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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Coldbolt

Fast Dragon Kill Champions and Speed Jungle

Coldbolt Last updated on November 18, 2011
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Speed Dragon Kills


Speed Junglers

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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** Update Wednesday 16th November 2011 **

With the new Mastery System out, I will now be reworking the videos to show you the most up to date version of the jungle for Olaf and Yorick but keeping the old videos for deeper insight. The new vids will show how fast I can do jungle with the new masteries and probably describe how sustainable junglers will now become. All Masteries have been remade. I have also added the first of the new masteries jungler with the remake of Olaf. Can take Dragon at 5:52 taking less damage, this is great. I have also added my Masteries set which I use now for most junglers which I'll explain in the video

** Update Wednesday 9th November 2011 **

After a pure accident whilst playing Shyvana "Give this champion red buff and it's basically GG" and realised a weird but faster route at least for Shyvana. I'll be making a video for her asap because it's fast but it's inside the harder of the junglers to really get used to. Basically lets her Jungle inside of 6:20 timers. I keep talking about seconds but trust me it's those seconds which gives the opponets levels and such.

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Short Jungle Guides

These Guides are intended to be small and easy to take in. The guide write up is really information I have not added to the video so most of the information you are going to want to know is going to be from the video. These guides will all be kept in this main guide and i'll comment when I update anything. If a major change comes to any champ i've used in the guides, i'll remake the video.

Because I want to put all the Champions inside of one big comprehensive guide, I'll be separating them via by two teams. Dragon Kill team and Speed Jungle Team. Inside of that in every Chapter each section will be seperated by the Icon Picture to understand who i'm talking about.

Alot of people are asking why haven't I made a guide on Fiddlesticks, Shaco and Warwick and that's easy. It's because they are common junglers which have loads and loads and loads of guides for them and people do generally know how to jungle with them already. How fast they can jungle is to question but how effectively is already known. My aim is to try and show different ways of jungling and show how fast and viable they are.

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Just to make it easier, I made a video showing what masteries I am using for most junglers now. In short i'm using 21-9-0

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Introduction : Dragon Kill Champions

Olaf is the Techno Viking which can clear jungle the fastest in the game. There is no hero which can hit Level 6 faster than Olaf purely because of his Undertow and Berserker Rage. His Undertow does so much damage and if you retrieve the axe, there is such a small cooldown and whilst getting hurt, Berserker Rage starts to take effect and this creates the fastest jungle and level 6 this game has to offer.

If you have Red Buff with Olaf and successfully hit your Undertow and get close to them, it can be quite terrifying for the enemy as you have alot of damage to dish out. Of course after level 7 when you start leveling Reckless Swing to max, it's all the worse for them. There is no doubt thou inside of this guide that Olaf will be deciptable from getting ganked which is a major fall back to this guide. No matter how many wards you put around Dragon it will not stop a jungler to happen to be coming by to kill you. You simply can't do anything about that and that's where Ghost losses verus Flash but in the long run, I still use it. Of course if you believe your going to get ganked, instead of taking Dragon, take wolves, wraiths and then golems and that's the issue sorted, NEXT!

You will learn how to hit level 6 as fast as possible whilst taking Dragon with no help. At the bottom, I will justify why taking Dragon so early is viable inside of the current meta.

Yorick is probably one of the best pushers in the game because of the Goul spam and can easily push enemies out of his lane. Unfortunately this doesn't work so well inside of this meta as this allows the enemy jungler to get the gank on yourself so at least for the laning phase, this isn't a great idea.

Yorick thou has a great place in jungle as he's able to take Dragon with ease. Assuming your able to retain the Blue buff you should find no problem in taking Dragon because you are able to spam the life out of your spells.

Omen of Famine is probably the reason to why you can sustain in jungle but Omen of Pestilence is really nice to start of jungle. You will be maxing out Omen of War as it's the damage dealer and makes your versatile. All his spells work nicely with each other if I'm to be be honest.

If you can get to end game with Yorick you will find he is one of the most ridiculous champions to play with, you shouldn't find a problem end game in any way.

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Introduction : Speed Junglers

There is no doubt in my mind that Shyvana is a better jungler than a top. Why? because it is alot easier for her to gain Fury without harassment and her Dragon's Decent is just an amazing engage for what it does afterwards. Considering you have Red Buff, CC shouldn't be a problem because of Burnout and you do quite a bit of damage with Twin Bite.

