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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author thirdilemma

Ezreal- to blink or not to blink

thirdilemma Last updated on May 18, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello fellow lol'ers, my name is thirdilemma and i have really awesome shoes. wait. what?
ANYWAYS! Ezreal is the sickest character ever so i decided i would make a guide for him. im not sure what else to put in this. uhm i enjoy feedback. and i wont go into TOO much indepth stuff, i wont talk about items that have nothing to do with ezreal. and i wont go over every character. but i shall work on this more! my ingame name is thirdilemma. feel free to add me!

DONT WORRY! I SHALL WORK ON IT FOR A LONNG TIME. im releasing it mainly for the build order. Keep in mind im doing the material first. i shall polish it and make it shine later.!

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Pros and cons

Fun to play,
cool /dance
has a built in flash
skill shot based*
very rewarding
amazing at chasing
amazing at running away
good at ganking
did i mention he had a cool dance?

difficult to learn
difficult to play
people moan and groan when they see an ez on their team
gets called a kser a lot
No. he isnt a girl >.<
very frustrating at times
gets targeted a lot in team fights
no /joke. :(
takes lots of practice

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The reason i choose the mark of desolation is because i go for AD damage, not AP.

The reason i go for the seal of replenishment is because harrassment is a big part of laning. and i love to spam my q early game. this mp5 helps me be more aggressive before i can get my tear of the goddess

The is because, again i like to spam my Q. and the more time i can shave off the better.

Uhm. i havent done a lot of experimenting with Quints. so i just decided to go armor pen. and i have had a lot of success with it.

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i go into the offensive tree because doing damage rocks! YEAHHHH! hahaha
Im not going to go into masteries too much. i feel that its a play style thing. i know ezreals who like to go into the utility tree.

The biggest thing about masteries is finding your playstyle. if you feel yourself dying a lot. then its probably not a mastery thing. its probably a playstyle thing. if you have questions about this. again. talk to me in game. or comment below. :D

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my build

SO, here we are. you might be wondering. why 2 dorans rings? WELL DUMMY! obv im checking to see if your paying attention because those are dorans sword blade daggers!1! hahaha sorry sorry.

the reason for 2 dorans. is because i noticed a lot of ezreals going really fast aggression by going 3 dorans blade with a few pots and some boots. i felt like this was too hard to transition out of but was still a really aggressive playstyle. i decided to try it. I CANNOT STRESS HOW IMPORTANT THE 2ND dorans blade IS!11 please please dont skip the 2nd sword. its sooo good.

i buy a for some more mana, and it makes his hands turn all red. which looks really awesome. :D

i then get but dont finish them till later. i dont feel that ionian boots are good with ezreal until level 6.

i then get a tear of the. once you get tear of the goddess. your mana problems are over for the rest of the game. SO MUCH STRESS IS GONE!1!!1 yay!

now finish the . :)

Now this is sorta a debate within myself. i get a The Brutalizerto lower that CD even more. but i DONT get the yomuus ghostblade. now the reason this is, is because i have a hard time remembering to use my item abilities in battle.
Another reason i dont get the ghostblade is because i like to get my trin-force now. which makes ezreal totally baller!!! YES! if you feel like im an idiot and you have amazing success with getting a ghostblade. then good for you! im very happy for you! plz comment down below!

get a Trinity Force. you already have a sheen. so why not? now the game transitions to late game!
i now get a banshees veil. it makes your survivability against Ryze, LeBlanc, Annie, and all those other evil nukes a lot higher. oh. and dont forget about Karthus' ult. :D

Now i get a Infinity Edge. for its awesome. bascially its just a good item. lots of good stuff. ill probably change this later too. : / !

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There is a suprising amount of boots that are viable with Ezreal.

Ionian Boots of Lucidity: I choose these due to the CDR. once you get these you can do your Q almost constantly (assuming you hit a target) which in turn resets all your cooldowns.

Berserkers greaves: A LOT of ezreal guides will tell you to get these. IMO, this is a huge mistake. I use ezreals passive and i take it for granted. meaning i dont even act like its there. I feel attack speed is something ezreal already has. why would i get more?

