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Ezreal Build Guide by cinas

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League of Legends Build Guide Author cinas

Ezreal AP, time to get our hands dirty

cinas Last updated on March 12, 2013
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Ezreal AP

Hey everybody,
This is the first guide I have ever made, and I'm sure there will be flaws. I would appriciate if you would point it out to me, so I can improve myself at those points.

I've been playing Ezreal ap for a while now, and I feel like he is way underrated by people.
I hope that I can change this perspective of people, even if it is in the slighets way.


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Pros and cons

Great poke
Great escape mechanics
Great team fight specials (essence flux and Trueshot barage)

mystic shot will be blocked by minions
essence flux can't be used to farm
essence flux has a not a huge range

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Summoner spell choice

Because Ezreal has a dash of his own (Arcane shift), he can dash easily in targets. when you dash in team fights you can easily can bursted down. That’s why you have barrier, you can dash in, inflict as much damage as possible, activate barrier, and dash back out, even if your Arcane shift is not ready.
Secondly, there are few champions who can keep up with a retreating ezreal if his flash is not on cool down; a dash over two walls is the most common escape for Ezreal, though there are few champs who can chase him over this.

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Item choice

Start of the game

As an Ezreal you have a low sustain. You cant heal, nor shield yourself. The Crystalline flask makes up for it and provides until 15 minutes a great free potion provider. (1 pot of crystaline flash = 1 health and 1 mana, you get unlimited potions but you will use around 15 before you sell it, now this is 15 * 35 * 2 = 1050, so its a very rewarding purchase.

Early game

The Sheen is important for your valuablest item: lichbane, this makes Ezreal the force to be reckoned with.

Mid game

Ezreal his best skill as an ability power champion is essence flux, it hits everything in range, and therefore if you stack much AP, hit the whole team they start off with 3/4 health, great for team fights!

late game

In my opinion late game Zhonya's Hourglass is one of the most important items. Ezreal is based on movement; he can dash in and out. Now if it happens you can’t dash out because your arcane shift and your flash are on cool down, you can use this to try and get the time for the cool down down, so you can escape.

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Early game will be hard for you if you can’t poke your opponent enough to dash down upon them do finish them off.
Therefore I recommend flat AP runes.

Though AP is important, so is magic penetration. You might have noticed i left out "voidstaff" in my built. This is because as a bruiser, Ezreal needs high AP, and in my opinion voidstaff isn’t good enough for this. Also, your boots and runes together will provide this way enough

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Thanks for reading

thanks for reading my AP Ezreal guide, again, i appriciate all commentary on my guide, helping me to improve it.