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Ezreal Build Guide by jemolee

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author jemolee

Ezreal - Time To Get Our Pants Dirty!

jemolee Last updated on June 13, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hey guys! I'm new here. This is my first build and i dont know so much about making build and also can't say i have the best English.So if i failed something or wrote something wrong,i'm sorry.But please dont be prejudging and try this items because its really effective.

This is absolutely an ADC BUILD! It's not for jungle or other weird things.And if you can handle,you can also play as mid lane (mostly depends who is enemy mid).If you cant farm minions at the beginning,this items may not be effective so much but they are never useless(if you can't farm minions,this means you are suck at playing adc).Stats shown on this build is not completely right because passive skills don't shown here.You have about 3000 mana and Muramana adds 2% of your mana to your attack damage(about +60 ad) and Bloodthirsters passive (+30 ad and +6 life steal) and also Muramana has active skill to make more damage.This makes build so much effective than it looks.

If you need any more information or you have questions to ask this is my Summoner Nickname in Turkey Server: Sypmoniar

I hope these informations will be usefull for you guys.I hate those guides which show millions of different builds inside so i made mine as simple as i can. There is a main build you actually need to make and there are few optional items you could make it situationally in game. I can't say this build is completely original. I saw these usefull items while watching EU Tournament players and created my own build.So this build is not stolen or something. If someone thought this build before me and published here,i'm sorry from beginning because i checked some builds but couldn't see anything same.

And please feel free to leave your comments and give your vote.Good or bad it doesn't matter but please just don't write silly things.

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Lane Farming

Ezreal is a short-ranged adc champion and this build mostly put forward your skills efectiveness.If you dont believe your aiming skills,try another usual adc build.

Generally farming with Ezreal is harder than other adc's.He gets more damage and has shorter range than other adc's also has no crowd controll skills. So at the starting,farming is a big problem. You need to use your mana wisely and need to choose which way you gonna play: harrasing enemies or normal farming lane. If you have a long-ranged adc in enemy team (Caitlyn,Draven etc.),they will make you miss last hits on minions with their harassment ability. Sometimes Q skill is only way to take minion kills and it gonna make you waste your mana slowly. Also if there's a agressive support in enemy team (Leona,Blitzcrank,Thresh etc.),you gonna use your Arcane Shift(E) skill for evading them.It also wastes mana so you may finish your mana quickly in lane. Try to stay safe and farm under your turret while in a situation like this.

When you have about 1700+ gold go back to town and buy Spirit of The Elder Lizard and few hp and mana potions. This will make your lane and farm so much easier.You have more Attack Damage,Mana Regerenation,Healt Regeneration,Cooldown Reduction,extra minion damage and also this items passives damage.You can harass your enemy with your Q skill and farming become way easier.

And when you go back to town again,you really need to buy Tears of Goddess because mana is the biggest problem at starting. After this point,you dont need to worry about missing minions or something because you can easily spam Q skill for a long time.

After you finished Spirit of The Elder Lizard,Manamune,Ionian Boots and Iceborn Gauntlet you only need to spam your skills.You have so much mana to waste.Even you can use your E skill for hitting minions because you have really high CDR rate and also your Q skill reduces your skills cooldown times 1 second when hits. After this point you cant miss last hits and also your harassments will be very effective and slow your enemies.

Note1: I always have few healt potions in my bag because you wont have life steal for a while.You can choose buying Vampiric Scepter earlier but it may make build less effective.

Note2: I also use my Trueshot Barrage(R) skill for pushing lanes(killing minions).If you use it in the town,it will be only about 30 seconds cooldown left when you back to lane. Also you can use it for helping fights in other lanes and can take assists or kills. It's completely optional but it has short cooldown time and hitting with Q skill is making it shorter.

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I always choose my summoner spells as Barrier and Flash. As you know all ADC's take Flash first and secondry they choose barrier,ignite,cleanse etc. Cleanse is a little useless for Ezreal because he dies so fast when he caught.Arcane Shift(E) skill and Flash let you evade CC skills. For example even if Taric's stun hits you,you will be stunned away from enemy. When you get into a really bad situation,use your barrier to evade from some damage and after stuns finished use your E and/or Flash skill(s) to get away from there.If all enemy players rushes on you and you cant get away; you must be get into a trap or your team dont give a sh*t about saving you.

Ignite is really useless for Ezreal because you don't have much chance against Draven,Caitlyn,Greaves,Quinn etc. at the beginnig of the game.Even if you use Ignite,they will have Barrier for it.

As a result, Barrier-Flash is the best spell combination for Ezreal.

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I explained purpose of all items,runes and masteries at +Note part so check there if you need any information.