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League of Legends Build Guide Author jts2

Ezreal: new and improved [hybrid]

jts2 Last updated on May 10, 2011
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Welcome to my 5th build. This time, for Ezreal. After his buff on 4-26-2011, I really enjoy playing Hybrid Ezreal again instead of AD. With this build, you will hit hard, have good AD and AP, and a pretty good Attack Speed. I hope you enjoy it.

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Throughout this guide I will speak of Specializations.

All I am talking about is whether you go with AP Masteries and Runes, or AD Masteries and Runes, or a combination of both (Hybrid). The item build is not changed by which Specialization is chosen, EXCEPT FOR THE FIRST ITEM! See Items below.

You can choose to go with the AD Specialization if your team needs more AD, AP Specialization if your team needs a bit more AP, or a mix of both if your team would benefit from that the most, while keeping your item build relatively the same.

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Pros / Cons

-Great damage output
-High damage, infinite range ultimate
-A great chaser/runner
-A very good kiter
-Good ganker
-Great AoE and single target capability
-A pretty good early game

-Pure skill shots
-Takes some practice - don't expect to carry your first game with Ezreal
-Vulnerable to stuns
-You are squishy
-Likely to be focused

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Not bad at all. The more **** you hit with your spells, the higher your Attack Speed gets. Very good for team fights. Also, if you use your Ultimate in a fight with a big group of them, you will max your stacks instantly.

This is what really shines in AD builds. With this hybrid build, it will hit very hard as well. Your basic, single target skill shot that does damage scaling with AD and a little AP. Use this whenever you can, it's low mana cost is great.

This spell will hurt in this build. It only hits champions, however it can hit an unlimited amount of them. It also applies a debuff to them, lowering Attack Speed, and a buff to any friendly champions that were hit by it, increasing their Attack speed. A nice spell.

Your escape tool, your chase tool, your teleport through walls tool, and your gank tool. A free Flash. This combined with the Flash summoner spell, plus Utility masteries means you will escape any hard situation 99% of the time.

Now this spell is why a lot of people like Ezreal so much. A high damage ultimate with infinite range. This spell takes practice to get good with. Don't expect to get too many clutch kills with this until you have played 10+ games with him. The only bad parts about this spell are that it has a short cast time, it travels at a medium-ish speed, and the more targets you hit, the less damage it does.

Please people, don't be bad and always save this for when your team is chasing someone after a team fight to try to get that amazing long-range kill and make yourself look good. Use this at the beginning of the team fight, get your passive stacks, and fire away. This greatly improves your DPS output. With the Cooldown Reduction in this build, it will have a fairly low cooldown. Don't be greedy, help out your team.

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It is ENTIRELY up to you what you would rather specialize in. You can either choose AD runes, or AP runes depending on which you think your team needs. Or if you like, you could even mix and match!

AD Runes
Greater Quintessence of Desolation
Greater Mark of Desolation

A high damage Q for early game. If you go this route, max Mystic Shot first.

AP Runes

Greater Seal of Replenishment
Greater Glyph of Replenishment
A nice amount of early game AP, and you will rarely ever run out of mana (as long as you're not trying to).

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This depends on what Specialization you chose.

21/0/9 for AD
9/0/21 for AP (see above)
21/0/9 for Hybrid (be sure to get both AD and AP masteries!)

Not too hard, use common sense and think about if Ezreal would benefit from what you are choosing.

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Summoner Spells

My Choices
Flash with Ezreal is nuts. You can double teleport through walls, to escape, etc. etc. If you think you do not need this spell, you can choose another.
I love Ghost, I think it's a fantastic spell because of the running and chasing power it grants any champion.

Viable Choices
Exhaust is a great spell to help with 1v1ing and catching enemies. I like this spell.
Teleport is never a bad spell. This will increase your mobility and pushing power, however you already have plenty if you chose Flash/Ghost.

What NOT to get
You have plenty of escapability as it is. You don't need this.
I mean if you really like Ignite, you can get it. But I think Ezreal doesn't need it.

