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Mordekaiser General Guide by chaseawsm

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League of Legends Build Guide Author chaseawsm

Fear is confusion..

chaseawsm Last updated on February 6, 2015
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My name is chaseawsm and this is my first build on mobafire so any suggestions are quite welcome, I have been playing The master of metal for quite some time and decided i should pay my respect by putting up a guide explaining exactly how to make that enemy top laner afk.

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Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power

Greater Mark of Magic Penetration

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power

Greater Quintessence of Spell Vamp
Magic pen marks are a great choice on Mordekaiser because the more you shred the longer you live and it makes early trades in lane much more fruitful. While it seems rather ignorant to take armor seals under the assumption that you will face an ad top laner when you are playing an ap its just one of the best choices in terms of seals, feel free to switch them out as it wont affect your overall effectiveness. Scaling ap glyphs is a great pick as mord doesnt need much help early to mid game but late game can certainly use the extra couple of ap. Finally the quints...
I have tried all manners of things from movement speed quints to compensate for his slowness to full spell vamp or full ap but all of them lacked something and putting all three was a waste as well. I settled on two spell vamp and one ap because it secures his early game spell costs before you pick up spell vamp but gives him enough ap to be functional in lane.

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The number one mistake you can make in playing Mordekaiser is to assume he needs help being more of a tank. His passive does all the tanking for you so what should really be focused on is pumping out damage to keep up that iron man shield. That being said, mord is truly slow like a tank so the 4 in utility can really help him out at all points of the game when chasing down your enemies, because lets be honest, they should be running away from you.

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Flash and Ignite are my top two picks. Mordekaiser has no built in escapes so for the rare occasion that you need to quickly make it away from the enemy because they smell bad (not because your scared) than flash can be just what you need. Ignite in combination with children of the grave is pretty much a guaranteed kill early game and remains a beautiful display the whole way through. Ghost and Teleport would both be a acceptable substitutes but that is more up to preference.

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Abusive phase 1(laning phase)

Convenient link to the best album ever.
Now that that your Ignite is primed and you finished watching Iron Man to get the right attitude its time to start abusing your victims. Start up Smite and Ignite, crank that **** to 11 and jam on your guitar until minions make it up. the key to trading in top lane is to use your Siphon of Destruction to both farm and harm your enemy laner. In my personal experience Creeping Death is best used on your cannon minions or your melee minions to prevent or at least inhibit farming for the enemy while adding to your shield. It doesn't do much good on the caster minions as they can be easily dispatched and don't get close enough to enemy minions to add to your Iron Man. Mace of Spades being the last spell you pick up can be used to farm if you can get close enough to the waves without being harassed. In the case of Tryndamere and Fiora where they like to jump on top of you it can be beneficial to save Mace of Spades because the damage increases when there is only one target to abuse. To the same regard it may be tempting to hold on to Creeping Death but if they chase you behind your minions they'll more than likely have to pass by the minion again to run away from you and you can toss it on the front most minion for a little extra range on your damage.

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Abusive phase 2(team-fights)

So you took the first two top towers by minute 8 and now your bored with top lane, it's time to go meet up with the rest of your team, unfortunately none of them are playing Mordekaiser but such things can not be helped. When it comes to initiating team-fights I will not claim that Mord is the best. What you can do to help though is place Creeping Death on whoever is going in first to increase their armor and magic resist. of course the hidden motive behind this is to get your Iron Man shield nice and full before you walk in and start bashing in skulls. Use your E and Q as often as you can but that is blissfully simple. The real decision Mordekaiser makes in fights is who to enslave with Children of the Grave.

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The Metalest ult

When choosing your victim the first thing to consider is who is the most fed. This may seem obvious just when it comes to focus but it would only take you two or three spells to blow up most of the squishy damage dealers causing your team problems. What is actually important is that Children of the Grave gives you 20% of the victims ad and ap. However, do not let this entice you into instagibing Syndra cause she built three Rabadon's Deathcaps. if the fight is taking place closer to your base I would say go for it and use that extra ap to kick the enemy team off your turf. On the other hand if your closing in on the enemy nexus you might want to take their adc for yourself as he could be a valuable asset for pushing down objectives. Another scenario is that your Twitch actually killed their Lucian 14 times so hes worth trash, but your close to their base without minions and you decide to grab their Sion who has nine thousand farm so you can force him to tank down his own turrets. The final note on the best ult that LoL has ever come up with is that if you apply it to early and fail to retrieve a soul your failing to utilize Mordekaiser in a truly unforgivable manner.

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Why not mid lane?

My preference is for top Mordekaiser any day of the week but in truth i have taken the master of metal mid more than a couple of times. The main issue i have with mid Mord is the exposure. The likely hood of getting ganked without prior knowledge is just naturally higher in mid lane and with Mord having no real escapes aside from Flash repeated ganks can become very troublesome. In addition the current meta for top lane is a lot more suitable for aspiring Mordekaisers then mid lane with the acceptation of Yasuo who you can eat up any day of the week.

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Metal Facts on Mord

*If you aim his E slightly off center it has more range
*He is the lead guitarist in the band Pentakill
*Works well with anyone willing to give up their soul
* Siphon of Destruction is not a projectile so Braum and Yasuo can suck it
* Mordekaiser pre-dates the shadow isles probably, maybe even time cause he is that metal
* Mordekaiser is indeed... Numero Uno

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Mordekaiser: The Master of Sass

"You only need to click once fool"
"So be it...summoner"
"Time to shred"
"How delightfully painful"
"No pain, no drain"
"Your sickness sustains me"
"This whole living thing is highly overrated"
"I like my weapons how I like my music, heavy and metal"
"Misery loves company"
"if I must"
"We shall see"
"Death would be to good for the likes of you"

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Thank you anyone who has read through my guide and again i would appreciate any feedback you have for me. Feel free to add me and send me a personal message if your truly heated about any part of this guide. Happy slaughtering on the fields of justice.


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