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Fiddlesticks Build Guide by Beasthar

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Beasthar

Fiddlesticks - You just got Crowtrollstormed! (Jungle Guide)

Beasthar Last updated on October 5, 2012
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My Build AP-Tanky


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Hi! Today im going to show you my favorite build of my favorite Champion, Fiddlesticks , the scarecrow. This is my first guide so I hope you enjoy it!

Fiddlesticks is an awesome Champion, he is very fun to play with, has great sustain, insane Crowd Control and Face-melting AoE (Area of Effect) Ultimate.

I like playing in the jungle with him, and I will be usually taking the place of the tanky dps of the team. I focus on making a tanky build with damage enough to shut down the carries of the opposite team, and at the same time to survive long enough to stay with my team till the end of the teamfights.

This is our "Fun Section" in Mobafire

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Pros / Cons


  • Great sustain with Drain
  • Awesome in teamfights with his Crowstorm and multiple CC's
  • Longest CC in game in Terrify
  • Multitarget damage and silence with Dark Wind
  • Can solo dragon at lvl 5
  • Good duelist if they don´t/can´t interrupt your Drain
  • Your enemies will fear you
  • Surprise effect with your Crowstorm
  • Dread benefits all your team
  • Don´t need leash to kill blue
  • Excellent for tanking Dragon and Baron

  • Very Squishy early game
  • Blue buff dependant
  • Painly slow jungle-clearing speed
  • Slow base movement speed
  • Very vulnerable to CC (interrupts and pushbacks)
  • Need to be very aware of the enemy wards for a proper gank
  • Ultimate got a channeling time
  • Will usually get Counter-Jungled

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Summoner Spells

Smite is a must when you are jungling because it speeds up your clearing time and lets you secure kills for Buffs, Dragon or Baron.

Flash is also a must, it lets you reposition yourself while you Crowstorm, lets you chase people and it gives you a scape mechanism.

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Greater Mark of Magic Penetration

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Ability Power

Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed

Greater Mark of Magic Penetration is awesome with fiddlesticks beacause you are looking to maximize your Dread with flat magic penetration.

Greater Seal of Armor allows you to take less punishment while jungling and gives you extra survivability for your ganks.

Greater Glyph of Ability Power are great for more early damage and sustain with your Drain, you can also pick Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power for more late game damage or Greater Glyph of Scaling Magic Resist if their team is AP heavy and you need the extra resistence. Greater Glyph of Scaling Cooldown Reduction is for the extra utility, but the truth is that Greater Glyph of Ability Power fits perfectly in jungle Fiddlesticks and I rather change my item build according to the game instead of taking this away.

Greater Quintessence of Movement Speed I take this to chase down people with my Crowstorm and faster jungling. Greater Quintessence of Ability Power is also viable, but I find that extra movement speed is just too good.

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You must go with 21 points in utility for max reduction in Flash, the experience from Awareness and the extra movment speed from Swiftness helps a lot, you also get some nice CD (Cooldown) reduction from Intelligence and additional spellvamp in Transmutation that fits well in this build. The extra duration of buffs , Runic Affinity , helps tons to sustain your jungling and gives you additional firepower while ganking.

Then to have extra survivality while ganking or if I get counter-jungled I like going with 9 points in the defensive tree: Veteran's Scars lets me start with an Amplifying Tome for the extra AP and an early kage's lucky pick with decent health to gank and survive. Hardiness gives a good armor boost for sustain and survivability while ganking the AD (Attack Damage) based enemy champion, but feel free to get Resistance if you are having trouble ganking the mid lane or if they have an AP heavy team. And finally Summoner's Resolve + Mastermind = good gold boost!.

You can also go:

You get faster a faster jungle-clearing with Butcher and Brute Force , a nice CDR (Cooldown Reduction) in Sorcery and some spellpen (Spell Penetration) with Arcane Knowledge . But since you want to get flat spellpen in Fiddlesticks and the focus of this Build is to go Tanky AP, I´d rather go with the defensive tree.

