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Ezreal Build Guide by Enotho

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Enotho

Ezreal: The Complete Guide (as AD Carry)

Enotho Last updated on April 17, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello there, my name is Enotho, and welcome to my first guide here on Mobafire. Ezreal has been my main for over nine months, and I think it's time I share with you what I learned about playing him effectively and use his full potential.

Until I expand my knowledge of Ezreal and his gameplay, I'll add more tips, strategies, and general information to this guide.

Regarding Twisted Treeline, Proving Grounds, and Dominion

Until I finish the guide based on Summoner's Rift , I won't work on the guide for the other maps and game modes available. I'll work on Proving Grounds (ARAM) last, since it will be updated to Howling Abyss soon.

Update history

No updates have been applied since this guide has been published.
This guide is incomplete, so don't give judgement on the obviously incomplete parts.

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Before the game

Why pick Ezreal?

Ezreal is an AD carry with fairly good mobility and effective poke early game. He's typically chosen if the other team has less defense, and reasonable crowd control (CC). Consider these following points before picking him. The more questions are true, the better of a pick he is:
  • Does the enemy team have good poke?
  • Does the enemy team have reasonable CC?
  • Does the enemy team have relatively low defense?
Of course, you don't always have the occasion to go through this process, especially in draft, so at least try to synergize properly with your support (explained below).

nn nn


- Nice early/mid game burst with Mystic Shot
- Very good escape
- Decent sustain late game
- Easy to learn


- Squishier than most ADCs
- Almost all skillshots
- Requires skill
- Hard to last hit early game

Runes and Masteries

Here's an elaboration on the runes and masteries I specified at the beginning of this guide.

+6.75 attack damage - This is what you should always use on an AD carry, the bonus damage is invaluable for last-hitting and helps a lot with poking.

+8.55 attack damage - Here you have the choice: either attack damage marks, or armor penetration marks. Typically, I go with AD, for the simple reason that it is more effective in the entire game then arm. pen. ones, which are only really useful early/mid game. Read the spoiler below for more information about this statement.

+12.69 armor - You should always take these, all ADCs should after all. Ezreal already starts with lower armor than other ADCs.

+12.06 magic resist - The glyphs can be very flexible. The magic resist is useful to take less (almost no) damage from the enemy support, and is also useful late game in teamfights. If you normally have a hard time laning with mana management, you can also use a few flat or scaling mana regeneration glyphs.

For a total of +15.3 attack damage

Why take AD marks over armor penetration runes?


Summoner's Insight reduces Flash's cooldown by 15 seconds, while Summoner's Wrath gives you bonus stats while your offensive spell is on cooldown.
+5 attack damage and ability power while Ignite or Ghost is on cooldown

Butcher , Deadliness , Brute Force , and Executioner are very helpful when it comes to last hitting minions. It also lets you farm a lot quicker, and poke more effectively.
+15 attack damage at level 18
+4 attack damage to minions

Fury and Destruction helps you damage the turret more before the enemy comes back to his lane. Fury is also useful when farming, and can get you an extra hit on enemies.
+4% attack speed
+5% attack damage on turrets

Weapon Expertise , Lethality , Sunder , and Executioner is especially useful in early fights. It very slightly helps with farming minions.
+6 armor penetration (and +8% armor penetration)
+5% critical damage
+5% attack damage to targets below 50% health

Perseverance, Durability , and Hardiness all give you early game defense in fights. They also protect you from minion damage and enemy poke.
+2 health regeneration per 5 seconds
+108 health at level 18
+5 armor

Picking Spells

There's a few things that are specific about Ezreal regarding choosing spells.

Recommended Spells

This is a vital spell for all champions, used for all kinds of situations. Escaping, chasing, ganking, repositioning, and even stealing baron/dragon.

This is amazingly useful in most cases for ADCs, as it increases your damage output. If you use it at the last second (before you or the enemy dies), it can prevent them from escaping with that 1 health remaining.

If the enemy ADC deals more damage early game (and/or counters you), I recommend you take this. Since it takes 1 second to channel your ult (more than enough for the enemy team to deal quite enough damage, you can also consider this.

Possible Spells

Since Ezreal already has a nice escape with Arcane Shift, you don't really need this. If the enemy ADC and/or support have lots of CC, however, take this. It's better that your support has something to protect you, though.

Although I think that this is only really useful on Ashe, if you do not yet have Flash, take this spell instead.

I am very unsure about this spell, but consider this if you like spamming your Mystic Shot as soon as it goes up. I recommend you leave this spell for your support if you really need it.

Discouraged Spells

Forget about this, your support will get it most of the time anyways.

Only use this on very early account levels, and/or leave it for your support.

Any other spells do not concern the bottom lane.

Ability Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

Mystic Shot should always be the first ability to be maxed out as ADC Ezreal, as it provides excellent poke with low cooldown and mana cost, and makes farming a lot quicker and more efficient.

