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Teemo Build Guide by WoF Joe

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author WoF Joe

G-Mo As Anti AD-Carry (AD-Teemo)

WoF Joe Last updated on March 21, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello mobafire bud's.
This is my first guide on mobafire, so please be kind. Give me some constuctive critism instead of downvoting please :) In this guide i will teach you how to play one, out of many ways to play Teemo, the swift scout.

Many would not see AD Teemo as a viable option, because he has a low range, wich makes it harder to stay in your lane since Caitlyn just will shoot from a safe distance. But that's why they invented Blinding Dart
I have to remind you that i am not a high ELO player, but who says i can't be right anyway?

Also watch this it is proven that it makes you 1337 times more awesome.

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Pros / Cons

  • A lot of Damage
  • Ranged
  • Shrooms gives good map control/Free Wards
  • Fast!
  • Can 1v1 any AD-Carry with Blinding Dart and Exhaust
  • Camouflage makes him a human Ward (Or Yordle Ward)
  • Good Skins (If you are into stuff like that)
  • Cute n' Fussy :3

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Greater Mark of Critical Chance

Greater Seal of Mana Regeneration

Greater Glyph of Critical Chance

Greater Quintessence of Critical Damage

For runes i chose something many of you might think of as peculiar.

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For Masteries i go pretty standard offensive masteries (21/9/0). You can also choose to put the last 9 points in Utility. Putting the nine points in utility will not really give you anything useful but Swiftness early game. Since you already have Move Quick you don't really need that. Later on Runic Affinity is good for longer duration on Baron Nashor, if you kill someone who hasBlue/Mana/Golem or Red/Slow/Lizard buff or if your jungler simply decides to give it to you. I would not recommend you to put 9 points in utility because Teemo really needs those defensive stats for being competitive in my oppinion.

Putting the 9 pionts in Defense will give you a greater earlygame advantage and since Teemo not is very strong early on he will need this to be competetive. If you are wondering about why i put 3 points in Hardiness over Resistance it is because you by chance will be facing an AD based champion in your lane. If you want you can put 2 points in each or even 3 points in Resistance and 1 in Hardiness , it does not make any huge difference even though i would not recommend it since if the game is long enough you will be getting a Banshee's Veil.

The last thing i consider as changeable is the 3 points in Vampirism or Havoc . The Havoc mastery is not that important since 1.5% dmg not is that much. Let's say you have your Infinity Edge and The Bloodthirster. You are hitting for around 300, and 1.5% of 300 is only 4,5 dmg (damage). You can choose to put these 3 points in Vamprism and get the 3% lifesteal which means you will be getting around 9 health per hit but again, this is not much. It will help you sustain in your lane but as i said before, this is kinda up to what you prefer and fits your playstyle the best.

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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

  • Ablility explanation

  • camouflage Camouflage(Passive): This is the excellent passive which makes Teemo the human ward. It also gives you a nice amount of AS(Attack Speed)
    "They told me i could become anything, so i became a ward." - Teemo.
  • Blinding dart(Q): Blinding Dart is your AD-carry spell which blinds the enemy for 1.5/1.75/2/2.25/2.5 seconds making them unable to hit anyone with basic attacks.
  • Move quick(W): This ability gives you a nice amount of movement speed. We just put one point in this early so we are a little faster than our enemies. Remember not to use it in haste, because the passive is not worth much in team fights since you are getting focused.
  • Toxic shot(E): Toxic Shot is a passive and i max it for easier LH(Last hit) and maximization of my damage.

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Items And Item explanation

My items are VERY offensive early on but gives you a good amount of survivability later on. If you do well in a game i highly recommend following this build, but if the enemy AP Carry is dominating you, then you should maybe consider buying a defensive item like Negatron Cloak and position yourself correctly in team fights.

First item

I used to pick Vampiric Scepter for ultimate lane sustainability and so that i can rush my The Bloodthirster. I still think of it as a viable choice but since the nerf on lifesteal items i'd rather pick Boots of Speed and 3 x Health Potion or a Doran's Blade. Doran's Blade is a considerable option too since it makes you way much stronger early game than Vampiric Scepter. I'd say your items always should depend on what you are against. For example, Boots of Speed are good against some with skill shots like Ezreal.

As a starting item you should also be considering Boots of Speed. I have seen many pick this item and tryed it out my self. It works just fine, it excels in: dodging skillshots, chasing, escaping and then it actually gives a decent amount of sustainability because of the 3 Health Potion AND it makes it easier to last-hit without taking damage because you can kill a minion, then retreat, kill the minion, then retreat again and again if they are not completely zoning you.


For Boots i pick Berserker's Greaves Because it is the boots which increases my DPS (Damage per second) by the most. I also pick these boots because without them this build will lack AS(Attack Speed). Mercury Treads are also a very viable choice if their team is very CC heavy and you feel like you are getting shutted down too easily by the enemy AP carry.
You can also consider replacing Berserker's Greaves With Mercury Treads instead of Phantom Dancer. I would not recommend other boots. You may be considering Ninja Tabi but you must remember that you already have Blinding Dart and Exhaust so the enemy team AD-carry should be piece of cake, ofc. if they have 5 x Fiora you should buy these.


