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League of Legends Build Guide Author Bamf

Evelynn: How to Minimize Your Deaths and Maximize Your DPS

Bamf Last updated on May 6, 2011
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Hello, and welcome to my Evelynn guide. I shouldn't say "my" Evelynn guide, as a lot of the elements and concepts in this guide stem from Calfurion's guide Evelynn - An explanation (How to do it right) *Updated*. His guide helped introduce me to Evelynn and taught me some concepts I would never have thought of independently (golems for level 2, using Smite, etc).

I recommend you read his guide before mine, and vote his before you vote mine. I believe in giving credit where credit is due, and it's due for Calfurion. If you're going to vote my guide, vote his too. But, if you're having trouble using his guide and can't quite grasp Evelynn, i.e. you're dying early, you're feeding or sufferring the consequences of having to play defensively, you're failing ganks, you're dying in team fights mid/late game, and/or anything else in between, then my guide should be able to help you fix these problems.

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Is this guide for you?

This guide is designed for those relatively new to League of Legends, or relatively new to Evelynn. It provides an in-depth introduction to Eve and a specific playstyle which will prove successful for you after practice. I guarantee success if you follow this guide properly.

Evelynn is a good champion for you, if:

  • You like to be in control of the game.
  • You like carrying and feeling dominant.
  • You like racking up big scores.
  • You like sneaking up out of nowhere and nuking the bajeezus out of anything.
  • You want to try a different kind of carry.

Key notes:
  • You don't have to be level 30 to use this guide. Once you have a single point in Awareness (level 5) you will get level 2 from golems.
  • I recommend building your masteries by putting 9 points into Offense first (down to Archaic Knowledge), then putting your next 5 into Utility so you can get level 2 from golems.
  • You can start playing this Eve seriously at (potentially level 5 if you don't put points into Offense first) level 14. This is when your masteries and rune pages actually start to take shape into something recognisable.

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Introduction to Skills

In order to play well with Eve, first you must develop an understanding of her skills, which encompasses their limitations and capabilities. Her skill's limitations are in that there is only one skill which musters any hint of survivability - which is Malice and Spite. Her capabilities are in the damage department, and they're nearly endless - she has amazing nukes with Ravage and Lich Bane, and a constant stream of damage with auto attack, Hate Spike and also Lich Bane. I'll give a brief but detailed summary of each skill and when and how you should be using them.

Shadow Walk
Firstly, Shadow Walk is the most important skill for Eve, which is why I'm covering it first. This is her stealth, and her stealth gives her the ability to orchestrate ganks, navigate the map, scout the map, get away from enemy ganks and much more. In addition to Shadow Walk being a stealth, when you come out of the stealth with an attack/ability, you stun the target(s) for a short period. Coming out of stealth next to two enemy champions by using Hate Spike is very useful for a double-stun.

Hate Spike
Hate Spike is one of the heaviest damage output skills in the game when combined with Lich Bane. Lich Bane gives the proc of adding your entire ability power amount to your auto attack after using an ability (cooldown of 3 seconds). This might seem like a scarecely used proc to most champions, but when you play Eve and have Hate Spike being spammed every 0.3 seconds (with 45% CDR) and activating Lich Bane's proc every 3 seconds, you have a case of extreme sustained burst damage.

Ravage is great to open with out of stealth for the lowering of an enemy's armor/magic resistance and also for a great nuke (I've had this dealing up and beyond 1.2k damage). I recommend opening with this (or straight after an auto attack - damage maximization) out of stealth only when you're not able to double-stun out of stealth with Hate Spike.

Malice and Spite
Agony's Embrace is purely amazing. The passive aspect of the ability is gaining 350/500/650 health after a killer OR assist, which in itself is great. It allows tower dives and extends survivability in team fights (in multiple facets). I'll go over how to make the most out of this passive in the Strategy and Team Fights sections. There's also an active aspect to this skill, which increases attack and movement speed by 50/75/100% and 20/25/30% respectively for 10 seconds, with a 90 second cooldown. The cooldown is reset upon any enemy's death. Amazingly useful in many aspects. It can be used to burst towers down quickly, to get away from enemy ganks, to run from a failing team fight, to run away and restealth and jump back into the fight refreshed, etc etc. Malice and Spite will be elaborated on extensively in the Strategy section.

