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Leona Build Guide by palzm

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League of Legends Build Guide Author palzm

Feel the Burn (Updated)

palzm Last updated on September 9, 2011
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Full Tank



Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

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Brute Force
Improved Rally

Offense: 0

Strength of Spirit
Veteran's Scars

Defense: 21

Expanded Mind
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Utility: 9

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***Will continue to Edit/Update***

Hey, this is how I play Leona and build her.
She has great CC abilities that keeps a target stunned and tanned at all times :D
Leona does not put out damage. It is very bad to build her with AP items, since she only scales for .4 ratios. Instead, building her as a full tank or a tank with a bit of damage is the best way to play her.

Please feel free to comment and vote. All feedback would be helpful.

This will help you understand the phrases, terms, and acronyms I may use in this guide

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Pros / Cons

  • Plenty of CC's (AoE and single target)
  • High Resistance
  • Initiation
  • Female Tank

  • No damage (Remember she's a tank)
  • Team Dependant
  • Skill Shot

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Basic tank runes:

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I go with the 0/21/9 to maximize her tankiness.

Offensive Tree
Your goal is not to put out damage. So you won't be needing much here. However, it is possible to put points into the Cool down reduction masteries like Sorcery, since CdR allows her to stun her opponents more often.

Defensive Tree
You won't be needing Mender's Faith , Preservation , Willpower , and Reinforce because those are upgrades for my not recommended summoner spells.
Ardor helps you put out a little of damage as you tank for you team.
Strength of Spirit along with Regrowth Pendant gives great health regeneration.

Utility Tree
I put points in:
Perseverence - This increases her health and mana regeneration so that she can stay in lane longer and gather precious gold and experience.
Spatial Accuracy - For Teleport, a summoner spell I get for her.
Awareness - This provide more experience after each minion/Champion/etc. kill. This will help you level faster
Greed - Along with Philosopher's Stone and Heart of Gold, this will help your income of gold rise. Since, you are suppose to allow the Carry (you are laning with) to farm more than you do, this mastery will help you receive gold without getting any creep kills.

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Summoner Spells

1st Slot - or
2nd Slot - or or


  • - Maneuverability/ Used for escaping or chasing
  • - Maneuverability/ Used for escaping or chasing
  • - Maneuverability around the map
  • - Even more Crowd Control
  • - Support spell for vision

I prefer Flash and Teleport.
I get Flash over Ghost because Flash can help you escape over walls if you are in trouble, or quickly jump to an enemy and initiate. Teleport gives you great maneuverability around map which helps you to quickly jump to your teammates towers for aid. Exhaust won't be needed because Leona already has plenty of CC's. Your supports should have Clairvoyance, not you, but if you are the support then I guess you can use it.

Other Viable Spells
  • Fortify - To defend your towers.
  • Ignite - To take out those healers while you do a bit of damage.

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Starting Items

or or

I start with the Regrowth Pendant and a Health Potion. I quickly upgrade the Regrowth Pendant into a Philosopher's Stone and buy Boots of Speed. Then I go for Heart of Gold. This will give you two gold/5 items so your carries can farm a bit more than you do. Now depending on your enemies, You can get the following items.

Build 1: Tank

(I use this one most of the time)
Philosopher's Stone


Shurelya's Reverie

Build 3: Tanky DPS

Philosopher's Stone



Build 2: CDR Tank

Philosopher's Stone

Shurelya's Reverie


Build 4: Tanky DPS 2

Philosopher's Stone




Core Tanking Items

  • - Health + Armor + Mres + Aura
  • - Magic resist (with shield bubble) + Health/Mana)
  • - Magic resist + Movement speed
  • - Armor + Mana + CdR
  • - Armor + etc. + Active
  • - Armor + Health
  • - Armor


  • - If your enemies have CC's or High Magic Damage
  • - If your enemies have High Attack Damage
  • - Gives faster Cool Downs for your stuns, very annoying to enemy team >:D

Other Items You May Get

  • Shurelya's Reverie - Good support item (Health, Health/Mana regen, Cooldown reduction, and Movement Speed Boost)
  • - Tenacity item if your not getting Merc treads
  • - Damage item. I don't normally build this, but if you want more damage on her, this item can work. This item also contains the slow proc from phage.
  • - Ability Power and Magic resist
  • - Ability Power, Health, Slow
  • - Attack Damage + Slow + Health
If stuck between and , I would choose . She will be able to slow her targets by melee attacks.

