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Anivia Build Guide by Metallichydra

Support Forever watchful | A support Anivia guide

Support Forever watchful | A support Anivia guide

Updated on October 16, 2021
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Metallichydra Build Guide By Metallichydra 1,736 Views 0 Comments
1,736 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Metallichydra Anivia Build Guide By Metallichydra Updated on October 16, 2021
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1 2 3
Arcane Comet
Manaflow Band

Ingenious Hunter
Taste of Blood

+8 ability haste
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


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Middle Lane
Win 52%
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Middle Lane Ranked #47 in
Middle Lane
Win 52%
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Champion Build Guide

Forever watchful | A support Anivia guide

By Metallichydra
Hi! I am Metallichydra, and I am a Support (and Jungle) main!
I play a lot of support, with my favorite ones being Yuumi, Vel'Koz, Thresh and Anivia. I also play some that's even more weird, such as Veigar, Shyvana and Rammus, though not that often.
Why Anivia support?
Pro's and Con's
Great poke
Lots of crowd control
Amazing zone control
Bad if low on gold

Anivia is a mage that is usually played in the middle lane, however, she is not bad as a support. Not only does she have insane amounts of crowd control, she also have one of the best abilities for a support: her wall Crystallize. This ability is the only placeable wall in league, and it is great for a number of different reasons.
What makes a good Anivia player is usually good use of the wall, and good use of the wall makes your team happy.


Anivia's passive, Rebirth, prevents Anivia from dying, instead transforming into eggnivia. If she survives in her egg form for 6 seconds, she is revived with her current health.

Flash Frost is a slow-moving projectile that damages and slows enemies hit. It can be recast to deal more damage and stun anyone the explosion hits. The ability always recasts automatically when it reaches its max range. Stunning a champion with this ability chills them.

Anivia's W is a placable wall that lasts for 5 seconds. It is by far one of the best abilities in the game, in my opinion, and it is very, VERY useful, but equally risky to use, since it also affects allies (and yourself). The wall will always face Anivia. It also counts as terrain for the purpose of champion abilities, so your Vayne can Condemn people into it!

Anivia's E, Frostbite, is her main damaging ability. It deals a low amount of damage at a low cooldown. However, when she uses it on a champion that is chilled it deals double damage. Try to chill your target before throwing out your Frostbite.

Glacial Storm is Anivia's ultimate ability. Unlike most champions ultimates, it is not on a long cooldown, instead being more like a toggleable ability. When used, Anivia summons a blizzard that damages and slows enemies inside it. It grows in size over a short period of time, after which it will deal even more damage, as well as slowing more. It also chills when at maximum size. Using Glacial Storm costs mana each second, and is cancelled when recast, when running out of mana, when you go too far away or when Anivia is crowd controlled.
Summoner spells
Flash is basically mandatory.
Ignite lets you reduce healing on a key target for some time. It also deals some damage. Since adc's take Heal, it's a really good spell when you are a support. Even better if the enemy support is an enchanter, such as Yuumi or Soraka.

Other options
If you are not in need of healing reduction, or if you are against assassins, you may want to take Exhaust instead of Ignite.
Heal may be chosen as your second summoner spell if your adc does not take it.

Arcane comet synergises very well with Anivia's Flash Frost. It can also allow you to check if there is enemy champions inside of bushes, by using either Flash Frost or Glacial Storm on the bush.
Manaflow band grants us a small amount of mana, as well as some much-needed mana regeneration, which is good for Anivia since she is a mana hungry champion.
Transendence grants some ability haste when levelling up, which allow us to throw out more abilities. Besides, the other options aren't that great.
Waterwalking gives a decent amount of ability power, as well as movement speed, when in the river. This helps with roaming, jungle skirmishes and lategame team fights, which will usually happen in the river. If you anticipate a long game or don't think you will roam that much, consider Gathering Storm as an alternative.

Ingenious Hunter not only synergizes well with Imperial Mandate, it also works well with some situational items. Additionally, it reduces the cooldown of your trinkets. You may go Relentless Hunter if you want to roam, or simply prefer it over Ingenious Hunter.
Taste of Blood will help you sustain during the laning phase. Cheap Shot may be considered as an alternative if you desire more damage, since it synergizes incredibly well with Anivia.