Determined Killer
Shadow Walk is an amazing passive. If you've ever played DotA seriously and know how devastating Axe can be cutting lanes, and if you think cutting lanes early is damn near impossible in League of Legends - then you're wrong. Evelynn is the only character I know that can cut lanes as early as level 5, and it's all due to Determined Killer. Why is cutting lanes important? If you time your cuts correctly and have proper support, you can take towers down extremely effectively, quickly and early.

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Runes, Masteries and Summoner Spells


Runes are simple: ability power, ability power, ability power!

9x Greater Mark of Ability Power
9x Greater Seal of Ability Power
9x Greater Glyph of Ability Power
3x Greater Quintessence of Ability Power

These add up to give you a total of (rounded) 35 Ability Power straight off the bat. That's 10 extra damage to your Hate Spike and 35 extra damage to your Ravage at level 1 (except you won't have Ravage at level 1). With Ignite on cooldown, you get another 10 AP, thanks to Burning Embers. By the time you've done golems you'll be level 2, which is another 1 AP thanks to Archmage's Savvy. So, before a minion has died in the lanes, you already have 46 Ability Power.

[Interlude: I haven't yet experimented with a mixture of AP + AP per level runes, but I will in the near future, because I believe an optimization could be made somewhere around the 66% straight AP and 33% AP per level mark.]

Why AP? Well, considering your mid/late game is heavily dependant on the effectivity of Mejai's Soulstealer, it's incredibly vital for you in each match to have a good, solid start. AP gives you the ability to have these solid (and consistent) starts (elaborated on in the Strategy section).


Masteries are subject to the player's personal preferences. I recommend this set because having 21 points in the Offense tree is excellent for Eve, as damage optimization is key to her playstyle, and having 9 points in the Utility tree is important for prolonging buffs, your start (explained in Strategy), and survivability.

Summoner Spells

Ignite and Smite are my favourite combination of Summoner Spells, with thanks going to Calfurion's guide for the suggestion of Smite.

I often get flamed for using Smite when solo queuing in pubs for a few reasons, and often find myself defending/explaining my choice (sometimes I get sick of explaining myself and tell them to just stfu and play).

Firstly, flame often comes when I see someone pick Warwick, or any obvious jungler, and I say "don't worry about me, I'm on/off jungle, I just start at golems and then head into lane," which is often replied to with "smite for golems only? soo bad. /all OMG this Eve is a noob, gg surrender @ 20."

Now, I know you're probably thinking the same thing, two Smites on the one team, is he for real? Well yeah, I am. It's quite plausible when you're on Blue Team to have a jungler and this Eve build. I say when you're Blue because that way you don't have to solo bot (top is usually solo when there's a jungler due to Dragon control).

It's a different story when you're Purple, because golems are at the top lane, and you'll be stuck with solo in most cases. Now, it is possible to solo with this Eve build IF YOU'VE HAD A LOT OF EXPERIENCE, but it's tough for the most experienced Eve to solo a lane with the same start as I recommend, especially if you're against harassers like Ashe, Miss Fortune, Caitlyn, Urgot, Kog'Maw etc.

Smite is not only used for your start. It's helpful in-lane for instant minion kills, allowing you to push harder than you normally would. Heading back to lane and jungling a little bit (Smite enhances your ability to do this) can also help you minimize your downtime. It's also useful for getting buffs earlier than you usually could. Combining Malice and Spite and Smite for blue buff early on is exteremely useful. Using this method, it's possible to go and grab blue at level 6.

It also allows you to steal last hits from enemies on neutral monsters (buffs, Baron and Dragon mainly). I've had the pleasure of being able to do this quite a few times and I find it incredibly funny when I come out of stealth, start beating down on the enemy and steal the buff while they're sitting there going "uhh what?" while they die. You get two rewards for your scouting (the buff and the kill), and it's really only possible due to Smite. Stealing Dragon in early/mid game is also a really awesome feeling, even if you die doing it (be careful not to lose too many stacks). The gold and experience you receive is roughly equal to two champion kills early/mid game, and that +190 gold per player is also greatly beneficial to your team. When you think about it, it's really a swing of 1,900 gold in your team's favour. They lose out on the 950 gold they basically earned, and your team receives 950 gold for your clever and sneaky work.

Ignite is a pretty standard choice. Most people know why Ignite is so useful. The extra damage, the DoT effect for taking down annoying enemies like Tryndamere, the heal debuff, etc.



