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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Ezreal Build Guide by zencrobar

AD Carry Ezreal is too Ez! Muramana Ezreal Guide! [In-Depth+Matchups]

AD Carry Ezreal is too Ez! Muramana Ezreal Guide! [In-Depth+Matchups]

Updated on December 14, 2014
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League of Legends Build Guide Author zencrobar Build Guide By zencrobar 9 1 252,855 Views 16 Comments
9 1 252,855 Views 16 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author zencrobar Ezreal Build Guide By zencrobar Updated on December 14, 2014
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Hey there! You're here cause you want to learn Ezreal, so sit back, relax, and enjoy the guide! In my opinion, formed from testing in lots of games, Ez is strongest when built with a Muramana.

Why Play Ez?
Ezreal is a very mobile adc, who is quite fun to play, AND IS ALL SKILL BABY! Ezreal is a fairly safe pick who can farm easily with his q, get snipes, and is at the middle of the tier list so is not the best adc, but is still pretty good and viable.

Who am I?

I'm Zencrobar, A Plat 2 player from NA. This is my 2nd guide, and i hope you'll take the time to enjoy/utilize it. Ezreal is one of my favorite champs, with my most amount of games overall on, and about 75 in ranked,
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Why go Muramana?

When you go muramana you are unable to get Infinity Edge, or if you do get IE you then you can't get a defensive item. Muramana is better than infinity edge, since ezreal is rather short ranged and the majority of his damage is from his q. Muramana allows his q to do a lot more damage than infinity edge does, since his q cannot crit but will work with the muramana active. However, infinity edge build is also very strong, and it really depends on your preference and the situation as to which to build.
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+ Safe laner
+ Lots of poke
+ Very mobile
+ Attack speed steriod passive
+ Low cooldowns
- Low range
- Completely reliant on skillshots
- Hard to come back if behind
- Requires good positioning
- Hard to hit ult
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Recommended Runes


Fleet Footwork
Phase Rush
Pretty standard rune page for caster adc. Attack speed quint is great since you don't build that much attack speed and synergize greatly with the attack damage marks and other attack damage quints.
Armor seals is useful for preventing a lot of damage from early auto attacks and minions.
Magic Resist glyphs are useful for preventing a ton of damage from the enemy support, as well as not getting blown up by the enemy AP carry.

Other Choices for Runes


Phase Rush

More Acceptable Choices

Cooldown Reduction Glyphs and HP per level seals are pretty good choices too. I recommend taking only 4 cd reduction glyphs and 5 mr ones when they have a pokey support such as sona. If they have a support like alistar, feel free to take 6 Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction or more.
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relies on q for the majority of his damage.
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Skill Usage

Skill Usage
Rising Spell Force Remember to utilize this by hitting spells on minions or people.
Mystic Shot The majority of Ezreal's damage, and what this guide is based on. In lane it's used for poke, and you sometimes have to get weird angles to hit it. It has a very low mana cost, and is used to charge your Tear of the Goddess quickly as well as get minions. It has a very low cooldown, and mid-late make sure your Muramana is toggled on when poking enemies with the q. Max this first.Remember that when you hit something with this it lowers the rest of your cooldowns by 1 second. This is useful when kiting, as well as getting a low cooldown ult.
Essence Flux Adds a little bit to the burst, dont use for harrass that much in lane as it wastese mana. Remember it is champion only. It also has an attack speed steriod. Max this last.
Arcane Shift Your escape. Can be used to add to burst, as well as go over walls. This makes ezreal hard to catch, but be careful using in lane due to high mana cost. Max this 2nd.
Trueshot BarrageGlobal ultimate, can be used to attempt to snipe or farm other lanes. In teamfights, try to hit all the enemies and get max stacks. Remember that it does less damage for every thing you hit, but does a minimum of 30% damage. Always use your q to lower it's cooldown.
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Item Sequence

Early Items
First Back
    If < 1200 gold get
Tear of the Goddess
    If >1200 gold get
    If >1595 gold get
Tear of the Goddess and Pickaxe

If you just got Tear of the Goddess first back, get Sheen as soon as possible, and then finish the rest of your Trinity Force

If you got Tear of the Goddess and Pickaxe first back, get Manamune as soon as possible. Get Sheen after this, and then finish Trinity Force

If you got Sheen first back, then get a Tear of the Goddess and whatever part of a Phage you can afford. Finish the Trinity Force then complete your Manamune.