Alternative secondary trees

For those that value mana higly. This rune allows you to poke more in laning phase, as well as having more uptime on your Glacial Storm. Coup de Grace is mostly there because there's not really any other runes in the Precision tree that fits Anivia well.
Anti-poke for both yourself and your adc. Font of Life can be replaced by Demolish if you want more tower-taking potential and Second Wind can be replaced by Bone Plating if the enemy has lots of assassins or an engage support.
starting items
Spellthief's Edge is the support item of choice for Anivia, providing both AP and mana regeneration for a cheap price.
Buying two Health Potion's will help your early laning phase.
First back
Bandleglass Mirror gives both AP, mana regeneration and ability haste while also building into Imperial Mandate. If you can afford it and isn't in need of Boots or a situational item, it is by far the best item you can get on your first back.
If have 350 spare gold and need mana, sapphire crystal is a good choice. Otherwise Boots is the better choice.
If you have 300 spare gold, or is in a lane where dodging skillshots are important, Boots is the item to go for.
A very cheap item that provides a small amount of mana regeneration. If you are low on gold, you can buy this, or if you simply need mana.
After buying whatever items you need with your hard-earned gold, if you find yourself with 75 extra, why not buy a control ward?
If you use the special start where you get extra gold to buy Refillable Potion instead of Health Potion's, then you can upgrade them to corrupting potions if you need more sustain, mana or health.
Core items
After getting enough gold with Spellthief's Edge, it will upgrade into Frostfang, which will upgrade into Shard of True Ice. It's passive gives you a small amount of gold over time, as well as wards whenever you visit your base. Shard of True Ice will be your primary source of wards.
After you upgrade it to Frostfang, you may want to switch your Stealth Ward to an Oracle Lens.
After slowing or immobilizing an enemy champion, this item will deal a small amount of magic damage. If an ally hits that champion, it will deal a larger amount of magic damage, as well as providing a small speed boost. It's basically a budget version of Luden's Tempest!
If you're not in need of any of the situational boots, Ionian Boots of Lucidity is a good choice since it gives ability haste. Boots of Swiftness may also be considered, as it gives a higher amount of movement speed.
Always have a Control Ward or two on you!
Zeke's Convergence makes your adc deal increased damage when you stun someone with your Flash Frost. Buying this when you have an apc may not be a good idea, however.
Situational items
If you are against a lot of AP-based champions, you may want to get these boots. They also give a small amount of tenacity, so it's also good against crowd control.
Great against assassins, ADC's and other AD-based champions.
The ultimate counter to assassins! If you think you'll have to get this item, consider using Ingenious Hunter as it reduces this item's cooldown.
In case of champions with lots of sustain, or enchanters, Oblivion Orb will help reduce the amount they heal.
If there's a fed champion on the enemy team, Anathema's Chains may be a good option, as it makes your Flash Frost stun for longer time, and reduces the damage you recieve from said champion.
If you get a lot of kills, you may want to pick up a dark seal to help snowball.
If you are snowballing, or simply need more magic damage, you can get Sorcerer's Shoes to reduce their magic resist. Also a good item if you are snowballing.
Items for finishing your build
If you happen to get enough gold to finish your build, you can buy Watchful Wardstone as a way to keep your Control Wards, while still getting a full build.
Pre-laning phase
Going to lane
When you leash, position yourself as to be as close to your lane as possible. Since Anivia have a high range, you can even stand behind walls. If you are not required to leash, you may choose to go to your lane in order to position yourself in lane, maybe for a cheese or other shenanigans. You may also, if you know your jungler want a leash from top or you simply don't care about leashing your jungler, do a special refillable potion start.
The first levels
As Anivia, your primary job is, during the first few levels, to poke. Use Flash Frost, though you should try to limit the times you use it to when you can proc manaflow band. Not to say that you shouldn't use it, but rather to be mindful of the mana cost.
During the laning phase, you may get the opportunity to hit them with a Q Flash Frost. Remember to recast it for additional damage.

