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Pantheon Build Guide by LegenderyDuo

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author LegenderyDuo


LegenderyDuo Last updated on August 7, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi all,
This is a solo top guide to pantheon.My name is thundet and my partners name is Stoko0.We play in EU/NE.So we are going to teach you everything you need to know on how to play pantheon solo top.

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+ great harass
+ strong early game
+ Good damage throughout the game.
+ has a stun
+ An excellent passive(seriously it can save your life)
+ a very good ultimate you can use it to assist your team

- enemies can ''DODGE'' your ultimate very easy
- enemies can build armor and counter you easy

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For Marks i use Greater Mark of Desolation .The reson i use them is because it will give you a great early game advantage because you will probably going solo against tanks and bruisers.They will also come in handy late game when the enemy stacks armor.With armor pen. runes your Spear Shot and Heartseeker Strike will be very powerful.

For Seals i use Greater Seal of Armor so that if you are against and ad champion like a bruiser or an off tank or even pure damage you will have an advantage over him with extra armor.

For Glyphs i use Greater Glyph of Magic Resist so that if you go against and ap champion you will have some extra protection against his harass.

For Quintessences i use Greater Quintessence of Desolation for more armor penatration.

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is his passive.It blocks one basic attack from towers,champions large monsters,and abilities that apply on-hit affects.For example it blocks Parrrley, Mystic Shot and others.This passive will be available after four attacks or after casting four spells.I use this spell to harass my opponent as much as possible.

this is his main harass ability and in some case his primary damage ability. Pantheon throws a spear that hits the target and deals damage.I use this spell to harass my opponent as much as possible.

is his main utility.He leaps and stuns his target also refreshing his Aegis Protection.When you use this spell you need to look for the right time.The best time to use it is when you see that you dont have your passive.

this is a spell that damages all the enemies infront of Pantheon and it also deals double damage to champions.I like this spell because of its passive that allows you to always kill minions that are below 15% health.But it also deals TONS of damage i try to do my full combo Spear Shot, Aegis of Zeonia and then Heartseeker Strike

this is Pantheon ultimate.It basicaly acts as a teleport.When you use it you leap to a target location and damage all the enemies in the area the closer they are to the center the more damage they take.I use this ability to assist my teammates around the map and to steal baron or dragon.

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Summoner Spells

is a must to have spell. Pantheon has no escape at all if someone ganks him but with flash you will be able to escape almost every time.You can also use it to chase someone and finish him with your Spear Shot

i like to use ghost because as i said earlyer Pantheon has no escaping ablities at all.So if you get gank and dont have your Flash for example you can use your ghost and escape your enemies.


this is also a good spell on Pantheon.You can use it to slow enemies and escape or to slow them and finish them.I like either Ghost or Exhaust as a second summoner spell after Flash.

can also be used for sustain but i dont like it vary much because someone can easily caounter it with ignite and almost all the solo top champions you go against will have Ignite

you can also use it for more damage or to counter healing efects like Heal or Sion ultimate Cannibalism but as i said i like to have other escaping abilities other than Flash so if you take Ignite be sure to have lots of wards and dont waste your flash.

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i dont like to take them very early.You only need to take Boots of Speed early game so if you need to catch someone or escape someone and since Pantheon doesnt have escape abilities you will need that extra speed if their jungler ganks.And the health potions will give you sustain against harass.

i like to take Manamune and Tear of the Goddess very early so you can harass your opponent and not run out of mana.You will also build stacks on tear of the goddess and when you get your [[manamune you will have more damage.

i like to take The Brutalizer very early for the armor penetration because you will be going against off tanks and bruisers solo top and you will need that armor penetration.It will also come in handy late game.I take Youmuu's Ghostblade just because there is nothing else you can build the The Brutalizer into.

i like to take it because it will give you a great sustain because of that health and health regen.You can also take Frozen Mallet it gives you less health for the atmogs combination but it gives you a slow which can be helpfull in many situations.

when you have your Frozen Mallet or Warmog's Armor you should take Atma's Impaler because when you have that extra health it will be a great benefit to turn it into damage that's why i take Atma's Impaler and it also gives you armor for more defense.

i take it for more damage.With your incredible easy farm you will be able to fill the stacks very fast and have more damage.You will also have lifesteal which will help you to survive.Another great item is Infinity Edge it gives less damage than the The Bloodthirster when he has full stacks but the critical strike chance and damage are very usefull.

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Early game try to stay and farm.Dont harass your opponent too much because your mana will run out very fast.Just play defensive and farm untill you have enough money for Tear of the Goddess then go back to base and buy it.

Mid game when you have bought your Tear of the Goddess and your The Brutalizer return to lane and harass your opponent with your Spear Shot or even with your full combo because you will have enough mana and armor penetration to deal tons of damage and not run out of mana.Try to gank mid lane and watch the map so that if you see a teamfight going on around dragon or baron you can help your team or even initiate the fight with Grand Skyfall .

Late game if you already have your Warmog's Armor and your Atma's Impaler you can initiate teamfights with your ultimate.But if you still dont have these items you should stay back and wait for someone else to initiate for example your jungle if he is tanky.If you think that the enemy team is getting baron or dragon try to steal it with your ultimate because it deals a great amount of damage.

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Pantheon is a great farmer especially when you have your Tear of the Goddess.Pantheon is a great farmer for two reasons the main one is his Heartseeker Strike and the other one is his Spear Shot.But you can't farm with your Spear Shot unless you have Tear of the Goddess when you have it you can start spamming it and kill many minions.

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This is my first guide on mobadire so if something isnt as it should be and you have some tips i could use or new rhings to add to this build because i will continue to upgrade it please leave a comment or contact me in EU/NE my name is thundet so please contact me and i hope you like this guide on Pantheon