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Starting Items:


I like starting with an Amplifying Tome for the extra AP and because it lets me get an early kage's lucky pick for the additional gold income. The potion is useful to counter Ignite while ganking.

I start with Doran's Ring when I get the feeling that I'll get counter-jungled or when I need that extra survivability.

Early Game Items:

kage's lucky pick

kage's lucky pick gives you some useful AP and GP5 that helps you not to fall back in gold income while jungling. You will sell this in late game.

Sorcerer's Shoes are a must, that flat Spellpen is too useful in Fiddlesticks.

Hextech Revolver gives you extra AP and sustain and it allows you to turret dive while you Crowstorm(but this can be tricky).

2nd Final Build Item:

At this points of the game you need to start building a survivability item because their carries may be getting fed and I want to counter their warding with an Oracle's Elixir safely (In the case they aren´t and you are facerolling, you may consider picking an alternative item listed on the guide).

Shurelya's reverie

Rod of Ages gives you a good boost of survivality, sustain and damage. Useful against balanced or AP heavy teams.

Shurelya's reverie gives you more utility for your team and also some HP for more survivality. Only get this if your support won´t.

Sunfire Cape is useful against AD heavy teams with that armor and HP, and it´s also helpful to boost your Crowstorm AoE damage; it also speeds up your farming time.

Thornmail build this if the enemy AD carry is getting fed; this also help you to tower dive safely.

3rd Final Build Item:

Abyssal Mask is the perfect item for Fiddlesticks, always get this. The item´s passive plus Dread destroy the opposite carries´ MR (Magic Resistance), and it also gives you good magic defense and damage boost.

4th Final Build Item:

Rylai's Crystal Scepter I just love this item, gives Health for survival, applies slow for extra utility and adds AP to shut down their team.

Zhonya's Hourglass is really useful for Fiddlesticks, I usually get this if Janna or Alistar are pushing my Crowstorm away, if their team has a lot of CC, if their burst potential is huge, or if I need that armor boost to counter their AD's.

5th Final Build Item:

At this time of the game I usually just get my Will of the Ancients, your AP carry will just love you (because of the aura it provides, you can also ask him to get another, as you can have two auras at the same time!), and that additional AP and spellvamp cames handy.

Last Final Build Item:

Rabadon's Deathcap with this your Crowstorm will just be deadly, their carries won´t be able to survive.

Morello's Evil Tome get this if your team lacks of ignite and enemies have too many heals. Extra CDR may come handful too.

Banshee's Veil you keep getting CC'ed? You need to counter a particular Initiate? this will do. This will also make you even tankier.

Force of Nature get this to get a good mix of magic resistance, movement speed (for your ultimate, chasing or even escaping) and health regen that´s always good to have.

Quicksilver Sash cheap way to counter some of their CC's and get some additional MR. Get this only if you need to counter a particular CC that doesn´t allow you to unleash your potential, if not get Banshee´s.

Deathfire Grasp pick this if you need that extra CDR and to shut down anyone as soon as you pop your ultimate.

Lich Bane I never actually tried this item but looks viable to this build extra damage and movement speed with a little MR for your tankiness. Get this too if you need to push turrets.

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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

At the beginning of the game don´t put any point in your skill until you start clearing the blue golem, that is because Dark Wind is one of the best lvl 1 skills: that multi-target silence and damage can destroy the opposite team if they decide to invade. If they don´t, put a the point on Drain and start clearing.

At level 2 pick Dark Wind to clear camps faster, you won´t put any more points on this until lvl 14.

At level 4 get Terrify and start ganking.

After you get Crowstorm I spare the points betwen [drain] and [terrify] to make my fear last longer. With this I'll allow my Crowstorm to deal superior amounts of damage and my teammates will have more time to react during my ganks without losing much too damage on Drain.

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Dread is an awesome pasive giving your team 10 additional spellpen. You want to max out this getting Abyssal Mask and flat Spellpen items and runes.