Anivia have one of the highest autoattack ranges in the game. Abuse it!
Once you reach level 2, you can do small trades with your enemy, by using your Q Flash Frost and E Frostbite together for heavy damage. Try to get away before they can retalliate.
Video will be added once I get one! Sorry for the inconveniance!
Because of your passive, it may be a good idea to all-inn if given the opportunity. If you die, they have to decide if they want to hit you (in which case your adc can kill them), or attack your adc (in which case you will revive at high health.
Laning phase
Your wall
Anivia's W Crystallize is a unique and useful ability. Not only is it one of the only terrain-generating abilities in the game, it is also the only one that is large enough to be able to cut of large enough areas to be more than a minor inconvenience. It can, however, also be risky to use if you are not experienced.
Use it to stop people from running away.
Video will be added once I get one! Sorry for the inconveniance!
Video will be added once I get one! Sorry for the inconveniance!
Fleeing from ganks
If the enemy jungler comes to gank, you'll want to try to prevent them from scoring a kill. By using Crystallize, you can delay one or two of the enemy champions, and your Flash Frost can stop the enemy from moving closer. In case you are level 6, putting your Glacial Storm up can also slow and deter the enemy from approaching.
Helping your jungler during a gank
When your jungler comes to gank, you should be ready to put up Crystallize to prevent the enemy laners from escaping. Use your Flash Frost to either stun the enemy, or get them to move in the direction you want.
Video will be added once I get one! Sorry for the inconveniance!
Keep poking and trading
Try to deplete your opponents health to force them to recall, or get the low enough to all-inn. When you reach level 6, you can use your ult to deal large amounts of damage in combination with your Q Flash Frost and E Frostbite.
As a support, warding is one of your main responsebilities. Use your Frostfang or Shard of True Ice to place wards, as well as your trinket Stealth Ward.

Warding your lane
During the laning phase, you should be especially focused on your own lane, as you and your adc are a juicy target for the enemy jungler, especially as an immobile mage. Try to always have vision of the entrances to your lane.
Video will be added once I get one! Sorry for the inconveniance!
Deep wards
If you are given the opportunity, you should try to go for deep wards in the enemy jungle. A good time for this is when your wave is shoved into the enemy tower, and/or when you know the enemy jungler is on the opposite side of the map.
Control wards
Control Ward's are powerful wards that can disable enemy wards. It also lasts until destroyed, so if you place it in a spot that is easily defended you don't have to ward that place very often. You should always have a control ward in your inventory, as they are very useful.
Warding objectives
Since the bottom lane is close to the dragon pit, it is expected of you to keep vision of it. Try to place a ward so that you have vision of the pit, as well as the river. Before an objective spawns, you may want to place Stealth Ward's and use an Oracle Lens at its location, to ensure that your team, and only your team, have vision of it.
An alternative is to place a Control Ward in the middle of the pit, as it will cover the entirety of it.
Avoid facechecking
As a squishy mage, it can be dangerous to go into bushes without vision. This is where Arcane Comet comes in really handy. Place your Glacial Storm on the bush you want to enter.
If your Arcane Comet is fired into the bush, someone is in there. If not, just deactivate it to save mana.

When to roam?
If you manage to shove a wave into the enemy tower, you may look for opportunities to roam to another lane. For example, if the enemy midlaner is pushing. You may also go into the enemy jungle to place deep wards.
Using Relentless Hunter instead of Ingenious Hunter will help with roaming.
Video will be added once I get one! Sorry for the inconveniance!
Video will be added once I get one! Sorry for the inconveniance!
The scuttle crab
At 3:15, the first two rift scuttler 's spawn (also know as "scuttle crabs"), and your jungler may or may not be pathing towards the crab at the bottomside river. If they do, you have the option to go up and help them, in case the enemy jungler also wants said rift scuttler . You, of course, should only do this if you have priority in lane (If you have pushed your opponent into their tower, you usually have priority. It basically means you have control of the lane and are stronger than your opponent).
If your jungler does not have a stun or other tool to destroy the rift scuttler 's shield, you can use your Flash Frost to do so for them.
Jungle skirmishes
Sometimes the two junglers, or a jungler and a laner, will encounter each other in the jungle or river. This may lead to combat, and as such, you may choose to go there to help your teammate if it is not too far away. This, however, should mostly be done when you have priority. If your lane opponents follow you, you can use your Flash Frost or Crystallize to prevent them from doing so, while you rescue your teammate.
Video will be added once I get one! Sorry for the inconveniance!
Because of bottom lane's close proximity to the dragon pit, it is expected that you, and possibly your adc, come and help take the drake when your jungler wants to take it. Anivia is especially good at helping with the dragon, as she have huge amounts of zone control, which can be used to deter opponents from approaching, should they try to steal it, or stop you from taking it.

