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Ezreal Build Guide by Doki000

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Doki000

Ezreal : The Banana of DestructioN

Doki000 Last updated on July 5, 2014
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About me

I'm awesome.

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Dear viewers/raters

You may or may not notice that guide doesnt contain much text information like item explenation or something like that, I only explained the things that are different, Important topics or the topics that aren't very usual. Because you can drag your mouse over the item,rune or mastery icon to see what it gives you, dont criticize my guide on that. And I was also very lazy, thank you.

Sorry for all grammar mistakes, please let me know in the comments where my mistake is, i was in a hurry, again i apologize. my common mistake is "with" i usually write "whit" so sorry if you encounter this.

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Pros and Cons

-sick early game damage (especially with Sheen) and early game potential
-Has blink for escape
-long range
-self buff, team buff, enemy debuff
-Really fun to play
-Global BANANA!!!, and not even cc can stop BANANA!!!
-low cooldown and can control his cooldowns.

-Skillshot based
-mana hungry sometimes
-falls of a little bit late game
-has a gay dance

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Summoner's spells

Always take Flash for an escape + Heal for more defence, or replace the heal with Barrier or Ignite

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just rush Sheen ASAP ( Sheen is your actual core, Early game take it as a full item you know instant Sheen if you dont have 1200g go Doran's Blade >> Boots of Speed >> Stealth Ward, Health Potion etc..
The rest of the build is pretty clear, just follow it and you can't go wrong.

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I use a lot of different runes,but hey it works for me. I'm about to explain the unusal ones.

1X Greater Mark of Attack Speed is pretty unusual but i found it as a great replacement for that one missing point in masteries, besides why would you need only 1+ ad. Although ezreal passive is attack speed i found this rune increasing my farming and pushing potentional a lot.

9X Greater Seal of Health 72 health or 9 armor, obvious one health is a lot better early game and its pretty equal to the armor late game, like 9 armor is gonna save u late game anyway... Oh and btw you will easily regain your health by lifestealing (you know, farming).

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Game plan

Early game (Laning):
IMPORTANT: In early game you build your mid and late game so better give your 110% thats also why i painted it with the green color.
-Push first 1 or 2 minion waves to get level adventage, after that you can freeze the lane or my personal favorite poke them but in case of pushing be sure the have warded the drake (that area)
-after you get your Sheen be sure to poke them, if your mana regen from the runes isn't enough buy Tear of the Goddess or Essence Reaver.
-Farm is your main resource of gold
-dont get greedy for kills because it might result in your death, losing a lane, losing a tower or in the worst case losing a game.
IMPORTANT: In mid game your death or death of your teammate might result in losing a couple of towers or an objective, so keep an eye open and better buy stealth wards .
-Depush the lanes before any teamfights (backup plan), also if you are 5v5 and its critique you can depush with your banana ( Trueshot Barrage)
-Positioning is the key, so stay at the back of your team and dont get greedy (jumping in for a kill). you should focus the nearest enemy that is threating you, and keep this in mind: as long as you are alive you are usefull and dealing damage.
-try to get them 5v4 ( whenever you have a champion difference, ofc champion + on your side)
- Still ward!
IMPORTANT: I painted this one with the red color because this is the most critique period of the game, a slightest mistake could mean a defference between WIN or LOSE.
-Play on safe
-Ward as more as you can.
-Give 200000% from you
-dont be greedy
-turn the smallest mistake of theyr team into your adventage

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Warding as ADC

A lot of players say: "I'm adc idont have to buy wards, im saving gold for my items!", FASLE!
you should be buying wards, also you are the one who need them the most!

Let me ask you a question: How many times you got cought and killed by enemy team only because they had vision on you and could predict you movement. Also have you ever said when losing, "they have everything warded". probably did.

Now this is why you should buy wards:
Stealth Ward = 75g = sight = safety, kills, no surprises, farming, ambushes for enemy, and all that = !!GOLD!!!

And you if you get kill thanks to a ward not also you get a gold you put the enemy behind, less gold for them,they are lover level, they cant help to theyr teammates either etc...
Now tell me is it worth?
You can ward the objectives or the most common places to ward but i see it like this. Example: you are pushing the lane and you will ward the intersections in the jungle, the way your enemy is most likely to pass through to get to you, get it? Something like that, or also to not face check the bush.

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Global Banana sniping

Professional Ezreals or other sniping champion exccept for Caitlyn :D hits theyr ultimates because they are experienced, now as a beginner you cant expect that you hit your ultimate every time or even it might happend that you dont hit any at all. But dont be afraid to try!
Now i'll give you some tips how to get better at sniping with Banana

The key of sniping is to predict what's enemy about to do, or where is he about to go.

-Snipe enemies when they are in the choke points (choke points are places where enemy has limited number of escape ways) you are most likely to get them in the choke points
- Shoot the enemy in a straight line, EXAMPLE: If you are sniping enemy on the mid lane you have better chances to kill him if you are shooting him from a spawn rather then shooting it from a bot lane, because you can hit the entire lane when shooting from the spawn, while shooting from the bot you can hit only a point in the lane.
-Wait a little bit then shoot!
this rule is great, i love it, whenever there is, (for example) a lost teamfight by my team and im still alive, sometimes you can barely see an enemy champion for a little bit although he's in the fog of war (its a bug and sometimes happends and secure my kill)
2) There can also be a case that your enemy is farming after he killed your teammate so predict if there are some creeps left and if he's about to farm1)if he's a melee shoot at your creeps cuz he must get near them to last hit. 2)if he's aranged you can shoot at the current position he is, because he doesnt have to get near the minions to last hit!
- Behind or in front of the tower! In laning phase your enemy will probably recall somewhere around the tower because thats the safe point for him. Now he will recall in front of the tower if he has a great distance from the allie champion (usually when enemy knows he's in the fog of war). He will recall behind the tower when your allie is pushing or when your allie is near enemy's tower.

REMEMBER: You are more likely to hit an enemy while you have vision on them. Although some of these rules might not stick with this.

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My thanks and Bye

Thanks you for Reading, Bye. :D