Mid Game

Get Trinity Force, Muramana, and Ionian Boots of Lucidity.
After acquiring those items, get either Blade of the Ruined King or Last Whisper, depending on the enemy team. If they have lots of armor, get Last Whisper, if they don't, get Blade of the Ruined King.
Late Game
Get either Blade of the Ruined King or Last Whisper , depending on whichever one you didn't get before. If you are dying a lot, get your defensive item before that.
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Essential Items
Trinity Force Essential on Ezreal, amazing for damage due to your q proc of spellblade, helps with kiting, and gives you much needed attack speed and attack damage. Get as 1st item generally, or 2nd if you had enough to get pickaxe and tear first back.
Manamune Very strong item, although it takes a little bit to get your Muramana. The essential to using this item, is toggling it on and off. This item greatly adds to ezreal's poke and attack damage, and synergizes with Trinity Force.
Last Whisper Not much to say here, allows you to do a lot more dmg due to ignoring armor.Don't need to get that early unless the enemy team is very tanky.
Blade of the Ruined King Recommend this in pretty much all cases, rather than Bloodthirster and Essence Reaver. Will explain that later on in this section. Blade gives you all around good stats, much needed attack speed, a great active that fits with his kit and built for kiting. The passive is also very good for your q's, allowing them to do a lot more dmg.
Guardian AngelPersonally I prefer this to Banshee's/Mercurial due to the fact that Ezreal can escape easily and is hard to get caught by cc anyway. I also like how it gives you both resistances, and gives you a 2nd chance.
Banshee's Veil If you have trouble dodging skills, they have a very ap heavy comp, or just a lot of skillshots, then get this as your defensive item.
Mercurial Scimitar If you are constantly getting cc'd then useful. The damage is also nice. Riskier than the other 2 options, don't recommend unless you're comfortable with it.

Situational Items
Bloodthirster If the enemy team is very squishy, then you could get this over the Blade. The shield and extra damage are also quite nice, but overall Blade is better with Ezreal due to it's stats.
Essence Reaver Only recommend this if you have trouble using your Muramana and toggling it on and off. Otherwise, dont recommend.
Infinity Edge Strong item, but if you get this then you don't have a defensive item. You can get if you don't get Muramana, but this build is about muramana.
Zhonya's Hourglass Now i know what you're thinking... THIS GUY CRAZY! This is kinda a troll item, but the active+armor is quite nice, as well as the AP scaling on all of Ezreal's abilities.
Berserker's Greaves Not terrible, but Ionian Boots of Lucidity are great from the cdr they give you, more cdr=more skills.
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4 Ashe is annoying in lane due to her large range, but you can dodge her ult easily with your Arcane Shift
8 Extremely hard to lane against, you'll get zoned horribly and can only farm with q. She can still beat you late too due to her range.
4You can harrass him more in lane, as well as outpoke him lategame. Your q>his ult. You'll continue to beat him early-mid game, but late game he becomes stronger. Avoid fighting him 1v1 then.
7 He can bully you in lane very hard, as well as beat you mid game. You can outpoke easily, and kite him easily late.
5 This is a skill match up. You can dodge his skills, he can dodge yours. He is more bursty, but you are farther ranged, and can kite him. You have a little more range, so not much difference in aa exchanges in lane, but you'll generally lose them due to his passive.You can poke him due to your higher range,but not much.
5 She can zone you in lane, but mid-late you can kite and beat,so you just try to avoid fighting 1v1 with autos. You can dodge her skills fairly easily.
5Pre-6 if you wait till his w is on cooldown you can out poke him, or just by using your q. Late game he will do a lot more damage, but is very immobile. You should be able to hit him fairly easily, and kill with your skills.
8 Your only hope is outpoking with your q. He'll win all trades and all-ins, as well as beat you mid and late. Your best hope is to poke him down all throughout the game.
Sivir can outpoke you with her q since it goes through minions, and outtrade with autos. She can spellshield your ult, and catch/run away easily too.
3You can bully him in lane, as well as mid game. Late game you can just run away with your e and q him down.
4 He can bully you in lane due to his high range, but you can poke him pretty well. You can easily dodge his ult and arrow and kill him later on since he is fairly immobile.
5 In lane you can poke her down, but as soon as she gets Blade of the Ruined King she can fight you easily. Mid-Late game just try to run away and q her whenever possible and occasionally auto. You should be able to kite her pretty well.
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Hopefully this guide helped you! If it did be sure to leave a vote.
Any feedback is welcome, leave comments with it, and any help with formatting would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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League of Legends Build Guide Author zencrobar
zencrobar Ezreal Guide
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Ezreal is too Ez! Muramana Ezreal Guide! [In-Depth+Matchups]

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