Twinbite does open the doors for Shyvana to become a anti bruiser and also tank killer. If you did go the route for Madred's Bloodrazor, a normal hit and twinbite will gain you 3 procs, normal attack and twinbite. This alot lets her play with other on hit items such as Trinity Force and Tiamat.

I am not going to lie, Shyvana has become my favourite hero, purely because of the ultimate and the face she can kill the Warmog's Armor and atma's implaer combo. She has alot of versatility and is mega strong. Shyvana would not have been allowed to be as strong as she is with a CC but without the CC they have given her alot of speed with Burnout and alot of damage output also. To counter the CC issue, call dibs on Red Buff and get Trinity fast.

I have found with Shyvana that being in the fight or getting somewhere is extremely easy with Burnout as you play only on cooldowns so with this, I wanted to make sure you can enter fights FAST so taking Boots of Mobility was just amazing. going at 485 normal to 577 is really fun and with Trinity Force, Youmuu's Ghostblade and Ghost, you will always be able to get inside of a fight, something that Olaf and Yorick find problems with. End of the day, you can always use Dragon's Decent but Boots of Mobility for myself, is something I will be using on late game Master Yi and such.

Rammus is a Tank and in the same, he's a boss. He can gank whenever he pleases and can jump under the tower without anyone. I just find him to be a mega boss and I will be saying this alot because he is just so tanky because of Defensive Ball Curl and when it hits level 5, you can enter most fights without a problem. Did I forgot to say it reflects AD attack back to the enemy for a % amount, this is what makes him capable of jungling.

Rammus with the ability to be a tank thanks to Defensive Ball Curl is also a menacing ganker and that's thanks to Powerball. Overtime you gain more and more speed until you become, pretty dam fast. The speed varies to the boots that you go for but the end result always is, you will be faster than the person you are catching, rest assured.

So with the speed and the tanky power which rammus has, what else would Rammus, maybe something to CC? Rammus also has that covered with Puncturing Taunt which has called OP by alot of summoners inside of League of Legends. Inside of Level 5 Puncturing Taunt will give you a 2.5 second taunt which will basically stick you to the enemy. Your not going to have a problem CCing your enemy because of taunt.

So with the ability to catch someone because of Powerball], [[Puncturing Taunt sticking Rammus to the enemy and Defensive Ball Curl to reflect damage to the enemy whilst sustain it, surely this hero is sorted... nope.

Tremors may not be a strong ultimate but anything stronger and Rammus would just be out right OP so this has to be like this. A standing AOE comes out of Rammus where ever he moves. The damage is quite heavy and works perfectly against 1 v 1 targets such as AP carries and AD carries. It's great to be able to go in the middle of a fight, use your Defensive Ball Curl and activate your Tremors you become a rock which hurts people, delight is all I can say.

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Video Guide : Dragon Kill Champions

Here you will see a full video of my jungle with Olaf. I did the jungle ten times and successfully was able to kill the dragon without too much of a problem. The video really tells you everything you gotta know so instead of writing it all down, take it all in from here. Please note that I have taken AP runes which doesn't work to any of Olaf spells so you could easily take Armour or attack speed to help you out. Personally I would take the Armour for late game.

This is the Insight to how to play Olaf with old masteries. Watch this first
This is the new Olaf with the new masteries (Fizz Patch)

Here you will see a full video of my jungle with Yorick. I did the jungle ten times and successfully was able to kill the dragon without too much of a problem. The AP runes are fine in this case but Mana per 5 runes wouldn't be bad also as you won't be getting blue buff alot in this meta thou your Manamune should sustain you enough

This is the Insight to how to play Yorick with old masteries. Watch this first
I will be creating a new Yorick video as soon as possible

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Video Guide : Speed Junglers

Here you will see a full video of my jungle with Shyvana. I did the jungle ten times and successfully was able to hit Level 6 at 6:25. The video really tells you everything you gotta know so instead of writing it all down, take it all in from here. I have replaced the AP runes for Armour runes as I don't see the need for AP and armour helps inside of jungle if you get ganked so it's there for you incase a counter junglers wants to come or you want to attack.

