invading/dueling.

Spoiler: Click to view

When in the enemy jungle, keep in mind that your vision is restricted and that your sight circle from Shadow Walk is unreliable within this region. Hug walls and bushes and avoid provoking jungle creeps until you have full map awareness on the enemy team. If you come across an enemy jungler taking the buff, simply go for a smite steal then bail with Dark Frenzy. If you're confident in your burst, assassinate the target then run towards mid lane to avoid agro from top or bottom lane. You will need to coordinate with your mid laner so he/she can keep pressure on their lane to avoid a counter invade.

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Ganking & Diving

Ganking as Evelynn takes patience and good judgement. Since she lacks hard crowd control, you must choose your fights carefully. Hug the lane and watch from your shroud of invisibility until the enemy slips up and leaves themselves open. Remember, if you're anything higher than Bronze then they're probably smart enough to buy Vision Wards. If so, rely solely on tower diving from tri-bush.

The DARK BLUE lines represent gank/dive routes while the LIGHT BLUE circles represent initiation points. YELLOW regions represent potential line of sight from wards and towers.

Point A

At this point, you must rely on burst damage since chasing under the enemy turret is not possible once the lane has been alerted. Choose your target based on the given scenario and initiate with Dark Frenzy then follow up with Agony's Embrace while trying to catch all nearby champions within its range. Then begin chasing your victim and start your onslaught with Ravage for tons of damage. Once you have attacked your target, Hate Spike will prioritize that champion. Begin spamming Hate Spike while casting Ravage whenever possible as you auto attack. Try to avoid burning Dark Frenzy when it comes off cooldown in case you need to disengage. If the enemy escapes under turret, disengage and do not attempt to dive without a proper set-up. However, if the target flees up river feel free to chase since Dark Frenzy and Flash can save you if the enemy mid interferes.

Point B

Tower diving as Evelynn takes a little finesse. Loop around through tri-bush and wait for your lane to push up against the enemy turret. Once you're setup, engage with Dark Frenzy and Agony's Embrace. The shield from Agony's Embrace should tank up to one-three turret shots depending on how many targets you nail. Continue to pulverize your target with Hate Spike and Ravage. If the target begins to kite around the turret, keep spamming Hate Spike since its range will reach past the turret and keep them zoned away from escaping into the jungle. After you secure the kill, disengage with Dark Frenzy down the lane or back through the jungle.

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Kiting & Baiting

Kiting and baiting as Evelynn all relies on how much you are willing to commit to a chase. Knowing your limitations is key as well as understanding what you are capable off. Essentially, you must have the mindset of, "How can I piss off the enemy team as much as possible?"

The following diagram is of the Blue Team perspective. RED regions represent high threat level areas, YELLOW regions represent medium threat level areas, non-shaded regions represent low threat level areas. BLUE circles represent points of interest. The GREEN path is an example of a kite with locations of what spells and abilities are used at each given point.

Kiting as Evelynn is extremely hard to tackle but can be lethal if done properly. Point A represents the point of initiation. In this example, you are assumedly caught out of position by multiple enemy champions. You immediately break out of any slows with Dark Frenzy and begin spamming Hate Spike to increase your movement speed while procing the slow from Rylai's Crystal Scepter. You then begin working your way down to the bush adjacent to blue buff. You cast Dark Frenzy to dish out damage and steal health back while you continue your escape down south. You pop flash over the small wall and into bottom lane at Point B. This is where things get tricky. At this given location, most people would make their glorious escape into the safety of bottom lane. However, a proper Jailbait Evelynn will continue her tease without leaving a high/medium threat level area. Dark Frenzy is sprung again as you dash off into tri-bush where you activate another Ravage. You circle around red buff and up towards wraiths at Point C where your mid Katarina awaits. You turn around activating both Blade of the Ruined King and Agony's Embrace to tank the oncoming damage while Katarina picks up an easy triple.

Basically, your goal is to lead enemies around through ambushes or alternatively split up the enemy team and assassinate them one by one. Avoid leaving high/medium threat level areas at all costs since most players will stop chasing you if you enter low threat level regions.

Here's a list of people you should avoid baiting.
Spoiler: Click to view

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Final Thoughts

I hope you at least find this build fun if not viable. Based on my experience with it so far, it can replace a tank for a team comp as long as I retain the enemy team's focus while luring them into my team's crowd control. The only issue I have with this so far is that it lacks late game power and doesn't synergize well with many champions.

Although this video was taken during a custom game, it demonstrates how this build works when assassinating a target.

Anyhow, good luck! Don't feed, gank sh*t, buy a ward.