Boots of Mobility: ill admit. i have the strongest addiction towards these boots for a long time. the feeling of running around the map fast is awesome. but these boots fall flat in combat. plus Ezreal already does a good job getting around the map with arcane shift

Boots of Swiftness meh. if your having trouble catching someone. then your playing ezreal wrong. with range, a built in flash, AND an ult that is the ultimate chaser. you dont need these.

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Arcane shift

Now i might feel silly that im doing an entire section about 1 ability. But i feel that this is the hardest ability to master.

Alright. where to start...

During a team fight it is tempting to into the center of action, DONT!
another tempting thing to do is AWAY from the action. this isnt as bad, but then your just wasting it. What you SHOULD do, is blink from side to side getting good vantage points while staying a good distance away. but close enough to hit them with your arcane shift.

During a duel. (1v1)

im not going to lie, Ezreal is sometimes difficult to 1v1, especially against melee's like Xin Zhao, Renekton, and especially Akali (OMG T_T)! When dueling. timings are a NECESSITY.
important timings take practice, for example. learning to blink away RIGHT when Renekton dashes towards you, or when Akali plops down her cloak field. or when jarvan uses his ult.
ezreal is about keeping a good distance away. arcane shift helps you do this.

when ganking.

When ganking with ezreal. its tempting to arcane shift right into the battle, however its better to reveal yourself first while heading right towards them. letting the people with flash to flash away, this usually leaves 1 person running behind everyone else (poor guy), anyways this your target. YES!

another last little note. arcane shift still targets cloaked units. so if you get that feeling Evelynn is around. arcane shift and it will hit her. ^^

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midding with ezreal!

When midding as Ezreal, you will come across only a small pool of certain characters.
The ones i would like to focus on right now are Morgana, Lux, Blitzcrank(you better believe it), Ashe and other characters with CC related skill shots. you need to be very precise in your timing. The best way to mid against these characters is wait for them to skill shot then you need to arcane shift THROUGH the skill shot, dodging it. and then closing the gap between you and the opponent. then bust off a arcane shot and auto attack them. this should deal significant damage.

Champions worth mentioning. i will mark these in green yellow orange red according to danger level.
red being the most dangerous

Anivia: just watch out for her ice ball. usually you can run away from it. but if its necessary. just arcane shift. same thing for her Aoe ult

Annie she is super squishy. be as aggressive as possible with her without dying. i promise you can take more hits than she can.

Ashe she is going to be the person you mid most against. the reason i mark her yellow is due to her ultimate. if she hits you with that, your gonna be in a rough situation. for her cone of arrows thing, just blink through them like i explained and nail her a good arcane shot

Brand: he is a fairly new character and he isnt that popular of a mid. he can take quite a few hits and he is a really good burster. pay attention to him and he wont give you TOO much trouble

Caitlyn she has a really long range that can be really annoying luckily her ult sux. watch out for her skill shot that passes through minions. you should be able to kill her pretty easily around level 6. just be patient with her.

Cassiopeia her Q shot is really the only way of harass she has. just constantly move around AWAY from your minions that way she is wasting mana constantly trying to hit you. feel free to hit her in the face with your arcane shot.[color=green]

Corki rarely played against. his machine gun hurts quite a lot.
keep your distance and you will be fine.

Ezreal this really just depends on your skill.

Fiddlesticks the op hero. a fear+drain= >.<
the reason he isnt red. is because if your very aggressive with him but are careful not to engage him with your arcane shift. then you shouldnt die

Karthus alright. the only reason he is red is because of his stupid ulti and his passive. he is unlike other heroes (obv). what i mean. unlike other heroes. you have to be positive you can take him out AND still be able to run away while having a significant amount of health left. be VERY aggressive with this guy. and be wary of his orange bombs. arcane shift through his wall of pain.

Kassadin he silences. and you dont have the advantage of blinking, cause he has it too. and he silences. so that means no arcane shift away :(
I honestly just do my best to initiate ganks to kill him.