Here you will see a full video of my jungle with Rammus. I did the jungle ten times and successfully was able to hit Level 6 at 6:28. The video really tells you everything you gotta know so instead of writing it all down, take it all in from here. I haven't replaced the AP runes for Armour runes because you are always going to have enough armour but you will lack AP. Go for AP per Level if you wish but just for the Lol's i'm keeping these runes.

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Pros / Cons : Dragon Kill Champions


He is the fastest Level 6 in the current game
Can independently take dragon
New Ultimate makes him a great engage
Extremely strong damage output vs all forms champions
Has a Heal
Has Soft range CC


Has no hard CC
Can be kited without ulti
If Undertow misses, a successful gank is diminished
He can't jump around the map as fast as Tryndamere and Nocturne
Bit of a learning curve


Can take dragon on his own regarding he has blue buff.
Scales extremely well to late game.
Atmogs works extremely well with him.
Second run is very easy.
Can heal himself, slow and speed up.
Ultimate brings himself back for 10 secs or helps ad carry dish more damage.


Without experience, you can die at the first run at golems.
Needs blue buff until Yorick has Manamune
Needs to hit a melee attack to activate Omen of War speed buff.
Can be kited easily

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Pros / Cons : Speed Junglers


She is fast, very fast.
Cooldown based Champion.
Can Justify getting Boots of Mobility.
Works extremely well with Trinity Force.
Melee Tank Killer.
All on hit Procs happen twice.
Can hit 6 around 6:20.
Dragon's Decent is just an awesome ulti.


Has no real CC.
Flame Breath isn't amazing.
Dragon Form doesn't give you more health.


Rammus is extremely fast
He can tank alot of damage thanks to Defensive Ball Curl
Able to CC a single champion out of a fight because of Puncturing Taunt
You have the ability to damage a full party because of your ultimate
Able to make fed AD carries look like nothing.
Thornmail is made for Rammus
Only needs one spell for Jungle Defensive Ball Curl


Vunerable with defensive ball curl down
After Puncturing Taunt you have to wait for Puncturing Taunt again or manually hit with Powerball which has a slow
Can't take Dragon early on his own
Low ELO is banned
Kog'Maw is an easy counter to Rammus

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Should I gank? Dragon Kill Champions

If you intend to help the team before getting dragon , when you recall the first time, wait till you can get the 2nd health pot before you leaving. This means if you do engage someone, then you are able to go back in jungle with that 200hp regarding it's not red or something thou you might get away with it if you have enough mana. If you wanna Speed Dragon , follow the video.

All the same. If you come back after the 2nd run, do take a second and look if it's possible to gank, if it's possible to gank, then do it and then take dragon but if it's not possible to gank, then it's a good idea to hit 6 as fast as possible and this happens best by taking dragon. When you get dragon and get the wraiths, you have your ultimate to gank with which makes it all the easier.

Well if your team understands that your hitting Dragon so quickly I would like to hope that they would allow you to get Dragon asap to assist the team in those ends, get 6 and if you have enough HP, to assist in one gank and then go back to get boots.

Thou if your team is focused onto getting early ganks, it's easy to just ignore dragon, get the kills and just finish up in jungle. All you will need after taking 2nd run is wolves wraiths and golems to level to 6, which does take a bit longer but it'll keep you safe.

Pretty much if your going to go for Dragon, make it known because you do need blue to take Dragon and if you gank, most likely your blue buff is going to run out. If you go for Dragon for 6.25 you will have pots and therefore will be able to gank and return to jungle.

Yorick can gank with the ghost and as long as he hits with Omen of War, you will not loose track of who your killing. Obviously you will want to land Omen of Pestilence which will decide on how successful your gank will be.

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Should I gank? Speed Junglers

With Shyvana it can be easy to gank but I rather gank when I have boots seeing as you have no CC. In this case I usually get red inside my 3rd and final run and if I do see an entrance for a gank, after taking red I use 2 pots to get my health back up whilst running to the lane. With ghost you can easily get to people and with Burnout it's just dumb but all the same, you want to avoid using Burnout unless your only using it for 2 seconds and then achieve melee attacks which then extend Burnout for six more seconds thanks to Fury of the Dragonborn

Thou if you can't see an entrance, take wolves, wraiths and golems and you shall achieve Level 6 and Dragon's Decent should be ready immediately. As soon as you get it, Gank unless there right beside tower, in that case invade jungle because your going to have full health and there is nothing else you can do. Unless your confident in taking Dragon I feel it's more beneficial to at least disrupt a lane or to kill the enemy jungler, as it's very for you to do so.