If my Smite argument hasn't persuaded you (there is still more reinforcement for Smite to come in Strategy), then you could easily substitute it for one of the above. Ghost and Exhaust are great for chasing/escaping, and Teleport is great for returning to your lane and map control, as Eve can teleport while stealth (very cool). Or if you feel you like the idea of Smite but think Ignite isn't as useful, you could drop Ignite too. Or, you could drop both, it's really up to you, but both Smite and Ignite are integral to the strategy I endorse in this guide.

Guide Top

Items, Item Sequence and Returning to Base

This section will provide detailed explanations of why I have selected each item and at which stages of the game to go back and buy said items.

Core items end game:

Shurelya's Reverie


Starting Items:

Gold needed: 470
Level: 1

Regrowth Pendant
Health Potion

Grab these two before you head off to golems for your first level gain. They both contribute to health regeneration during this first crucial fight.

Return to Base: #1

Gold needed: 1350
Level: 5-7

Philosopher's Stone
Boots of Mobility

Philosopher's Stone is crucial for a steady income of gold, and pays itself off after roughly 26 minutes, it's also used to build into Shurelya's Reverie later on. Boots of Mobility are a must. They give enhanced map control and navigation, and let you orchestrate ganks quicker. Much more useful than any other boots.

Return to Base: #2

Gold needed: 1235
Level: 7-9

Mejai's Soulstealer

The most crucial item to this entire build, at least early/mid game. Eve is extremely item-dependant, and Mejai's is the most important item at this stage. If you've had some troubles ganking or are just low on health/mana due to jungling/laning/ganking, it's fine for you to return to base to regen before you have enough gold and buy Amplifying Tome whilst you're there. But as soon as you can afford Mejai's, get your *** back to base and buy it. Start ganking as soon as you get this, and try to get as many kills as you can, as the more stacks you get, the deadlier you grow.

Return to Base: #3

Gold needed: 1260
Level: 9-11


My buddy Charlie. You'll be bi-winning in no time during mid game with Charlie Sheen (seriously though, wtf is wrong with Charlie Sheen?). Same as with Mejai's, if you can't afford the whole thing and need to come to base, then by all means return and buy parts. Amplifying Tome takes priority over Sapphire Crystal when buying parts.

[Interlude: I find that a lot of my pub games (around 40-60%) end around this time, after I have Sheen and stacks on Mejai's. With practice, you too will have success at inducing 20 minute surrenders.]

Return to Base: #4

Gold needed: 860
Level 10-12

Blasting Wand

Part of Lich Bane. Pretty useful in itself mid game, so come to base and grab this shortly after you've got Sheen.

Master this purchase order, work on your farming and your ganking. The "Level" recommendation is only a recommendation, and you should be somewhere in the confines of the suggested level in an average game. With practice, you'll come to be at the lower end of the suggestions, and your early game farming, ganking and purchasing should be both impressive and consistent.

The above is a recommended purchase order for your average pub games. There really isn't much change amongst this initial purchase order regardless of the circumstances. But, after this, it gets a little tricky. If you've found that the other teams' DPS is doing quite well, or maybe you're getting aimed, then straight after Blasting Wand (potentially even before), grab a Ruby Crystal and turn it into Kindlegem. This gives you quite a lovely health boost, along with some cooldown reduction, which is useful.

At this stage, it's probably wise to get Lich Bane, as it's probably as important, or even moreso important than Mejai's. I've already explained why Lich Bane is so useful in this build.

After Lich Bane, you may decide you want Shurelya's Reverie, due to the awesome active it holds, as well as cleaning up space in your inventory. It's only 550 gold to turn Kindlegem and Philosopher's Stone into it, so the only reason not to do it is if you're having trouble farming and would like to keep Philosopher's Stone for a bit longer.

[Interlude: Just a quick interlude justifying my decision for Shurelya's Reverie. I believe this is a very unique aspect to my game. I don't think I've ever seen another AP DPS use this item regularly. The reason I try and incorporate this every game is that it makes use of Philosopher's Stone and it provides excellent survivability. The survivability it provides comes from its passive health and health regen attributes, but the main survivability strength in this item is its active. Upon activation, Shurelya's Reverie increases your (and your nearby allies') movement speed by 40% for 3 seconds. Doesn't sound like much, but it's probably the best escape mechanism I've ever used when coupled with Malice and Spite (70% boost for 3 seconds gets you out of the fray, 30% for the next 7 ensures your life is saved). Of course, this is useless if you get stunned or cc'd until death, so be careful and pick your fights carefully.]

