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Jayce Build Guide by ashurii

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ashurii

FunkyBanana's Jayce Bond

ashurii Last updated on July 27, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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About me

Hi guys! My name is Emir. I'm playing LoL for almost 3 years now. My IGN in Garena PH is FunkyBanana and that I specialize in playing top lane champions as well as mid lane champions. Though I'm still in Gold 1 in solo queue, the main reason is that play multiple accounts and I try to teach people the basics of the game. I think this may lead to more people being competetive and will increase the skill level of most players found in our very toxic server.

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Jayce is a champion that can be built into various ways. He can be built as a squishy ranged poke type champion, a hardcore in-your-face champion or a little bit of both. This guide is all about playing the "new" Jayce in which his Acceleration Gate has a higher cooldown.

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Skill Sequence

The whole idea on playing the new Jayce is that you will only get the 3 levels of his ultimate on level 16, 17, and 18. This means that you can die if the enemy is all over you. when this happens and you are taking so much harassment or if your enemy on top lane has more damage than you then get your ultimate for the bonus armor and magic resist. after maxing your Q (To the skies / shockblast), you should max your W (Lightning Field / Hyper Charge)!. You should never max your E anymore since that the only thing that benefits Jayce with maxing is E is the acceleration gate. ANd since the cooldown will never change from level 1-5, maxing E would not be efficient anymore. Maxing W after Q would make your damage stronger than when you max E after Q.

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Laning Phase

There is one word that can sum up Jayce's laning phase. Poke.

If the skill order was not evidence enough this guide focuses heavily on Jayce's poking aspects. This doesn't mean that he's completely useless aside from poking. The general idea is that you poke them so much that you can then go Hammer Form for a quick To the Skies! and Thundering Blow execution. Jayce's laning phase is very similar to the other form-changing champions.

You will have noticed that in a lot of my matchups I've said that you will just harass and poke. For the laning phase you should do exactly that. At level 1 you will probably be exceptionally strong with your auto-attacks and you will more than likely force a potion early on because of the constant harass. You will also want to hold off on using your Shock Blast and Acceleration Gate until you get 3070_32.png so you have both the mana pool and the mana regen to sustain using it a lot. That combo can use up about 100 mana every time. But for most of your match-ups you will definitely want to force that early potion ( 2_icon_64.png, 84_icon_64.png, 24_icon_64.png, 39_icon_64.png )

Most of your counters won't have their gap-closers at level 1 ( most of the time! ) so you are very free to harass them down without fear of retaliation. Make sure you can utilise the bush well so that you don't pull too much minion aggro. The minions will do a tons of damage early on to you. Also you SHOULD have a ward so that you can lay it down early. If your spider senses start tingling and you think the jungler might be near then try and get back. You wanna be as safe as possible. Make sure to stay in experience range though so that you don't lose out on too much. Don't try to fight most bruisers at level 1 as they will more than likely beat you ESPECIALLY IF THEY HAVE A Elixir of Fortitude because that item makes them EXCEPTIONALLY strong at level 1.

Against tankier opponents ( Malphite,Cho'Gath,Singed,Shen) you should use Armor Penetration runes and you should pick up a Brutalizer early on so that you can do more damage despite the Armor they will be picking up. With both those items you should have around 27 FLAT Armor Penetration and then another 8% on top of that. Assuming they have 100 Armor then you will bring that down by 35 to 65. That's about two Cloth armors that you're just removing from them. Also at level 1/2/3 assuming they have the standard 40-50 armor then you will turn that back down to roughly 20-30 armor. You'd be surprised at how effective Armor Penetration works. Oh and your Thundering Blow does Magic Damage so unless they are getting Magic Resist than that will also hit like a truck.


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Team Work

GOTTA POKE 'EM ALL. Poke before teamfights, Peel in teamfights. If you haven't poked the enemy team and you will fight them in a 5v5 teamfight. There will be a chance for the enemy team to will the fight especially if all of them are healthy.