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Ezreal General Guide by xFuZzIiionz

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author xFuZzIiionz

Ezreal - The Prodigal Explorer

xFuZzIiionz Last updated on July 3, 2012
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 21

Honor Guard

Defense: 9

Strength of Spirit

Utility: 0

Chapter 1


// Hello, and welcome to my very first guide on Mobafire, this guide, as you can tell from the title, will be of the Prodigal Explorer; Ezreal. I picked up Ezreal quite some time back, and instantly fell in love with this character. This Is how I build him, and if you may not agree with it, please do not downvote just because of it. Enjoy your time! ***Warning*** If you are thinking of buying Ezreal, or just did.. Be ready to skill shot; a lot.
// P.S. I spent a good amount of time on this, so if you are going to downvote this, please give me a legitimate reason explaining why you did so. Thank you. :)

// Some quick terms used in this guide.
// CDR - Cooldown Reduction.
// AD - Attack Damage.
// AS - Attack Speed.
// ArP - Armor Penetration.
// CC - Crowd Control.
// DPS - Damage Per Second.
// Crit - Critical Hit
// AP - Ability Power
// Mr - Magic Resist
// Ar - Armor
// CC - Crowd Control

Pros / Cons

Pro's and Con's

+ // Great range.
+ // Amazing Farmer.
+ // Good ganks.
+ // Hits like a truck.
+ // Built in Flash.
+ // Relatively small CD.

- // Somewhat squishy.
- // Relatively difficult to master.
- // Easily CC'd.
- // Easily countered. [ArP]
- // Low base MR.



// With the masteries I went for a 21-9-0 build.

// In the Offense tree I pick up; Brute Force 3x, Butcher 1x, Alacrity 4x, Weapon Expertise 1x, Deadliness 4x, Lethality 1x, Sunder 3x and Executioner 1x. These will increase the amount of damage I do giving me AD, AS, ArP, Crit Dmg, and a passive of dealing +6% Dmg to targets under 40% health. This will make Ezreal a much more damaging champion.

// In the Defense Tree I take; Resistance 1x. Hardiness 3x, Durability 4x and Veteran's Scars 1x. This will make Ezreal take less Dmg from basic attacks and abilities.



Greater Mark of Lethality

Greater Quintessence of Attack Damage

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Seal of Health

Summoner Spells

Flash: Although Ezreal already has a flash, its nice to have another incase someone flashes over the wall with you, or if you messed up your arcane shift.
Ignite: Ever almost take down a pesky enemy and he/she runs off with a sliver of health? Yeah, me too.. this is why I take ignite! :D [To finish off those suckers]
Heal: Even though all the hate on Heal, it can save your ***, or even save others in a teamfight or two.

Ability Explanation

  • Rising Spell Force: // This passive, can win you fights, or take down towers when you normally couldn't in time. Whenever you hit an ability, from Mystic Shot, to Essence Flux [if it hits an enemy] if will give you a stack of up to five. Every stack gives you more and more attack speed.
  • Mystic Shot (Q): // This ability will be your main source of damage, passive stacking, last hit securing and poking. This will take down just over 100 in one shot at level one. Doh, did I mention when ever you hit anything with this, it gives you a global CDR of 1 second? Oh my gawd. I would definitely take this first for Dmg and CDR. [Skill shot]
  • Essence Flux (W): // Essence Flux is an underwhelming ability until you know how to use it, it can shut down, temporally, AD carry's, shutting down their AS drastically, or boost your own and your team-mates AS during a team fight, or to take down a tower faster. I would take this second or third depending on the enemy team composition and max it second. [Skill shot]
  • Arcane Shift (E): // Ah, the good ole' built in flash.. Once you cast this you will launch out a bolt toward the closest mob, or enemy champion, and well, flash to the location of your mouse. This is very well for doing good burst damage, or escaping a bad situation. I recommend taking this second or third [depending on the enemy team composition] for the mobility and max it last.
  • Trueshot Barrage (R): // This ability is your ultimate, hopefully you knew that before reading this guide. So, if you haven't noticed League is missing some Cross Map ults, right? Well that's fixed here, doing massive damage to the targets it hits and going across the map if needed. But be wary, it is like Ashe's ult, and Karthus' ult mixed. You must channel it AND lead the target on, so its not the easiest to hit from long range unless you have sight, and they are standing still or in a fight. I usually do not try to snipe with this since it is relatively slow, I will usually run out of sight or in a bush and launch it. It is also a good tool at stealing dragon or baron. Take this when you can. [Skill shot]

    Ability Sequence Order


    > > >

    // I recommend taking your Q [Mystic Shot] first. This will help you poke and confirm last hits in any lane. It will also do quite a bit of damage to the enemy champion if hit. Usually a full bar, if not near it. You would then get your W [Essence Flux] or my E [Arcane Shift] depending on the lane in against. If you am against a heavy AD carry, I would recommend to get your W, if you are doing fine at the moment or against a heavy skillshotter, You should get myour E. And of course get your ultimate as soon as possible.