If your survivability is helped by Shurelya's Reverie's health boost and active, and you aren't losing any stacks to deaths anymore thanks to those attributes, then this is the time in the game you look to boost your damage immensely. If you are still dying and having trouble with maintaining stacks, you should probably invest in Rylai's Crystal Scepter. But, if you're going great and have upwards of 12 stacks (rough guideline), then it's probably time to take it up a gear with Rabadon's Deathcap. The AP% boost coupled with a high amount of stacks on Mejai's turns deadly at mid/end game.

Purchase the above two in the order necessary, and this rounds out your core item build.


If you have had the core items for more than five minutes then there is probably something wrong. Identify the situation and adjust your items accordingly.

Heavy AP DPS + Nukers/Stunners

Having trouble against heavy AP DPS? Against stuns/slows/mass damaging ultis? Karthas, Ryze, Katarina, Taric and the like can be nuisances, and you sometimes need the ability to stop them. Banshee's Veil is the perfect item for stopping those annoying AP nukers/stunners from screwing you over. If you're having a lot of trouble mid game, you can probably buy this instead of Shurelya's Reverie, and just sell the Philosopher's Stone to make room.

An alternative to Banshee's Veil is Abyssal Mask. Getting this mid game against an AP-heavy team (especially if you have an AP-heavy team too) is extremely useful. Not only do you get AP from it like you would from most of your desired items, but you get 57 MR, and -20 MR to your opposing team. This item can really swing the battle in your favour if you feel like you're slowly losing it in an AP vs. AP team fight.

Game won't end?

Not doing enough damage to finish off enemy champions in their base? Are they defending too well and you're unable to end the game as quickly as you'd like? Hextech Gunblade (or possibly another Rabadon's Deathcap) gives you that extra kick. Dropping Shurelya's Reverie for one of these can get your AP up over 900.




Yeah, 900. This gets your Ravages up and over 1,200, your Hate Spikes doing over 300 each (spamming three of these per second = over 900 damage per second JUST from Hate Spike) and your Lich Bane proc bumping your auto attack damage up over 1,000 every 3 seconds. It grants you the ability to basically two-hit anything that isn't a tank. And tanks? Four-hit them. All it takes is three seconds to shatter most tanks (providing they aren't heavily stacking MR, which will be covered next) with this much ability power and Evelynn.

Cho got ridiculous health and MR?

Yeah, believe it or not, even after the elaboration of what incredible amounts of AP can do, tanks can still be a pain, Cho'Gath in particular. A Cho with over 200 MR and 6k health is possible, and can be a huge problem for you (albeit a rare one). Madred's Bloodrazor and Nashor's Tooth and Malice and Spite's active do take care of it though. You attack really really fast, and thanks to Madred's, you do 4% of their max health per hit. You don't have to sacrifice too much AP to do this build either. I suggest dropping Shurelya's Reverie and Rylai's Crystal Scepter to fit these in.

Of course, another alternative to this dreaded and rare tank, is Deathfire Grasp. Because you have such an awesome amount of AP, the active on this is extremely devastating to any unit, doing 50% of a unit's max health instantly. There is a cooldown on this though, which does give it a handicap. If you're more of a static player and prefer passive bonuses which remain unchanged, this probably isn't for you.

Guide Top


This following section will probably be the most useful. I'll cover the basic concepts for ganking, and the specifics on how to go about your game.

Team Composition

You should only be playing Eve when the team composition allows for it. A decent team composition is AP ranged, AP melee (you), AD ranged, AD melee, tank. But it's really not a problem if you have two AP/AD melee or two AP/AD ranged. Take note of anyone who is jungling and assert that you want to start at golems. Please refer to the above advice in "Runes, Masteries and Summoner Spells" regarding your start and junglers depending on which side you begin.

Early game

I'll put more emphasis on early game and mid game rather than late game, as your games should be finishing early/mid game when you're pubsmashing.


Grab your Regrowth Pendant and Health Potion and pop your first skill point into Hate Spike. Head over to golems first up.

The circles indicate where the golems are on each side of the map. The golems spawn roughly when the minions take their first steps outside of the base. Fighting the golems is quite easy. Ignite one, and Smite the other, and attack the one you Smited while spamming Q (Hate Spike). Make sure you use your health potion right off the bat.

I hover the Ignite cast over one, have my index finger on F (for Smite), my middle finger on 2 (for potion) and my ring finger on Q (for Hate Spike) and get everything done as effectively as possible. Now, assuming you have at least one point in Awareness, you'll be level 2. Put your skill point into Shadow Walk.