Note: Even though Flash Frost does not stun the drake , it still chills it.
Helping other lanes
If you manage to get ahead by getting some kills in your lane, it may be more beneficial to leave your adc alone in lane and instead go to other lanes, or roam with your jungler. Anivia is an immobile mage, though, so be careful when moving around the jungle alone.
Video will be added once I get one! Sorry for the inconveniance!
When not to roam
Sometimes, roaming is not the best option. Leaving a Jhin against a Tristana and Leona may not be the best idea unless you are ahead by a large margin.
Helping your team
As towers begin to fall and laning phase ends, you should help your team by providing utility in fights. Try to catch people with Crystallize if possible.
drake s are especially important as defeating four of them will grant your team the dragon soul. Try to arrive at the dragon pit before the drake spawns, to set up vision. You can use your Glacial Storm and Crystallize to keep enemies away from the drake while your team take it.
Playing front to back
In a teamfight, try to place your Glacial Storm so that the enemy have to stand in it. It has a short cooldown, so you can move it if need be, especially at higher levels. Try to use your Frostbite on chilled targets if possible.
Your Q Flash Frost should be used to stun as many players as possible, and Crystallize can keep enemy champions inside of your ult, though you should be careful about throwing out all of your defensive tools.
Video will be added once I get one! Sorry for the inconveniance!
Video will be added once I get one! Sorry for the inconveniance!
Protecting your ADC
As a support it is expected that you protect your adc. As Anivia, you can use your wall Crystallize to stop enemy champions from approaching. In combination with your R Glacial Storm and Q Flash Frost, you can make sure no one comes close enough to hurt your adc. Against assassins, try to deprive them of their mobility spells before they come close, and don't use everything at once if they are especially slippery (such as Fizz).
Clearing waves
Both as the team thats ahead, and the team that is behind, clearing waves is a good thing, to ensure your towers are safe, and the enemy's aren't. Anivia has especially good waveclear, and can take down waves fast with R > Q, and possibly an E on the canon minion. A single Flash Frost can usually take out all of the caster minions.
Video will be added once I get one! Sorry for the inconveniance!
Video will be added once I get one! Sorry for the inconveniance!
Ending the game
Ending the game can sometimes be hard, especially if the enemy have waveclear. Try to take down baron nashor when given the opportunity, or get elder drake , as they both provide an insanely good buff for closing out the game.
Tips and other stuff
Refillable potions start
Instead of buying two Health Potion's, you may want to save the gold for Refillable Potion's. But wait! There's more!
Instead of going to lane, or leashing, you tell your team to stand in one of the bushes near the middle lane. Go up and auto the enemy tower 3 times for gold, then recall and buy Refillable Potion. By doing this, not only are you saving some gold, you also get more total healing during the laning phase. If an enemy tries to stop you, instead Q them and auto them. You may even try to bait them out in the lane, and then get your team to kill them.
Be careful around champions with dashes and/or stuns, such as Sylas, though.
Video will be added once I get one! Sorry for the inconveniance!
R > W > Q Combo
A useful "combo" with Anivia is to place down your Glacial Storm, and then place Crystallize behind the enemy champions caught in the blizzard once they try to leave. Throw your Flash Frost towards the side they try to leave.
Your ult gets cancelled by CC
Anivia's Glacial Storm gets deactivated if Anivia gets crowd controlled (specifically those that prevents spellcasting), so be careful around champions with cc when using your ult, and try to keep your distance in fights.
Video will be added once I get one! Sorry for the inconveniance!
Video will be added once I get one! Sorry for the inconveniance!
Deactivating R for extra damage
When you recast your R Glacial Storm, it deals one last tick of damage. This can be used to "last hit" minions when clearing waves with R.
Checking bushes with R and Q
To check if there's someone in a bush, simply place your Glacial Storm on the bush you want to enter.
If your Arcane Comet is fired into the bush, someone is in there. If not, just deactivate it to save mana. You can also use your Flash Frost, though they may dodge it.
Stunning champions with spellshield
If you throw your Flash Frost at a target with a spellshield, simply wait a very short moment for the initial damage to remove the spellshield, then recast for the stun.
Item build, links and such
Item set:
Spoiler: Click to view

Notes: I know it is not called "chilled" anymore, I just find it easier to explain it that way, and honestly, it makes more sense.

Notes: The guide may be lacking a few video's / gifs. They will be there once I get them.

Thanks for reading my guide!

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