Katarina i mark her orange because she is somewhere in between. and also because she is a rare mid to find. she is squishy. but has an INCREDIBLE damage output. she also has the ability to blink. however most katarinas will blink then ult. which gives you the timing to arcane shift away arcane shift. essence flux and even ult if necessary. be wary of her.

Kennen again. another orange for the same reasons as kata. i have a suprisingly easy time with kennen . the reason being, kennen cant do damage if he cant touch you with his abilies. arcane shift does an INCREDIBLE job making sure you never get hit by anything of kennens. but i hear a lot of people have trouble with him. just play careful with him. but very aggressive. its a tug of war, pull back when he pushes, arcane shift towards him and punish him for over extending

Kog maw very squishy character. just be aggressive. try to kill him before level 6. after level 6 he just becomes very annoying. [/color[

LeBlanc leblanc is a pain in the face, she how a super high burst damage. and she becomes 2x as scary at level 6. her only CC is a skill shot which has a pretty short range, most of her abilites have short range so keep your distance. her cooldowns are pretty long. so keep up the aggression. dont let her get more than 1 hit off on you or you will feel her wrath.

Lux she is easy to play against. arcane shift directly towards you when she tries to use her skill shot against you, punish her. she dies. her ult is just like yours.
Anticipate this and arcane shift as soon as you see the giant red line.

Malzahar I hate playing against him. all of his abilities do a lot of damage. his ultimate suppresses you so you just sit there and die. when playing against him. get a tear of the goddess and then dont finish it, instead get a silver collar. this will make his ult useless. Make sure that you dont stand next to your minions so you dont catch malific visions. do your best to play as safe as possible and even if you cant get first blood against him, do your best not to die. initiate ganks with your teammates.

Miss Fortune she can give some trouble, but usually most mf's dont know how to mid or play against ezreal. harass a lot and back off when your minions, her make it rain ability deals significant damage, dont get caught in it. her ult is a cone shaped barage of bullets. use arcane shift to blink out of it.

Morgana treat her just like lux. dont stay too close to her due to her ult. if you do happen to get close enough and she uses her ult. do your best to arcane shift and break her chains.

Ryze very easy to kill early game. late game he gets incredible nuking ability. make sure not to feed him or you will regret it. be aggressive while keeping your distance. his red ball ability shot thing is very annoying but doesnt do a lot by itself.

Sivir she is good at killing minions. but im convinced that ezreal is her bane, she has low damage in her abilies and her spell shield blocks 1 of your arcane shots every once in a while. you should be able to get first blood very easily.

Sona she is super squishy and incredibly easy to kill. she can heal herself and her ulti stuns. thats basically the only suprises she has

Soraka soraka, as ugly as she is, is quite the annoying character. she reminds me of a cockroach. she doesnt die! she has the ability to silence you, she has basically unlimited mana. and she does hardly any damage with her starfall ability. i dont think there is much advice i can give. just dont get too greedy and try to turrent dive. she will win.

color=blue] Swain unfotunately i dont have a lot of experience playing him. he is pretty easy to kill imo. and is quite predicatble.

Teemo in my opinion teemo is better at top or bottom than at mid. however i do face him quite often in the middle. he is the master of CC and poison darts are incredibly annoying. he has a fast AS. when playing teemo try to kill him as much as possible before level 6. also you need to pay attention to where he is. he is good at ganking, do your best to kill him for he is VERY squishy. do your best to ignore how adorable he is in his bunny skin. :P

Tristana hahahahahahah. so we have come to the fail champ. she is so easy to kill and she makes a delicious meal. have fun blasting her in the face. when she tries to run away ult her. mm mm delicious trist. if your having a problem against her. then your doing something wrong completely.

Twisted Fate he is pretty annoying. but as far as i know, he is difficult to play. this is probably my favorite matchup because its constantly exciting. your team mates will hate you for not calling mia when he [destiny]. tell them to shove it and go die in a skyscraper. he is squishy but has a very high attack speed. give him room when he has a yellow card above his head. i get first blood most of the time against him due to his squishy. DONT 1V1 HIM! HE WILL WIN! his [red card] slows you and his [yellow card] stuns you. considering you dont have any Cc'syou will most likely lose.