Getting Into Your Lane

Both golems should be dead and you should be able to get to your lane before a minion has died. Just before you get into the lane, stealth and check the brushes for an attempted first blood gank. Try last hitting and using Smite whenever it comes off cooldown while in your lane. Bouncing back and fourth in and out of battle to last hit creeps is essential and prevents excessive opposing harassment. Use Hate Spike to ensure your last hits, the gold is really important.

The First Gank

At level 4 (once you have your first point in Ravage), depending on your laning partner (anything with a damaging ability + a cc is amazing), you go for your first kill. Hopefully your partner (and you somewhat, depending on the situation) has been harassing their squishier laner. If they're sitting on anywhere between 300-500 health, you have the opportunity to kill them.

Ensure Ignite is off cooldown. Use Shadow Walk and get up behind them, and get your partner to start advancing. Ravage them and get your partner to use their ability to hinder them in succession, then spam Q and use Ignite. Most of the time they've sustained enough damage to let the Ignite DoT kill them even if they Flash/Ghost away. Hopefully this is first blood so you get a nice little gold boost. Keep last hitting and farming til 1350 gold and recall to town. Buy your Boots of Mobility and Philosopher's Stone in town.

Subsequent Ganks

Now, it's very important (especially if you're level 6 or higher) to go and have a look at the other lanes and see if there are any ganking opportunities (not physically look, pan your screen over to the lane and check).

[Interlude: Evelynn is a ganker. This means she should be roaming the battlefield pretty early looking for ganking opportunities to fuel you and your teammates' bankrolls. Getting fed is essential, and the opponents don't have to be bad to be feeders, you just have to take your opportunities.]

If there's a squishy on half-health who isn't going back, take the opportunity and announce to your teammates in the lane that you're heading there for a gank.

If there isn't, now is probably a good time to go and do blue with combo of Malice and Spite and Smite. Keep your eye out for more ganking opportunities, and let your teammates know that you're ready for ganks whenever they feel one is possible. If there are none, just head to a lane (your original lane or to the solo's lane) and keep farming. Hopefully you can have a few kills/assists before you get Mejai's, so you get it quickly.

[Interlude: Purchasing some Sight Wards now and placing them in the river (in front of Baron and in front of Dragon) is pretty important for map control. Map control is a key element in League of Legends, and one which you learn pretty easily with Eve thanks to Shadow Walk.]

Keep your farm up and your downtime down until you get Mejai's. It's really important that once you get Mejai's you start roaming lanes constantly (and jungling in-between) searching for ANY possible ganking opportunity. Now is the defining period of your game, if you can get a few kills/assists and start getting stacks, the game is in your hands.

Mid game

Once you've got Mejai's, you should be grabbing Sheen. Sheen is a great damage boost for you. You should continue roaming and ganking, trying to get Sheen, and even once you have it. It's not uncommon for the game to be just about over once you've got your Sheen. You can have such great damage output this early as to shut the entire enemy team down.

If you have Sheen and everything is going nicely for your team, ask your tank and possibly another DPS to come and do Dragon. Getting Dragon before the other team is pretty important for continuing your assertion of dominance on the battlefield.

If mid game isn't going so well, you have a few options. If you're getting owned in the pushing department, don't worry too much, I've been on teams who've had 4-5 towers taken down before they've claimed their first, but still completely dominated in the kill and item departments.

If, however, you're behind in items, kills and towers, something needs to be done. I understand that a lot of the time it's hard to find something that can fix this. I've turned games around before purely by defending inside of base (your whole team should be doing this). Enemies get too greedy or bored just pushing to your base's edge, and end up trying to gank inside of your base, and subsequently get punished for trying to tank the base turret. I've got triple kills from teams trying to dive us while we're defending inside of base (while they have a significant item and kill advantage). You can potentially get a lot of gold and experience out of this (by ending killing sprees, etc) and of course you get stacks. A good defense can turn a game around. This is important to remember.

Mid game ends about the time you get either Rabadon's Deathcap or Rylai's Crystal Scepter in an average game. You should be on top here, even if you've only got 10 stacks. You'll still have a significant amount of AP (enough to nuke squishies anyway), and a basis for you to build your stacks up heading into the late game.

20 stacks and Rabadon's Deathcap means good game most of the time. Don't get too greedy or be too stupid, as dying at 20 stacks (you'll be on a killing spree too), can be devastating to your team's chances of winning.