Not Recommended But Can Still Work

  • - In my opinion this item is a waste of gold on her. She can easily achieve high amount of HP through different items which can be more useful than just health.
  • - If your going to tank, this is not a good item for you. You want people to target you and not your carries/support. Most people do not like to target hero's with this item. However this may sometimes work in some situations
  • - Although this item is a good support item, this reduces her tanking ability. There are better alternatives for this item, such as the Aegis of the Legion.
  • - For the cool down and a bit of Magic Resist. I wouldn't normally build this since it has a very small amount of tanking ability. It only gives you a small amount of Magic resist. If you really want to cool down, a better alternative is the Frozen Heart.

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Skill Sequence and Combos

Skill Description/Uses

Shield of Daybreak - A single target stun and a bit of extra damage. Use the stun to save your team/ stop the escaping enemy/ stop the enemy from doing damage. The damage helps on farming and hitting towers.

Eclipse - Gives Leona shield for a short time and dealing damage around her after a short period of time. If she damages someone then she will get additional time added to her shield. This ability can help her farm and tank some damage while you go into fights.

Zenith Blade - Leona throws her sword onto the enemy, dealing damage. ON CHAMPIONS ONLY she will teleport to the last champion she hits, stunning them as she teleports to them. This ability is great for initiation and farming.

Solar Flare - Her ultimate. She does a small AoE stun(to enemies in the center)/slow(to enemies near the ability) after a short delay. Great use for team fights to damage and CC your opponents. Also can be used to stop enemy champions from chasing you or escaping from you.

Skill Sequence
> > >
  • - Maxed first (Her only Tanking ability). Eclipse can also activate your passive ability to many champions/minions around you. By doing so it will allow your team to inflict more damage upon the enemy.
  • - Maxed second for the stun and its cool down. The faster this ability's cool down is, the more stuns you will be able to put out. Although this skill scales at a lower damage than Zenith Blade, this skill allows you to hit towers/inhibs with a greater force (where zenith can't hit buildings). Besides, she barely does any damage and I recommend not building much damage items on her.
  • - Maxed last
  • - Point whenever possible

Basic Combos

-Use Eclipse and charge in with Zenith Blade, then follow through with Shield of Daybreak. This can be used during teamfights. It can also be used to poke and harass the opponents during the laning phase.
-> ->

-Use Eclipse and Solar Flare the enemy/team. Charge in with Zenith Blade followed by Shield of Daybreak
-> -> ->

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Team Work


YOU are going to initiate the fight. After keep stunning the enemy carries, so that your team can finish those bastards off.
Support your teammates, when they are being chased, with you CC's.
When you and your teammates are in DANGER be the HERO and sacrifice yourself for your teammates!!!! (ONLY IF NECESSARY).

Team Wombo Combo

(Feel free to tell me even more about who she synergizes well with)

-Leona's ultimate, Solar Flare, works great with Orianna's ultimate Command: Shockwave

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Early/Mid/Late Game

Although she can be a good solo laner
I prefer to play her as a support for bot lane

Early Game

This part of the game is the laning and farming time. Lane bottom with a carry that you are going to babysit for a while. You should try to give your carry more farm than you are getting (You should get gold from you gold/5 items). Ward river and jungles for the carry to be safe and your team to be aware of what is on the way. Keep in mind of the dragon.

Mid Game

This is when most of the early team fights occur. Protect your carries and supports. You will need to initiate whenever the team is willing to fight and focus the enemy carry. Keep warding Baron/Dragon and keep babysitting your carry.

Late Game

Now you're going to be hella tanky. Team fights are going to be even bigger, however your role is still the same. Protect your carries, initiate, ward.

Don't cry if you don't get kills. You are the TANK, you die instead of your team.

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Just the most common places to ward
(NOTE: Wards win games ^^)