Twitchi dont have a lot of information against midding against him. just be sure to grab a sight ward so you can see him when he cloaks. call mia whenever you realize he is gone, or your team mates will be pissed.

Urgot dont let him hit you with his green grenade thing. this lets him lock onto you and he will spam his acid hunter as much as possible, he can hit you with incredible range. he is also about as beefy as you so yeah. he likes to have distance between you, close the distance and make him back up. deny him experience if you can. just make sure he doesnt lock on to you. his ult makes you switch positions with him. this isnt really a problem if he isnt in bushes or near his tower. you should be able to get first blood against him.

Vayne she is op. but while midding you can still get first blood off her. just dont let her harass you. her auto is quite short range

Veigar he can cause some damage, but not too much considering your going AD, when he tries to stun you, arcane shift out of there and he will miss his dark matter shot, then feel free to punish him because he has long cool downs.

ughhhh. ok so vladmir has a life stealing ability, an ability that makes him untargetable, and an ult that makes you think you survived the fight, and then you die.
so what to do
what Vladimir wants, is to control you like a puppet. he wants you to back off after he life steals. and he wants you to tower dive him. dont do it! when he life steals. thats your time to counter attack, arcane shift towards him, arcane shot him, auto attack a few times. and then arcane shot again. dont let him see you when your going to ult him. he will go in his stupid pool of blood and dodge it. This character gives me more frustration than any other character. play safe. he is the THE best at tower diving in the entire game imo.

Zilean havent midded against him a lot. just dont let him put a time bomb on you. those tend to hurt.

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early game with Ezreal

How to play early game.

After grabbing a sword and choosing your Mystic Shot, head to the mid lane.
press "O" or "tab" to see who you will be midding against. then head to the other teams turrent to see if they are in range of hitting with your mystic shot. sometimes you will find the character in range. shoot them with your mystic shot, see if they react. a LOT of people will head to mid and then alt tab out and select some music or download porn or whatever. sometimes the person will be not there and you can continually hit them with your mystic shot and get first blood. NICE! dont expect this to happen too much tho.

DONT do this if midding against a teemo. the teemo could be cloaked and you might walk right past him.

once the minions spawn its all about harasssing with your Mystic Shot try to get in position and get your opponent to half life. this shouldnt be a difficult thing to do.
be sure to get last hit on the minions. when a tank minion is getting low. feel free to mystic shot him to ensure you get the last hit.

once you get to level 2. and your target is around 1/2 life. try to get him to move forward AWAY from his tower. then use Arcane Shift right in front of him, Exhaust him. and then do your best to kill him. this works 99% of the time. be wary when doing it against a Twisted Fate or a Vladimir tho.

you have successfully gotten first blood. YAY!

Assuming you have terrible team mates. they wont call mia always be ready for a gank when midding. dont push too far unless you can see all characters in the top and bottom lanes.
and always have Arcane Shift ready until all the other opponents are found. then feel free to be aggressive again

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Mid game

this is when the LANING PHASE IS OVER!

what this acutally means.
towers will start dropping.
the good and bad teammates will reveal themselves.
mias become crucial!
you start to see people constantly missing in the lanes.
and its time for you to start ganking lanes.
you should be level 9. and everyone else should be 6 or 7.

congratz. its now the mid game.

where you should be in items.
both dorans blades
your Sheen
your Ionian Boots of Lucidity
and your Tear of the Goddess should all be completed

This is one of the most fun times of the game because its when your first team fights should occur. :D

Things to do during this time.
Start jungling.
get control of the dragon
make sure all of the first tier towers drop. (on their team ofc)coordinate and communicate with your team.
get random ganks on people jungling in their jungle.

this kind of thing continues until level 13

Once level 13 rolls around and you have all these things accomplished.
it becomes the Mid to late game transition,
also known as the Stale mate phase
The stale mate phase is still mid game.

During the stale mate phase.
All the towers are down.
your entire team is jungling
everyone is staying on their side of the river
And its very boring Q_Q

be a good team mate and dont over extend or get ganked.
Stay with your team.