    • : // I recommend starting with this item because of the extra health, damage and life steal, having these buffed on Ezreal is always a nice thing. Having this will also increase the chances to get last hit, hit harder, and go back to base less frequently.
    • : // Once you go back, you should have enough for the whole item, but if you don't then you should get boots and two - three potions. Once you get the full boots it will make me hit faster and effectively hit harder, or atleast get more DPS.
    • : // Start off with rushing Sheen, getting Sheen will make you hit an extra 250 magic damage on your next basic attack when you hit an ability. This will make you hit even harder, and the extra mana is nice. Once you get the full item, you will have a nice attack speed, mana, a slow and AD.
    • : // The Bloodthirster is going to make you.. Somewhat of a demigod. [remembering demigods can die] This gives you a nice 60 AD, 12 Life steal. Also whenever you get a kill, you gain 1 AD and 0.2 lifesteal, maxing out at 40 AD and 8 lifesteal.
    • : // Infinity Edge is one heavy hitter in the build, this will let you hit 50% harder when you crit! This will also give you a nice amount of AD, 80 to be exact.
    • : // Oh daym. This little guy will increase your AS and AD, but oh wait.. Theirs more. When ever you hit an enemy it lowers their armor, letting you and everyone else hit harder, if they're AD.
    • : // Well, this solves our "low magic resist" problem doesn't it? Giving us a nice amount of Mr, Ar and a very nice passive, letting your champion revive on the battle field every five minutes.

    Situational Items

    // Now this build is not made for ranked gameplay, just throwing that out there, I believe that you should know the champion before you go into ranked. Now that the air is cleared of that, lets go into the section shall we?

    // If you know your lane is going to have other skill shotters or you'll need the survivability..
    • Boots +
    • : I recommend you take boots and three health potions for mobility and some more health, if you do not take Doran's Blade.
    • + : If you have mana problems that you notice in-game, you are welcome to take this. As it gives you a welcome sight of 200 mana and some extra health.

      : This item will give you a rather large amount of magic resist. If the enemy team has a fed AP or overall very damaging AP, you'll see this like a.. Person dieing to AP to having a lot of Mr.. That sucked.. But you'll love this item a little more once you notice how much it actually does help you.

      : This little chestplate gives you a whopping 100 armor, and a passive reflect, this is good against AD carries tearing you a new one. Be be wary, you can still die.

      : The bow of the last whisper once pierced through a.. I don't know, but it gives you a good amount of ArP to take down that pesky tank.

    Advanced Tactics

    // Last hitting is a very important skill or task in League, so you help get more last hits, occasionally use your Q [Mystic Shot] here and there to secure them, also if two are going down at the same time, you can auto attack one and [Mystic Shot] the other, this will help you get more last hits whenever possible.

    // When in teamfights you can initiate with you R [Trueshot Barrage], our your W [Essence Flux] to give your team the edge and possible winning side. Use your Q [Mystic shot] whenever possible to do major damage and have even smaller cooldowns. If **** hits the fan and you need to escape, try to save your E [Arcane Shift] unless your going to secure a kill or backing up from the crowd.

    // In regular laning phase whenever you can, try to keep your range an advantage. That's right, stay in the back as much as you can, but be able to land those skill shots. Especially in fights. This will keep your dmg high and your life even better.


    [02/07/2012] Build published to Mobafire.
    [02/07/2012] Items Changed and Teamfights section changed.
    [03/07/2012] General overhaul of the build. [Took some advice from the readers. <3]


    // Overall I believe that Ezreal is one of the best champions that is out there at the moment, and one of the most mobile champions to date. [this is an opinion] There are some serious talent out in the world of League of Legends and since the new skin came out *finally* I am seeing more and more Ezreals. I hope this helps anyone currently playing or is new to playing the Prodigal Explorer; Ezreal.

    // I would like to thank jhoijhoi for teaching me how to create a guide, if you are new and looking to make a guide, seriously look at her guide below. I would also like to thank everyone who helped to create this guide. Thank you for reading the guide, happy hunting.

    If your looking to make a guide you should really check out jhoijhoi, she taught me how to do this. Credits to jhoijhoi for the template, which you can find here.


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