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Start the game with for AD Specialization, or for AP Specialization.

You're probably wondering why I got Phage first. Well, in all honesty, it's to give you the early game HP advantage, some AD, and helps make up for the lack of CC Ezreal has. It's for chasing down for first blood, etc etc. I think it works great, give it a try. If you hate it, buy a first each game instead, then continue the build.

Explanations for my item choices, and other viable items

Much needed CDR for your ultimate mostly, as well as your Arcane Shift. A great choice for a hybrid build. However, these can be replaced with Sorcerer's Shoes or Berserker's Greaves if you are Specializing heavily. If not, use these boots.

I love this item, one of my favorite items in the game. AD + AP, plus a passive that increases AP and AS. If you get this and your passive to max stacks, you will be attacking pretty damn fast. Always nice.

A great choice for Ezreal because the passive effect stacks with your Mystic Shot. This will make you a bit beefier, and give you all around good stats for any Hybrid. I always get this item. Building Sheen early will add a lot of damage to your Mystic Shot, which is why it's so early on the build.

A fairly expensive item, however it's a great item for a hybrid overall. AD, AP, some Lifesteal and Spellvamp to keep you alive, and a slow. This active slow on top of your Trinity Force slow insures you will ALWAYS be able to chase someone and kill them. Just be sure not to overextend too much.

This is where you can choose to Specialize further, or continue building Hybrid.

More Hybrid-ness

Of course, a great item for an amazing amount of AP. This will send your AP through the roof, and finish the AP part of the Hybrid build.

More attack speed and damage, and armor shredding. An amazing item, this plus Rabadon's Deathcap will leave you with a balanced Hybrid finish. Keep in mind the Armor Shredding procs on your Mystic Shot.

More AP-ness (LOL)

Again, a great choice for an AP.

The reason I mentioned this is because 3 of your spells are magic damage. Most of your spells will hit harder, and it will give you all the MPen you need in a game.

More AD-ness

Armor Shredding, AD, and AS. What's not to like?

A standard AD carry item. 250% crit damage? Yes please.

Other viable items

Never a bad item for an AD carry. Lifesteal and AD. If you don't think you can keep the stacks, however, get Infinity Edge.

This is a great item. This will give you everything you need, and a great active. Just don't forget to use it!

This is a very underrated item. AD, MR and a great passive. Get this if you don't want/need an Abyssal Scepter.

This is great for AP Specialization, and this will cap your CDR.

Now, I haven't tested this personally, but I can see this as being a good item. AS, AP and CDR + Mana Regen. Nice for AP/Hybrid.

If you are getting focused, or simply want more armor and AP, grab this item. A great active will add to your already high amount of survivability. Most of the time, you shouldn't need this though.

This is a good item overall. A free ward, plus some good stats. I like this item, great for AD.

This item is pretty good if your team needs it. However, if your team is AD heavy, you should be building more Hybrid or AP anyways.

What NOT to get

This is a good item, but there are better items for Ezreal IMO.

This DOES NOT stack with Trinity Force, making this item useless.

You already have a slow with Trinity Force, no need for this.


Anything else you can think of? Add a comment and I will review it!

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Farming with Ezreal is not too hard.

Early Game
1. Try to get a solo lane
2. Last hit minions, try not to overextend.
3. Harass away with Mystic Shot.

Mid Game
1. Keep farming minions, try not to push too far unless your opposition is dead and you can push a tower.
2. Once you get enough CDR, you can ult minion waves. You can do it from spawn as well - keep that in mind. You can rake in 300+ gold with one ult.
3. Don't be afraid to jungle at this point.

Late Game
1. Your build should be about done - keep farming, it's very easy now.
2. Don't be afraid to ult minions, HOWEVER, if you think a teamfight is coming, save your ult.
3. Ward Baron if possible. You can steal Baron with your ult, I have done it before!

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Thank you for checking out my Ezreal build.

Vote/Comment please!

Add me in-game: Black Tides
Check out my other builds!