Your core is the items you need to successfully be an efficient AD Teemo. This core includes high damage and less attack speed which is why i don't recommend changing your boots because early on you will be needing this AS (Attack Speed). I have not included Phantom Dancer to the core because it is replaceable with other AS items like Wit's End or Madred's Bloodrazor, even though i highly recommend you to buy Phantom Dancer because it increases your DPS (Damage per second) by far the most. The only problem about Phantom Dancer is that it does not give you any kind of survivability. But early on you will in most cases not need this survivabilty since the movement speed you get from Phantom Dancer makes it easier not to end up in a lousy situation.

This item is just great on Teemo. It gives you enough sustainability to team up with any support, and it is great for 1v1 fights. I almost always go for this item as the first. Getting this item first also means that you can utilize its passive faster. Usually i get this item before the laning phase is over which means you will stack up those +40 damage as fast as possible.

Look in the boots section :)

I choose this item because it works well with Greater Quintessence of Critical Damage and it is great for maximizing your damage output. Infinity Edge works even better with a Phantom Dancer because they combined give you almost all the stats an AD-carry needs to be successful in the art of dealing tons of damage.

Recommended Items

This is as mentioned a great burst to your DPS (Damage per second). It increases your crit chance by a lot. This means that the passive on Infinity Edge will be more useful together with our Greater Quintessence of Critical Damage. The movement speed bonus is useful for placing yourself in teamfights faster and better. It is also good when the battle is won/lost for chasing/fleeing. Teemo don't have any kind of slow but his Noxius Trap which not really is very useful in teamfights, Phantom Dancer makes it possible to keep shooting on a target because Move Quick and Phantom Dancer makes you so fast that you almost always can stay in range of your target.

Finally time for some survivability. You can get this item earlier if you feel like you don't have any chance of surviving team fights. You can also just get the Phage and upgrade it later. This item gives Teemo the slow he needs. With this item people can't run away from you AND it makes you able to survive almost any burst in game, at least in most cases.

Even more survivability. Now their fed Brand Won't be able to one hit you anymore. It is also good for the "Human ward" thing. If the enemy Lee Sin throws a random Sonic wave/Resonating strike your Banshee's Veil will prevent the vision. It can also save you if you by mistake dis-positioned yourself and absorb a stun. It is in general a good item.

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Summoner Spells

Very viable

Flash is to me the best summoner spell in game even after the tange nerf. It is good for everything: chasing, escaping, juking, dodging and so on.

I think of this as the best choice versus another AD carry. It is also good against AP carrys, but as you probably know
it only reduces magic damage with 35% where it reduces physical damage with 70%!. And beside that awesome effect it also
slows the enemy with 40% which a Teemo really needs if they are not caught in between a massive amount of Shrooms.

Less Viable

As an AD-carry this summoner spell is always good for sustaining in lane if your support is Janna or Leona who don't have any heals. It is also good for turning arround fights where the enemy engages you thinking you are an easy kill with your low amount of HP.

This is a good combination with your Toxic Shot for getting FB (First blood) because you will usually face a support as an enemy in your lane, it will then reduce the amount of heal they will recieve when you nuke them. I would usually not grab this because your AP-Carry will by chanche grab this in addition to his nuke.

This is in my oppinion on of the less viable ones since i'd prefer Heal or exhaust over this. Using cleanse means that you are in a ****py situation where u just got stunned, snared or whatever and in most of those cases you are already dead because you are situated in the wrong position. This is where i find Flash more useful.

This is good for backdooring or going back for a few things without losing too many minons, but when it comes to fight this is nothing. it literaly does not help you in any way in a 1v1 fight, even though it can be useful for ganking.

This is an overall OK summoner spell and it works fine in addition to your Move Quick. In my oppinion Flash is better, even though this excels in chasing/fleeing over longer distances.


Just let your support take this. You don't benefit well from this.

this is not good in front of other summoner spells, besides you might already have some mana regeneration runes, and Teemo is not mana hungry enough for this spell anyway.

I don't know i just don't think this is good for anyone. I cna't explain why, only that no high ELO gamers uses this.

You are not jungling so this is just pure fail.

No. Revive's cooldown is just way too long to even be consiserable in my opinion. It is a fun summoner spell but not very useful.

I dont know if i have misunderstood something but in my oppinion this just sucks.

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to sum up i just want to thank you for reading this guide and i will ask you to leave a comment with some good or bad critism instead of just voting down. I Hope you have enjoyed my guide and found it useful. I will be adding more sections as soon as possible and new stuff to the guide every day! :)

Thanks to:
YOU for reading this <33
JhoiJhoi for her Making a guide guide, which made all this less complicated and for her line dividers/separators :) (We wuv you <3)
Mobafire for this awesome website
Riot Games for their awesome game and creating Teemo

-Sincerly WoF Joe

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Change log


  • change log added
  • Vampiric Scepter removed from starting items.