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Quinn Build Guide by Jackarias

AD Carry Eyes in the Sky - Bot Lane Quinn

AD Carry Eyes in the Sky - Bot Lane Quinn

Updated on July 29, 2015
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jackarias Build Guide By Jackarias 22,475 Views 3 Comments
22,475 Views 3 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Jackarias Quinn Build Guide By Jackarias Updated on July 29, 2015
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LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


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Change Log

12/05/2015 - Guide Published
13/05/2015 - Added additional items for consideration at the top of the build and added Change Log
29/07/2015 - Core Build changed with reasoning
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Tag Team


My name is Jackarias (or Pyrrha Nikos), and I've been looking into a whole lot of Quinn.
Quinn is an attack speed based Attack Damage Carry that can be played Top, Mid, Bot or even in the Jungle. But here we will be looking at her capabilities in the bottom lane.

Using a variety of movement and attack speed buffs, high amounts of burst and incredible mobility, Quinn can dominate the Mid and Late game with her outstanding pick and assassination potential of squishy targets.

However the most unique thing about Quinn is the fact that she brings a blind to bot lane. A single target skillshot that ends in a small AoE when striking a target, dealing moderate damage and blinding all targets struck. In the bot lane this is insane. Most top tier adcs in the 5.8 meta rely on their own personal auto attack modifiers and buffs to give them an edge over opponents (With a few exceptions... Damn you Graves)

This guide will take you under Demacia's Wings and help you dominate the bot lane.
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Pros and Cons

+ High Mobility
+ Potent Movement and Attack Speed Steroids
+ Great Scouting
+ Blind 'n Burst
+ Pick and Assassination Potential
Quinn is an amazing pick against Auto-Attack centered adcs such as Vayne, whilst still being able to hold her own against those who prefer casting, such as Graves proper application of her blind can negate a lot of damage when trading or going all-in and her pick potential late game can lead to an early ending against disorganized opponents with proper use of Tag Team.

- Low-ish Range
- Unreliable Escape
- Dangerous Melee Form
- Vault can screw you over
- Good Positioning required for Blinding Assault
Quinn has her weaknesses as well as her strengths, her ult is bad for team fights unless initiating with a quick pick off onto a squishy target or mopping up someone getting away after a win. Relying on Harrier for damage instead of building for flat crits, focusing on utility and tank shredding, Quinn's overall damage potential will lower compared to other 6-slotted adcs, but due to her blind, she may still be successful in beating them.
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Summoner Spells

Flash -- An obvious choice here, not only defensively when it comes to ganks or bad fights, a Flash Vault can catch someone off guard if you're fighting alongside a brawler of a support such as Leona, Nautilus or Alistar. Mid game, using Flash alongside Tag Team can pick someone off after covering a lot of ground in a short space of time. Late game, use Flash for re-positioning, picks and securing kills after winning fights.

Heal -- Another obvious choice for the bot lane, the extra movement speed it gives can help you re-position properly if you're caught out by a gank and can't Vault in the right direction. Use it to survive burst, win 1v1s in the mid game and use when and where applicable at all times during late game.

Barrier -- Another option over Heal. It provides a larger amount of effective health but it has a strict time limit in which to use it, personally I avoid Barrier, but you may want to pick it up to negate additional damage from more casting based burst champions such as Annie or Graves.

Ignite -- Not something I'd recommend in the bot lane but I've seen adcs pick it up before. Alternatively, if you're following this guide for a general feel for Quinn, I'd take Ignite if you planned on going top for added kill pressure.

Teleport -- Similar to Ignite, Teleport is more of a top lane thing, but you can make some shenanigan based plays with Tag Team and Teleport.

Smite -- Jangle Shenanigans.
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Skill Order

tag team > > >

tag team tag team tag team

We want to max out Blinding Assault as it's our primary damage dealer, picking up levels in Tag Team where we can to decrease the colossal cooldown it has. Maxing Vault second gives literal added kick to the low damage skill on top of the double Harrier procs you should be firing off at people. Finally, max Heightened Senses last as it only reduces the cooldown on the scouting tool, and increases Valor's melee attack speed. We don't want to be in extended fights as Valor as we'll get destroyed by literally everyone.
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Skill Explanation

Tag Team

Harrier(P): Harrier is Quinn's bread and butter damage source as well as her main burst tool. It has a 6 second cooldown and a moderate range, if Quinn attacks no targets within a short space of time, Valor targets a random enemy with a Harrier mark. If Quinn consistently attacks one unit Valor will mark that same unit with a Harrier mark, given that they are still within range

Blinding Assault(Q): Blinding Assault is the other half of Quinn's damage and the reason why she trades and all-in's so effectively. The blind.

You're going to want to max out [Blinding Assault] first, reduce the cooldown, up the damage. It's Quinn's secondary source of damage behind Harrier and you want to be using it as much as possible to trade effectively.

Tips and Tricks

Heightened Senses(W): Heightened Senses is Quinn's scouting tool and source of movement and attack speed steroids. These steroids are only activated upon procing Harrier and will not activate if you have no points in Heightened Senses.

You're going to want to max out [Heightened Senses] last. The increased movement and attack speed steroids are great but rely on Harrier to begin their effect. By maxing Vault second instead, we add to total burst, leaving the extra steroids to take over once late game team fights begin.

Tips and Tricks

Vault(E): Vault is your Crowd Control, escape tool, gap closer and burst set-up all packed into one unstable spell. Vault can make or break you in large scale fights depending on when and how you use it, and more importantly, where you land shortly after.

Due to the extended laning phase that often happens with Quinn, Vault is maxed second, it gives much higher base damages with levels, adding to Quinn's total amount of burst with a P,E,P,Q combo. Later on, use Vault to kite, peel for yourself and create distance in fights and skirmishes.

