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League of Legends Build Guide Author Starver

Gangplank - Half-Ranged Pirate

Starver Last updated on March 23, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Brute Force
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[Updated! 23/03/2011 - Removed language mistakes; New items


Vote after reading, plox :S

This build will show you how to kick *** with Gangplank. First we will make a quick look at GP's spells:
- This spell makes GP "half-ranged". It deals massive amounts of physical damage and after killing you gain additional gold. Nice, isn't it?
- Remove Scurvy is a very helpful skill. It heals you with and also removes all debuffs from you.
- Stat Booster. It's important to level it up in a Team Fight Phase. You won't have time to buy an Infinity Edge at this time, so spend some point on it.
- Your ultimate spell. It's quite a big area attack and you have to be lucky to shoot target more than three times. Too random for me.

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Runes/Masteries/Summoner Spells


Non-Sheen Build

That rune is recommended for all dps champions. +15.00 armor penetration (( Totally 24.99 )) will boost a little our Parrrley
This rune will help us carry on the beginnings (especially first blood attempt). 9 seals of this type gives us 48,15 HP, that's one melee attack.
Greater Glyph of Replenishment
Gangplank have small mana regen, so we have to boost it a little. Totally +2,75 mana/5 sec.. After we buy Meki Pendant we will have 10,25 mana/sec. more.
Greater Quintessence of Desolation
Again armor penetration. +9,99 armor penetration (( Totally 24.99 ))

Sheen build

Even with sheen, GP is dps, so i think it's not necessary to explain why we need this rune. +15.00 armor penetration (( Totally 24.99 )).
Greater Seal of Replenishment
Since we don't have Chalice of Harmony anymore (even if we have Lich Bane), our mana regeneration is low. +3.69 mana/5 sec. (( Totally 6,44 ))
Greater Glyph of Replenishment
Again mana regeneration. +2,75 mana/5 sec. (( Totally 6,44 )).
Greater Quintessence of Desolation
Again armor penetration. +9,99 armor penetration (( Totally 24.99 ))


There isn't much to talk about here. There is no other option in Offense tree, but - you can always switch 9 points from Utility to Defence by maxing those masteries:

Summoner Spells

Those are best for dps champion. Exhaust makes you twice better than your opponent, and Ignite boosts your attack, but try using it, when enemy will have around 20% of life. You don't like those? Let's look at others then.
This one can help you in early stage of game. Before using Cannon Barrage, check place you aim by using Clairvoyance! Lately it's useless.
If you really want to use this one, better change your runes. You already have enough mana/mana regen.
It's like Remove Scurvy, but additionally you can get rid of Exhaust, and next debuffs duration is decreased. You shouldn't take that one.
This is 2nd spell after Exhaust you can take. By using flash you can get enough close to shoot enemy with Parrrley, but it have one minus - you can "missclick" it.
Umm... Nah, you should be selfish :D . No, i'm kidding, but you have to frag, not defend, which you can do with Cannon Barrage.
Feel free to use it, but with two Phantom Dancer, you don't really need it.
You have heal Remove Scurvy which is also Cleanse. Do not use it.
If you don't like Ignite, use this one. Your stats will have quite decent boost, and that one will also work on your team mate.
Don't ask. Just no.
You ain't gonna jungle, so you don't need that one.
I cannot say anything bad about this one, but you need Exhaust, and Ignite more than this utility spell.

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So we start with Meki Pendant, Health Potion, and Mana Potion. Those are standard survival items for Gangplank. Go base after you gather around 1000 gold, so you can get Tear of the Goddess, and Brawler Graves. First one will totally cover your mana needs, and second one will give you decent critical chance. Now you gather gold for Phantom Dancer, which is perfect for this Gangplank build, because you get attack speed ((+55%)), critical chance ((+30%)), and movement speed ((+15%)). Try to return to base when you get 1200 gold to buy Zeal, and Long Sword, so you can later get Manamune

Now it's time to expand your time spend on fight, by buying Vampiric Scepter, which gives you life steal((+12%)). It works not only with your melee attacks, but also with Parrrley, which is just great.

Rise Morale cannot be the only attack damage booster, so it's time to buy B.F. Sword, which gives you lots of it ((+50)).You should now buy another Zeal, and then Phantom Dancer.

You are now fast and you deal plenty of damage from a single critical, but it's not enough. It's time to buy first Infinity Edge. You gain 250% of your AD in critical.

This is approximate item list you will be able to buy in 35 min. 5 vs 5 game, but if you are going to play longer, buy The Bloodthirster and another Infinity Edge.

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Playing with Gangplank is really easy. You will use only Parrrley and Remove Scurvy in most cases.

Lane Phase

So, you're here, with your lane partner (or without him), and lots of minions. Main thing you do is shooting your enemies with Parrrley, it is your form of auto attack. Watch your mana status, because you may need some mana if enemies would attack you. You'll be able to use Remove Scurvy if it happens. Once you get your ultimate skill, keep an eye on other lanes. When you spot an low hp enemy, direct Cannon Barrage on him. Also if you'll see other teammates having problem with their lane enemies, warn your allies and shoot in the battlefield.

If your lane enemies have more or less the same HP as you, hide with your lane partner into nearest bushes, but you have to be sure, that enemy saw you doing this. Now wait until they will be close and use Cannon Barrage + Exhaust & Ignite on the champion you have chosen. That way at least one of them will be dead.

Try to kill minions with Parrrley, so you will gain additional gold.

Team fight Phase

If none of your teammates is brave enough to initiate fight - you have to do this. Things you need to know is that Remove Scurvy has long cooldown, so make sure your enemy doesn't have stuns. Now you have to come as near to you enemies, and wait until they will all try to kill you. In other case you'll kill only one person. Now activate the ultimate and, if needed, use Remove Scurvy on yoursel. After that simply run. If no one follows you anymore you can rejoin fight, but make sure they won't target you again. That way you can win every team fight.

Gangplank is also a good defender. When Enemies will go close to your tower, use Cannon Barrage. Try to use it as far from turret, as it will still cover all enemies. That way, you'll fast get rid of unfriendly minions, forcing tower to shoot one of their champions. This tactic works even if you are alone, so your teammates can kill baron in meanwhile.

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ell, that's all what I can tell you about Gangplank, after playing 200 won matches with him :). I hope this guide will help you burn your enemies nexus to the ground.