End Game

Often, you don't make it this far. Often, you've already won by now. But if the game isn't over before you've rounded out your core items, then obviously there's a force stopping you which needs to be destroyed. You can do this by referring to the situational items section, and see if anything can possibly help you there.

If it isn't any of them, it's more than likely your team fights. If you're losing team fights regularly mid/late game, then you're probably going to lose the game.

Team Fights

Is Eve conducive to a team environment? Hell yes she is. A lot of people label Eve as a killstealer or selfish champion to play, but she really isn't. She can turn the tide in team fights. She kills stragglers and ganks overextenders. She also has the ability to initiate (but PLEASE be careful when initating, as it can turn around and bite you in the ***).

Team fights are difficult to manage when starting your career with Eve. You have to know your place. You have to decide when it's right to step into the fray and finish off an enemy (finishing enemies is very important for Eve's staying power in team fights).

There's a concept called Yo-Yo'ing, which is used in team fights for many different squishy nuking champions. It's especially useful with Eve, because she has the ability to stun and nuke every 7-10 seconds (depending on CDR). Yo-Yo'ing basically means you jump into the fray, use your abilities (Ravage out of Shadow Walk, a couple of Hate Spikes) and then jump right back out. Wait for Shadow Walk to come off cooldown, and repeat.

If the enemy team starts getting the upper hand, don't be afraid to call "b" to your team and use Shurelya's Reverie + Malice and Spite. Shurelya's Reverie can be very useful in helping the rest of the team escape.

Malice and Spite can turn a team battle around and get you triple kills pretty easily. If a few of your teammates have died, but have managed to grind a couple of your opponents down to low hp, don't be afraid to turn around while running (stealthed, of course) and finish one off. Use Malice and Spite (refreshed after the kill) to keep running. Often, the others won't learn from their ally's mistake and they'll keep chasing in hope of a kill. Just do exactly the same thing when Shadow Walk comes off cooldown, or even before.

Aside from this, I can't give too many other tips. Team fighting has hundreds upon hundreds of variables, and you can only improve your judgement with practice.

General Tips, Hints and Elaborations

  • Patience is extremely important when ganking. Sitting in the brush and waiting for the opportunity to strike is key to successful ganking. In saying this there is a paradoxical element, as you don't want to be doing nothing. Make sure you exercise patience, but also judgement. If the opportunity is just not arising, perhaps go and wait outside another lane, or go and jungle.
  • Limit your downtime as much as possible. While roaming from lane to lane, make sure you hit up the jungle for buffs, experience and gold (preferably have Smite up).
  • Cutting lanes was mentioned early in the guide. If you're not quite sure what this is, it means going behind a tower and attacking enemy minions without the assistance of your minions. This is extremely useful to stem the flow of enemy minions which defend the enemy towers.

Dealing with Wards/Oracle's/Mirroring Evelynns

Alright, so this is one of your biggest challenges playing as Eve: stealth detection. Obviously, Oracle's are a pain in the ***. Especially when tanks get them, and play in a manner as to deny their death. Sometimes, you can't help this. No matter how hard your team aims them, it's extremely difficult to down them. It's even more problematic when more than one person gets Oracle's Elixir.

A good way to bypass (not literally, but for a practical means) stealth detection is by assuming everyone can always see you, Oracle's or not. Of course, this isn't as effective as switching lanes to get away from the the enemy champion with the detection, but it definitely helps you adapt to the challenge of facing it.

Vision Wards aren't as bad as Oracle's, but they're still a nuisance, and cause you to lose cash. How do you lose cash? Well, as soon as they set up wards in more than one lane, you recall and buy yourself an Oracle's. That's cash spent that you wouldn't like to. But there's a plus side to this, you can potentially drain more cash from them than you spent on the Oracle's. Once you have Oracle's, you can kill their wards (Sight and Vision, which also hinders their map control) and get them to waste even more money on buying more (if they're dumb enough).

When you have Oracle's on, be sure not to die. It's 400 gold you won't get back. Evelynn is a good character for eluding death, so make sure you use that to your advantage.

Mirroring Evelynns (or even Twitch/Shaco)? Well, you just have to try your best. Hopefully you're more experienced. A big tip I'll give you is to get an Oracle's before they do, but not at the sacrifice of working towards your Mejai's.

