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Not Updated For Current Season

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Galio Build Guide by CondemnedToaster

Galio - A terrorfying tank

Galio - A terrorfying tank

Updated on August 1, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author CondemnedToaster Build Guide By CondemnedToaster 5,319 Views 8 Comments
5,319 Views 8 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author CondemnedToaster Galio Build Guide By CondemnedToaster Updated on August 1, 2011
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So i've decided to make this build because i see lots of potential in Galio as a competetive champion for ranked games, even at high elo. and he will definatly be able to carry you out from low elo hell.

There are several reasons why that is, and we will be diving further into those as we get into the build!

But first of all we will be talking about the basics.
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First of all, Galio is marked as following: Support, Tank and Melee

Why Support?

Galios W spell is a decent support spell, as it gives quite alot of Armor and Magic resist and also heals galio when the target blessed with Bulwark is damaged, however this is what makes galio rather a self-support than a team support.

is also a neat support spell, giving you the ability to get out of tight situations in a moment!

Why Tank?

Hes abillity to take damage, makes him tough from start, this combined with and or to initiate, and pop hes (making him even tougher) are in few words the reason why galio should play tank,

Oh! and hes passive, converting 50% of hes Magic Resist into Abillity Power also makes him able to deal quite a burst of damage without AP ithems.

Why Melee?

Well, basicly because hes auto-attacks are melee, its not really worth anything else than lasthitting minions, unless you wanna combine it with , this is not recommended however, for you are going to be the tank.
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WTF Galio is not marked as mage??

He actually was once, but after further considerations Roit decided that he isn't. This means that it is not recommended that you play Galio as dps, even though hes burst damage especially early game can be devastating and that he actually scales very well at it.

There are a few reasons why you shouldn't

1. The cooldowns are long which makes your enemy very able to just outrun you before you can deal further damage.

2. even if you decide to buy lots of CDR your main source of damage would come from your q spell, , which is very dodgeable, especially against fast moving targets such as

3. Galios damage seem to get less effecient at late game.
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For runes, i like to pick a very simple set as you can see. well for marks, Magic penetration is nice to give you that extra burst. For seals i like to have flat armor, or health pr. level. Glyphs should of course be magic resist (i do them pr. level) or cooldown reduction. Quintessences for hp, to have that extra tank abillity early on, and because i dont include very much health in my ithem build.
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In Masteries i like to go 9/8/13. you might say. hey! thats very unusual mister! why dont you use 21 in Defence? Your a tank for gods sake.

Well if we take a look at what Galio actually needs, we will discover that the masteries cover those needs quite well, lets go into details.

For Galio, it is very essential to have a great amount of mana regeneration, as hes spells are quite expensive. I dont wanna seek room for mana reg. in my runes for my runes are very important too, so for masteries i find it essential to rank up
and when your at it, also pick

Also the reason why i dont rank Defence upto full is because there is no need for dodge at all, for it would only make Idol of Durand weaker in case you dodge them, when charging up.

Sure health bonus, and reduced damage is nice, but your tanky enough now, what you really need is some points in offense to make you capable of farming your lane from early on.
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Summoner spells

For summoner spells, i find both and very essential, especially Teleport for this spell will be a fast way to get to your solo lane, if pushers or great amounts of minions are on your turrets doorstep, it can also be used in the reverse order, to get to teamfights when your lane is clear of enemy minions.

as said, Flash is an important spell for Galio.

if cornered, you flash
to initiate, you flash

Combining flash with is a great way to initiate a teamfight. try to gather as many as you can in your cirkle, if any stunners are out of range, your ultimate is pretty much down to the ground, and it has a huge cooldown.

Also when your in champion selection, try to convince your team to pick champions with area effective ultimates. champions like:

Miss Fortune, Morgana, Fiddlesticks, Gangplank, Anivia and Sona.
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Skill Sequence

Not really much to talk about here. You wanna rank up your imidiatly, to make a massacre of minions, give gust a ranking, and there from you wanna rank between and your ultimate, naturally.

The reason why you take and not gust i to bless your carrys or focused team mates with it once the teamfight starts, so that he can be more tanky and eat a lot of damage, however your not kayle it is not to save them, so don't cast it onto them in the last moment!
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My core build concerning items is mostly in the order i've set them to, with few exeptions (you might wanna seek a more armor based build in case your enemies got lots of ad)

after core you wanna look at the enemy team and see who's fed and deals most damage, a thing i also look at when i'm done with the core build weather they got alot of melees or not, if the case is that there are 3 or more, i like to go with for this item synchronizes very well with and is basicly a very good tank item.

sunfire cape is also considerable.

Guardian is also considerable, but it is doubtfull that you actually need the revive, unless you drop down too fast in teamfights,

I also dont really like to go with for i feel that the hp you need is where it needs to be
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Early game

So the game has begun, and you've bought your and 2x and your on your solo lane, mark that. without a solo lane Galio wont be much of use imo.

you should start farming immediately till you get 500 g. or 850 if it is a generous enemy you got. When you got the money you go home to finish your and buy to start building mercury treads which you can finish at 850 g again.

you will farm your lane till you are at least lvl 6 and then start considering to go into other lanes to gank, if the opponent at your lane allows that (if he pushes little or are gone too)
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Midgame - Lategame

Mid game has started, and you should begin to leave your lane, to accompanier your carrys, and maybe gank a lane if possible. I like to go with ad carries if i am able, they direly needs your when enemies approach. in teamfights your should be focused onto melee champions (due to the slow effect) or against squishy targets such as ad carries or support.

Do make sure you have Idol of Durand ready when the team fight begin, it is absolutely essential that you have it ready, and again, make sure when you use it to hit as many as possible, and for gods sake don't leave any stunners out of it.

About in fights, you should try to get it onto ad carry mostly, however if you decide to initiate with Idol of Durand, you may wanna bless yourself with it, due to the very reduced damage you are going to take, and the effect the increased magic resist gives your damage.
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So this was my build for Galio the sentinels sorrow. im really happy with this build, it has led my team to victories many times, and i hope you can learn from this, and become better Galio players, for he really is a rare sight.

Also i hope you will be commenting and give me constructive feedback!

I have made the voting system so that you will need to comment to vote, as i am afraid of having trolls around.

Well. that was all from me, go taunt some *** with Galio!!
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