Where you should be in the item sequence.

you should have
dorans blade x2
Ionian Boots of Lucidity
Tear of the Goddess
The Brutalizer
Trinity Force

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Late game

This is the part of the game where everyone gets to level 18

This is where you decide to get a banshees veil
or a Thornmail

This is minute 30 of a game.
team fights make or break the game
Someone on their team is usually fed (due to team mates)
and your stacked (due to awesome)

This phase is a vague one due to the sequence of things, there isnt actually a thing that needs to be done really.
Its more of this mid phase where there is ganking. but its more of like 3v5 ganks.
make sure to have map control.
stick with your team.
if no one is getting the red and blue buff on your team, feel free to grab them.

keep constant tabs on the baron.Sneak around their forest with your team, you can usually pick off 2 or three of their team mates, after you do this. go get baron and push as hard as you can without your team dying.
From here you have pretty much got the upper hand of the game and its maybe 5-10 minutes from the end after regrouping a few times and getting their inhibs.

there isnt really A lot to go on about the late game due to the SO many team combinations

Last few tips
dont die, its never a reasonable cause
get a gaurdian angel after the banshees veil or Thornmail if they have a high dps team
Make decisions as a team, if your outvoted, suck up your pride and do what the rest of the team is doing.

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jungling with ezreal.

dont do it

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Tips with ezreal

Dont 1v1 with him until your very comfortable with him

very good at getting in and out of sticky situations with arcane shift, use your arcane shot to scout bushes before going in.

when trying to snipe with his ultimate aim for towers, most people tend to turrent hug when recalling.

ask a friend to use clairvoyance (if your in ventrillo, or skype etc etc) when sniping with ult.

you and twisted fate can make an amazing team. be sure to have good communication with your team mate tf.

good at jungling later in the game. When there is really nothing to be done, go jungle. Be sure to keep good dragon control. you should be able to solo dragon at level 11-13 ish

You play a large part in your teams overall morale. ill go on more about morale next section

Dont feel obliged to suicide yourself for a teammate thats low on Hp. its their stupid fault for over extending

HAVE GOOD MAP SENSE!! make sure to be constantly checking the top and bottom lanes for a low HP tower hugger.

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Team Morale

While this is something never discussed. League of legends is definatley a game with morale and team work.

when midding. your teams morale depends on you. If your get first blood. your team is :D
in addition to your 400g. first blood is a lot more than a kill. its a huge morale boost for your team, and your team will do much better.

if you are having a hard time killing the person your midding against, your team is : /
they dont have anything bad to say cause you didnt feed. but they feel like they could have done a better job. regardless whether they could have or not doesnt matter. its better than giving the other team first blood

when the person your playing against gets first blood on you. DONT SAY ANYTHING RUDE!
just say a quick sorry and tell them you wont die again. MAKE SURE YOU DONT!
Do not do not do not rage! this will further the situation and your team will be distracted arguing and not playing. just do your best to patch up your mistakes.

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Summoner Spells

I use even though i mid and its a shorter distance to get back, with teleport you can help in team fights easier, back door easier, and run away easier (if you know you dont have enough time to recall before they find you, feel free to teleport back)

I also choose because in the early game. this is how to get first blood. it also helps it team fights when there is someone who is too balsy to want to step back a little. you can blink towards them and then throw Exhaust on them. this is effective on killing a tank that got too balsy in his positioning.

from here im not going to tell you the better choice, just other choices, and my opinion

Another very close choice is . this increases your speed for a short time. however i feel its useless because again, ezreal is very good at getting where he needs to go due to his Arcane Shift but if you feel like you need it. go for it

ignite this ability never seems to work for me. there are just too many characters with a heal or some kind of debuff remover. Nidalee, Soraka, Sona, Kayle. etc etc.

clairvoyance i dont have a really strong opinion with it. just not as good as Exhaust or Teleport imo.

fortify too long of a cooldown for it to be useful. plus towards late game this isnt as effective. people tend to like you for it though.

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hello. smartcast. even if you dont like it at first. do it anyways. you will soon learn to like it. it makes you go from food to carry. its awesome. :D