Arcane Shift is usually the second I take priority in, since it deals more damage per mana used and provides an excellent engage and escape. Leveling this up also reduces its cooldown.

Essence Flux is the least effective as ADC Ezreal, but spamming it can help you take advantage of your passive Rising Spell Force as much as possible.

And of course, take focus on Trueshot Barrage whenever you can.

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Item Build

Now then, I think it's time you learn about what to build on Ezreal. He's an incredibly versatile champion (he can be built as an AP Caster) and can use the various items available to his advantage while still carrying the team. Here's an explanation for the build described above:

Game Start

A typical start for the AD Carry is a pair of Boots of Speed and three Health Potions. This gives you good lane sustain, ease to dodge skillshots, and good escapes.

As Ezreal, you don't necessarily need to get these unless you know you'll have trouble because of Arcane Shift. In this case, you can get a Long Sword and two Health Potions instead. This way, you get more damage and you can get your Vampiric Scepter quicker.

If you're satisfied with the fact that you're lane will be easy, get straight to a Doran's Blade.

Early Game - Core Items

Get a vampiric scepter the first time you recall, you'll need it to farm. Get a second one after upgrading to the Bilgewater Cutlass, you'll need it for The Bloodthirster.

Upgrade your Vampiric Scepter to this, the additional damage and lifesteal are invaluable at this point if you want to get kills. Get your Boots of Speed and another vampiric scepter if you didn't already.

Active: Deals 100 magic damage and slows the target champion's movement speed by 25% for 2 seconds.

Don't forget to use this, ie. if you are hiding in the bush and they are moving towards you, activate it and deal as much damage as possible. Hopefully your support also has some CC.

You can't skip this item, it's what makes an ADC an ADC. It gives you lots of early game damage and can be upgrades into various items, such as The Bloodthirster,
Infinity Edge, and Mercurial Scimitar.

Pick Your Boots

At this point in the game, the boots' bonus stats and movement speed will give you a great advantage.

This is what is typically built on an AD Carry, since the bonus attack speed helps you deal 25% more damage! It also helps you get into teamfights quicker.

I rarely take these, and if I do, it's only temporary. If you're at the mid game point and still pushing the bottom lane (up to second/third turret), I build these to help me push more and repel enemies with my more frequent Mystic Shot.

If you already have lots of damage but still get to low health quicker than you should, take these. You should not take these to defend your turret, since you need to clear the minions as quickly as possible.

This lets you kite enemies and chase them down when they have low health. If you're loosing, take Enchantment: Alacrity or Enchantment: Homeguard instead.

Core Items - Mid Game

You should take these first, all the stats it gives you grants you amazing sustain in lane, mostly if you have a second Vampiric Scepter.

With the Blade of the Ruined King, you can heal back up to full health in an instant. It also gives you great damage, and stacks of life steal and more attack damage per unit kill.

Preparing for your Infinity Edge, the Cloak of Agility will make you deal twice as much damage each 6-7 basic attacks. Alternatively, buy another B. F. Sword.

Situational Items - Mid Game

Now this is quite a weapon. It increases nearly all your stats by a fair amount, making farming easier and makes your Trueshot Barrage much more powerful. Take this if the game is tied.

If you're loosing, you should consider taking this so you can clear out the attacking minions waves much quicker. Don't take it if you have Trinity Force.

If you're winning and plan to get all the core items, but don't need any defense, buy this instead of Guardian Angel. Don't take it if you have Trinity Force.

Core Items - Late Game

This item proves extremely useful the entire game, as the large amount of armor penetration can help you deal around 20% more damage to non-tanks, and about 10% to tanks.

This is another important item for all ADCs, since it lets you farm twice as fast and deals tons of damage each 4 attacks on the enemy by itself!

If you build nothing but the core items, you should take this as it provides your only defense. Don't take it if you have Randuin's Omen and Mercurial Scimitar.

Situational Items - Late Game

If you're loosing and need more defense, take this. It gives you both damage and magic resistance, along with a nice passive (similar to Cleanse). You should buy it along with
Randuin's Omen and it should replace Last Whisper.

If you're loosing and need more defense, also take this. It gives you both health and armor, going along well with the Mercurial Scimitar. It should replace Guardian Angel.

Example Builds

Here are some example builds you can follow in various situations (a note on the lucidity and ninja boots: I don't recommend to always take them in those situations, I just put them here, for the sake for showing them in a build).

Take this if both teams have a typical composition and you're either winning or tied with the enemy.
Full Core Build

Defensive Build

If your team is loosing the game and you're struggling to defend, use this build.

Take this your team is winning and/or has an advantage over the entire game.
Offensive Build

Even Game Build

If the game is even and you aren't too sure who will gain advantage, take this build.

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Abilities and Spells

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