Terrify is a very long CC with short CD. This ability is very powerful: you fear their carry to help your team into shutting him down, you can fear any channeled Ultimate or skill to interrupt it, Flash and fear the enemy that's running away to let you and your teammeates kill him, fear the enemy that´s chasing you to get away, fear your main target and maximize your Drain duration. Terrify is just great.

Drain is your main spell, this is what makes you able to jungle. You will be dealing a good amount of damage while healing yourself. The main problem of this spell is that it is channeled and can be easily interrupted, so try to time it with your enemys CC's (when they are on Cooldown) to maximize its damage output and sustain.

Dark Wind is a bouncing silence that deals a good amount of damage. Can be tricky to use, i will make a section for this.

Crowstorm One of the best AoE spells in the game. This is your enemy team worst nightmare. You need to channel it. This spell can decide matches, you need to use it correctly, I will also make a section for this one.

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Dark Wind

This ability will hit your target and then will bounce up to 4 additional times if there is any enemy near. The best way to use it properly is launching it when your main target is near another enemy or creep so he takes additional damage and makes the silence last longer.

You can also use it when one of your enemies is away from you but near a hostile creature that you can reach, so it bounces to him and you finish him up geeting the killing blow.

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Crowstorm / Teamplay

As I stated before Crowstorm is an awesome ability with loads of AoE damage that can win or lose games. The weakness of this ability is the long channeling time you need to launch it: because of that you need to time it perfectly to deal the most damage possible, destroying the opposite team.
The strategy for that is to follow your team by the side, hiding in the bushes and warding up (having Oracles is vital, you counter-ward them so you can do a proper Ultimate). Smart teams won´t let you ultimate easily and will try to interrupt you when you are channeling or just gank you while you are away from your team.
Try to time it with your teams CC's: when your Sona is going to use Crescendo or when Ashe´s Ashe Arrow is about to land, start channeling and max out the damage.
Also remember that Crowstorm is not an initiate, you need to wait until your team engages in the teamfight and remember that your main goal is to shut down the enemy carries, so don´t target that signed that is easy to reach.
Flash is really useful to position yourself while you Crowstorm and helps dodging all the CC's, specially those Headbutt that put you in an awful position to destroy their carries.

(I will upload some videos with some succesful Crowstorms soon).

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Warding is really important with Fiddlesticks, you need to have a clear vision to not get ganked while you try channeling your Crowstorm. Also to counter the opposite team´s counter-jungling. [fiddlesticks]] is known by his slow clearing time and his blue buff dependance, this will make the opposite jungler try to steal your creeps and buffs, so before he does that, ping and gank him.

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Jungle Path

Fiddlesticks follows the usual blue golem rute: Blue Golem --> Wolves --> Wraiths --> Red Lizard (his buff speeds up the rest of the route amazingly) --> Golems --> Wraiths. Ding you are level 4!. Now you can gank. Remember the spawn times so you don´t get counter-jungled.
You can also start killing the Big Wolf (1 drain + 4 autoattacks) then Blue and finish the small wolves and continue the path.

(I will upload a video of the route soon)

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Youtube Channel

Im also uploading some guides, funny stuff, bloopers, awesome moves, etc., related to League of Legends. I`ve already put a link of my Fiddlesticks video above.
If you enjoyed it please check my channel! im uplading stuff all the time. Don´t forget to subscribe! =).

These are my channel videos

This is our "Fun section" in Mobafire with our "What happen if" sequel

Here is the Fiddlesticks video if you missed it:

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Fiddlesticks is a really good team champion, he is not as simple as he looks, and he´s really fun to play. He can be tricky, but when you get used to it, you will be causing a lot of pain to your enemies. He is a perfectly viable champion and he can turn games over like no one can!
I hope you enjoyed my guide as much as I did making it. Any comment, feedback, is appreciated. Help me to make this guide the best!

Thanks to jhoijhoi for his guide about making guides it was really useful.
And finally, thank you for reading this guide, I really hope it helped you in any way.


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