In summary of dealing with stealth detection:
  • Get your team to help you take down enemy champions with the Oracle's Elixir buff (a glowing purple eye)
  • Get your own Oracle's Elixir if they're using Vision Wards excessively
  • Get your own Oracle's Elixir/Vision Wards if mirroring against another Evelynn (or Twitch or Shaco) asap
  • Be careful when playing against champions like Corki who have stealth detection skills
  • If you can't do anything to halt their stealth detection, try to depend less on your stealth and become more like a Kassadin, as Evelynn has the potential to nuke and run like he does

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Minimizing Deaths

Ok, to avoid false advertising, I'm going to include this section. Although some of the information has already been covered, I'm going to repeat myself a little and just underline why this build adds a great deal of survivability while sacrificing minimal DPS.

Shurelya's Reverie

Okay, so I've gone over why I like this item so much in the "Items" section, but I'd really like to emphasise why this item is so good.

Firstly, the passives:

  • +330 health - health is always a welcome tool in added survivability
  • +30 health regeneration - slightly reduces downtime; adds slight survivability
  • +15 mana per 5 sec - moderately reduces downtime; never mana-exhausted and allows you to blue at any time you please
Secondly, the active. Some things you should know about the active:
  • Activating Shurelya's Reverie WILL break stealth - be warned
  • The speed boost from Shurelya's Reverie combined with level 3 Malice and Spite totals 70% speed increase for 3 seconds, and 30% for the following 7 seconds - not much can catch you when you're going this fast
  • It's not always most wise to use this active straight up when fleeing, i.e. if you're fleeing and someone exhausts you, you should wait towards the the end of Exhaust before you activate it, as the boost will be negated by Exhaust
  • This active is great for juking enemies and embarrassing them, use it when enemies chase you into some brush, and jolt back out the way you came in for an easy escape (sometimes it's easiest and wisest just to run, as you're likely to be much faster than your opponents)
Not only does it increase your survivability, the cooldown reduction contributes a lot (and I mean a lot!) to your DPS.

Overall, the survivability gained from Shurelya's Reverie is more useful (and cheaper) than that of the survivability gained from Warmog's Armor or Guardian Angel.

There is an alternative (albeit an expensive one) to Shurelya's Reverie, which is Zhonya's Hourglass. The active on Zhonya's is very handy for getting into stealth. If you cast stealth and use the active on this, you are guaranteed a stealth. Not only that, but you receive AP and armor from this item too. There is one problem with this though. The reason you find yourself fleeing a lot of the time is due to stealth detection, and Zhonya's only guarantees a stealth, if they can see you after that stealth, well you're pretty much screwed. This is where Shurelya's Reverie is advantageous.

General Advice to Lessen Your Deaths

Play smart. Don't overextend. Don't get too curious. Don't get too brave. Don't be a hero. You learn, especially with Eve, how to make correct judgements regarding fight involvement, map control, farming, and ganking with time. These skills, more than anything, will contribute to you dying less and owning more. Experience, patience and practice are key.

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Maximizing DPS

There is much speculation on theory-crafting with Evelynn when it comes to damage.

Firstly, I'll introduce you to the basics of damage. Damage comes in quite a few forms (aside from the obvious physical and magical). I'm not going to discuss anything like DoTs (Damage over Time) or dynamic damage comprehension. I will be discussing how the numbers come out.

How the numbers come out? What do I mean? Well, it's pretty simple. When talking about damage in a guide like this, especially when it's concerning Evelynn, you can look at how Eve deals her damage in two ways: sustained damage (DPS, which means "damage per second"); or burst damage (also known as nukes).

Quick FAQ on the topics of Eve and damage:

Q: "Which type is most important when playing AP Eve?"
A: It depends on a few things. On basic principle, I'd say they're equally important. What it depends on particularly is both team compositions (ally and enemy).

Q: "Why does it depend on your ally team composition?"
A: If you're the sole carry, you're going to be expected to pump out some mean sustained damage, as that's what a carry's role is in a brief generalisation. If you're the only carry on the team and you're not pumping out enough DPS to break them down, then your team isn't looking in good shape to win.

Q: "Why does it depend on your enemy team composition?"
A: Well, this is probably more important than your ally's team composition. If you notice that the enemy team is Kog'Maw, Annie, Master Yi, Xin Zhao, and Malphite, your team is going to expect you to be able to pick off Annie (and the others afterwards) pretty quickly in team fights as a way of minimizing the damage your team takes. On the other hand, if you see their team has got Malphite, Cho'Gath and a beefy Warwick in it, you need to be able to compromise between burst and sustained damage, as you'll need to work hard to grind this beefy kind of team down to zero HP.

