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Galio Build Guide by Eternal Void

Galio - Lets win that teamfight UPDATED 20.11.2011

Galio - Lets win that teamfight UPDATED 20.11.2011

Updated on November 30, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Eternal Void Build Guide By Eternal Void 6 0 20,515 Views 12 Comments
6 0 20,515 Views 12 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Eternal Void Galio Build Guide By Eternal Void Updated on November 30, 2011
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There are lots of top rated guides on this character. I tried some of them and realized that every time I try to play Galio by some guide I always ends up asking myself why I played worse than when I played by myself and not by any guide.And in RANKED games it was the same. So I decided to write this one. I do not say its best Galio guide ever. I just say that I win 90% of games using this. So its worthy trying huh? Please comment and rate as you wish.

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About Galio

Some reasons to play Galio huh?

1. AoE slow and AoE speed up? SWEET.

2. Your ulti can disable whole their team for 2 secs and give them dmg in addition. If it is not great then I do not know what is.

3. Very good ability to keep your lane clear even 1 vs. 2

4. This is not enough? cmon you will support whole your team and make their team cry. This is absolutely main thing about this champ.
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Runes that I show you to pick may not be be the best ones for Galio, but they works for me. So you can decide runes on your own. But I would pick those ones listed on top of the page because:

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist
Magic resist is for Galio more important than for other ones because it give him bonus AP thanks to his passive and still you need it as a tank.

Greater Seal of Armor
You really will use some bonus armor - mainly in early game. You cant focus only magic resist, some armor is nice too.

Greater Mark of Magic Penetration
Magic penetration will help do more magic damage even when you don't build the AP way. And it help your early game laning that is really good with Galio even without those runes. (More below)

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power
This AP bonus with AP from your passive will make your enemies crazy in early game.

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I got some points in offense, mainly because of the magic penetration, but that cooldown reduction is nice too :)

Then I got some magic resist/armor as a start to defense tree followed by Durability and Veteran's Scars . Trust me you will really use that HP bonus.

I picked Evasion mostly to get to the next part of mastery tree, but in-game you are not focused usually so most damage you take is from AoE skills. So it may come in handy.

Enlightenment is really useful for Galio mainly for Idol of Durand cooldown reduction, but lowering cooldowns on other skills is nice too.

Initiator will help you move on the map faster, chase more effectively and like the name says it will help you Initiate the fights more effectively.

Honor Guard 1.5% is nothing fantastic, but still it will help you :)

And of course Juggernaut . With the bonuses from Durability and Veteran's Scars it will really help you a lot in the early game and it is not insignificant in the later phases of the game.
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Summoner Spells

After remove of my lovely fortify I mostly use Flash and Teleport, but there are some more options you can use of course. Here we go:

Heal - Yeah really heal. I am not joking. This will help you A LOT in the most early fights and make your team pushing longer in the later phases of the game and it is really great to helps you survive using your ulti till you are real tank. And it will help you own your lane early which is very important. And it got buff now :)

Flash - Flash is great to use with your ulti - just jump between their whole team and pop it up. Of course it can be used as chasing/running ability not only for initiation. I think you all can work with it.

Teleport - good to def far towers, getting fast back to lane from base, getting fast to potential team fight position. What else to say?

There are some more possibilities if you wanna play more offensive, but this is defensive guide where is best to use those three.

Fortify - Just to memorize so great spell. R.I.P.
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I usually start with Meki Pendant and 2x Health Potion, because you got nice mana regen that will help you to keep control of your lane and when they hit you really hard, you got the health potions that will help you stay on lane longer.

First time I usually get in the base I got enough money to complete Chalice of Harmony and build Mercury's Treads. then I rush Giant belt, or if they dont got any large burst I go for some armor and/or magic resist (depends on situation) to make a core of the gurdian angel and then continue with giants belt that I later complete to Warmog's Armor. With those two items, if you are good enough to got them early it may be easy to lead your team to the team fights and destroy your enemy.

Guardian Angel and Warmog's Armor are core items of my build (It is simple but dont underestimate it)

Then it depends. If you suffer by attack damage then buy Thornmail, if you need some magic resist instead go for Force of Nature. If your enemy dont deal so much damage it would be a problem, an Abyssal Mask is the item you should build (Especially if your team got some good AP damagers). If you got problems to finish Idol of Durand cause of CC, then go for Banshee's Veil as soon as possible(For example when you catch 4 enemies in Idol of Durand and cho gath stay apart of them to stop it).

If the situation that you dont know what to buy appears you will usually not ruin the game by getting another one Warmog's Armor.
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Skill Sequence

I max the Resolute Smite because it is great for creep farming when you are solo top and the slow is absolutely sweet thing because of its pretty nice range and AoE.

Then I put 1-1 to Bulwark and Righteous Gust, but when you will max the [bulwark]] just after lvl 9 it will work too (Depends on the team fights if it looks like fighting hard in one place max the Bulwark, if they will be more guerilla fighting put some points to Righteous Gust to add some mobility to your team)

Dont forgot that Bulwark will add you AP in add to armor and resist.
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Team Work

About most important thing on Galio is his Ultimate Idol of Durand. Almost every team fight may start using it. Dont be afraid that you will fail it even when you catch only 2 enemies in it and they both die you did your work because it is 5 on 3 and you can push safely. Of course when your Idol of Durand ends your work is not done just put the Righteous Gust in direction enemy team may run and try to slow them by Resolute Smite to prevent their escape AND ALWAYS put a Bulwark on the ally that is getting most likely focused. If it looks that there is not possibility that some of your teammates got hurt hardly put it on yourself for extra damage output (because of increased AP)
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Farming - Laning Phase

When you are solo on lane dont be afraid to get pushed, because they will not want to get too close to your tower and you will be very hardly gankable. For you it doesn't matter where you will slay their minions.

around lvl 7 (depends on skill sequence) you will be able to slay ranged minions with Resolute Smite, Righteous Gust combo so use it as much as mana lets you and the melee minions just last hit (You can do it fast so stay behind your creeps, wait if opponent will get close to creeps and optionally scare him with the Resolute Smite) and over and over again until the team fights really begin :)
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So thats all. If you have any questions dont be afraid to ask me here or on my e-mail: Jamaica.warrior@seznam.cz. Thanks you for reading and remember - dont vote before trying :P
League of Legends Build Guide Author Eternal Void
Eternal Void Galio Guide
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Galio - Lets win that teamfight UPDATED 20.11.2011

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