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Ezreal Build Guide by jorian2

AD Carry Ezreal blue crossover

AD Carry Ezreal blue crossover

Updated on June 14, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author jorian2 Build Guide By jorian2 1,412 Views 0 Comments
1,412 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author jorian2 Ezreal Build Guide By jorian2 Updated on June 14, 2013
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this is my first ever mobafire guide so please tell me if(or rather, when) there is something i could do better.

so my IGN is jorian2 and i've been playing the game for almost 2 years.
my favourite champions are too much to list, i like to play apc, adc, bruiser, tank.
there are only a few characters i don't like to play or which i am bad at.

recently after s3 started i tried out ez once again when he was free.
i always was a fan of AP ez, but i thought he was missing something as an adc.
sure he had a good escape and poke but there were champions with better range, poke and damage as ad, like caitlyn.
ez basically missed the ability to kite properly since buying a triforce would leave the slow to chance and buying a full frozen mallet would be a wasting a lot of money into buying hp.

so when i saw the new blue build i was really exited about trying him once again.
but when i did i found out that while that specific build was really good for kiting and poking it didn't really have that much damage, and it missed a few items which would be a really good synergy with his Q but also his basic attacks.

disappointed with the build i stopped playing him for a while, before realizing using a slightly different build would buff him hugely.

this is that build.
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Pros / Cons


- poke with high damage
- basic attacks still do a lot of damage
- kite like a boss
- can take down a tank in seconds(i've done it)
- ult does a lot of damage
- lots of cdr

- enemies that have cc immunity like yi or olaf can catch up to you easily, also champions with hard cc and gapclosers.
- not a lot of lifesteal or defense, very squishy build except for the gauntlet
- pushes really hard, a lot of gank danger
- the dot makes a turret aggro you

tell me if you know some pros/cons i forgot
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early game farm as much as you can and punish any enemies who get too agressive.

mid game when you have your first few items(usually lizard, gauntlet, shiv)
it's kiting time, don't underestimate how much damage a Q + aa combo does if you get a crit.

late game you are a beast with 45% crit, 60% adoch, 4 on-hit effects for great poke, over 20% cdr,
15% lifesteal.
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example of a full combo

let's imagine you get off a full combo on an enemy(without kiting them to death)
standard combo is Q,aa, Q, R, W, Q, aa, Q (gotta love that cd reduce on Q)
4x Q
2x AA

lets assume you don't crit.

4x Q = 4x 115 + 4x AD + .8 x AP + 4 x 125 (sheen)
2x aa = 2x AD
R = 650 + bonus ad + .9 x AP
W = 250 + .8 x AP
+100 (shiv)
+ 40 (lizard)
+6 x 4% of their current hp

2000 + 6 x AD + 2.5 x AP + bonus AD + 24% of current hp.

since you have about 200 ad and 30 ap

this becomes:

3375 + 24% of their current hp
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this was the item build i thought up myself, tell me what you think, post any improvements you would like to see and tell me if you see any flaws in the build.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author jorian2
jorian2 Ezreal Guide
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Ezreal blue crossover

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