Tips and Tricks

Tag Team Tag Team/Skystrike(R): Tag Team swaps Quinn with that majestic creature we've now come to love named Valor. Valor has a scaling percentage move speed buff when outside of combat starting at 20% and moving to a total of 80%. Valor also uses Quinn's spells differently;
Harrier is removed.
Blinding Assault is now performed in a small AoE around Valor, and can be cast while moving.
Heightened Senses gives Valor a flat attack speed buff based on its level.
Vault no longed flips back away from the target but still applies full damage, knockback and slow.
Tag Team is replaced with Skystrike - A large AoE spell which deals increasing flat damage based on the amount of the unit's missing health. Doubling in damage if their health is low enough.
Upon casting Skystrike Quinn returns to the battlefield.

As with any ultimate, take points in Tag Team at levels 6, 11 and 16

Tips and Tricks
  • Valor's attack speed buff from Heightened Senses plus Youmuu's Ghostblade let's you shred towers if you're left alone for one short moment.
  • You can use Skystrike mid Vault as Valor, getting full Skystrike damage whilst still flipping away. Perfect for tower dives!
  • Take note that using Tag team does not reset the cooldown of other spells. Know your limits.
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21 OFFENSE 9 into Defense or Utility
sp M
// I don't wanna delve too much into masteries, here I'm running a plain set-up which can be run on any ADC, you may want to experiment with some points into Blade Weaving and Warlord

Q: Why these masteries in particular?
// These masteries have a fine balance of speccing to suit both casters and auto-attack based adcs. You could experiment with more utility based points such as Fleet of Foot or spec more heavily into defense depending on the type of champions you're up against.
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  • Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed: Movement speed quintessences go well with the move speed buff on Heightened Senses. However this is pure utility and could be switched out for something more offensive and defensive.
    Instead of running movement speed quints, consider running flat resistances similar to the runes below, or consider flat attack damage, life-steal, or armor penetration.
  • Greater Mark of Attack Damage: This gives the added oomph throughout the early game, makes last hitting a whole lot easier, gives Harrier and the rest of Quinn's trading a bit more extra punch as the game starts out.
    You can experiment with different offensive marks, such as armor penetration, or mixing up lifesteal and flat attack damage.
  • Greater Glyph of Magic Resist: Flat resistance glyphs and seals are run here because adcs can simply not survive lane phase without them. Considering the poking and trading coming in from two champions, as well as the hybrid damage you'll often take, early resistances are essential for survival.
  • Greater Seal of Armor: Pretty much the same as above. Everyone down in bot should be auto attacking their opponents every chance they get. Quinn even more so with her effective use of Harrier. Resistances are essential in bot lane, if you were to switch these out, consider running flat health runes mixed in with resistances.
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Item Options

Magic Resist
Attack Speed
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Personal Build Description


Item Sequence

Berserker's Greaves - Homeguard 1550
Blade of the Ruined King 3300
Youmuu's Ghostblade 3100
Last Whisper 1450
Infinity Edge 3400
Guardian Angel 3000

Movement Speed. Attack Speed. Two things Quinn loves. Only differ from these if you're having a lot of trouble dealing with one specific sort of damage. Change your enchantment out accordingly.

Attack Speed and burst potential. Going in with this active and Tag Team ensures you can pick off anyone with a full combo of skills. Alongside the damage it brings, the sustain in lane is excellent ever since the changes to it's life steal compatibility in patch 5.8

A cheap item which offers additional movement speed, attack speed, attack damage, small crit chance, and a small amount of flat armor penetration. A general mish-mash of stats packed into a potent item for Quinn. The stats Ghostblade gives are ideal again for picking people off or fighting in small skirmishes, stay flickering around the outside of fights, kiting those who come near, and punishing those who you get close to.

Time to ramp up the damage. Alongside the Critical strike chance from your Youmuu's Ghostblade, Infinity Edge gives you the added kick to start killing the enemy team in a matter of seconds.

On the other hand, if the enemy team IS stacking armor, time to ramp up the armor pen. Rely on Harrier for damage and shred tanks as they run face first at you.You can mop up afterwards with Tag Team and the rest of your team.

Here you can switch this out for Bloodthirster if you're feeling gutsy. Personally, I like to play safe and play for picks. This ensures I get another try if I go down at some point in team fights, the added armor and magic resist will help against bursty casters on the enemy team such as Graves or Syndra.
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Partners in Crime

Although Quinn and Valor are inseperable, there's another third wheel on your side of the bot lane. Your support. But in all seriousness these guys are essential to your success. Quinn excels with supports who have a great mixture of both man-fighting and disengaging. If your support can play a good Nautilus, he's who I would recommend most. Overall you want someone large and in charge who can dictate fights in the bot lane.
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Clipping Wings and Concluding

So, on the off chance you don't pick the greatest adc since release Vayne or someone in that ranked queue picks her before you, what are you gonna do to bring her down a peg and walk away with that sweet LP? Here's a couple of general tips on how to bring down Quinn no matter who you're playing.
  • Time Tag Team. It has a long cooldown of over two minutes from levels 6-11. Use this time to split push effectively. Punish her mobility with increased gank pressure, and just bring her down to uselessness levels.
  • Group up and survive. Quinn doesn't have the best late game, to reduce her effectiveness to assassinate squishies by covering ground and ignoring wards via the hyper- move speed from Tag Team just group up and she'll outlive her effectiveness.
  • Pick Graves.

Thanks for reading!
Please leave a comment, a vote either way and any feedback is appreciated
My first guide! Be gentle!
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