With Rammus the option to gank can come from Level 3 but I like to wait until Level 5 purely because of the extended taunt and the W power. You want to be able to do something when your ganking someone, not just taunting and looking at them, you wanna do some sort of damage so personally I do like to take red with him then gank but if I can see an opening, then there is no doubt I will pwerball to position. Rammus can get to positions to easily not to gank if it's opened.

Thou if it's no possible to gank, Rammus can hit level 6 pretty dam quickly and therefore, is able to hit 6 fast enough and then gank with a little bit more back power. I simply love getting Level 6 and ganking because bars go down by simply being close to someone, so it works waiting but in the same time, it's silly not to gank purely cause you want to hit 6 before hand. If you are level 4, you have one level of taunt and depending on the situation, it might be all you need.

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Conclusion : All champions

This is the fastest route to hit level 6 without experience runes and Zilean. it is silly how fast it is and there is really no point trying to do this without Madred's Razors as you will not hit 6 and therefore not have your ultimate. Having the Ultimate on Olaf just makes towers look useless and CC also.

Inside this Meta, he works real well with the mass CC in this game at this stage. If there isn't alot of CC thou, you might wanna go with Tryndamere instead.

Your going to have your ultimate before bottom or top will have there's which is a huge advantage and a good enough reason to rush with Olaf

Yorick has a ball game inside of Jungle as it's hard for him to die after leveling [omen of famine]] once. He can easily tank damage if you aim to go health stack and gain that health back fast, especially at end game. He is a Battle Tank and therefore has to be in the fight for as long as possible and the health stack works extremely well as his AD conversion is high. Having eventually Ionian Boots of Lucidity and Spirit Visage and Elixir of Brilliance will give you around 30% Cooldown reduction.

He can force engage a fight knowing he has his ulti and if the AD carry dies, can bring them back for the duration of the fight, they should be hitting you but if he does get hit, you have that 2nd chance and because you have Manamune your going to have alot of mana.

Yorick does need to farm fast and dragon helps but as long as he can get inside of end game, this hero can smash faces where he starts to rival Nasus

Shyvana is a super champion to play. She has speed thanks to Burnout and if you play her Trinity Force and Boots of Mobility you are going to get to places really fast and it will surprise you why so many people aren't using these boots. The problem of Shyvana is the fact she has no CC which means she has to force her way into the fight. Thou Burnout and Trinity Force does a good job, you still can get CC'ed as you jump and loose the engage with Shyvana at least with boots of mobilty you don't need to use dragon's decent until you have to. It also means you constantly get close to people and can run out after CD's of your enemies CC goes down, it is generally an item which I can see entering the meta and bring champions like Olaf and Master Yi into the game more

Like I have said, Shyvana is a tank killer if you build her with Madred's Bloodrazor and works extremely well with attack speed as Fury of the Dragonborn lowers the cooldown on twinbite everytime you hit something. This means you have essential smash a Atmog's based champion.

Shyvana is very versatile which makes her into the champion that she is. After playing her, if she was given a CC effect, she would probably be the strongest champion in the game and well done to Riot for compensating this for Speed, because this means she can be everywhere fast. It's just so fun being able to get to one location to another in so little time. Your enemies will not properly expect it and seeing as Dragon's Decent goes over terrain, it is easy to get in location quickly and breaking the gap all the faster with Dragon's Decent. It is a joy to play Shyvana and I hope you see this to.

Rammus is a boss and there is no question he is one of the best junglers this game has to offer. The ability to engage a fight by himself and take numbers of damage whilst dishing out damage again because of all of his abilities, there is no doubt that Rammus is one to be used to Pub stomp because in some cases, you can win a game on your own. You have the ability to gank whenever you please, to defend yourself and to dish out damage.

With the correct items, you are able to do massive amounts of damage whilst be very sustainable. If you look at my build, you can see it's extremely sustainable and you gain alot of MR when magic starts to make tanks a little scared. But the magic I think is the spell vamp. Spell vamp works on Powerball Defensive Ball Curl and Tremors and because armour is converted into damage, it does benefit to get some sort of life steal so in most cases, Hextech Gunblade works amazingly well for Rammus.

You mighten be able to jump like Nocturne but you able to get out of situations alot easier and I believe, because of this build and rune set, you become somewhat of a boss.


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