Q: "So is there a specific way I can build for burst, or a specific way I can build for sustained damage?"
A: Yes and no. The core item build in this guide is provided to try and give you the best of every aspect: survivability, DPS, nuking, escaping, slowing, etc. The build I give is just about optimal DPS (without sacrificing the survivability from Shurelya's Reverie). If you're having trouble with tanks, the situationals can help with burst damage. For example, Deathfire Grasp is excellent because it deals a static amount of percentile damage to an enemy, therefore can be accounted for in a bursting build as well as a tank-demolishing build.

Q: "What stat is most helpful to me for attaining optimal damage?"
A: There's much debate over this. Personally, I find that AP is the golden standard. I've tried MP, and personally, I dislike it. And trying to mediate a balance between AP and MP is too difficult. The calcuations are complicated and the usefulness depends majorly on the situational variables. It's easiest and best just to stack raw AP. CDR and slows also factor into damage. CDR is a handy stat that increases DPS quite a lot with Evelynn, as it reduces the already tiny cooldown for Hate Spike to stupidly ridiculous times like 0.32 seconds (45% CDR gets it to this, 45% CDR is achieved by max stacks + blue + Shurelya's Reverie). Slows also factor into damage by allowing you to get more hits in without having to move too far.

[Interlude: There's something you have to take into account: their DPS isn't going to stack MR because they know you're using this build. They're going to try and be a DPS. Therefore, if you play smartly and farm efficiently, you'll be able to feed off of them when the opportunity arises. I've had many games where one opponent is a little off of their best, and I am subsequently able to feed off of them and get anywhere up to 8 stacks before they realise the mistake they keep making. Always try and identify the most likely feeder on the enemy team.]

Q: "I've seen some other Evelynn builds which max Ravage first, is this a good skill sequence for optimal damage?"
A: No. It is not.


Let's look at how much damage three Ravages do compared to how much damage Hate Spike does in that same time frame:

Assumptions: This exemplar Eve has 500 AP, 30% CDR, and Lich Bane equipped

Ravage stats:

Ravage (level 5) damage: 320 + 500 (100% of AP) = 820
Ravage cooldown: 9 * (1 - .3) = 6.3 seconds
Time frame: 3 (-1) x 6.3 = 12.6 seconds (assuming first Ravage is used at 0 seconds)
Ravage dps during time frame: 3 * 820 / 12.6 = 195 dps
Lich Bane damage: 500
Lich Bane cooldown: 3 seconds
Lich Bane procs in period (casting Ravage): 3
Lich Bane damage in 12.6 seconds: 3 * 500 = 1500
Lich Bane damage per second: 1500 / 12.6 = 119 dps

Total dps for time frame: 195 + 119 = 314 dps

Hate Spike stats:

Hate Spike (level 5) damage: 85 + 140 (28% of AP) = 225 damage
Hate Spike cooldown: .8 x (1 - .3) = .56 cooldown
Time frame: 12.6 (as above)
Hate Spike damage per second: 12.6 / .56 * 225 / 12.6 = 402 dps
Lich Bane proc damage: 500
Lich Bane procs in time frame (casting Hate Spike): 4
Lich Bane damage per second: 4 * 500 / 12.6 = 159 dps

Total dps for time frame: 402 + 159 = 561 dps

That's a difference of 247 damage per second. Translated to (247 x 12.6) 3112 damage.

Even with a favourable example for Ravage, Hate Spike still comes out way on top. Any speculation as to which skill to max first now? I thought not. Most guides for AP Eves you read which have Ravage maxed first are rubbish (there are a few exceptions), and you shouldn't waste your time with them.

Anyway, the higher the AP goes (which it does with this build, a lot), the greater difference in Hate Spike and Ravage DPS. Same with lower cooldowns. The numbers and methods used in the example were just illustrative to contrast damage differences between the two skills.

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Well, that pretty much sums up most thoughts I have to put into text concerning Evelynn right now. I'll be frequenting this guide regularly to update and add information as I remember it or as it gains importance.

One final piece of advice I give to all Eve players: be map conscious. Map consciousness is a huge part of League of Legends, and it gives you information on many things. Things like whether or not it's safe to gank, whether or not it's safe to look to intiate a team fight, whether or not to push a tower, whether or not to push a lane, whether or not to jungle, whether or not to back up and recall, etc etc. Try and keep one eye on the map at all times, as it will save your life and get you kills consistently.

Thank you for reading,