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Fizz General Guide by JewLeprachaun

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author JewLeprachaun

Fizz - Multi-Use Fish

JewLeprachaun Last updated on February 16, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Alright, so before I say anything, there needs to be some ground rules established; 1) Carly Rae Jepsen is the best person to ever grace their presence upon this earth. 2) Fizz is my all-time favourtie champion because is an absolute jackass to everybody. There! What has been said is the truth, and by reading this, you agree, HA! Anywho, Fizz. Fizz is an AP Carry, assassin, scumbag type character. He excels against anybody that uses skillshots, as he says "**** that," and hops over it, combo's the person, and does his cute, little laugh over their dead body.

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I never see people start with a high amount or MR. They just stack ALLLLLLL the flat AP and assume they'll get fed and be the greatest thing since Fizz. At level 1 you'll have 52 MR and around 19 AP combined from your Runes and Masteries. You scale well into mid game, and you don't need to get any MR because of your mass, early game MR.

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Huh, I never realized how many items Fizz can benefit from. Awesome! Most of these items are standard AP Carry items. Lich Bane and Iceborn Gauntlets are super strong on Fizz, though you should only buy one or the other. Manamune upgraded to Muramana gives Fizz more burst damage, at the cost of burning through mana and having around half by the end of team fights. Fizz gets **** on once he has a bit of CC (Crowd Control) on him. To counter that, Mercurial Scimitar is a really good item that gets rid off all the CC, and gives you a little extra Movement Speed to zip out of the fight and wait for CD's (Cooldown's, not the ****ing disc you troll). Maw of Malmortius is also a decent item, but I haven't tried it much. It gives you the unmistakeable Magic Shield while also giving you some AD, when you finish your combo and trying to stab the enemy to death, or you're some poor fish that has no mana. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<< IN CASE YOU DIDN'T READ THIS EARLIER I'M BEING NICE SINCE YUO'RE ACTUALLY READING MY GUIDE thank you c:

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Skill Sequence

There's a couple of ways you can combo people. If they're far away, you tag them with your R, E on top of them, pop your W, Q them, then auto-attack away till they die AND FEEL THE WRATH OF FISH. If they're close when you start, you can either Go Q>W>R>E>Q then auto-attack, or you could go E>R>W+Q then auto-attack. If they're a decent distance away, I recommend that you E in, tag them with your ult, Q and W them and walk away CAUSE WE ALL KNOW THEY'RE DEAD AMIRITE?!

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Personally, I take Heal and Ignite whenever I go mid with Fizz. He doesn't need Flash, if you play him well, Ignite is used most of the time anyway on Fizz, and heal is a good substitute for Flash, and it provides sustain and helps you slip out of ganks or trades with barely any health. THEN DARIUS SHOWS UP OUT OF ****ING NOWHERE AND ULTS YOU LIKE HE'S THE BOSS OR SOMETHING.

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Pros / Cons

- The fact that he exists
- High burst damage
- Can take a bit of damage
- Can get away, even if focused
- Can hop walls
- Isn't affected by unit-collision
- Cute laugh
- Can wield the mighty and sought-after powers of Urf

- Weak early-game, defense wise
- Relies on cooldown's
- Can be dunked
- Not tall enough to ride the roller-coaster at the theme park
- You look like an idiot when you try to jump the wrong wall

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Team Work

GO FOR THE SQUISHIES!! Fizz lives off of bursting down carries, except Darius, so go for the one's who don't have very much help. Leave your team to chip away at the beefy, bruisers and stubborn tanks while you get fed off the rest of their team. Once they die, hold off and wait for your cooldown's, then go for the person with the lowest health.

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Unique Skills

One of the things that makes Fizz, Fizz, is the fact that he can jump over walls. Learning how to do this well can make or break Fizz. You can use it to escape, catch up, travel, or just troll people with. If you're lucky, there is a chance of being able to use your Q through the wall. This has saved me a couple of times and i nearly **** myself when I thought about doing it, and it worked.

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Fizz is kind of interesting when it comes to getting CS (Creep score [when you kill the other teams minions and gain gold from doing so]). When I play Fizz, I don't do well when it come to farming Cs, and I tend to just farm champions... Which isn't a bad thing! I'm sure if you were to do well with CS, that you would still be in a good position.

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Notes and Changes

Don't worry, I'll still be adding stuff to this guide, I just kinda need to rest and come back with a fresh set of eyes.


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